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group of tamil men dance during a village festival in tamilnadu. this group dance is famous among tamil people and music intruments used to produced the music are very unique. Tamilnadu has rich music and dancing history and has nataraja as the god of dance. Tamilnadu is one of the few states to have a god dedicated to dance.

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Author john spencer ( ago)
its called Koyilattam or Salangayattam or Salagaiyattam or Oyilattam. which
literally means temple dance / ankle bell dance / gracefull dance. you can
search for Salangayattam and enjoy it.

Author john spencer ( ago)
You can also search/google and see Salangayattam, In Kongu region in India,
they dance on a Thanksgiving day called Pongal to thank Nature or God and
also to thank cattle specially cow for working in fields and for producing
Milk. even the drums that they are using is as same as the ancient one to
name some they are Thudumbu, Thappu, Thamukku, Urumi and pipe instruments
are called as Kombu like Horn in English. Hope you enjoyed it

Author john spencer ( ago)
This dance is called by many names in my Region that is the Kongu region
they call it as Salangayattam, Salangai means a bunch of small bells
arranged by fixing it in a leather anklet and attam means dance. they dance
during special occasions and temple festivals, the temple you see here is a
temple for goddess and to please her every year they raise a post with fire
and dance like this for a couple of weeks, its just a social event which is
done as like in 3000bc.

Author lgsoft testemail ( ago)
Good dance

Author Gowtham M ( ago)
i like village dance so much 

Author Youtube ( ago) rockin music of Tapu, i really love instruments like Tappu tnx a
lot for uploaing this vieo Prasanth, then where u taken this video?

Author tamilcinemareview ( ago)
@simplematrixxxx thanks for the comments friend, will have more coming! :)

Author J Matias ( ago)
@tamilcinemareview Thanks a lot for your reply. Looking forward to seeing

Author tamilcinemareview ( ago)
@Iddhi5 i will try to research more in to this dance, this is our
traditional dance and there are lot of varieties in it

Author J Matias ( ago)
Love that dance. it looks like this drumming and dancing around the central
pole could change the state of mind. Would love to know more about the
meaning of it. Thank you very much for posting.

Author tamilcinemareview ( ago)
@inalap123 will post more videos in future my friend, appreciate ur

Author inalap123 ( ago)
am just amazed at their near perfect synchronization of their dance moves..
a real nice video prashanth show causing the artistic side of a glorious
culture.. am gonna share this video in my fb.. kusods n do share such

Author tentikos ( ago)
tappu romba nalla irukku viva tamoulllll

Author tamilcinemareview ( ago)
@brseavey it is called " tappatam" where "tappu" is the musical instrument
being played for the dance, there are many varities in it..

Author Pragashu T ( ago)
Good one , expecting more unseen videos of tamil nadu.

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