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Had surgery Feb 24th 2010 I feel so much better :D please sign~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~


Author vishten05 (5 years)
kong koila

Author wearetheonekorea (6 years)

Author 2ndSamuel710 (2 years)
Hippocratic oath= I swear by Apollo the healer & take witness to all other
gods that I will NEVER EVER harm anyone in practice of medicine.. Now-
where's the baby in 4 healthy baby visit? Hush little baby, don't U cry,
Doc's gona inject U with formaldehyde. If that poison don't keep U sick,
Doc's gona try another trick.. (Also includes aborted fetal tissue, mercury
& aluminum in witch's brew) English word "Pharmacy" comes from Greek
"Pharmakeia means witchcraft, poison, sorcery. Little change.

Author theinjectiongirls (5 years)
That blonde has got nice skinny arms

Author kalihor (5 years)
Ja, french, spanish and russian.... together. Csak ezt a három nyelvet
ismerik az amerikai kretének. Vagyis ezeket sem.

Author sammyxgoose (6 years)
is that french or spanish??

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