Rare Earth Elements

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  • Alex Dalthorp
    Alex Dalthorp 4 days ago

    Suggestion! Sulfur Hexafluoride!

  • Ko Shay
    Ko Shay 1 month ago

    I miss this dude. He got replaced by this other dude that sounds the same.

  • EvilerOMEGA
    EvilerOMEGA 1 month ago

    I wonder if the increasing scarcity of usable rare earth metals would ever lead to videogame makers/publishers/etc to go strictly software, like how sega used to have the genesis, but now make their games for different consoles and pc.

    Could you imagine a world where you could play playstation, xbox, and Nintendo games on pc without emulation?

  • Ron Thompson
    Ron Thompson 2 months ago

    I wanna know what got hank so pissed

  • Nicholas' Trombone
    Nicholas' Trombone 2 months ago

    Indium is not a lanthinide metal

  • youregatorbait
    youregatorbait 2 months ago

    Why can't they just launch all the waste into deep space. Give me one negative effect of this solution.

  • TheReaverOfDarkness
    TheReaverOfDarkness 2 months ago

    What was up with Hank's hair this time??

  • Michael Durkin
    Michael Durkin 3 months ago

    It's drunk evil Hank!

  • Kailey Mcdaniel
    Kailey Mcdaniel 3 months ago

    "yeah it's China" 😂

  • Kailey Mcdaniel
    Kailey Mcdaniel 3 months ago

    you sounded drunk and it was hilarious, Hank 😂

  • Universal Steele
    Universal Steele 3 months ago

    Are you intoxicated?

  • Pura Periculo
    Pura Periculo 3 months ago

    Hank looks good w the goatee

  • dragoola69x
    dragoola69x 4 months ago

    you want to know what I'm curious about a Quantum deatomizer flux capacitor.

  • addiezotti
    addiezotti 4 months ago

    Would love to show this in middle school but can't because you decide to swear - that wasn't really necessary and added nothing to the show.

  • Proj8ct
    Proj8ct 4 months ago

    99% of people who commented before this comment don't realize this is from 2012 😄l

  • Chad Gummet
    Chad Gummet 5 months ago

    please do a show on MSR thorium power.

  • Jamie Stickling
    Jamie Stickling 5 months ago

    Is he alright? Seems like he's having a emotional breakdown 😂

  • Rafael Menchaca SantiagomegalfareD1

    so what ifthis already infected man's body what would happen like would it mutate humans and what kind of reactions woyld they have ?

  • Kinemagichemistry
    Kinemagichemistry 5 months ago

    Hank would make a horrible weatherman... <3 thankfully he's doing other cool stuff like sci show.

  • twentyønepiløts23
    twentyønepiløts23 5 months ago

    guilt free three
    : hank green
    : grant gustin
    : matthew gubler

  • binary cat
    binary cat 6 months ago

    thorium reactors.

  • Eric Waldo
    Eric Waldo 6 months ago

    The dark and hot version of SciShow!!! Damn...
    this boy is cute with the fuzz!

  • Rob Green
    Rob Green 6 months ago

    no new wind turbans ^^ :)

  • tytyfaith 44
    tytyfaith 44 6 months ago

    He sounds stoned

  • lumps17_SGN
    lumps17_SGN 6 months ago

    HE FORGOT TO MENTION HARD DRIVES! Without Neodymium, making hard drives would be extremely difficult, if even possible, though solid state drives are becoming more common

  • Fiona Johnson
    Fiona Johnson 7 months ago

    Could you do another video on REEs. I would love to hear more fact base evidence on how America and China's relationship is to date in regards to REE.

  • Jie Sheng Chu
    Jie Sheng Chu 7 months ago

    why does hank sound so drunk

  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott 7 months ago

    Can Lanthanides alloy with Alkaline metals?

  • Cerberus Hephetas
    Cerberus Hephetas 7 months ago

    wait, doesn't the catalytic converter and the cooling towers and pollution control use platinum? because I'm pretty sure they do.

  • Ricardo Moreno
    Ricardo Moreno 8 months ago

    Thorium is the low level radioactive element that is always mixed with rare earth elements.  How dangerous is Thorium?  Unlike uranium, it's not water soluble.  It has a 14 billion year half life, which means it's hardly radioactive at all!  And back in the 60's, it was discovered that you could use it as a fertile element for a molten salt reactor. By going to a liquid reactor, we can to burn up 99% of the fuel unlike solid fueled reactors that can only burn up a few percent.  Most of the waste of existing reactors is unspent fuel.  Yes! This is the key to solving our need for rare earths and our need for clean energy.  Look up Molten Salt Reactor or LFTR (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor).

  • Wade George
    Wade George 8 months ago

    holy s#%t Hank. looks like you let yourself go a little bit. drugs are bad umkay.

  • Brandon Lundy
    Brandon Lundy 8 months ago

    whoa he swore. I've never seen him swear before

  • Derpki
    Derpki 8 months ago

    Hank, you can be a pain in my ass any time! :Dc

  • Daedric Royalty
    Daedric Royalty 8 months ago

    high or drunk?

  • Austin Crumb
    Austin Crumb 8 months ago

    I'm interested in dark matter

  • David Turnell
    David Turnell 9 months ago

    You have a high IQ, but I think you might be bipolar also

  • The Crazed Gamer
    The Crazed Gamer 9 months ago

    why does refining rare earth metals produce radioactive material?

  • Liam Corrigan
    Liam Corrigan 9 months ago

    Old Scishow was more casual and edgier. I love the new stuff but the old stuff is just as good in its own way.

  • Seth M
    Seth M 9 months ago

    Dude...wash your face.

  • ppp1111ppp
    ppp1111ppp 9 months ago

    California Mine is bankrupt. Still heavily dependent on china, only other large source is Malaysia backed financially by the Japanese.

  • JohannaMueller57
    JohannaMueller57 10 months ago

    i'm kinda disappointed, i thought you were gonna tell us why they're special.

  • Gerald Ellis
    Gerald Ellis 10 months ago

    me encanta high hank

  • Jacob Sanchez
    Jacob Sanchez 10 months ago

    Hank was acting weird this episode because he thought he got someone pregnant and at 1:30 he finds out that it's true so he does not give crap the rest of the episode.

  • ShadySeeker
    ShadySeeker 10 months ago

    How high was this guy in this video?

    I've been binge watching SciShow all night and this is the only one he seems to be high in xD

  • Matthew Trzcinski
    Matthew Trzcinski 10 months ago

    Oh, the solution is to use the damned thorium

  • Matthew Trzcinski
    Matthew Trzcinski 10 months ago

    Drunk or stoned?

  • Adumbrate
    Adumbrate 10 months ago

    Turn the speed of the video down to 0.5, it's amazing.

  • richahp
    richahp 10 months ago

    is that even you hank green?

  • Josue Cortez
    Josue Cortez 10 months ago

    It's been four years. Any chances of getting an update on this? Please I begg you. and I personally hope those cleaner refineries are more common nowadays.

    • ppp1111ppp
      ppp1111ppp 9 months ago

      I worked in the industry (state side) for 5 years, California mine is closed, filed bankruptcy a few months ago. China is still a huge (largest by far) source of REE; they still have horrible horrible environmental problems regarding the purification and mining of rare earths. Its bad, Hank's message was not hyperbole, it really is that bad over there. As for the US looking into cleaner refineries... hahahaha! Hell no! No money in going green when china sells the metals lower than what it costs them to make it. Only way US would open up these refineries is if we went to war with China and there was a shortage of REE. If someone is telling you different, they're lying to you, they don't have the investors to open up these cleaner refineries state side, you can't sell a product when it costs 5 -10x more to produce it here (the green way).

  • Verty
    Verty 10 months ago

    Hank was way different then.
    And not just his facial hair either.
    He was way less...nerdy.

  • Alex Almony
    Alex Almony 10 months ago

    I worked at that mine. its closed again because of money problems

  • Alejandro Ortiz
    Alejandro Ortiz 10 months ago

    oh my this was 4 years ago

  • Archishman Ghosh
    Archishman Ghosh 10 months ago

    this guy can't explain anything with a straight face...

  • jared garden
    jared garden 10 months ago

    Woa woa woa there, catalytic converters contain platinum palladium and rhodium which act as catalysts to reduce primarily nitrous oxides to nitrogen and oxygen. Platinum Palladium and Rhodium are rare earth metals but are not part of the lanthanides. So unless someone can give me information regarding the use of lanthanides in catalytic converters this video got some serious information incorrect.

    • ppp1111ppp
      ppp1111ppp 9 months ago

      Pt, Pd and Rh are not rare earths, they're PGM metals, the most common rare earth in catalytic converters is cerium. Pt, Pd, and Rh are still present but Ce, is a cheaper alternative and with its addition the more expensive PGM metals can be spared.

    • jared garden
      jared garden 10 months ago

      +Linh Nguyen And of coarse 4 years ago we didn't know that catalytic converters contained platinum group metals and not lanthanides.

    • Linh Nguyen
      Linh Nguyen 10 months ago

      This video was made 4 years ago

  • Ivan Mongi
    Ivan Mongi 10 months ago

    Listen to minute 2:05
    It reminds me of eminem.

    • Ivan Mongi
      Ivan Mongi 10 months ago

      Maybe its just because English is not my mother language...

  • Ananya Sharma
    Ananya Sharma 11 months ago

    This is new..
    seems like nice stuff..... ;) ;)

  • Duskpede
    Duskpede 11 months ago

    you seem drunk

  • kevin brookes
    kevin brookes 11 months ago

    Do it in russia and dump the waste in the Kola Superdeep Borehole. Ooh ordo it in chernobyl and pump It into the exclusion zone

  • Clyde Wary
    Clyde Wary 11 months ago

    From the chemistry books I've read, this is why they're called "rare." They are actually fairly abundant in Earth's crust, but are very difficult to produce in pure form. That's because they tend to occur together in the same ores, and they all have similar chemical properties, which makes them difficult to separate.

  • Will Odell
    Will Odell 11 months ago

    What causes Glaucoma, and how do you slow it down?

  • YEdwardP
    YEdwardP 11 months ago

    I'm a biologist, not a chemist, but what this really says to me is that there is probably a huge amount of money to be made on a patent for a cleaner method of refining rare earth elements. Because as you mentioned, almost everyone has access to these rare earth metals, but no one wants to deal with the refining.

    • ppp1111ppp
      ppp1111ppp 9 months ago

      Clean ways of refining RE exist. China doesn't give a shit, cheaper to pollute. Costs way to much to mine, process, and refine cleanly compared to what china is selling the material.

  • james Keeling
    james Keeling 1 year ago

    you are a bit bonkers in this video. keep up the good work 😃

  • Slippy Nips
    Slippy Nips 1 year ago

    wind turbans?

    • Slippy Nips
      Slippy Nips 11 months ago

      +Clyde Wary it was a joke. The way he says turbines sounds like turbans

    • Clyde Wary
      Clyde Wary 11 months ago

      They are "turbines," ie, devices that convert a moving fluid, like air, water, or steam, into useful energy.

  • Michael Garrison
    Michael Garrison 1 year ago

    you guys really need a new host

  • utahraptorfast
    utahraptorfast 1 year ago

    he did seem a little loose but i don't think that's bad and to be taken as criticism

  • Nikolai Semenkov
    Nikolai Semenkov 1 year ago

    MJ or alcohol?

  • Rozarz
    Rozarz 1 year ago

    Hey B0$$ good explanation about elements nyess

  • Dylan Martian
    Dylan Martian 1 year ago

    Thank you for enlightening me upon rare metals thank you, thank you really.

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King 1 year ago

    It's not often I comment on a video but this guy is the definition of a nerd and I now have a brain disorder from listening to this guys whine of a voice

  • Robert Reich
    Robert Reich 1 year ago

    Space! *Cough Cough* The waste can be the aliens problems

    • Cheezus Crust
      Cheezus Crust 10 months ago

      i dont think you understand what it would take to get it up into space

    • Robert Reich
      Robert Reich 10 months ago

      +Swissed Cheese​ If it's agreed on by the countries then its just a matter of resources

    • Cheezus Crust
      Cheezus Crust 10 months ago

      good luck getting it up there

  • Cody Schroeder
    Cody Schroeder 1 year ago

    SciShow and Mr. Green I'm very intersted in Wildlife Conservation so I was thinking maybe y'all could do an episode along the lines of endangered animals and protocol for helping them? That would be awesome.

  • Basssie22
    Basssie22 1 year ago

    Damn, if I could be stoned like him, and still be able to do school tests.. I'm in!

  • koolkitty8989
    koolkitty8989 1 year ago

    I wonder how much research is being done on economically profitable things to use the waste for ... you know, rather than treating it as garbage. (most /garbage/ is valuable stuff if you know what to do with it ... coal tar and large fractions of petroleum started out as industrial waste until we realized how friggen' useful most of that stuff is ... and before THAT, petroleum itself was just treated as waste/undesirable muck you sometimes ran into when trying to dig wells for water)

    Come on humanity ... dig into that scavenger heritage of yours and find something useful to do with all that waste!

    ^same goes for nuclear waste ... except we already /do/ have ways to use most of it (reprocess and breed it into more fuel) ... we just don't because stupid politics. (similar stupid politics that treats /useful refined nuclear fuel/ AS /waste/ and melts it into glass to be burried at the Yucca Mountain depository site ... ) The much smaller fraction of waste products in more ... technical question still is the legit fission products and highly irradiated moderants (including liquid soidum/potassium) and containment/shielding material and such. (some of which we already do have uses for, others not yet, but there's not all that much incentive to put masses of industrial research into the stuff, and even FRANCE -the only country to have ever had a successful, standardized national nuclear power operation- doesn't even use breeder reactors, so produces a far, far higher waste to fuel ratio than is necessary for technology of the last ... 50 years)

    And I say industrial but ... a 100% government monopolized, standardized, non-outsourced nuclear program is probably best and ... is what the US should have done back in the 40s when starting up its nuclear power program. (we'd probably have an even better safety record than France in that case ... using similar or better standardization and technology -France uses licensed American reactor tech- on a larger scale with much more low-population locations to set up very large industrial centers fed off nuclear power -the US has tons and tons of desert regions not good for humans and not particuarly valued as wildlife refuges either ... and we already DID do all that nuclear testing in Nevada, and some in New Mexico, as it is ... so if you want double ... triple ... quadruple ... or ... whatever levels of foolproof locations and failsafes for avoiding human/environmental disasters and limiting the potential of any possible failures, there's your best bet) Using private industry to handle nuclear power generation was just a really, really bad idea. (especially in the way it was done ... it would have been OK with extremely tight government mandated standardization, but straight up government monopoly on nuclear power makes so much more sense, especially as a strategic political/military asset and in ensuring security of that asset)

    Granted ... they'd need proper funding allocated to keep all that sensible, which we HAD up until the 1980s at least before taxes got slashed. (lump it into military spending during the cold war as part of the build up -nuclear power is a MASSIVE boon for peace AND military purposes ... and then when military spending slows down after the end of the Cold War, you have that much more money to apply to civil/social programs ... so long as you don't cripple funding by slashing the upper tax brackets away)

  • FreeOrNotToBe.info
    FreeOrNotToBe.info 1 year ago

    Disposal of all waste can be done with plasma, which turns all elements into hot gasses, which could then be separated through various processes, and used.
    There are 'plasma gasification' plants in the world as examples.
    The trick is the unstable nuclear material that could explode, but I am sure we can manage that with some development, just by building the facility so it can process small amounts of it and use the energy and material output from the reactions.

  • Kai Bowman
    Kai Bowman 1 year ago

    or Lanthanoids

  • erroneum
    erroneum 1 year ago

    Radioactive? Doesn't thorium tend to show up a lot with rare earth metals? Why not extract it and build some reactors to use it (especially since modern designs (such as the LFTR) are far better than the older ones).

  • UltimateChoji An
    UltimateChoji An 1 year ago

    He seems more... Happy

  • Ander Ovesen
    Ander Ovesen 1 year ago

    So. Much. Happened. Since. 2012! Holy.. this was hilarious after being used to watch your newer episodes XD

  • Space Killer
    Space Killer 1 year ago

    Someone's going to see the Waste pool with the plastic balls and think it's a ball pit XD

  • Matt
    Matt 1 year ago

    Da actual fuq is that facial hair

  • TheBlackferg
    TheBlackferg 1 year ago

    I'm curious about human enhancement

  • Daniel Alexandre
    Daniel Alexandre 1 year ago

    Don't lie...
    We all know you have been smoking some awesome sh*t before this episode.....
    I love it

  • Pierre Villemaire-Brooks

    News to more than one level to me :-O

  • Gould Mears
    Gould Mears 1 year ago

    Its just the way evil Hank talks. You can tell because of the beard and mustache.

  • Aditya Goda
    Aditya Goda 1 year ago

    please speak slowly I'm not able to understand

  • CommunistToast
    CommunistToast 1 year ago

    I want whatever he's on

  • Xx_JOHN_CENA_420_xX 69

    At 2:10 who else said Michael bay

  • Adrien Carrière
    Adrien Carrière 1 year ago

    Sounds like he smoked some of those rare earth elements before the show

  • Sandhya Ganesan
    Sandhya Ganesan 1 year ago

    this episode seemed rly different from other ones
    hank seemed drunk sorta, there was no referenced to patreon, and just...idk it seemed weird

    • M3lsheR
      M3lsheR 1 year ago

      +Sandhya Ganesan check when was this uploaded.

  • Combinemon
    Combinemon 1 year ago

    I'm pretty sure he was hella drunk all the time.

  • Stephen Whittaker
    Stephen Whittaker 1 year ago

    thorium reactors anyone?

  • The WY man v
    The WY man v 1 year ago

    it kind sounds like your intoxicated.

  • Alejandro Spittel
    Alejandro Spittel 1 year ago

    things you could do, the history of coinage,can we and if so what are some ways to save the bees, etc.

  • Pugglus Vk
    Pugglus Vk 1 year ago

    did hank just just.... curse wat 1:55

  • overclockeador
    overclockeador 1 year ago

    Hank y u so high?

    N3RDYKNOWIT 1 year ago

    Red Hank Hair?

  • Austin Ji
    Austin Ji 1 year ago

    If radiation is just s form of energy you could have some way to collect it or use it to boil water to move turbines to get energy, so to sum it up 1.nuclear fusion/fission 2. Collect radioactive material 3. Use the heat from the radiation to boil water to turn a turbine to generate electricity. Since radiation doesn't simply disappear and it takes decades it could be very powerfully or abundant on earth/ soon to be Mars. Make this happen kids could come up with this your scientists make this happen.

  • veggiet2009
    veggiet2009 1 year ago

    Wow Hank is young here.

  • Ikemi Zyn
    Ikemi Zyn 1 year ago

    So you think catalytic converters actually do something good? I'm sorry to say they are useless and more harmful to the environment. Yes the parts per million is lower, but it's parts per million. I can take out the catalytic converter and add a fan to blowing air into the exhaust to make a lower parts per million.

    If we were to look at the total pollutants produced, you'd be shocked to find there is no difference then if we just used our fancy fuel injectors to get the correct combination of oxygen to gasoline. Yes there would be higher "parts per million" but the pollutants created would be the same if not lower.

    All a catalytic converter is, is a fancy blower that burns excess fuel that car companies make sure reaches it, otherwise it will burn out. Yes, we have lower gas mileage and burn more gas because of these catalytic converters. But hey, the world is ran mostly by oil companies, and it's good for business.

    • Ikemi Zyn
      Ikemi Zyn 9 months ago

      And that's why you have sensors and a program that compensates for the real world conditions. Vehicles have been made that did this already. They have been snuffed out by the super powerful oil companies. Those that can't be bought, mysteriously pass away before their tech is passed on.

      Also, no you can't burn gas with a %100 conversion even with modern technology. But you can come close. There would be a little bit of pollution because of impurities in the fuel. Catalytic converters can't compensate at all for these impurities. Modern tech would be able to even better.

    • ppp1111ppp
      ppp1111ppp 9 months ago

      I don't disagree that fuel can be burned to a 100% conversion with modern technology, but keep in mind that modern fuel injectors in the best engines will become dirty overtime. Even the most well maintained vehicle will loose combustion efficiency overtime. So what then? Remember that cars and trucks operate in real world conditions with changing variables, temperature, altitude, air quality, etc. all of these can affect the combustion of fuel. Your outdated technology is in your car to help compensate.

    • Ikemi Zyn
      Ikemi Zyn 9 months ago

      +ppp1111ppp Lol, buddy, with modern day fuel injectors and a couple of sensors we could just burn it as cleanly as possible in the first place instead of trying to burn it in a catalytic converter which causes more fuel consumption of a non-renewable resource, and an overall of more pollution because we burn more. People just delude themselves into believing in an outdated technology that can easily be replaced.

    • ppp1111ppp
      ppp1111ppp 9 months ago

      Lol, buddy, look up how catalytic converters work, a lot of science goes into it to help reduce toxic emissions like NOx and CO.

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