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  • Diamond Dixon
    Diamond Dixon 33 minutes ago

    I agreed with wot you are doing

  • Laurie Ilkiw
    Laurie Ilkiw 1 hour ago

    I want the baby thing

  • Laurie Ilkiw
    Laurie Ilkiw 1 hour ago

    is he still with his girlfriend because he is not making anymore videos with her in them and I really liked her too

  • Kaitlyn Abrahamson
    Kaitlyn Abrahamson 6 hours ago

    the banana cutter would be good for people who have ocd. it takes me 2 minutes to cut one Banana and I usually mess up

  • Game Twins
    Game Twins 8 hours ago

    i love your intro's 😊

  • Taylor Wilson
    Taylor Wilson 11 hours ago

    my four year old sister can pour a glass of oj

  • Pam Moore
    Pam Moore 13 hours ago

    my dad is an airline pilot so he would need the suitcase for long trips

  • cody Westmoreland
    cody Westmoreland 14 hours ago

    What if you complain about having cancer

  • orpstar6
    orpstar6 16 hours ago


  • Cool Kid Sneak
    Cool Kid Sneak 21 hour ago

    Lazy people these daze😡👿

  • Zach Pope
    Zach Pope 22 hours ago

    Fucking laze people

  • Addie Bay
    Addie Bay 1 day ago

    it must be cheep

  • Alexander Helml
    Alexander Helml 1 day ago

    Google is producing these self-driving cars.

  • your homeboy
    your homeboy 1 day ago

    I think that every 1 needs all of these

  • Amelia Beck
    Amelia Beck 1 day ago

    Christian and the Orange Juice lazy pour thing is very funny

  • Febri zki
    Febri zki 1 day ago

    that glasses thing help with ur neck

  • the super Golden Angels

    cars that drive themselves my mom has a van that drives itself but the funny thing is you can drive it or you can put it on auto just put on auto

  • Jeanine Pierce
    Jeanine Pierce 1 day ago

    the cleaning slippers i had a pair when i was little and so did my sister my grandparents got for us one christmas we thought it was a really fun game😂😂

  • alibae100
    alibae100 1 day ago

    oml I love his smile

  • Abdulfatah almorisi

    3:50 was my favorite part

  • Haycel Marquez
    Haycel Marquez 1 day ago

    The glasses isnt for lazy people, cuz if you're reading and you're head is up or looking down it may infect you're back neck and if you're raising ur both hands it will hurt so its a good product

  • Haycel Marquez
    Haycel Marquez 1 day ago

    The slippers part... Yeah my mom had those i was so embarassed..

  • Chelsea Thompson
    Chelsea Thompson 2 days ago

    Pull out your undiewear

  • Veronica Vinti
    Veronica Vinti 2 days ago

    "hakuna matata" it means no worries for the rest of ur days

  • Gavin Fair
    Gavin Fair 2 days ago

    can u try all of them

  • The golden soldier
    The golden soldier 2 days ago


  • Cherinilla TheDreconiquis-pony

    Hell, I'm lazy af.

  • Benjamin Kniola
    Benjamin Kniola 3 days ago

    the suitcase is not lazy it's convenient

  • dipper 454
    dipper 454 3 days ago

    accualy the glasses part is not lazy because u will freaking hurt your neck if u lied and make your head down

  • 2 super siblings
    2 super siblings 3 days ago

    😢 your being mean to me i got a suitcase like that its got a lot more room

  • Frenzy Peaz
    Frenzy Peaz 3 days ago

    dude deal with it now everyone is lazy

  • PhotoVloggers
    PhotoVloggers 3 days ago

    My dad is very strong and has a six pack so that would be a horible gift for my dad cause he does not drink that stuff like soft drinks.

  • Chelsea Plasencia
    Chelsea Plasencia 3 days ago

    the suitcase actually is pretty good because you won't need to transfer your clothes into a closet anymore.

  • Titan CP
    Titan CP 4 days ago

    Lmao i thought im a lazy person in the world but i feeling better its not me xD

  • James Douglas
    James Douglas 4 days ago

    I live a hour from a store.

  • ryan peel
    ryan peel 4 days ago

    I have the fork

  • Erica Horn
    Erica Horn 4 days ago

    don't.. j juge it's.. not m my fault I'm.. f f fat😢😩😭😭😭😔

  • Andre Herrera
    Andre Herrera 5 days ago

    but am a kid

  • The Brothers Flips n Wins

    I'm 8 get me 8 ⤴⤴⤴🕄🕃🕃🕄⚉⚈⚉

  • Moonlit Abyss
    Moonlit Abyss 5 days ago


  • Dayden Sodachanh
    Dayden Sodachanh 5 days ago

    the one that helps you pour isn't that bad, I could understand if someone had it for their children so they won't make a mess

  • Burning Godzilla
    Burning Godzilla 5 days ago

    No I have one of those forks

  • Elzy Bobs
    Elzy Bobs 5 days ago

    I have a spiny fork thing

  • Cinda Gleason
    Cinda Gleason 5 days ago

    older people would want the last one cause of they are getting older and can't lit it up as much

  • Rachel Rowley
    Rachel Rowley 5 days ago

    as im watching this i watch my baby sis mop the floor. AHAHAHA JKJK

  • Dhruv Dwivedi
    Dhruv Dwivedi 5 days ago

    The fork one is for babys

    KEIRA OROZCO 6 days ago

    The sandwich in can sounds disgusting 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Megan George
    Megan George 6 days ago

    oh my god,keep up the good work mate!

  • wolfy wolf
    wolfy wolf 6 days ago

    I want that suit case

  • Sarah Denise
    Sarah Denise 7 days ago

    In the beginning, yes. I don't even remember the last time I had lunch. I just hate making it SO MUCH!

  • KyLe GaMiNg
    KyLe GaMiNg 7 days ago


  • Bella Carlson
    Bella Carlson 7 days ago

    some of the products are kidove smart

  • Imaan Darwish
    Imaan Darwish 7 days ago

    Hakuna Matata

  • Lucy Heartfila
    Lucy Heartfila 7 days ago

    You go to the gym and someone ask you why you're at the gym and you say I can't get o j

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 7 days ago

    I actually own a pair of those cleaning slippers

    • Kit Kat
      Kit Kat 7 days ago

      and one of those spaghetti forks, lol

  • Minecraft Addict
    Minecraft Addict 7 days ago

    Imagine seeing your childhood photos and then discover you were a freak in slave.

  • WilliWalli
    WilliWalli 7 days ago

    4:30 I once had that and it does not even work the motor was not even strong enough to twirl the pasta xD

  • Mugelbbub
    Mugelbbub 7 days ago

    Cars that drive themselves could help disabled people, ever think of that 😡

  • timeisup linkey
    timeisup linkey 7 days ago

    the closest grocery store to me is 100 miles away

    if your wondering I live way out in the country

  • Jaxson Mccloskey
    Jaxson Mccloskey 7 days ago

    for the suit kace what if you have ocd or adhd lik me

  • the nerd finder
    the nerd finder 8 days ago

    How lazy are you to get a job

  • Kendall Garrett
    Kendall Garrett 8 days ago

    "let's make the world great again"... Remind you of anyone 😐

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 8 days ago

    I have a banana thing

  • Courtney Mustacchio

    a 13 year old girl would want one of the drawer suitcases.

  • Rachel Powell
    Rachel Powell 8 days ago

    (in target)

  • Rachel Powell
    Rachel Powell 8 days ago

    you buy those slippers at a shop

  • SwordArtRookie
    SwordArtRookie 8 days ago


  • SwordArtRookie
    SwordArtRookie 8 days ago


  • wolfbrothers
    wolfbrothers 9 days ago

    my baby brother started to walk at 1

  • lucifers gameroom
    lucifers gameroom 9 days ago

    that suitcase.... i need

  • hi hayoo
    hi hayoo 9 days ago

    lmao, love you christian.

  • Ozone
    Ozone 9 days ago


  • Skyla Daughter
    Skyla Daughter 9 days ago


  • TOONICE13279
    TOONICE13279 9 days ago

    again I have to watch a fucking 1 minute 30 second ad

    u fucking suck as a YouTuber

  • Rai Sengupta
    Rai Sengupta 9 days ago

    I need these things

  • TrintonPlayz -Gaming and vlogs

    5:47 she's tanning

  • The Cuff
    The Cuff 10 days ago

    The orange juice one makes sense if you have a little kid in the house.

  • Joel R. # Gonzales
    Joel R. # Gonzales 10 days ago

    The candwich is to drink

  • Logic Dirty
    Logic Dirty 10 days ago

    come on guys let's get to 40k likes come on

  • Emily Bremmer
    Emily Bremmer 10 days ago

    I'm not lazy I'm really like doing nothing

  • Fadlo Violet
    Fadlo Violet 10 days ago


  • Kenneth Pascua
    Kenneth Pascua 10 days ago

    Christian is crying

  • lxrdjxmie_v msp
    lxrdjxmie_v msp 10 days ago

    I would need the orange juice machine for like milk. If I'm the first to open it it goes everywhere woops

  • TOAD /Jeffery
    TOAD /Jeffery 10 days ago

    canned bread 1:04

  • Josue Bernal
    Josue Bernal 10 days ago

    My Aunt has like 3 pairs of the slippers that clean

  • Vincent Hang
    Vincent Hang 10 days ago

    How is the suitcase being lazy? If anything I think that it's the exact opposite of lazy being organized with the shelves.

  • Irish Wolf
    Irish Wolf 10 days ago

    he was complaining about complainting. then complaing about laziness. bruh.

  • jakob s
    jakob s 10 days ago

    the slippers are for multi tasking

  • BellaS5454
    BellaS5454 10 days ago

    come on! some of THESE PEOPLE HERE actually LIKE that stuff.😡 except the baby one... BUT STILL!👿

  • Blakely Putman
    Blakely Putman 11 days ago

    Some people need these thing

  • Spencer Michl
    Spencer Michl 11 days ago

    The only thing wrong with the bottle opening remote is that the remote looks ugly and fucked up

  • Jacylnn xxo
    Jacylnn xxo 11 days ago

    I need the shelf-suitcase <3

  • The FnaF Friends
    The FnaF Friends 11 days ago

    Tesla model X drives its self it has auto pilot #TeslaModelX

  • Mike&Jakes CraftyYT
    Mike&Jakes CraftyYT 11 days ago

    what if ur hands shake while you pure it like me I have adhd

  • Cookie Dragon
    Cookie Dragon 11 days ago

    I actually would buy the pasta fork. You see,my papa (grandfather) has plates in his hands/wrists so it's some what hard for him to move his hands/wrists that way. So...yea...

  • Victor Plays190
    Victor Plays190 11 days ago

    I think he was over reacting

  • Sam Yaghnam
    Sam Yaghnam 11 days ago

    6:25 is not lazy that's raw

  • Twentyonesleepingchemicalgreenveilsatthehamilton

    Have a nice day y'all

  • Abigail Gonzalez96
    Abigail Gonzalez96 11 days ago

    Christian got so shook in this video

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