Zoo Tycoon 2 - Mustang Download

Wow guys im really sorry. Before the file was working fine. It has been deleted. So yeah... Im really sorry =C Im not sure why its deleted =C Sorry.

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Author Taylor Miles ( ago)
I recommend Aurora Designs. Here's how to use it:
1.Download pack(s)
2.Open zoo tycoon 2 folder
3.Transfer the mod pack to the zoo tycoon 2 folder
4.Open zoo tycoon and enjoy the pack
This is true, so please try it :)

Author Valentina Howard ( ago)
hey dont show what other people cant get :(

Author X.Schleich. Warrior.X ( ago)
what is the game called cause ive been looking everweres

Author Lillywolf47 Aj ( ago)
I can't seem to get Games like this i have
starstable,Wolfquest,wizard101,animaljam xD

Author Angel Lund ( ago)
mustang download link please

Author gadu lec ( ago)
You can download a mustang hack (only if you have the horse already) and
then you can have more foal colours than brown. You can experiment to get
more colours ! 

Author Sam Rae (샘 레이) ( ago)
Mine are all just brown. :(

Author ScreamingBananas - minecraft mods and more! ( ago)
i have the download!

Author CanineCat Productions ( ago)

Author maram hb ( ago)
how to download zoo tycoon 2 Mustang 

Author ChntalX ( ago)
I dont get the names when i place them only like : 1,2,3,4 etc. not like :
mustang 1, mustang 2. How come??

Author Michelle Seaknight ( ago)
How do I get in person view

Author Marcie Okpakpor ( ago)
Is that the version 2 or 1 because I have tycoon two but no horses!!!???

Author MinecraftHamsterChic ( ago)
oh thank u :DDD but there is one problem... XD any of the AD downloads i
put in game it'll crash on saving. :/ for example: I put a mustang on the
ground then try to save the game. then a window will pop up and says "ZT2
has stopped working." Then I try to load it in game and it'll say,"This
file has been corrupted or otherwise unreadable." XD it does that with
radical remake also. idk what's going on!! XD

Author Morgan Davidson ( ago)
auroradesignshome Try this to get the download
and lots of others

Author MinecraftHamsterChic ( ago)
What happened to ZT2 anyway??????? the website's been deleted :/

Author MinecraftHamsterChic ( ago)
I hate Aurora Designs now all their downloads are deleted and a few years
ago i downloaded the mustang on one of my accounts on my PC then that got
deleted and now i can't download the mustang anymore! I WANT THE MUSTANGS

Author dejanae myers ( ago)
every one who was wondering where to get he mustang go to aurora degsins
and download it and you get get more varients at northenskies

Author Emelie Pieniniemi ( ago)
where do i download

Author Emelie Pieniniemi ( ago)
where do i download

Author A Marie ( ago)
i tried to delete it and re-download it but it wont change color!! Am i
doing something wrong?? Please Help

Author A Marie ( ago)
I downloaded the mustang but they won't change color!! Someone please help

Author Craig Matthews ( ago)
how do ya get em

Author Kaitlin Grudzien ( ago)
where did u down it?

Author Double Peasant ( ago)
There was a zoo tycoon 2? Geez, I need to get out more.

Author jetecause53 ( ago)
@CarolineSpears you can have the mustang on the aurora design's site.
search on the site for dowload this horse or another animal. ;) (sorry for
my bad english)

Author Caroline Spears ( ago)
how do get mustangs????

Author Jeanne le Hardy ( ago)
How do you do to have mustangs ?

Author Well Played ( ago)
Reminds me of a time when I was playing Endangered Species demo and when my
guests rode the sky tram their heads glitched off o.o Creepiest thing ever.
Cool video, by the way. It inspired me for my horse ranch (when I actually
get the game -_-)

Author Ashley Sizemore ( ago)
i like horses!

Author AJ Prouductions ( ago)

Author Muzik Moodles ( ago)
Nothing??!!!!! lol what that i see anyway

Author Muzik Moodles ( ago)
Wheres the link?

Author zootycoon2freak2 ( ago)
Guys check out my series its called a tiger's story it takes me ages and im
still making part 3 and 4 then a new chapter of the series! pls watch!

Author Infamous Biebs ( ago)
whats wrong with their necks? lol

Author dejanae myers ( ago)
you have to go in to local hard drive but before u do that copy the
download then go into program files than microsoft games than paste into
the zoo tycoon 2 folder :) hope this helps

Author theshadowwolf002 ( ago)
haha lies down in the water 3:35 lol

Author Sandrasartlife ( ago)
If u have download the mustangs. And u gonna download the game. Are the
mustangs already gonna be in the game? Or do u have to do something? :)

Author Sandrasartlife ( ago)
HOW CUTE THE FOAL IS :D Do u only need Zoo tyccon 2. The normal one to have
horses? =)

Author shelby tanner ( ago)
were do you download it and get it on my zoo tycoon ultimate collection

Author Tina Thompson-Lopez ( ago)
type in your search bar mediafire (dot) com (forward slash)
?p12e5sfg8eldbfz and it will take you to the Mustang download (:

Author Stephanie Powell ( ago)
THE MUSTANG IS STILL AROUND!!! I just downloaded it not even 3 days ago
Google> Northern Skies Too Tycoon 2> The first link You have to make an
account, I can't find it now, but I swear it's on there. There's a kink
with the log ins, every time you want to log in to download stuff, you have
to access it through the 'Account confirmation email' This website is
AMAZING though! They even have more mustang skin variants, a lot with a
crap ton of more animals

Author MindaKaitlin ( ago)
o.o How do you add this to Zoo Tycoon 2? i have the game, but not the

Author Marian Gonda ( ago)
links pleas :D

Author Maria Switfpie ( ago)
Awww the babies are soooo cute

Author dimmond sparkal ( ago)
hey what websight is it on

Author That Directioner ( ago)
How do you get the horses to change color?

Author Megan Merriman ( ago)
r u a horse or person

Author connor morrow ( ago)
dude i love that video tell me how you download it with the horses

Author JasperCat ( ago)
i downloaded the mustangs but when i try to put it in the zt2 file, it says
no such interface supported. someone please help me! this also happened
with the european unicorn!

Author Martine van bekkum ( ago)
Kiss your hand 5 times post this on 3 other videos then look under your
pillow for a pink ipad

Author ℙi℘ℯℜℋiℊℊiȵꜱ -TℎℯWℴℒℱℊiꝛℓ007 ( ago)
were is the link!

Author Kira Fecsko ( ago)
Nekem bejön.

Author dremagyrl ( ago)
Were do you get a mustang download

Author chris60432 ( ago)
i have the mustang download but its not appearing,not even where you can
find the please :(

Author LittleToNothing ( ago)
can you help me with a problem? nobody can tell me how to fix it. so, when
i download horses onto zoo tycoon 2 and put them in the game, they turn out
completely white with no color and they have a cement box around them on
the ground. I need help D:

Author Kidapult Tor ( ago)
You said the link was in the description, but it's not there. Where can you
get the Mustang? And does downloading it give you a virus or bug?

Author costanza caffarena ( ago)
where can you load thiss ??? :D so cooooooool!!!!

Author josephine88239 ( ago)
I have been watching, and searching te entire internet for this link...

Author TrueKarma2010 ( ago)
You can download a hack to change the color of the foals to their adult
color. It's pretty useful and cute. c:

Author Parker P ( ago)
does downloading the horses gve u a virus?

Author Nyrene Manning ( ago)
Thats EXACTLY what happens with all of mine. I was curious about the same
thing. Although I think this is how they end up. Sorry I couldnt be any

Author sj moat ( ago)
howd you get those hourses?

Author miralpe (954 years ago)
Se puede descargar en taringa

Author Vivian Hall Vigoritto ( ago)
donde descargaste el juego??

Author Katrock coolz ( ago)
do you have to buy the CD then put it in the computer?

Author kris cipparone ( ago)
You said that the mustang babies are all the same color when they are young
but when they grow up they turn a different color. Mine don't turn a
different color......they all turn brown like the horse at 3:18. Did this
happen to you?? Please Help!!

Author Celine Bjerkelund ( ago)
Where is the link to the game ?

Author Hands0me_Rhys ( ago)
IKR 0.0

Author animallover91464 ( ago)
how can u get a mustang i really want one!!!! :(

Author faithmelodies ( ago)
You also have to put into consideration that the time the days pass in this
game are much faster than reality.

Author Jennifer Bannink ( ago)
It's a game... And I don't think we're stupid, I've experienced many
births, I don't think that anyone would think that in real life, it's this

Author ivoryplum ( ago)
guinea pig in background?

Author BelmontSaddleberd ( ago)
where do you get the wild mustang pack

Author Nikki Manning ( ago)
0:19 Spirit!

Author katherine wiggins ( ago)
i wish i had horses on my zt2 :(

Author Nicellet Watsn ( ago)
Co to je proboha za hru?

Author ilovemylittleponys22 ( ago)
cute little ponies

Author AbSquirrel ( ago)
uh, no it's not. it's still there. for me, atleast.

Author Sarah Johnson ( ago)
don't see da link what is it

Author Satan ( ago)
yeah, that one is gone. -,-

Author AbSquirrel ( ago)
just google american mustang zoo tycoon 2 download and should be the first
one on aurora designs. (:

Author Lizardman1032687 ( ago)
Mustangs grow up to be brown.

Author Satan ( ago)
The link is gone there stupid.. -,-

Author Satan ( ago)
Lol the link is realy gone. xD

Author Nilesh Patel ( ago)
i know where you can get the mustang go to aurora designs

Author darkhunterfan101 ( ago)

Author barleycat202 (550 years ago)
can you send me the link for the mustangs? pretty please?

Author coolcats4you ( ago)
weres the discription ????

Author TheBreyerTeam ( ago)
Hey. Where do I buy this game.

Author PrincessDamona ( ago)
The thing that makes me sad about the mustangs is that i cant save my game
with them in my zoo. it crashes it. v_v

Author bloody head (1958 years ago)
awesome. i downloaded a mustang download and im gonna try to get it to my

Author gay shark ( ago)
i found another working link hopefully....

Author QOTRFan ( ago)
Yeah it's gone.I really wanted it,Yet it didn't work.I was busted.. ;; The
mustangs are so pretty.But I downloaded other horses,Unicorns,Wolves,Yeah
all those.The mustang is all I really want. ;;

Author Ashley Durla ( ago)
How exactly do we download the mustang? I have Zoo Tycoon 2

Author LeiltheMCNerd ( ago)
where did you go to get horses in your zoo tycoon?

Author Courtney Smith ( ago)
uh the birth part wasent what discovery channel has to say

Author onen only ( ago)
i want a download wats the link

Author sabrinaburdynski ( ago)
So how do we get mustangs now?

Author pappypower1231 ( ago)
i think the black one needs to see a vet about its neck

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