The last update on all of my aquariums and fish. ALL AT ONCE! This will be the last time i can do this before a HUGE change is coming.


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Author BLEACH DRINKER ( ago)
The underside of a stingray.... I can't. It's so cute.

Author Irfan Rishad ( ago)
love uu man😊😊😊😘

Author Ryann Fancy ( ago)
Were the stingrays trying to breed

Author Elliot Bentley ( ago)
He is getting hydra

Author LiterallyTheLamest ( ago)
I love you.

Author Ian Donnelly ( ago)
Arowana are such a majestic animal. I hope to own one one day.

Author Jfife Gaming ( ago)
my flowerhorn is a pig as well

Author famous grief ( ago)
only thing i have in my tank is a baby convict and a pleco (med) and another pleco (small)

Author Lucy C ( ago)
The new fish's name should be socket!

Author The Gaming World // TGW ( ago)
excuse me where can i buy tickets to your aqaruium

Author paducahFishFan ( ago)
You should call that little guy 'Humpty'. Cause I can see him rocking out to that song. That little guy is funny. Cool fish.

Author Yela Hawk ( ago)
I feel so bad for some of your Fishes... They just swim in a tank with absolutely NOTHING inside!

Author That gamer girl :3 ( ago)
Omg he's getting a 🐊

Author Åke27 ( ago)

Author Toxicwater36 ( ago)
no he is moving his office to see all his aquariums and adding more room in his house and that is where the monster tank will be

Author BluEcAsteR Caster ( ago)

Author Luke Stringer ( ago)
You could call him Piglet :)

Author Mohd Razee Salleh ( ago)
Your Flowerhorn is really animated! Loved him!

Author David peters ( ago)
Why don't you put sand in with the stingrays

Author Willdog Hunter ( ago)
Fish house

Author REVOisMYname ( ago)
He's starting a new guppy tank

Author Madison Parker ( ago)
I think his name should be Afro

Author Mysmall petshop ( ago)
The lights on the Arowana, is the heat and light okay for that species? Is it okay for all fish to just have a light on them?

Author Denise Ann Jenkins ( ago)
I sent you a video that I really think you need to see because of what your home made fish food is made up of

Author The Fishin' Bros ( ago)
2:25 sting rape

Author Joseph Pettit ( ago)
that building is not big enough

Author Carlos Pina ( ago)
lol how good is your arowana at checkers?

Author Crafty Cuber96 ( ago)
Breeding angelfish?

Author BigBerthaBlue ( ago)

Author Poppy Adeline ( ago)
I saw a little dead fish on the foam

Author Alpha2283 Aj ( ago)
2:28 ya...ok

Author Anah Grayce ( ago)

Author Karma saúde humana ( ago)
Like you said some months ago a FISH ROOM

Author WILLIAM LEE ( ago)
Are you getting a arapaima?

Author Las Peleonas ( ago)

Author SpongyUdderz Minecraft ( ago)
I'm pretty sure he's going to mix the rays and arowana then make a monster tank...

Author yossi yakov ( ago)
on big brother they called him shimi

Author Mark Salmon ( ago)
name it brocali

Author Ryan R ( ago)
You need to find smaller fish to add with the Flowerhorn and name them Pinky and the Brain!

Author Zante ( ago)
There is no such thing as too many tanks or too big a tank.

Author Madelyn ! ( ago)

Author Madelyn ! ( ago)
King diy jr

Author Ryan Niemiec ( ago)
Where did you get your shells from?

Author Nightraven Alchemist ( ago)
How do you move the stingrays? Do you have a giant net or something?

Author Blake Brass ( ago)
hey where do you get your shells for the tank

Author Sh Mumtaz Begum ( ago)
he's talking little too much
but the video is superb

Author Craig Smart ( ago)
Jesus the maintenance on all these tanks must take hours a week

Author Morgan's Vaping Reviews ( ago)
I think the "really big" new project is maybe a insulated garage size building to set up for a breeding facility for ray's. Also for your new little guy, when he's moved to his permanent aquarium you should get a Pink Convict Cichlid to go with him. Then you can call them "Pinky & the Brain" lol

Author Adam Pawlik ( ago)
I had some neon tetras in my small 7 gallon tank and I made a mistake with the water so they all died the day after I got them.

So Sad :(

Author Adam Pawlik ( ago)
He is building the shed so that he can have a place to live quietly while the IRS is looking for him because his water bill is way too high.

Author ThatsSoRepti ( ago)
Hey! Do you have any videos on how to make your own tank? I need a new turtle tank and would love to make one like your rays have, but without paying 400$ for a 150 gallon!!

Author Jen killy ( ago)
He is getting a shark

Author Sharif Taylor ( ago)
Joey are you a making a 1000 gal tank for you rays🐡

Author Kasai Ichinose ( ago)
He's making a fish room you perverts

But a dolphin would be nice but also illegal

Author TheOneAndOnlySneeze ( ago)
Your rays seem to enjoy piling on top of each other.

Author Hunter XD ( ago)

Author Micayla Mount ( ago)
Name him Boodles!

Author Flame Shot Gaming ( ago)
is it a koi fish

Author Taylor ._.Brooke ( ago)
Corly or Curly

Author tentaculum gaming ( ago)
whare do you put away the goldfish

Author Midori Eastham ( ago)
Please name him Boaty McBoatface (Boaty for short)

Author kaelyn m ( ago)
Name him Kimperboog. Or Phil. Phil is good

Author Asia Wypych ( ago)
What king of lamp you have in your plant tank?

Author Bethany Lovelock ( ago)
name of fish


Author MissHarleyQuinn ( ago)
I suggest Mojo-Jojo

Author Nassim's Bettas 101 ( ago)
what happened to the goldfish?

Author Aidan Deentremont ( ago)
I think he's building a structure to hold all his tanks and fish

Author J. Blom ( ago)
for your fishroom you building outside😜
will you be building an aquarium for the silver dollars you had aswell or are they gone for good.

Author Sean Nathan Yu ( ago)

Author Rummie ( ago)
Awww that little doggie, I mean flowerhorn, is so cute.

Author YourDoggyGT ( ago)
0:09 Secounds in I already subbed

Author ARebelsRomance ( ago)
I had no idea those shell dwelling fish were a thing. Now I feel like my life is at a stand still til I own my own little colony like that.

Author Stefan Spanjersberg ( ago)
He's going to keep koi!

Author Eliot Graeme ( ago)
its going to be a HUGE filter the size of a house

Author Adam Toye ( ago)
Huge pond with all his fish in it maybe an arapaima

Author GoshRae ( ago)
name him peter nincompoop

Author Alexander Hogi ( ago)
Joey, where is the huge aquarium you build earlier in the middle of the room with plywood bottom and glass side?

Author CRE8LSM ( ago)
where can i buy the similis? please reply

Author Cruz Norte ( ago)

Author Isaiah Wince ( ago)
Who was enough money for this

Author Neongruenesgummibaerchen _ ( ago)
What's the name of the fish living in the shell?

Author Matty 303 ( ago)
Pleas Czech Republic language

Author farren nerdy ( ago)
name it george

Author Smol Doggo ( ago)
2:29 piggyback ride!! 😄

Author Arwen Reign ( ago)
Name him nuggettt

Author Arwen Reign ( ago)
Why do u keep the smaller Asian fish thing in the bigger tank and the bigger one in the smaller tank?¿

Author Chris Brown ( ago)
So just wondering why you can't put the two Arowana's together plz respond;)

Author NAAA LAFF ( ago)

Author JoeyGroux ( ago)
Name the male lamprolongus similis with four wives big daddy

Author JoeyGroux ( ago)
Name the fish boner head

Author SoUmYea ( ago)
I like this dude he knows what he's doing and he has good intentions with his fish! New sub😏

Author Viktoria Petersons ( ago)
I honestly thought you had way more tanks! I have 4 tanks and each tank has a touch of your advice in it. Thanks for the awesome videos!

Author Duty James ( ago)
asian mara (weed)

Author Yandere Chan ( ago)
23:25 I have a headache MABEY ITS A TUMO

Author Yandere Chan ( ago)

Author Derpy Birdy ( ago)

Author Trenton Garcia ( ago)
How about Bowser as a name?

Author khadar abdi ( ago)
Name him mega mind

Author Oscar ARZ ( ago)
23:25 name the fish : Brainiac ! The fish looks villainous.

Author McCoy87 ( ago)
You're getting a blacktip!! Also what happen to your 540 gallon wood bottom aquarium?

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