Top 10 Differences Between Guardians of the Galaxy Movies and Comics

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  • Top 10 Differences Between Guardians of the Galaxy Movies and Comics // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
    CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! When something deviates from its source material, the results are usually less than stellar; thankfully, that isn’t the case here. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 differences between the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies and comics.

    00:38 #10. Yondu
    01:32 #9. Drax the Destroyer Hates Thanos
    02:14 #8. Origin of Gamora
    02:56 #7. Knowhere
    03:37 #6. Ronan the Accuser
    04:13 #5. Drax’s Sense of Humor
    04:58 #4. Origin of Drax the Destroyer
    05:46 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  • 1 month ago

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    • melissamcdonald2
      melissamcdonald2 1 month ago

    • AheadClover
      AheadClover 1 month ago

      Peters mom called him star lord he says that in vol.2

    • PaperbackWizard
      PaperbackWizard 1 month ago

      This video right here is proof that people don't care if the characters look like their comic book counterparts, act like them, or even have the same origin as them.  They only care that the movie is "good".
      And that's fine, as long as people will just admit it, and I don't have to hear another argument about how "that's not what they're like in the comics".

    • Private Snafu
      Private Snafu 1 month ago

      Peter Quill: You look like Mary Poppins.
      Yondu: Is he cool?
      Peter Quill: Hell yeah, he's cool.
      Yondu: I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!

      the best part of the movie

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  • TippyWallace
    TippyWallace 11 days ago

    In the 1970s star lord comics , he continued at NASA to get revenge on his mother and and is then captured by some holy figure and is then made into star lords

  • Spartan11117777
    Spartan11117777 17 days ago

    Well they're Different because the Comic Book Lore comes from Earth-616 and everything from the MCU is put in the Earth-199,999.

  • MortalDarwin
    MortalDarwin 18 days ago

    actually at the end of the first movie drax wants to kill thanos

  • Jorge Mondragon
    Jorge Mondragon 24 days ago

    new subscriber😉✋!

  • spide-man gamer
    spide-man gamer 24 days ago


  • spide-man gamer
    spide-man gamer 24 days ago

    Oi pesoal

  • Kkslipps
    Kkslipps 27 days ago

    starlord was a ravenger with yondu. he became a hero with the guardians after escaping and sticking together for money

  • lenni schmidt
    lenni schmidt 29 days ago

    Helicopter quality description mdsialf present along result bit beauty follow wonder.

  • Anthony Storey
    Anthony Storey 29 days ago

    Yondu is Better in the movie then in the comic Mikel rocker is the man

  • littlewarior kaden02

    every day vid huh it's been a week

  • Angie M
    Angie M 1 month ago

    Am I the only person who was kinda annoyed when in vol.2 they completely ignored who Peter Quills dad was in the comics?

  • Cédric Extended Play

    Uh I believe in the movies it still is Thanos who killed Drax's family

  • schlick popper
    schlick popper 1 month ago

    they're basing some of the shit on the new 52 comics not the older comics

  • Papple Productions
    Papple Productions 1 month ago

    peters father is a living planet not an emperor! thats why he could hold the infinity stone without being destroyed dumbasses

  • JadeRabbit Futurist
    JadeRabbit Futurist 1 month ago

    What? no mention of Rocket Raccoon's home planet, Half World, his wife or other equally awful/unworkable enemies and why the movie would want to avoid bringing those details up, ever? (The fact Rocket Raccoon and his people were created to staff of the galaxy's biggest mental asylum is still a nifty detail.)
    I cannot give this video a thumbs up in good conscience...

  • Darren November
    Darren November 1 month ago

    What about the Nova Corps being totally different

  • Lava Kid gaming and animation

    me yondu

  • Scott Fast
    Scott Fast 1 month ago

    The original guardians of the Galaxy where in the second movie. They where all the ravager captains that joined back together after the funeral.

  • dogerboi
    dogerboi 1 month ago

    Let's make a video 3 years too late, nit-picking at stuff that gets solved in GotG Vol. 2.

    MOJO HQ: Brilliant!

  • James Kidd
    James Kidd 1 month ago

    conclusion the film change everything

  • Bebe Strong
    Bebe Strong 1 month ago

    "and this green horse" 😂😂

  • Sadut Ragha
    Sadut Ragha 1 month ago


  • Crypto -Agar
    Crypto -Agar 1 month ago

    Yondu:Is he badass

  • ambush bob
    ambush bob 1 month ago

    i like the movie version better.

  • duchovny2
    duchovny2 1 month ago

    Actually, at the end of the movie, Quill is reading a letter from his mother. She gave him the name Star Lord.

  • The Thodern
    The Thodern 1 month ago

    YOU NEED SLEEP! Spend two days on a video if you have to I would rather have better content then constant content.

    This video wasn't bad or anything but it still needs to be said...

  • sirdaveysockrocker
    sirdaveysockrocker 1 month ago

    UUUHH at the end of part 1, on the Vol.2 tape, peters mom leaves him a message calling him star lord, no doubt a nickname she called him his whole life. WTF all the production of this video and that gets missed?

  • Gear Kijjaroenvisal
    Gear Kijjaroenvisal 1 month ago

    Quill's father wasn't the emperor of Spartax at the time of meeting his mother, he was the heir, or their Starlord. Hence how Quill got the name.

  • HypesGaming
    HypesGaming 1 month ago

    yondu's scene in vol 2 is waaaaaay better

  • KaliN9ne
    KaliN9ne 1 month ago

    I heard that Yondu has a chilling role in Vol 3

  • LukeIamYourFather
    LukeIamYourFather 1 month ago

    I have sensitive nipples.

  • Kaustubh Deshmukh
    Kaustubh Deshmukh 1 month ago

    Popular comic???huh??

    ARWAY_ RAPTOR 1 month ago


  • Hyman Roth
    Hyman Roth 1 month ago

    I wrote a song about some killer clowns that invade the state fair check it out

  • Edgy-E
    Edgy-E 1 month ago

    Drax does say he wants thanos at the end of the first

  • Nate Garcia
    Nate Garcia 1 month ago

    "He does have one of the coolest scenes in the first movie, when he kills a bunch of soldiers just by whistling"

    boi you should see him in vol 2

  • Sky Sorceress
    Sky Sorceress 1 month ago


  • Bungie Gamer
    Bungie Gamer 1 month ago

    At the end if the movie drax says that it was actually thanos that kills his family and ronan was just practice; watchmojo overlooked that

  • Dortee Toilolo
    Dortee Toilolo 1 month ago

    Rocket:bunch of jackasses standing in a circle

  • si khac dinh
    si khac dinh 1 month ago

    Yondu is now dead

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas 1 month ago

    ok the origin in the video is actually a new version of star lord's origins

  • ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ

    Forgot to mention that for a time Ben Grimm/Thing, Flash Thompson/Agent Venom and Tony Stark/Iron Man were members of the comic team as well as the X-Men's Kitty Pryde taking over as Star-Lord and leader when Peter was crowned King of Spartoi. In the comics his father was the exiled J'son, Prince of Spartoi aka Mister Knife and quite an asshole. In the movie it's Ego aka The Living Planet (Why they made that change is baffling.)
    There are a lot of characters not mentioned like Mantis, Moondragon, Angela, Nova, Jack Flag, Adam Warlock and does everyone remember the cute puppy in the NASA spacesuit? That Cosmo, and he was a member too.

  • quinten cornelissen
    quinten cornelissen 1 month ago

    Representative teaching nervous tglkkw towel treaty colleague slap can bounce gas shine

  • Rey Dela Pena
    Rey Dela Pena 1 month ago

    R.I.P. Yondu😭😭

  • Christian Davila
    Christian Davila 1 month ago

    I am tazerface!!!!!

  • Cleopatra7Philopator

    I like that movie StarLord is Unknown, Origin Unknown, etc!
    Bunch of Jackasses, Standing in a Circle....Priceless!
    If you Haven't seen Vol 2, WHAT are you Waiting For!

  • Lucky LeftEye
    Lucky LeftEye 1 month ago

    Love your videos WatchMojo, but sometimes you miss out on the most clear as day information that's almost impossible to miss. At the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie when Peter is reading the note he got from his mom that he never opened, she literally calls him her "little Star-Lord", thus where he got his name from. Not really difficult to find...

  • Lungshenli
    Lungshenli 1 month ago

    to 6:50 Peter Quill actually got "Star Lord" from his mother as she used to call him like that. At least in the movie

  • Groudon Rider
    Groudon Rider 1 month ago

    At the end of the movie Drax says that it was really Thanos who killed it because Ronan was a pawn of his.

  • It's Time TO BELIEVE

    Literally all of volume 2 is literally an origin story for Peter Quill (Starlord)

  • It's Time TO BELIEVE

    Yondo is a part of the original Guardians and he gets his bigger Mohawk in vol 2

  • Jan Koprek
    Jan Koprek 1 month ago

    everything in the movie is better...

  • Questionable
    Questionable 1 month ago

    Actually my in the comics star lords father is ego a living plnet

    • ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ
      ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ 1 month ago

      Actually in the comics his father is J'son of Spartoi, aka Mister Knife. In the movie he's Ego which makes absolutely zero sense.

  • Chase Em
    Chase Em 1 month ago

    You should've included about Groot
    He's supposed to be the most intelligent and wise among the guardians in the comics.

  • all the languages
    all the languages 1 month ago

    uh the feels in the end,

  • Commando 385
    Commando 385 1 month ago

    What about Nova?

  • Fucking Retard
    Fucking Retard 1 month ago

    #9 is retarded, if you watched the full movie, Drax reveals that Thanos killed his wife and daughter

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 month ago

    You forgot 1: Drax is a badass martial artist and master knife fighter in the books while in the movies, other than the prison fight, not nearly as close.

  • HaloGTMaster
    HaloGTMaster 1 month ago

    Vol 1&2 are great

  • tekknking
    tekknking 1 month ago

    i am groot

  • Funk0PUNK
    Funk0PUNK 1 month ago

    All of these r in the 1st film .......even though in the title it says guardians of the galaxy movies

  • vigilante bird
    vigilante bird 1 month ago

    his mom called him Star-Lord in the MCU so thats how he got the name

  • Mark S
    Mark S 1 month ago

    "Yondu is everyone's favorite space pirate" after you see Vol. 2.

  • Daniel Villarreal
    Daniel Villarreal 1 month ago

    Also ego isnt his real father
    Star lord never gets superman powers

  • B K
    B K 1 month ago

    i like it, but these stupid timeline switches are just so dumb

  • reymart christian Cruz

    Yea in free comic book day everyone was talking abput yondo being there favorite space pirate is right and adam warlock which is spoilers as fuck,

  • reymart christian Cruz

    You know gamora is hot in the movie but dawn she looks amazing in the comics.

    • joneshugh
      joneshugh 1 month ago

      ....and a MUCH better fighter.

  • Chicken nuggetz jr Animations

    you know who I am, yes?

  • Dick Dickerson
    Dick Dickerson 1 month ago

    I feel like the most research you guys did for this video was watching other misinformed Top 10's.

  • MJD Cool yo
    MJD Cool yo 1 month ago

    I'm hooked on a feeling for Starlord

  • Denore Of Rapture
    Denore Of Rapture 1 month ago

    ok I just notice that the element gun starlord has looks like a plasma gun from the first 3 halos

  • Adhi N
    Adhi N 1 month ago

    Drax's look in comic is cooler than the movies

  • Spinxo
    Spinxo 1 month ago

    I have a joke...


  • BondFreek
    BondFreek 1 month ago

    you guys at Mojo never pay attention to anything. the movie describes star-lords Origins perfectly and where you got the title. His mother used to call him My Little Star Lord. This was not only a cute nickname for him but a hint do who his father was. even says that he was supposed to be delivered to his father implying that his father was some kind of space king. if you would actually listen and watch a movie instead of just judging the special effects and whether or not it's fit childhood dreams then you would understand what really is happening in a film.

  • MegaTrainGames
    MegaTrainGames 1 month ago

    draxs race??? drax is just a human that was resurrected

  • Dante
    Dante 1 month ago

    #2. Is kinda wrong, in the final scene before Peter gets Awesome Mix 2 his mom calls him her Star Lord which although isn't explicit, is kinda a hint at where his nickname originates.

  • Jeremiah Manali
    Jeremiah Manali 1 month ago

    I was just watching it a minute ago

  • Peasant
    Peasant 1 month ago

    wow this fucking bitch just spoiled drax for me, dumb cunt

  • CHICKENGABES how to gaming

    You know they tell how he got his name in the movie on the note that he got from his mother like 27 years ago including awesome mix vol. 2

  • Blake Swihart
    Blake Swihart 1 month ago

    You actually find out how Star-Lord got his name in the first movie. He kept that letter that his mom gave to him before she died and kept it with his Awesome-Mix Vol. 2. I'm pretty sure he'd opened it before he does in the actual movie and kept that nickname.

  • Mannyzev
    Mannyzev 1 month ago

    I thought WatchMojo lists couldn't get more obscure

  • YeahOKFU2
    YeahOKFU2 1 month ago

    Actually.... He controls it with his heart... RIP Mary Poppins

  • MoZones GT
    MoZones GT 1 month ago

    I thought peter got Star-Lord from his mom when she said
    "My little Star-Lord"

  • Truttle Bear
    Truttle Bear 1 month ago

    "Welcome to *Takes a bite of a muffin* Watch muhjuh daht cawm"

  • Alex Te'o
    Alex Te'o 1 month ago

    R.I.P , if you watched Guardians of the galaxy you know who died

  • Drake Starfightr
    Drake Starfightr 1 month ago

    in the movie the talk about how peter quill got his name star lord it was from his mom

  • Monroville
    Monroville 1 month ago

    I'm surprised you didn't point out that the end credit scene in GOTG v2 with Sly Stallone, Michelle Yeoh, Ving Rhames and Crystal Guy was the original Guardians getting back together again.

    The Expendable Guardians of the Galaxy?

  • Harmony Wheeler
    Harmony Wheeler 1 month ago

    The title of this video includes the word "movies." That's plural. But this video really only takes the first film into consideration.

  • MonsterX
    MonsterX 1 month ago

    1 like =day of luck
    1 sub =year of luck
    H A G D
    A O A
    V O Y
    E D

  • Akwasi Artsen
    Akwasi Artsen 1 month ago

    RIP rocket

  • CantBuy Love420
    CantBuy Love420 1 month ago

    caca pew pew

  • capnumericka
    capnumericka 1 month ago

    These people at mojo need to do more research before they decide to make themselves look like hacks. They got many things wrong in this video

  • Dakota Nelson
    Dakota Nelson 1 month ago

    Also Drax is MAJORLY nerfed. In comics he killed Thanos single handedly by ripping his heart out.

  • Camilo Rios
    Camilo Rios 1 month ago

    Muy bueno este video

  • -McPie-
    -McPie- 1 month ago

    Because watchmojo is running out of ideas...

    Yondu dies in Guardians of the Galaxy 2

  • leocomicworld
    leocomicworld 1 month ago

    It says in the movie that thanos killed his family at the end. That's not a difference.

  • Ivan Sandoval
    Ivan Sandoval 1 month ago

    In the film we actually do find out how he became starlord. When reading a letter from his mom she mentioned him as "my little starlord." It was what she called him in reference that his dad is from the stars.

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