Xbox Live Point Generator - Free Points "2500"

This exploit was just leaked on the fkn0wned websites by the infamous hacker "timmyxyz".

Go to this link:

Select the point amount you would like, input your account information and click go, thats it! Your account will be credited soon, if not instantly!

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Author etsMeFurry (3 years)
FAKE, dont waste your time cuz i just did

Author pwnzmommy (3 years)
I got some free microsoft points thanks to this vid, generators never work
for me

Author putson2010 (3 years)
watch?v=mDZKCrsPLr8 this vid helped me get some ms points free, its pretty

Author RyeowookAndDonghae (1 year)
xboxlivegenerator . org/?i=113412

Author Razor Graze (3 years)
this is for any gen, mine keeps sayin: The smtp server requires a secure
connection or the client was not authenticated. Can anyone help me with
that? if so, PM me

Author Adam P (3 years)

Author ivanaj69 (2 years)
hrmm, i dont like the look of that, but check out my channel for FREE MS
points that i can personally prove are legit NO downloads NO personal
details and NO "hacks"

Author Drew Dietrich (3 years)
@MsGeneratorCreator does this work

Author CODpwnage10 (3 years)
w This video has helped me tons so far
in getting Free MS points, has worked awesome, check it out

Author Insane (2 years)
Try this without space thelivegenerator. com /?r= 624247

Author popothecatathome (3 years)
@BiRdmaN450530 learn how to spell faggot little boy

Author Killerdude8 (2 years)
go here for a shot at free points my fellow gamers the live generator (dot)
com /?r= 5 6 7 0 9 5

Author kjetil297 (3 years)
i need only a word for u fokes get a life

Author 101deadrising (3 years)
go to my page and click on the link and get xbox live free

Author XxNosKidxX (3 years)
this is fake i got 1600 msp from actionmspoints(dot)com/88637/EN

Author MrXDonut (2 years)
Bullshit !!

Author TheNuclearNinjaTeam (2 years)
All the websites that they try to get u to go to in the comments are
scams,just going to tell evrybody

Author NarKotiiKzZ123 (3 years)

Author xboxfreecodecom (2 years)
I think this is not legal!

Author an0therb0ttled0wn (3 years)
This Shit Dont Work, I Did This and a Week Later They Stole My Account and
i Got My Account Back a Month and A Half Later :P Bullshit.

Author RBfreak2010 (3 years)
all those generators and their sites are garbage, I have tried tons of
times, THIS has been the best place for me freelive4you DOT weebly DOT c om

Author Ivan Blaskovic (2 years)
WOW it didn't work

Author Ri M (2 years)
for real code DUPLICATES watch my vid:

Author SSJ8Goku (3 years)
@Vaffeljern2 Hey pal, ever heard that it ain't stealing if you don't get
caught? :p

Author 8motherslover (2 years)
you guys are the fuckers that hacked my most used email

Author HackingTechSupport (3 years)

Author RBfreak2010 (3 years) This video helped me a lot guys in getting
some FREE microsoft points, its not gen or anything but I am happy with my
free cards, check it out

Author themiddleman619 (3 years)
w w w(.)gratismspoints(.)com/?i=181436

Author trincia94 (2 years)

Author unknowngamerlolz (2 years)
^^ this no longer works, this is the best current way, I get all my free MS
cards here, no generators or anything stupid freegamercards(*)tk

Author pienutty (3 years)

Author TutorialsVideosS (3 years)
@jerrybam1234 Ill tell you what it is it's some random little 12 year old
who thinks he can program when he prob download Vb a week before he watched
a tut on how to make this all it is is a blank form with some Caveman
Functions and you have to prob do a survey to download it which makes him
money and leaves you in rage well he laughs there is no such thing as a
generator Trust me I've been programing for 6 years and there is 1 to
10000000000 chances of him acctually to make one of theses-_-Win

Author flipclan360 (3 years)

Author chris63952 (3 years)
fuckin idiots.. u rlly think that microsoft would let this happen its
fuckin microsoft there a godamn computer company for godsake they wrote the
fuckin book

Author WeMontageYou (3 years)
Worked from I just download the Black Ops Map Pack bro

Author Mohaamadq (3 years)

Author CODpwnage10 (3 years)
don't trust this guys, this has helped me time after time getting me the
FREE codes I needed freelive4you(dot)weebly(dot)com

Author xGamingJunkiex (2 years)
This exploit got patched. Their is a new one but it is private. The team
over at freemsp4000. com has it and have released a list of the codes

Author opie Paige (2 years)
this is a scam

Author valheru30 (3 years)
watch?v=TLEbfAZxYX4 best ever, this one works! no scam, no generater, no

Author nuttysfunny23 (3 years)
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Great video, No wonder so many Liked it. Subscribe to my channel if you
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Author Parth Patel (2 years)
try this link for 1600+ msp easyfreemsp(dot)com?join=11623

Author Bee Wall (2 years)
thelivegenerator (Dot) com /?r= 740448

Author holysmokesGAREWARDS (3 years)

Author Matthew322434 (2 years)
Nothing in this world is free without some kind of clause! The only way u
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Author starmarst (3 years)

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The real one - watch?v=Lc7e8F5Sln0

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