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Wow guys im really sorry. Before the file was working fine. It has been deleted. So yeah... Im really sorry =C Im not sure why its deleted =C Sorry.

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Author maram hb (16 days)
how to download zoo tycoon 2 Mustang 

Author Michelle Seaknight (2 months)
How do I get in person view

Author Marcie Okpakpor (2 months)
Is that the version 2 or 1 because I have tycoon two but no horses!!!???

Author Chntalx (1 month)
I dont get the names when i place them only like : 1,2,3,4 etc. not like :
mustang 1, mustang 2. How come??

Author MinecraftHamsterChic (3 months)
oh thank u :DDD but there is one problem... XD any of the AD downloads i
put in game it'll crash on saving. :/ for example: I put a mustang on the
ground then try to save the game. then a window will pop up and says "ZT2
has stopped working." Then I try to load it in game and it'll say,"This
file has been corrupted or otherwise unreadable." XD it does that with
radical remake also. idk what's going on!! XD

Author MinecraftHamsterChic (5 months)
What happened to ZT2 anyway??????? the website's been deleted :/

Author Bunny D. (4 months)
auroradesignshome Try this to get the download
and lots of others

Author MinecraftHamsterChic (5 months)
I hate Aurora Designs now all their downloads are deleted and a few years
ago i downloaded the mustang on one of my accounts on my PC then that got
deleted and now i can't download the mustang anymore! I WANT THE MUSTANGS

Author MzToxicXXX (2 years)
@Lugialover009 it was deleted for violation to the game :( i wanted the
mustangs too... oh well :) there are other packs but no horse pack as
realistic and cool as this one haha

Author Lugialover009 (3 years)
The link is in the description and i dont remeber where i got the fence

Author kris cipparone (1 year)
You said that the mustang babies are all the same color when they are young
but when they grow up they turn a different color. Mine don't turn a
different color......they all turn brown like the horse at 3:18. Did this
happen to you?? Please Help!!

Author Nikki Manning (1 year)
0:19 Spirit!

Author Emie Brown (2 years)
I got my download to work but (idk if its supposed to do this) for some
reason when the foals grow up they all turn out to be bay/brown. D:?

Author Toni Farrell (2 years)
how do you get horse

Author penguino1999 (3 years)
can the mustangs have foals and how?

Author dodgethis247 (2 years)
whats the link

Author Mariaswiftpie (1 year)
Awww the babies are soooo cute

Author dana111888 (7 months)
Go to aurora designs I just download lots of awesome stuff plus the mustang
(9 different patterns) Hope this helps :D

Author Muzik Moodles (11 months)
Wheres the link?

Author martynaszyjka (10 months)
jak to zgrac

Author Camila goanks (2 years)
In what zoo tycoon game you get the horses and how do you do that?????????

Author dejnane boyle (1 year)
you have to go in to local hard drive but before u do that copy the
download then go into program files than microsoft games than paste into
the zoo tycoon 2 folder :) hope this helps

Author tinabeal (2 years)
Can you send me the link

Author Craig Matthews (8 months)
how do ya get em

Author BRRLL100 (3 years)

Author Ashley Sizemore (10 months)
i like horses!

Author Morgan Green (2 years)
Where did you download the apples

Author Katelyn tulloch-thompson (11 months)
whats wrong with their necks? lol

Author Lizardman1032687 (1 year)
Mustangs grow up to be brown.

Author Lugialover009 (3 years)
@catwoman9652 Because whomever made it deleted it? I have no idea... its

Author Viperclan2 (2 years)
@Brenvenn No, RR doesn't even work. The graphics are the same. But on my
computer the mustangs are all white, even their eyes and everything. I
guess it's a glitch and the base color was taken off. :(

Author TheLionKingRobloxian (2 years)
i found another working link hopefully....

Author Ashley Durla (2 years)
How exactly do we download the mustang? I have Zoo Tycoon 2

Author Lugialover009 (3 years)
@Brenvenn I dont think you do...

Author Lugialover009 (3 years)
Wow guys im really sorry. Before it was working fine. It has been deleted.
So yeah... Im really sorry :C

Author connor morrow (1 year)
dude i love that video tell me how you download it with the horses

Author LajsaLeando (1 year)
If u have download the mustangs. And u gonna download the game. Are the
mustangs already gonna be in the game? Or do u have to do something? :)

Author shelby tanner (1 year)
were do you download it and get it on my zoo tycoon ultimate collection

Author Jeanne le Hardy (10 months)
How do you do to have mustangs ?

Author Emelie Pieniniemi (6 months)
where do i download

Author Celine Bjerkelund (1 year)
Where is the link to the game ?

Author Lugialover009 (3 years)
@kirstensunny Keep putting them down and they should show up different

Author barleycat202 (2 years)
can you send me the link for the mustangs? pretty please?

Author swablu164 (9 months)
There was a zoo tycoon 2? Geez, I need to get out more.

Author Kidapult Tor (1 year)
You said the link was in the description, but it's not there. Where can you
get the Mustang? And does downloading it give you a virus or bug?

Author Flyingsheeps123 (3 years)
heya thoes mustangs r goregus where do u get em?? and the fence at 2:58 ??
i was thinking of making a stable :) jst askin

Author Megan Merriman (1 year)
r u a horse or person

Author horsegirl0003 (3 years)
how the heck did you download these? can you do a tutorial cuz i follow
steps for animals but it doesnt work! plz tell me how!

Author Cottonstar101 (2 years)
if you download something from aurora designs does it give you viruses?
please reply!!!

Author sniperman0987 (1 year)
in real life a horse giving birth is not nearly as fast or sparkly, I
should know i live on a horse farm:)

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