SONG OF THE WEEK: SELENA GOMEZ, KYGO - "AIN'T ME" (delgrosso remix) ▶



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Author Azure Flame ( ago)
The epitome of 'I don't wanna do even the most miniscule trivial stuff causing me to burn 10^-5 calories so let's make a fucking machine for it.'
Brilliant, world. * slow claps *

Author Livia Langhoff ( ago)
"Hmm, don't want to make a sandwich. That'll be the end of the world."

Author sweet dreams Nursery ( ago)
I am lazy and proud of it I would like most of those things

Author Johnathan Amies ( ago)
Some of these are for mentally challenged or people who have been hurt if you did not know

Author Yellow Tattletail ( ago)
WELL... I was lazy once.. we were watching YouTube on Wii U and.. BOTH MY LEGS,BUTT AND HAND MOSTLY EVERYTHING were 😴 ( my friends and mabye.. ur vids? idk)

Author Rainbow Dash MLP ( ago)
I want those inventions!!!! I'm kinda lazy (a lot more lazy than lazy

Author Wendy Shiffer ( ago)
i want the abs thing

Author Jason Williams ( ago)
how does the glasses work

Author girly gamer42 ( ago)
lol his reaction

Author Cheyenne Coleman ( ago)
Christian acts so much like Jim Carry! 😂🙌

Author The Spida Gaming ( ago)
retarded lazy people it's ridiculous

Author Mandy Gouw ( ago)
i want those cleaningslippers,i would put them on and skate on the floor

Author Corrieskyrimer1000 ( ago)
So lazzzy :/

Author Devansh Vikram ( ago)
Weren't the lazy people feeling lazy while inventing, like if u agree

Author Eslage ( ago)
not every single complaint is cuz ur lazy because there are things you can't change

Author Saber68 9 ( ago)
Guys like if your internet is not letting you see the vid till 10000 years later!:( I really wanted to see the vid to.

Author Emily Pretty ( ago)
the funny thing is that my type of lazy is i cant get out of bed but if i manage to do that then i can do everything else so just ya know MAKE AN INVENTION THAT BRINGS EVERYTHING TO ME PLEASE

Author Jared Glass ( ago)
This video is sponsored by candwich

Author da gansta ( ago)
I want the slippers so when mom says sweep I go hey slippers on lol😂😂😂😂

Author Giselle Hernandez ( ago)
4:40 I had one of those but end up breaking it

Author Husain Alsafar ( ago)
your fucked

Author Eva Angus ( ago)
3:30 that's something Danny Tanner from Full House would wear

Author Tonine Darwiche ( ago)
I would buy the cleaning shoes

Author ProGamer 101 ( ago)
I really want the ab hancer

Author HeyItZ_EmmyChan ( ago)
Before Video: Oh haha I guess I won't need this stuff

After Video: I need about 2 of these items.

Author CutiePie03 ( ago)
The world isn't lazy

Americans are.

Author Jessica Gingras ( ago)
I don't know about you but the suit case looks amazing

Author Davin' Gamin' ( ago)
I don't like the term lazy. I prefer the term time efficient

Author LunaNight Lulu ( ago)
The thing for pouring juice would really help me, because I spill things alot.

Author Jackson Pennington ( ago)
something that bugs me about most reaction channels is that they never have a link to the original source, resulting in them getting credited for others work and eventually even taking it to law in what i like to call "the finebros effect"

Author Avram Rostas ( ago)
If Christian is your favourite youtuber like

Author Jasmine Ramcharan ( ago)
the banana is just making more fucking dishes for u bro 😂😂😃

Author Quan Duong ( ago)
The suitcase is actually really cool

Author Ceragia xoxo ( ago)
I need these (all of them) inventions where I live......#LazySquad where u at

Author Dan Bryon ( ago)
i have those glasses

Author Krissy Matthies ( ago)
im not lazy, from 6 i've been moving wood and helping with the family bissnes

Author Melvin Saju ( ago)
I think this guy is on weed

Author Poppy Chan ( ago)
that frikin teator totter thing for drinks is like ... it would make a frikin more mess than just frikin pouring it!!!

Author Noel Sanchez ( ago)

Author Elena Hicklin ( ago)
I love the fork♥️😂

Author Eric Cartman ( ago)
my dad raped me and killed my mom. stop complaining you're just lazy

Author Chemosh Tennyson Gordon ( ago)
nailed it:-P ,
the whole world is turning lazyyyyyyyyyyyyy:@

Author The Legit Rainbow ( ago)

Author A0X Player :D ( ago)
good work Cristian

Author Kino Gobern ( ago)

Author Travis Moxey ( ago)
2017 in a nutshell XD

Author Travis Moxey ( ago)
Im super lazy sometimes but aleast I make my sandwiches

Author The Game Space ( ago)
Where going to become walle

Author Jack R ( ago)
Lazy people are making this guy CCCCCCCAAAAASAZZZZZZY!

Author Jenni Busse ( ago)
I like the sunglasses and the bag :D

Author Timothy Langford ( ago)
the baby's could use it because some can't lift it

Author Jenni Busse ( ago)
my sister 2 years old and run through our house. I would say 1 year old babys would crawl the floor clean

Author Kids Mandis ( ago)
I'm lazy

Author west side 2085 ( ago)
you can slice two bananas in two sec

Author Kaeden Vlogs ( ago)
some of theses can be used by desebeld people im i right in thinking this

Author Paola Verdinez ( ago)
Hakuna matata

Author Nicolaj Nordquist Lang 5B Spurvelundskolen ( ago)
Hakuna matata

Author theJaZZiDraGon ( ago)
I was kinda okay with all the others, but the OJ one just really ticked me off.

Author Sayu Impercaela ( ago)
I think this banana cut thing could be useful for elder people for example. My grandpa has very shaky hands and it's hard for him to properly cut things because of the shaking and it gets worse over time. There will be the day when he won't be able to cut anything anymore without cutting his fingers. Also mentally disabled people. The aunt of my mom's partner lives in a facility for elders and she is mentally disabled. While they get their food already prepared for their needs, they can also have a their own food in their room because it's like a very small appartment. So, they also have a kitchen-like corner but, I believe, without a stove or oven so they won't hurt themselves. But she loves to eat bananas but because of her disability she is not allowed to handle knifes or anything sharp like that, so other people always have to cut the bananas for her. She stores them at her place in that facility, obviously. So this thing would be something very good for her! :)

Coming to the shelf-suitcase: I personally know a lot of indie-musicians and this could literally save their day, I think. I need to recommend this to them! Most of them are from Japan and occasionally come over to Europe for tours and they literally live from out of their suitcases. So, this really could help them out. If you are on tour and have to travel many countries, live in hotels or such and mostly only stay a night and it doesn't make sense to unpack your suitcases, this could be a day-saver, because your close stay tidy and clean and in their place, hopefully and you don't have to search through all of your stuff to find that one thing you need! You can put whatever you need for the next event on top of everything and your other stuff gets a place below. It's genius! :D For everyone who travels a lot and has a tight schedule- this is amazing and I love it :) Oh! And this could also be a very good solution for everyone who has any kind of neurosis. You know, when people need to have everything at a certain place or their meals divided in certain colors and the carrots aren't allowed to mix with the peas and so on. This also could help them sort out their travel issues! :)

This last thing, this pouring device, could also be useful to elder people :) I mean, many elder people don't have the strength to lift those heavy containers. Old people and disabled people. A great invention, I think :)

Have a great day everyone! :D

Author xanayia, mckinney ( ago)
the old folks need that little pour thingy the ones with cramps and stuff in their hands and joints and stuff yk?

Author xanayia, mckinney ( ago)
The shelf suitcase is meant for organization use it!!!!!!

Author xanayia, mckinney ( ago)
Those angled glasses are the best idea for readers you could possible ask for because there is no comfortable position when reading, your arms get tired if you're layin how the lady was, bein on your stomach tires your shoulders even more, flipping pages is hell if it's a heavy book or has loose pages cos there's barely and control, not to mention the whole time you have to keep shifting around in order to catch the best lighting; those lamps and "book lights" don't cover anything just about one half of a page making the rest of the page be just blurry letters you can't see very well, so yes if those glasses seem lazy to you i -in my opinion- think that you are very much mistaken sir but, as that is your opinion of bein lazy you hold onto it.

P.s. i forgot to say that sitting up and reading reeks havoc on your neck and arms and wrists so these glasses keeps you from having to do this and all that extra stuff up there.
alright, rant; over.

Author Faith Esekielu ( ago)

Author Lauren Snow ( ago)
Just saying...the banana slicer could be for disabled people or people who for some reason can't use a knife. Same goes for the teeter totter oj thing. My grandmother is very frail and can't lift much anymore that would be perfect for her, not cause she's lazy. But those two things are the only exception, for use by people who need help not just lazy

Author Emily Hunt ( ago)
Omg😂 what has this world come too!😂😂

Author Roblox Gamer-Codes-Gameplay-And More ( ago)
Did anyone realise in one picture it was a six-pack and on the other one is a eight-pack

Author Breahna de Bono ( ago)
For the first one, isn't it a can

Author TNT's Cat ( ago)
I like the suitcase one it looks cool if I could buy it I would

Author sans and gasters ( ago)
I have most

ill unsub

Author pikapook 123 ( ago)
hakuna motana

Author Evaki best ( ago)
baby cleaning company😂😂😂

Author Dean McGowan ( ago)
I need all of them

Author Ida Simons ( ago)
hakuna matata

Author milana channel ( ago)
roses are red
violets are blue
I am terrible at poems

Author Ofjrjehebj Hdjsjkdnd ( ago)
Ur fucking lazy go get a job and stop making videos dumbass it's good that ur dogs keep dying on u because now they don't have to look at ur face

Author Amber Hardin ( ago)
what if you have neck problems

Author Alexandra Silverman ( ago)
I am the laziest person ever

Author Gia Fernandez ( ago)
it is not my birthday
a family member or a friend did not DIE
a pet did not DIE
I don't have some emoji that needs friends
and I don't want likes for honesty
I do want these kind of stupid comment to stop

Author Emily The Gamer ( ago)
me: This looks interesting
after the vid
me: yep i need these thangs

Author Emma B ( ago)
the funny thing is when I was 3 or so I had that fork

Author Denise Clarke ( ago)

Author Ella Voltz ( ago)
My little brother has that fork

Author Colin Loughran ( ago)
6:31 there are a few flaws but that suit case is safe to say that's actually pretty smart

Author Mikayla Bingman ( ago)
Don't pin me, it hurts!

Author mayra edmonson ( ago)

Author Kyle Mcleary ( ago)
you are not shit

Author Kyle Mcleary ( ago)
you​ are not suit

Author //awesome vlogs\\ ( ago)
lol i actually have some of these things😂😜😇

Author kazzy 88 ( ago)
literally 2 seconds into the video and im already laughing😂😂😂

Author Saad Iftikhar ( ago)
hakuna matata😂

Author TechBoy ( ago)
i have that fork

Author The J-ster 4073 ( ago)
This is why so many people are obese in the U.S.

Author Koia Waipouri ( ago)
hay can u do a try not to look away challenge?

Author Moon Sky ( ago)
you're looking cool with this coat...😎

Author Tylia Ballard ( ago)
I'm watching this at 3:32am holy fucking shit._.

Author Instant Gamer ( ago)
The abhamcer sais get a 6pack in seconds but count how much lines tyere is theres 8

Author trinity lorenz ( ago)
actually what if you got hurt are you lazy?

Author Karlie Oconnor ( ago)
Im lazy af

Author Kakona Haruka ( ago)
In the last one is the juice in a milk container?

Author Aryiana Cain ( ago)
I'm​ not lazy Im on energy saving mode 24/7

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