Mario Forever Secret Boss Battle - Koppa the Devestator

A secret boss battle in Mario Forever.

Edit: to get to him, start a new game and (without dying, otherwise it wont work) get to level 2-1. About halfway through the level, you should see a very subtle floating pipe. Near the pipe (to the left) is a block very high up, which you can JUST hit if you stand still. Hit it, then get a run up and jump up and grab the powerup (its the one which makes you run faster and jump higher) and then jump from there into the pipe. I used a different program to be able to get straight in from the main screen.

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Author Hamza Ramzy ( ago)
my version is 6.0

Author Hamza Ramzy ( ago)
Why do not you explain it for us VIDEO

Author DANA FLOREA ( ago)
I defeated the boss.

Author татьяна панюкова ( ago)
Epic Battle and Musıc

Author fdsewr fdsghfdwe ( ago)
cool, soundtrack sounds like megaman x soundtrack

Author fdsewr fdsghfdwe ( ago)
cool, soundtrack sounds like megaman x soundtrack

Author Foxy FanTV ( ago)
f*ck this shit

Author Komdaua314 - Super ( ago)

Author JB -Anateor ( ago)
its koopa

Author habboretro wired exp ( ago)

Author Faiz Naqiuddin ( ago)

Author PJ Borja ( ago)

Author The SAGA ( ago)
GODDAMN Unrigestred Hypercam!!!

Author HolderArts [ЗАКРЫТО ЗА НАРУШЕНИЕ ПРАВ] ( ago)
I don't know where is secret Koppa the devastator

Author HolderArts [ЗАКРЫТО ЗА НАРУШЕНИЕ ПРАВ] ( ago)

Author ChaoticNarrative ( ago)
If bowser were to fight like that originaly he may have cought some players

Author Matej The Dinosaur ( ago)
World 7-9 = World 7 Stage 9 you can't see the - for some reason

Author Super! :3 ( ago)
37 people hate my avatar

Author E Kaziko ( ago)
you are idiot. this is world 1 stage 1 world 7 stage 9

Author TheZerogreat ( ago)
0:11 World 79 WTF!

Author superstarjonesbros ( ago)
wtf koppa

Author Светлана Пупко ( ago)
Koopa FUCK!

Author 2002nuke ( ago)

Author theyoshichannel1 ( ago)
Yoshi island final boss music?

Author Matojeje ( ago)
bowser far UGH

Author Дмитрий Кайдаш (1055 years ago)
it's funny after first try at the end!

Author Melissa ( ago)
Sonic the Hedgehog+Bowser Koopa= Koopa the Devastator.

Author somany5 ( ago)
how do you get to that boss in super mario bros and how do you jump on
bowsers head without dieing and why does mario look wierd

Author supermario3459 ( ago)
world 11 world 79 wow what a wierd type of calling secret worlds

Author Angus Graham ( ago)
@BasherOfImbeciles 68758765768 WAT?

Author RainingGems ( ago)
do this on smbx please if you have smbx.

Author supermario886438 ( ago)
i was there and i was like WTF IS GOING ON!

Author TheSamuel1000 ( ago)
how do you save it?

Author TheSuperElectrode ( ago)
hi completely useless strobe effect

Author Hetalian Tomboy ( ago)
I have beat Koppa 2 times, but that was for about 1-3 years ago.. :P

Author MrComputer1asd ( ago)
27 people haven't Mario Forever

Author Leoxed098 ( ago)
slowmotion epicness

Author James R ( ago)
@MarZach24 final boss from Super Mario World 2, Yoshi's Island

Author Ultimate Chimichanga ( ago)
matrix koppa.

Author MarZach24 ( ago)

Author PianoMaster221 ( ago)
i never heard of this game

Author jono zygorodimos ( ago)
kung fu bowser

Author Bryton Misumi ( ago)
Koppa is Koopa's Half broter who died long ago. koopa rebuilt koppa as
cyborg with super speed and better fire breathe to cut mario off ery in
adventure, afterwards koopa doned the name "Bowser"

Author Zack1825 (992 years ago)
Accordin to video game graphics...bowser's movin fast as hell lol

Author DUMBxRExRE ( ago)
same music as yoshis island final boss XD

Author MistrzoLukasz ( ago)
0:40 Hmmm

Author MistrzoLukasz ( ago)
0:40 Hmmm ?

Author steeledminer616 ( ago)
How many people argue over the name.... why is it impossible for people to
look, say at the NAME OF THE BOSS NEXT TO ITS HEALTH >:(

Author Arezu ( ago)
@RijadPedljak its koopa.

Author Rijad Pedljak ( ago)
@NeatCrown koppa you idiot not koopa

Author JackoB716 ( ago)
@MRtetri5 SMW2: Yoshi's Island.

Author TXXXKirbyMario77 ( ago)
a total coolness

Author mrgame221 ( ago)
thats the real final boss

Author Master Dark ( ago)
I remember the bowser music but from wich game DAM!!!

Author stayles1990 ( ago)
@jmario232 not really

Author Matt Diaz ( ago)
I like doing it with the jumping bean powerup, it looks so epic because
both of them are going so fast with motion blurs! :D

Author StephenCartoonBoy ( ago)
Koopa is what they call Bowser in Japan.

Author jmario232 ( ago)
Who the heck is Koppa? Shouldn't this level be called Bowser The
Devastator? At least that name makes sense.

Author StephenCartoonBoy ( ago)
Good, but U spelt Koopa wrong. Even the game says Koppa! Lol

Author NorthernDragon ( ago)
Imagine him throwing hammers too.

Author jindo5 ( ago)
its bowser with the jump suit

Author The man with the burning beard ( ago)
@disputed1077 O RLY!?

Author FaZe Illuminati ( ago)
1 up 1 up 1 up 1up....

Author Cirno ( ago)
lol, The lava farts XD

Author dannisan77 ( ago)
haha, you died twice

Author supermegaman88 ( ago)
matirx anyone?

Author Stormrage123 ( ago)
lol you lag in a mario game hahahahahahah!!!!!!!

Author Garrett Schuetz ( ago)
lag how is it on your computer?

Author Marcus Terry-Bedford ( ago)
I am remaking this game with lunar magic (SNES - Super Mario World Editor).
Making it as acurate as possible, you gave me an idea!

Author HaloFunStuff ( ago)
thats bowser

Author Mariofan5000 ( ago)
@TimEddyHughes Actually that's how Japan spells it. Koopa is how it's

Author Rinny Kagamine ( ago)
it kept 1-up lol weird

Author NARFNra ( ago)
@fearmaster128 I believe it said world 7-9

Author OfficialVGOvideos ( ago)
Koopa looks like an Agent from The Matrix!

Author Alice ( ago)
@TimEddyHughes Easily one of the best Mario platformers but the boss music,
especially that track is the best.

Author marioforevergalaxy03 ( ago)
what did you use to het the gae

Author TheGameMaster3370 ( ago)
How do i get this game????!!?!?!

Author suus03 ( ago)
how you record sound with hypercam 2?

Author †XiphosΩ ( ago)
Yea... It does add a nice touch of uber doesn't it? "Koppa the Devastator"
"oooooohhhhh, say it again!"

Author alexanderattack1998 ( ago)
ROFL inorite

Author cat9854xdeadx ( ago)
oh thanks! that game was fun! i like the final boss music.

Author Ace ( ago)
Its actually the final fight of Yoshi's island, cat9854

Author sonicfeet ( ago)

Author Denis Bobovnik ( ago)
wow !!! how did you get right from the menu to the koopa the devastator (i
always have to go to the world 2 the to the koopa the devastator)

Author cat9854xdeadx ( ago)
the music sounds like Yoshi's Island boss battles.

Author Tim Hughes ( ago)
@NeatCrown its mis-spelt in the game itself.

Author NeatCrown ( ago)
its koopa not koppa

Author joris van de Brande ( ago)
that's how bosses should be like!

Author GameX321 ( ago)
bowser did the moonwalk alot :D

Author thewardogsquadron ( ago)
yeah u get like 30 lives from beating him hes harder than he looks

Author kryptlagoon3 ( ago)

Author ZEIER ( ago)

Author rafael marques (1028 years ago)
is realy bowser hm

Author nonobaOMGWEEGEE2 ( ago)
Man i gota try this now, hope vista doesn't screw up, oh crap it did D:<

Author smartydix ( ago)
well...I DON'T THINK YOU CAN ENETER IT LIKE THAT!! I get to there manualy
not cheating!

Author Lucas campos montes ( ago)
hacker jaja

Author Mesquissto ( ago)
or koppa is his name, like koppa the koopa

Author Lone Ech. ( ago)

Author bizarroshadowman ( ago)
please what music os this if you fight him?

Author pilipalexxx ( ago)
i kill the koppa in 40 sec my record

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