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Author Manuel Pech ( ago)
What about Nokia asha 302?

Author Paul Redmond ( ago)
what a lot of rubbish does not unlock nokia lumia 635

Author Ivan Stankovic ( ago)
What about Nokia 301?

Author twanette bordeaux ( ago)
Thus does not explain what i need thank anywhoo i have a nokia that my
friend gave to me its not activated to any providers right now , when i
turn it on the narater comes on and the pic is locked I can't get it open
there's a yellow box that goes where ever I touch what do i do ,i already
tried resetting it and it wpnt work ,please help

Author Majid Boubouh ( ago)
thinks friend but how to unlck others i say the other cellphone ? they have
the same steps
answer me please

Author Dana Whittington ( ago)
Unlock-phone (org) is a SCAM!! I PAID and got a random code sent that did
NOT work and have contacted them FIVE times with NO RESPONSE!!

Author Bon Jovi Danlag ( ago)
why does Nokia C2-02 not in the list? Can you help me please? 

Author António Bezerra ( ago) is BS, you need to do surveys.

Author david southern ( ago)
survey site dont bother.

Author Adam Hues ( ago)
get a free unlock code for your Nokia by going to

Author Vaki ( ago)
change video name its not for "ANY NOKIA" !

Author Kelly Dawes ( ago)
i went to to get my Lumia unlocked for free, the is really easy to use and you get your code really quickly

Author ken leer ( ago)
says free but when you try it says 100 free unlocks already used and wants
you to take survey then you never get unlock who has heard of an update
unlock need code to unlock .

Author sootty94 ( ago)
public school boy we d street english rom jamacia

Author sootty94 ( ago)
what shite man wierd white jamlish language and the web site by the
subscribe banner ; man it up the box we de dirt

Author satellite nigga ( ago)
omg dude wtf are u saying what language is that ? -.-"

Author Ian yob ( ago)
hello i have tryed this it is very wrong

Author Mehedi Hasan ( ago)
Get your nokia unlocked free at and u get help

Author Ishika Walker ( ago)
wow great video. now I know how to unlock nokia phone

Author roktim bhalobasha ( ago)
to unlock your nokia phone visit at

Author Tushir Ahmed Lima Ahmed ( ago)
Its really awesome!!! Got my nokia unlocked free at

Author Manin Vard ( ago)
I unlocked my Nokia at No fake.

Author Abd Abood ( ago)
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Author Bishal Sharma ( ago)
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Author anish shrestha ( ago)
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Author tui stha ( ago)
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Author Rezaul Karim ( ago)
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Author Kobir hasan ( ago)
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Author Sanka Ilankoon ( ago)
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Author mimomia0803078 ( ago)
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Author Dipen Bhujel ( ago)
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Author shekhakot ( ago)
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Author rahikalhasan ( ago)
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Author Sher Bdr Chetri ( ago)
I also unlock my phone at and the great think about this is
it's for free.

Author dhanraj giri ( ago)
i like this video very much It help to solve the nokia

Author Md rumon khan ( ago)
Really amazing things.I like this very much.

Author Dahal Basanta ( ago)
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Author britney roemer ( ago)
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Author said mia ( ago)
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Author Nur Faisal ( ago)
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Author akkarim3 ( ago)
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Author MrRju20 ( ago)
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Author kahan nana ( ago)
Get your nokia unlocked free at nokiageeks. us

Author geanpier chaucas gallardo ( ago)
amigo puedes aser un tutorial en español ..?

Author Abi Smith ( ago)
To unlock any nokia on any network go to its really easy and
completely free

Author Blerim Krasniqi ( ago)
Nokia 100 not working

Author xenoneinfaith ( ago)
Please anyone know free software for unlock Nokia 100. found a video in
here. He is not replying. watch?v=6LKAViGGGZk

Author Admir Halilovic ( ago)
Nokia 100 is not there :(

Author Joy Kumar ( ago)
I went Nokia E72 Phone Lock????

Author Eugen Piciu ( ago)
I agree with Roxana Mazilu! The best option for me ,now , is to buy another
phone! Because till now I've spent to much time and money just looking for
a kind of remedy for my old s...t!

Author Alrick Anglin ( ago)
You shouldnt be using windows 7 while unlocking such an old phone.....and
its an easy search to get that sh** for free

Author Roxana Mazilu ( ago)
your video is out dated, take it down please

Author R.H. Zaqaryan ( ago)
its ok,,,i understand you )))) goodluck

Author vladimir valentić ( ago)
Oh sry if I was a unclear.Liyer & assH. was for them who POSTED this video.
Im out of states. In my country expensives unlock is ab 25$ for the newest
cellphones. I go frustrated when some 1 leave a link & then survey or so
wath..coze that so sweary post. Al bests are nice guy! SRY for my bad

Author R.H. Zaqaryan ( ago)
nokia 5230 T-mobile is a very difficult phone for unlocking,,,many
programms wont work ,i took it to the store where the wise guys selling
some phones so they took care of it for 40$ ,if i can see the codes that
been used to unlock it so i can bring it up to show the people just let me
know ok about the asshole who was lying? dont remember ,it was long time
ago and he wasnot one who was bullshiting around goodluck

Author vladimir valentić ( ago)

Author vladimir valentić ( ago)
why u don't gived him dislike? THNX for info!

Author Ravshan Rakhimov ( ago)
hey bro i cant find it for nokia 100 what should i do? thx

Author shammy sharma ( ago)
Try Bro

Author Randyc2800 ( ago)

Author Itay Mishan ( ago)
*** rapidunlockers. com *** try this one, I have unlocked my phone on very
very fast (about 6 hours total) and cheap, now i can update to any version
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Author daftdog1888 ( ago)
good video mate!!!

Author Hector Wang ( ago)
dude... this doesn't work with SL3 nor BB5... i'm sure you don't have an
idea what's SL3 or BB5....

Author Zannnnah ( ago)
You teefin Rarse! * translated..... You Thieving cunt. Stop telling ppl its
free when your trying to get 25quid outta ppl might as well take it to the
shop if we are gonna pay them prices. PPL are here because they wanna do
this shit for free not generate spends for you. Come ARF da Fuckin internet

Author Ján Savko ( ago)

Author Number 69 ( ago)
What's he saying?

Author Aaron ( ago)
restriction code needed for nokia 6303i ?? hellpp?

Author GurjSagoo ( ago)

Author Cruyff1987 ( ago)
would'nt trust this guy he sounds like a london get me an all

Author tsuchan1 ( ago)
Nice voice, bro' (^_^)

Author greenpingi (1595 years ago)
it dosent work for n8

Author greenpingi (1614 years ago)
mcafee is shit! best is norton!

Author Eric Kaz ( ago)
garbage. this asswipe charges a fee. not free

Author Spencer F ( ago)
Mcafee says site is dangerous

Author Connor Harris (1213 years ago)
DO NOT CLICK VIDEO IN LINK! Contains a trojan house, will damage your
computer unless you have virus blocker (like i have)

Author mohmed badr ( ago)
ur vid is shit

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