Lady Kills Baby Kitten by Stepping on it's head with High Heals! (Video Linked)

A Lady kills a kitten by stepping on its head. This is very sad and disturbing.

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Author chasing starlight (2 years)
whatever happened to this woman legally? does anyone know?

Author Madison Lewis (2 years)
uhghh this lady has issues and needs to go to therapy oh wait she might
kill the therapy man

Author georgia landells (1 year)
wtf why would u do that bitch

Author Axekilla55 (2 years)
i saw that too and it was like HORRIBLE ONCE I GOT TO HALF OF IT I COULNDT

Author TheLease12345 (2 years)
@BamaGirl3404 watch your language even if your right

Author TheLeopard50 (2 years)
im a girl and i just wanna say THIS LADYS A DISGRACE TO THE FEMALE GENDER i
mean who stands on a kittten if the match the carprt colour and you step on
there paw or tail ACCIDENTILY well that would be sort of ok but killing a
kitten thats just wrong i want this lady to be hung drawn and quaterd (this
means they hang her until she is almost dead then drawn is the cut your
stomach open and quaterd is they pull out all your inards and let the birds
peck at them while your still alive)

Author blazeit805ify (2 years)
Guess I'm goin huntin tonight. Mom I'm goin to be late for dinner

Author Treasures4Food (2 years)
@MissyFlesky123 We can't kill humans when they kill animals. We can arrest
them for cruelty, but we can't discard of human life for this, can we?
Certainly not. If so, we would have to eliminate most of the life of the

Author SPIRITOFTHEAGE88 (2 years)
She needs to be locked up with lots of psychotherapy.

Author MrDuckboss (2 years)
Maybe it will become a nyan cat :(

lol Rebecca black friday is related to horrible painful death! LOL

Author MadHattery95 (2 years)
So the news made a huge fuss of the woman who put a cat in a bin? But not
about this? WTF

Author victoria4554 (2 years)
What the fuck is wrong with people?

Author Gudvibe Shogun (2 years)
..sigh..i give up. i jus want to see what actually happend instead i keep
pullin up people talkin..waste of time

Author 2013YOG (1 year)

Author Jewishpizza911 (2 years)
it makes it worse when you guys come up with the most disturbing ways to
kill this lady. How about insted of thinking of that try to do something
about animal crulty and help. and or rescue a animal from a shelter.

Author Camryn B (2 years)
The women like shoved her shoe into the kittens eyes and through its
throat. If i ever see her i will personally hold her down an take my high
heels and shove it throuh the back of her throat and through her eyes. Me
saying this says a lot cause i am not an agressive person/

Author Natalie Toetz (2 years)
@Sunshinefilmings starclan?

Author gta5forlife (2 years)
haha you cant do shit xD

Author STICKYBANNA YO (2 years)
send me a link to the video if it is possible

Author Madison Lewis (2 years)
this stupid lady

Author piggypigpiggies (2 years)
Fuck You Woman!!!!!!!!!high heels are shoes not weapons Bitch Lady!!!!!!

Author Christian hotwheels (2 years)

Author robloxyman55 (2 years)
@60mikester She's chinese too

Author THECRVNCHER (2 years)
No shit Sherlock.

Author visceru92 (2 years)
It's really fucking sick because they have a name for this sick shit, it's
called crush porn, sick fucks get off on women killing small animals like
this. THAT really goes to show you what kind of world we live in.

Author MawieLove (2 years)
I wish I could just find all the people who do this and just torture them
until they die a slow painful death.

Author Bruce Lee (1 year)
The best punishment would be To stick a Pipe bomb between her legs

Author cmshorselover13 (2 years)
fuck u woman

Author Cody Ratzloff (2 years)
i hope she goes to prison and then gets whacked with high heels and then

Author Stephanie Gillespie (1 year)
The video is so very disturbing. I had nightmares. I had to turn my head
away because it was so horrible!

Author mike gaston (1 year)
we shoud get high heals with nifes at the end and stave her over and over
again in the head so she would know how it feels. die in hell bitch

Author PaintballOps (2 years)
I don't watch videos like that, at all. Doing so could be potentially
dangerous to cruel people like this woman that killed this kitten, or that
guy that threw a puppy off a bridge. Just seeing comments about it makes me
want to quit my job and start a new career. Everyone thinks it, doesn't
matter who you are. I would enjoy nothing more then to smite these
"things", because they have proven their not human. Does that make me
crazy? I've done 200 push-ups tonight and can't sleep...5:38am

Author RougeSniper762 (2 years)
shotgun blast to the knees should be the official animal abuse punishment

Author TheZombiegamer98 (2 years)
go's to jail that all you got she should go to a more painful place than

Author StoIenLogic (2 years)
they do it to dogs to. grown, dogs. I think its extremely rare, but still.

Author emily smith (2 years)
google evil woman kills kitten and click on the first video link u see

Author James M B C (2 years)
@MawieLove Google "Human Flesh Search Engine", people can find who does
this stuff and make their lives a living hell. Let's torture and harass
people who hurt animals.

Author siirens (2 years)
why would anybody do that? its just horrible :(

Author ariana garner (2 years)
where's the link????

Author THECRVNCHER (2 years)
In my book, people are better than animals in every shape way and form.

Author Circus1beats2 (2 years)

Author ReshZek200 (2 years)
What a fucking ass, I can't bear to see this go on. I'll see where that
woman is and fix her wagon.

Author Charlie King (2 years)
I don't have a cat I don't really like them but she should get fucking
tortured and burnt alive that dirty fucking shit head

Author rere46554 (2 years)

Author Knackles The Enchilada (2 years)
i killed a kitten accidently by triping over a hole and squishing its
head... ):

Author Sunshinefilmings (2 years)
WHO THE HECK STEPS ON A KITTEN?!?!?! Grrrrr....and...i am sorry little
kitten who died D: Dont worry'll live a happy life in StarClan...
R.I.P Little kitten who should of lived D::::::: Thumbs up if you are
COMPLETELY against animal abuse

Author xXNoVaTH (2 years)
i think she is a total bitch

Author MrPerskindol (2 years)
boring commentary. try singing.

Author THECRVNCHER (2 years)
So you think killing a kitten is just like murder?

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