Super Smash Bros Cheats- Project 64

A video of super smash bros on project 64 using master hand, metal mario and donkey kong in bonus round. This is not that good quality since i use hypercam which laggs.

Enjoy it anyways!

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Author 3xplo5ion´s LoquenderXD (1 year)
as instructors unlocks the master hand please respond thanks

Author majora87 (6 years)
thanks bro

Author majora87 (6 years)
what do you mean?

Author jacerox09 (6 years)
howd you do it

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
yeah how bout we talk on my channel.

Author Abraveliltoaster (7 years)
I didn't remember there being metal boxes in SSB64, was there?

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
eh no if you clearly read the title it says CHEATS...

Author LucarioDude (7 years)
well it works for me. You should get a new P64 then or keep trying!

Author penguinchatter (6 years)
It's not fake it's with Project 64 god your an idiot

Author supernes85 (6 years)
that is fake

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
oh ok then.

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
Lol haha.. well i recorded it...

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
so your getting the old version i see then...

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
then try and get some off him.

Author link9000000 (5 years)
GS Cheats

Author majora87 (6 years)
never hred th music

Author Djames516 (6 years)
Actually, it isn't. Seriously.

Author majora87 (6 years)

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
I don't really know the codes it's already in my rom.

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
cos you must know Pokemon Mystery dungeon!

Author yucaventas (7 years)
ay no mames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author jakinbox515 (6 years)
its just added unless he is a MAJOR hacker and replaced sound files

Author LucarioDude (7 years)

Author TheUnownMaster (4 years)
@wiisrzg reinstall the project that works

Author LucarioDude (5 years)
Well the rom i downloaded already had the cheats on it...

Author Bob Saget (5 years)
Buubaj67 ur an idiot READ PROJECT 64!!! its hacks

Author HaxxorsProduction (7 years)
you said you didn't remember him from SSB64.

Author majora87 (6 years)
i want one though...

Author majora87 (6 years)
i looked at gamestop and i only saw th cristle version so i got it and i
got th legendary ponkemon on th front of my game!

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
Random music i picked.

Author MarioPartyFan01 (3 years)
Where you playing pokemon mysteriy dungeon??

Author gootch h (5 years)
how do you enable cheats for this game on project64?

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
i dont have pokemon blue rescue team..

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
as in no problem.

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
no its normal

Author LucarioDude (7 years)
Lol yeah

Author Jose Rodriguez (6 years)
Your gay. I have it. It's not fake you fag!

Author TailsMiles249 (6 years)
r u retarded!? read the title dipshit

Author tonyman46 (4 years)
i just downloaded this game and im trying to find codes lol. this game is

Author Carl King (6 years)
what cheat did you use on it?

Author SuperLearningCenter (4 years)
@LucarioDude whered ya get the ROM from?

Author heelflip4444 (6 years)
was that metal baby mario?

Author stupidboy15995 (7 years)

Author chevysrule70 (5 years)
it's pokemon mystery dungeon music

Author runescape9087 (5 years)
they dont work did you even read thee last vids description??

Author majora87 (6 years)

Author LucarioDude (6 years)
yeah sorry but you can get the old version on gamebody advance.

Author Aserenian (7 years)
okay found it

Author bassn0te (6 years)
nice rom hack where did u get it

Author NBAGOATS (2 years)
How come you never tell HOW to use the modifier?

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