Jackie Evancho (HD) Voice of an Angel!

Voice of an angel.

Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho pronounced (ɛ:van:kʰo) (born April 9, 2000) is a young soprano from Richland Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who gained popularity after a performance for America's Got Talent. Evancho sings in the "classical crossover" style of singers such as Hayley Westenra and Sarah Brightman. She studies singing with a voice coach, and also plays the violin and piano. Aired: September 07, 2010

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Author van duong (1479 years ago)
Yep !!! Voice of an angel , so beautiful .

Author perenceja ( ago)
It's very beautiful indeed, but her voice coaches/teachers should coach her
on the excessive arm movements. It detracts from the song she is sing

Author derrick howlett ( ago)
It would be good to make clear that the song Jackie is performing here is
"Piae Jesu" (SP?) by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It was, to be sure, one of
Jackie's most angelic appearances on America's Got Talent in the summer of
2010 :)

Author stktrader1I ( ago)
Jackie.. The BEST of the very BEST !!!

Author luis Moimimio ( ago)
Don't feed the Troll ...

Author Toad ( ago)
How do people like this kind of music? It's just noises.

Author Lady Steel ( ago)

Author PatBenatarRulz ( ago)
Whoever thumbed down is jealous and an asshat.

Author Skyhawk Ron ( ago)

Author Thomas Jefferson ( ago)
Unfortunately, every other young singer's voice that comes along is going
to be compared to- and judged inferior to- that of Jackie Evancho, 

Author Connie Kuring ( ago)
I can't stop listening to her. I can just imagine how heaven would be like
with angels singing. It must be even more beautiful. Tonight Jackie sings
her heart to it. She is an angel sent down by God. It even more touches my
deep heart when a child sings so perfectly. Very childlike. I see "God" in
her. Thank You Jackie !!! I was hoping you would bring the bacon home but
just to say You're more than the money itself. The whole world is watching

Author BookLover1198 ( ago)
She is 12 now, but she was 10 in this video.

Author RoboSlater ( ago)
I can't believe the AGT producers TWICE didn't pass her when she TWICE

Author stktrader1I ( ago)
Thank you for your wonderful post.."Let us have eyes to see and ears to
hear the beauty of God in this child." << I love your quote,,,,

Author Don Porter ( ago)
365 So well put. The real children of God knew who she was instantly. Thank
you father for bringing part of your joy to the world!

Author 888American ( ago)
what a gift....amazing..and beautiful..Sweet gal..

Author draw09nowsinglater ( ago)
@LogicStudioMadness No she is 10. This is from AGT

Author thelastonebycv watts ( ago)
Is it okay to share this video with friends on facebook? 

Author aaron carterr ( ago)
@LogicStudioMadness She was born on September, 2000. She was 9 when sang

Author vegemantable vege ( ago)
@skbnwinters Amen to that.

Author Victor Lim ( ago)
clears my soul !

Author 1mitsymoo ( ago)
@oksana170166 me too! and so many people have gotten mad at me for saying

Author Comaneci101 ( ago)
@LogicStudioMadness Actually she's 10 here 

Author wqpeb ( ago)
@skbnwinters And pray that she isn't kidnapped or something else so
horrible. This girl is at risk of just such a crime! Christians, and all
God believers -Pray for her protection!

Author xHcivic00x ( ago)
this girl is seriously an angel! 

Author Merci Merci Me ( ago)
Every singer sounds better singing opera in a different language! This is
girl is a darling :)

Author KC Owens (1620 years ago)
@LogicStudioMadness no she isnt she's 10

Author kyokushin4lyfe ( ago)
That season was the best but with the worst most shitty host ever!!! 

Author Ivan Gomez ( ago)
Jackie Evancho, I thank God for you!!! you'r beautiful...

Author SpeedyNeutrino43 ( ago)
I'm a crusty old guy but I get choked up everytime I see her sing. She's
the closest thing to an angel on earth that you'll ever see.

Author SpeedyNeutrino43 ( ago)
@LogicStudioMadness ..No, she's ten here.

Author vintagesupermodified (13 years ago)
I hear the message of forgiveness in her rendition. That's what it means to

Author wildfire2555 ( ago)
She may be a world treasur but she belongs to us. She is an American.

Author 365cumoniwnt2leyu ( ago)
I have listen to this song from other grate singers like shara, church,
sissel, and others but no one has sung it to my soul. I was taken by
suprise, when I notice tears pouring out of my eyes, and the feeling light
in my chest. Since Oct, 10, 2010 I have become a EVANCHOHOLIC! GOD BLESS

Author Noryis Medina ( ago)

Author alagogo ( ago)
@skbnwinters amen !

Author DreamingOfMemory ( ago)
This is my favorite song on the CD. I just love her so much!

Author Iuhas Alex ( ago)
@LogicStudioMadness she is 10 years old.....

Author JOEY FRIEN ( ago)
@skbnwinters AMEN TO THAT

Author DerfElcnu ( ago)
For GOD's sake, Sombody get a professional camera crew into that Houston
church 2/18/11. I'll gladly pay $100 for a live CD of Jackie. We have to
get that child on Network TV now! 

Author Austin Angleton ( ago)
she is lip syncing

Author Emiliem ( ago)
@blacksnake413 I know this is going to sound weird, but I didn't write that
reply. My friend wrote it. You can tell her if you want. Her user is
wolfgrlorvampiregrl. I don't even watch America's Got talent. She showed me
this and commented (even though I told her not to) on this. So yah..... 

Author mayorc ( ago)
Out of sync video, and not HD.

Author Ed M ( ago)
MY GOD.................I HATE opera with a passion, but I can say I LOVE

Author Alex Koshgarian ( ago)
@EowynAhsokaLover oh and one quick thing to add to that.The reason it's
like that is because opera is so different and it takes YEARS to develop a
nice and whole opera voice. And rock,pop,soul,etc. takes a completely
different singing voice skill. It's the voice that you get naturally.(but
with practice too lol) Like you aren't born with an opera type of voice.She
had to develop that voice because it wasn't something she was COMPLETELY
born with naturally.If this seems confusing PM me.bye!

Author Alex Koshgarian ( ago)
@EowynAhsokaLover If someone sings opera they can most likely do gospel
since they relate to eachother.I sing opera and I find it harder to sing
pop,soul,and things related to those.Even though I am 13...I prefer opera
to any other I know it's really wierd...hehe. But yeah anyways
thats how it is.She may kick ass at opera(excuse my languageXD) but she may
be horrid at pop,rock,etc.(no offense:P) Although I don't think she would
be interested in that music.hehe.

Author Alex Koshgarian ( ago)
@LogicStudioMadness she's 10:)stil amazing no matter what age she is.

Author EowynAhsokaLover ( ago)
But can she sing any other genre

Author JOEY FRIEN ( ago)
@skbnwinters AMEN 

Author 1martuska ( ago)
@SVallie2008 I love Sarah Brightman but I totally agree with you! Little
Jackie sounded better! What an amazing voice she has.

Author misshelly ( ago)
She does not have a child's voice at all--she sounds like an adult woman.
She has it all - the voice, the beauty, the innocence

Author Rolando Salvador ( ago)
Ive never been a fan of thiskind of music but I would definitely buy her
album. Its out of this world!

Author SteveX1991 ( ago)
1:30, the most pure voice I've ever heard in my entire life

Author isaiah davis ( ago)
Who the heck voted "not like"? I was rooting for Poppycock to win all the
way in favor of Jackie, but whoever does "not like" this performance is
probably just pissed someone else won. 

Author Leon Brancaleone ( ago)
She is one in a billion ! Simply marvelous. May God protect her from this

Author Tia Ly ( ago)
i like how her hands go to the rhythm of her voiceamazing

Author A.J. Jonasdottr ( ago)
The day she sang this song on AGT i am sure that the Earth stood still...
how amazing she is and she is the best i´ve ever heard. I am opera fan so
this is so huge !

Author Musicalsanta ( ago)
Once in a lifetime!!! And we witnessed it! Thx oh Lord!!! 

Author Emiliem ( ago)
@blacksnake413 uhh she won....

Author Emma Lee ( ago)
@billboericke Thanks! And yes, it is gorgeous. 

Author john carrell ( ago)
she is amazing -- listen to Charlotte Church and Hayley Westenra --both
child stars and compare -- she will go far --what a voice and personality

Author Emma Lee ( ago)
What song is she singing?!

Author Lethnion ( ago)
Title of this song is Pie Jesu

Author Michael Regan ( ago)
After watching her perform, I am now sure that there is a God. An accident
of nature could not have created this wonderful young lady. She not only
sings like an angle, but she is also, obviously, a fine person. Watching
this particular video is inspiring. I just makes me feel good! Hope this
world does not tarnish her.

Author Keith Castonguay ( ago)
hairs on back off neck go up with high notes !!!!

Author tunanorth ( ago)
@kolongi1 You are way late to the party, and way off base. I could
"somewhat" understand the skeptics after her first AGT appearance. Even the
judges weren't totally sure what they saw could be real, Jackie was so
impossibly good. The follow-up AGT appearances slam dunked any doubters.
The AGT finale with the world's biggest Classical Crossover star [Sarah
Brightman] was unmistakably the torch being passed to the heir apparent. 

Author Khyah Judah ( ago)
dont get all up on my ass but this is soooooooooo fucking fake

Author JackieFan123 ( ago)
@SVallie2008 thank you SVaillie your kind words are much appreciated here.
God Bless you and yours. I too am a fan of Sarah and was overjoyed that she
took the time out of her scedule to make this little girl's dream come
true. $1 million is nothing next to meeting your idol as a child. When a
child grows up they will learn the value of a dollar, but at 10 meeting and
singing with your idol is PRICELESS!!!!! 

Author Revsmeeth ( ago)
@42lynchmob ..... did you just compare her to Jesus? 

Author Kizzy 75 ( ago)
I remember my mom and I just stared at each other completely shocked at the
voice coming out of this little girl when this aired. Then we replayed it 5
times lost in her voice. She's 10 years old...!

Author wildfire2555 ( ago)
She"s a national treasure. 

Author keith Stanley ( ago)
Yes Jehovea forgive me if i spelled that wrong but Yeshua is hebrew but
meens the same thing correct? But jakie has been blessed with a gift from
god almighty. For this child to only start singing at the age of 8 and now
at 10 sounds like this .I would imagine that a angle would sing like this.
so she is a angle on earth

Author Rebekka H. ( ago)
dieses Kind hat der Himmel geschickt!Eine
wunderschön!ich könnt mir das hintereinander anhören!Gänsehaut pur und

Author danilosongs ( ago)
@SVallie2008 She remeinds me the great Beverly Sills (1929-2007), because
she was once also a child star. If I can say it, a really think that this
girl, J. Evancho, will very possibly be one of the voices of our century.
Hope I can see her performances wenn she's 20 or 25! Jackie, I wish you all
the best my child!

keep on going JACKIE....and have a good life...<3 <3

Author kaweeJay official ( ago)
I was so amazed! You are a little girl with amazing voice! I love that!

Author Dave Edwards ( ago)
Your voice is angelic. The last singer that comes to mine that was this
good with this vocal range was Karen Carpenter.............What a true gift
you have! Would love to hear you in person in concert. Keep up the great
work and God Bless You.

Author Steven Cunningham ( ago)
she would of won if she was older

Author TheXBloodyXPrincess ( ago)
Just listening to her brings tearsa to my eyes!!! She really is an angel!

Author DarkKnight719 ( ago)
I wonder what it would sound like if she and Andrew Johnston from Britains
got Talent did a duet of this song.

Author Waynedog1 ( ago)
She'll always be Number in my heart.... She's the sunshine in my mornings &
The Nightngale in my Evenings! May The Good Lord Continue to Protect &
Bless Her & Her Family All The Days of Her Life.....Amen & Amen....

Author J Scott Upton ( ago)
Let's rename the show "America's Got No Class"...she should have won.

Author VABkWrm ( ago)
@Cnat123 The song is Pie Jesu, from Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Requiem Mass".

Author Bretlyn Ward ( ago)
absolutely amazing voice. She is so inspiring!

Author Aldiggy2000 ( ago)
When Jackie performs, she literally stops time. You can get a sense of that
when it pans out to the crowd. 

Author Lee Shapiro ( ago)
The puriety of her sweet voice, the beauty of her smile, her profound
innocence touches my heart and brings me hope. Lee

Author JackieFan123 ( ago)
One down, 2 to go.....

Author JackieFan123 ( ago)
@lanakael well said Lanakael, couldn't agree more! 

Author rockraptor616 ( ago)

Author Sjoera ( ago)
Unbelievable, rarely have I heard such an utterly perfect voice control on
a ten year old. Such a talented, intelligent and beautiful little girl, I
am sure we will be hearing a lot from her in the future!

Author Mary DiDia ( ago)
Her voice is so pure. I am moved to tears ever time she sings. Good luck

Author Herman Guerrero ( ago)
she's a real deal win or lose she won the hearts of the world.GOD BLESS

Author Infinitely Trieu ( ago)
@lanakael i totally agree with you i dont think there is another talented
girl as beautiful as her! and i dont kno why ppl need to say these things
if they cant even do it! and yes i think God sent her down to show us what
we were blinded to not see and open our eyes, so now we should thank God
for such a beautiful Angel and that we should not spam an Angel or we'll be
going to Hell because of our rudeness to that little Angel.

Author lanakael ( ago)
This is proof we're all going to Hell--God sends us an angel in the form of
this amazingly talented little girl, and people are quibbling over if she's
lip synching! Another vid had some idiot slamming Jackie in favor of Prince
Poppycock, and others saying the was boring and had no talent. You people
have no couth, no class, and, apparently, no ears. Even if you don't like
Classical, there's no denying this child is simply amazing!

Author MARKETEX ( ago)
We live in an age where persons like Jediah556 have lost all their faith.
Along comes an angel like Jackie Evancho with the potential to restore
same. Jackie, you can be such a positive influence on persons' faith in
THEMSELVES, which is what doubters first doubt. Thank you for all your
inspiration and continue to perfect that wonderful instrument that God
intended you to use for exactly the purpose of reassuring everyone that the
same potential is inside all of us. God Bless you, Jackie!

Author Glenn Thomas ( ago)
jediah556: Get real...often times a video/ audio is not streamed well. Duh?
See other high quality videos of this AMAZING CHILD and you will see
clearly. The girl sings all over the place live, including the National
Anthem live and with out music at a Pittsburgh Pirate game. Do your
research before making idiotic comments. This is as real as it gets!!! This
girl is unbelievable and I don't mean that to be taken literally. The most
amazing and incredible voice I have ever heard . WOW !!!!

Author rockraptor616 ( ago)
Jackie,You did it again,you made my eyes leak large amounts of H2o,I have
listened to this piece loads of times and yet it still gets me.Pie Jesu is
I think is one of the HARDEST and MOST DIFFICULT pieces even for a well
seasoned singer to perform and Jackie you NAILED IT,your notes were true
and did not bounce,when you had to hit a high you wre right on the
Button,YOU WERE SUPERB and FAULTLESS.If wings had opened and you had flown
across the stage I would not have been surprised in the least.

Author amaniwolf ( ago)
Her performance was flawless, period. What you are seeing is a rare thing,
a voice that can move your soul. For those who claim she's lip-synching,
you have to take into account a few things, 1) There's a slight lapse of
time from when you speak into a mic to when it comes out. and 2) the
quality of this video may also cause a time lapse. The point is, it is her
singing as displayed in many other videos. Stop hating on a 10 year old.
Sit back and enjoy the music.

Author TwinShadow ( ago)
@jediah556 I may have to agree. I've seen clips of this on the news, and
the voice is WAY too deep for a girl of her age to be singing like that.
So, unless proven otherwise, I'm led to believe that this is lip syncing at
its finest.

Author MED DAOUD ( ago)
they should stop the show because they already got the talent they were
looking for JACKIE EVANCHO 

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