Altaf Hussain Real face Funny

Altaf hussain's real face...!
See whats the reality. Altaf hussain runs from pakistan for the sake of his life. This video shows the real image of Altaf Hussain

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Author user27631 (4 years)
we didnt hate mqm followers but their leader please understand your leader
killed military personal, would they be true with pakistan?

Author Shobikz (3 years)
biwi ke mamme tight hain...

Author Habeel13 (4 years)
@Ahmed1635 Why didn't the suicide bombers bomb his ass in London when they
bombed the train station?

Author raaaz09 (3 years)
Mairi Guzarish hai Koee banda Altaf Hussain ko Gali na nikalay---Yar ya
bhen chod 1 acha insan hai ---is randi kee aulad ko kyun tang kartay ho
yar--ya madar chod bhatta hor 1 acha insan hai----is kee maaan na sirf
mohallay main 3 ya 4 logon se lagwaya tha baki to sab jhootay ilzamat
thaay...Isi tarah kuch logon ka khayal hai is nay 3000 kog qatal kraye aisi
koee bat nahee is harami nay sirf 2999 banday marwaye thay-- to yar is
Kuttay k bachay pa jhoootay ilzam nahee lgaya karo yar plssssss

Author Mohammad Wasim (2 years)
How dirty Pakistani, those who talk like this against Mr.Altaf Hussain.
Pakistani are not respected any where in the world due to the bed
charector, criminal thinking, illiterate and do not learn to respect from
their birth. I am sure, the people use such a dirty words again other , can
not be a good human being. I am sorry to say, the most dirtiest nation of
the world. Watch TV. How politicians uses dirty words for others. So, you
can not expecting respectable words from funny Pakistani.

Author shinwari235 (1 year)
altaf is traitor, that was the reason pakistanis were against the
settlement of bangla deshi biharis in Sindh.

Author pangahogya (3 years)
Altaf and his entire fleet of criminals should be brought to justice. Let's
see when Chaudhary Iftikhar dares to take a sou moto action against these
criminals of the century.

Author mahwish06 (4 years)
LANAT HAY MQM PAR aur poray MQM par 100000000000000000 dafa lanat

Author wisiwug (2 years)
May he b tortured for hundreds and hundreds of years for all the killings.
Murderer , thief, ransom kidnapper , dog altaf and co will b brought to
justice soon and none of his terrorist workers will b able protect him

Author Mir Afzal Khan (1 year)
Well said boy-:)

Author Mars Multimedia (4 years)

Author Shehzad Ahmed (4 years)
@faiq5 .. kisi aur ki thi ya nahi magar tumhari behin zaroor thi aur tu he
le kar gaya tha saleem shehzad ke pass usko chudwany ke liye apny altaf
bhai se.. hahahhahhaha..

Author MrAfridi001 (2 years)
he is the real terrorist bt i can see his terrorist party mqm downfall soon
with the hands of Pukhtoons bcoz he has taken animosity with dangerous
guys. urdu speakers are innocent we know they are held hostage to altaf
gando terrorists mqm

Author raxa281 (1 year)
hahahahahahaha madar chod altaf gando ki nasal..

Author ali ali ali ali ali (1 year)
wasim. tu b kutta ha kanjar ha bury ko bura nai kahen he to keya usy gulab
ka bar fehnahain he kutu. altaf k badway

Author Steve Arkle (4 years)
Tere jwab danay ke andaz say tere zaat (family) ka pata chal raha hai...
tere ghar me hi aisa hota ho ga. migration say pehlay tumhara taaluq
gashtioun(hores) say hua karta tha, migrate kar ke khandani ban gaye ho.
itna hi masal hay pakistan se to wapas chalay jao. 60 years say apnay aap
ko Mahajir ya hindustani keh rahay ho, pakistan se hissa kis buniyad par
maang rahe ho. HMQM (Haramee Mamooli keeray makoray) .

Author lahorisher0 (5 years)
mohajir not belong to pakistan they are loyal to india.tera bap altaf
hussain to india ka palto kutta hey.chal nikal warna???????????????

Author Mohammad Wasim (2 years)
MQM , Please do your Job. One day , you will come in Power to save
Pakistan. . Let's the dog barking. If you have enough time. Please Give
them dirty bone.

Author e6unit (3 years)
ghustah-e-rasool altaf hussain wajab ul katal hai or jo es ka sath day wo
bo kyun kay yah apnay aab ko nouzbilah humaray pyaray hazrat muhammad(pbuh)
kay sath apni birthday mana ko apnay aap ko un say tameez day raha hai

Author sajjad Toor (4 years)
is ko gand ka derd hay mader chood. Gandoo

Author Mohammad Umair Kabir (3 years)
Aaj Altaf Bhai k MAA or BAAP ko ye khiyaal ata hai k kash us raat hum jaldi
so jatay.... haha ha ha

Author Ali Siddiki (4 years)
To all my MQM time you listen to pir sahab...imagine the
hairs on his gaand and the shit he passes

Author AfghanArmyZhob (4 years)
Jo Kaha Hai Sach Kaha Hai Magar Ye Pagal Log Kab Samjhe ge

Author Gifted (2 years)

Author vulkabonkers (4 years)
Altaf Hussain se bara FIROUN ko nahin. Is randi ke bache ne mohajir qaum ka
jitna qatal-e-Aam karwaya hai kisi ne nahin karwaya. Main bhi ek mohajir
hun jo MQM ke zulm se tang aa chuka hai. Meri dua hai ke khuda altaf
hussain ko kutte ki maut mare , aur isey bhi kisi mohajir ke haath hi qatal

Author kaleem khatri (3 years)
hahahahahahaha good comments

Author Riaz Ahmad (2 years)
mar ja

Author kallat1 (4 years)
MQMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Tum sare log jo ALTAF BHAI ko bura kah rahe ho

Author TRUTHBOXNEWS (4 years)
altaf is a gandu

Author Arsalan Ali (2 years)
altaf hussain is terrorist and agent of india.... i hate altaf hussain....

Author supersoft1900 (4 years)
i think if he was thif all people will love hem i dont know whats happen to
my conry now they like thifs and the noble men no place for them

Author Shehzad Ahmed (4 years)
altaf khusra , fuck MQM..

Author mubasher1987 (3 years)

Author Ahmed Syed (5 years)

Author kakloloful (3 years)
HAHAHAHAH A true eye opener for those retarded people who sit like idiots
in front of Telephone and loud speaker listening to this stupid terrorist
No 1 agent of RAW and don't realized why they spoil their time. May be to
get instructions as to how many people should they kill, How should they
collect Money from traders and poor shopkeepers and cart owners and then
terrorist this poor nation through their enemy assigned agenda.

Author Nehroz Khan (4 years)
Altaf Kutta

Author DIL4JAAN238 (3 years)
MQM terrorist party Altaf head of terrorists in karachi sector incharges
promoting terrorism unit incharges kills people on payment why every sector
incharge is given a car, weapons, bikes, and big amount of currency, free
hand to collect money from bussines men (bhata). altaf you son of bitch
come to pakistan and face the public. MQM IS SHIT SHIT SHIT

Author knoshad27 (4 years)

Author Adnan Sial (3 years)
altaf and zardari ...............hang till death these basted

Author hadiabbas (4 years)
jis nein bhi yeh banaya hai bohat hi jahil aadmi hai pagalll daaa putarr...

Author GeorgiaIsOnMyMind (3 years)
Jab Altaaf Hussian bolta hai to mujhai to bilkul barrwa lagta

Author Beast incarnate (5 years)
altaf harami ka bahca jis din karachi aye ga is ki gand may goli maray gay

Author Ahmed1635 (5 years)
i will Kill the Altaf traitor son of bitch

Author TheBaku111 (4 years)
Altaf teri maa mein Lunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

Author muhammad saleem (5 years)
ab to kaminegey ke inteha ker de qadyaniyat ka junda utha lya. sharam ker le

Author sajjad Toor (4 years)
altaf ko gurday ka derd nahi tha belkay is madar chud ko Gand ka derd tha

Author SyedObaid90 (3 years)
ya sab jhot ha. jis kanjar na b ya video bnai ha wo bohat hi bara haramkhor

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