Jackie Evancho (HD) Voice of an Angel!

Voice of an angel.

Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho pronounced (ɛ:van:kʰo) (born April 9, 2000) is a young soprano from Richland Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who gained popularity after a performance for America's Got Talent. Evancho sings in the "classical crossover" style of singers such as Hayley Westenra and Sarah Brightman. She studies singing with a voice coach, and also plays the violin and piano. Aired: September 07, 2010

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 4:55
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Author stktrader1I (8 months)
Jackie.. The BEST of the very BEST !!!

Author Lee Shapiro (4 years)
The puriety of her sweet voice, the beauty of her smile, her profound
innocence touches my heart and brings me hope. Lee

Author keith Stanley (4 years)
Yes Jehovea forgive me if i spelled that wrong but Yeshua is hebrew but
meens the same thing correct? But jakie has been blessed with a gift from
god almighty. For this child to only start singing at the age of 8 and now
at 10 sounds like this .I would imagine that a angle would sing like this.
so she is a angle on earth

Author Jay Kawee Amornsirithada (4 years)
I was so amazed! You are a little girl with amazing voice! I love that!

keep on going JACKIE....and have a good life...<3 <3

Author JohnQuincyAdams1 (3 years)
@wildfire2555 - God didn't send Jackie's ability to sing as a national
treasure, but as a *world treasure*.

Author mayorc (3 years)
Out of sync video, and not HD.

Author tgvsvrf (3 years)
she'll become a rich star and better than miley cyrus

Author luis Moimimio (1 year)
Don't feed the Troll ...

Author tunanorth (3 years)
@kolongi1 You are way late to the party, and way off base. I could
"somewhat" understand the skeptics after her first AGT appearance. Even the
judges weren't totally sure what they saw could be real, Jackie was so
impossibly good. The follow-up AGT appearances slam dunked any doubters.
The AGT finale with the world's biggest Classical Crossover star [Sarah
Brightman] was unmistakably the torch being passed to the heir apparent.

Author Steven Cunningham (4 years)
she would of won if she was older

Author zhenbo (3 years)
@1mitsymoo Mannnn, if you're so jealous and can sing almost exactly like
her, why not put a video on youtube? If you're good, people will recognise
it. Now stop resenting her for it. :)

Author SVallie2008 (4 years)
Heard her singing with Sara Brightman, and as a huge fan of Brightman I can
say that Jackie sounded incredibly more beautiful. Such unbridled talent

Author MARKETEX (4 years)
We live in an age where persons like Jediah556 have lost all their faith.
Along comes an angel like Jackie Evancho with the potential to restore
same. Jackie, you can be such a positive influence on persons' faith in
THEMSELVES, which is what doubters first doubt. Thank you for all your
inspiration and continue to perfect that wonderful instrument that God
intended you to use for exactly the purpose of reassuring everyone that the
same potential is inside all of us. God Bless you, Jackie!

Author XMercian (2 years)
and what a beautiful dress... having said that i honestly believe she would
still tear our hearts out if she wore sack cloth and ashes.

Author Sjoera (4 years)
Unbelievable, rarely have I heard such an utterly perfect voice control on
a ten year old. Such a talented, intelligent and beautiful little girl, I
am sure we will be hearing a lot from her in the future!

Author VABkWrm (4 years)
@Cnat123 The song is Pie Jesu, from Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Requiem Mass".

Author Rebekka H. (4 years)
dieses Kind hat der Himmel geschickt!Eine
wunderschön!ich könnt mir das hintereinander anhören!Gänsehaut pur und

Author Kizzy 75 (3 years)
I remember my mom and I just stared at each other completely shocked at the
voice coming out of this little girl when this aired. Then we replayed it 5
times lost in her voice. She's 10 years old...!

Author 1mitsymoo (3 years)
@oksana170166 me too! and so many people have gotten mad at me for saying

Author Comaneci101 (3 years)
@LogicStudioMadness Actually she's 10 here

Author JOEY FRIEN (3 years)
@skbnwinters AMEN

Author wildfire2555 (3 years)
She"s a national treasure.

Author BaLLaHoLiC760 (4 years)
i could listen to her forever she sounds like a angel cleansing your soul

Author panda11003 (3 years)
@LogicStudioMadness actually she was 10 in this and now she is 11

Author Northwurks (4 years)
.....and the little child shall lead them! What a wonderful little and
special creation of Yeshua this little sweetheart is. One can just see the
love of the creator in her eyes. And, oh that voice she has been gifted
with, she will sing with the angels for sure. All praise and honor and
glory goes to our Great and Wonderful King! John 3:16

Author DerfElcnu (3 years)
For GOD's sake, Sombody get a professional camera crew into that Houston
church 2/18/11. I'll gladly pay $100 for a live CD of Jackie. We have to
get that child on Network TV now!

Author JackieFan123 (4 years)
@lanakael well said Lanakael, couldn't agree more!

Author Cnat123 (4 years)
@VABkWrm cool, thanks!

Author J Scott Upton (4 years)
Let's rename the show "America's Got No Class"...she should have won.

Author Leon Brancaleone (3 years)
She is one in a billion ! Simply marvelous. May God protect her from this

Author A.J. Jonasdottr (3 years)
The day she sang this song on AGT i am sure that the Earth stood still...
how amazing she is and she is the best i´ve ever heard. I am opera fan so
this is so huge !

Author Juan32237 (3 years)
Un ángel bajó del cielo para deleitarnos con su maravillosa voz..!!!
Jackie, tu eres ese ángel, te quiero con toda mi alma..!!

Author bielenberglori (4 years)
I could listen to this child sing for hours. THIS is TALENT!!! The wrong
person won in my opinion - she would have truly brought class to Vegas.

Author Cnat123 (4 years)
Can someone please tell me what song she is singing?

Author tacchini3 (3 years)
how can people dislike this vid

Author Musicalsanta (3 years)
Once in a lifetime!!! And we witnessed it! Thx oh Lord!!!

Author Thomas Jefferson (2 years)
Unfortunately, every other young singer's voice that comes along is going
to be compared to- and judged inferior to- that of Jackie Evancho,

Author jincsx (3 years)
great voice but who can belive this is a guy singing...?

Author Lethnion (3 years)
Title of this song is Pie Jesu

Author themuffinmanjr (3 years)
whoever disliked this video should be burned......just because you enjoy
listening to bieber or kesha doesn't mean you should rip on a nine year old
who was born with more talent than they will ever posses....i enjoy punk,
rock, metal, alternative.....and a ton of other crap.....but as far as pure
voice talent goes I would easily vote this little girl the best out of any
one of my favorite singers or bands, simply because she has more talent
than all of them

Author RoboSlater (2 years)
I can't believe the AGT producers TWICE didn't pass her when she TWICE

Author vintagesupermodified (3 years)
I hear the message of forgiveness in her rendition. That's what it means to

Author Ed M (3 years)
MY GOD.................I HATE opera with a passion, but I can say I LOVE

Author PatBenatarRulz . (1 year)
Whoever thumbed down is jealous and an asshat.

Author MrPeace2u (3 years)
@JohnQuincyAdams1 - Exactly. She is a fine vehicle for spreading his/her
love for his/her creation.

Author JohnQuincyAdams1 (3 years)
@MrDeppness - The contestant who won was a professional singer who had been
performing in Las Vegas for years and in my personal opinion, couldn't hold
a candle to Jackie. Even he was chocked when they announced he had won. It
was absolutely ridiculous.

Author draw09nowsinglater (2 years)
@LogicStudioMadness No she is 10. This is from AGT

Author Skydancer365 (3 years)
@LogicStudioMadness No, she's 10 :) But still, she's the greatest singing
talent of all time! :) In Sarah Brightman's defense though, she's getting
old, had throat surgery and definitely wasn't at her best when she sang
with Jackie.

Author xVMCx92 (3 years)
goosebumps anyone?

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