Mario Forever Secret Boss Battle - Koppa the Devestator

A secret boss battle in Mario Forever.

Edit: to get to him, start a new game and (without dying, otherwise it wont work) get to level 2-1. About halfway through the level, you should see a very subtle floating pipe. Near the pipe (to the left) is a block very high up, which you can JUST hit if you stand still. Hit it, then get a run up and jump up and grab the powerup (its the one which makes you run faster and jump higher) and then jump from there into the pipe. I used a different program to be able to get straight in from the main screen.

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Author JB -Anateor (7 months)
its koopa

Author Феоктист Иванов (2 months)

Author oOSoursebOo (5 years)
I made a YouTube game using marioworker from mario's on my
channel as the featured video!

Author TheSuperElectrode (2 years)
hi completely useless strobe effect

Author mrgame221 (3 years)
thats the real final boss

Author Garrett Schuetz (4 years)
lag how is it on your computer?

Author alexanderherman707 (3 years)
@jmario232 bowser is a koopa. he is King Koopa

Author poulblue13 (3 years)
no le entendi ._.

Author dimasdark (5 years)
This is Mario Forever, created by a fan, it's a simple and nice mario game,
have so much fun! this secret boss, you can get at level 1 of the second

Author TXXXKirbyMario77 (3 years)
a total coolness

Author pilipalexxx (5 years)
i kill the koppa in 40 sec my record

Author Xaltus (5 years)
Ah..this game was pretty cool. I lost interest sometime back
though...looking at this, I kinda wanna fire it back up again. X

Author Mesquissto (4 years)
or koppa is his name, like koppa the koopa

Author TheSamuel1000 (2 years)
how do you save it?

Author Max Crafting (1 year)
I don't know where is secret Koppa the devastator

Author DUMBxRExRE (3 years)
same music as yoshis island final boss XD

Author as8906 (5 years)
lol i knew i'd heard it somewhere, thanks

Author AmericanIdiotWannabe (3 years)
@disputed1077 O RLY!?

Author Bryton Misumi (3 years)
Koppa is Koopa's Half broter who died long ago. koopa rebuilt koppa as
cyborg with super speed and better fire breathe to cut mario off ery in
adventure, afterwards koopa doned the name "Bowser"

Author thewardogsquadron (4 years)
yeah u get like 30 lives from beating him hes harder than he looks

Author wladarthvader (6 years)
This game is great!Please,just try and play one of the Flash'll get sick...

Author Tim Hughes (5 years)
its the final battle music from Super Mario World 2: Yoshis Island. The
best mario platform i've played.

Author Ruben Cordon (5 years)
how do u save screen like this 7 9 help me please

Author Rinny Kagamine (4 years)
it kept 1-up lol weird

Author alexanderattack1998 (4 years)
ROFL inorite

Author Frixi91 (5 years)
I ask you sell it already away how the save works at you? How you can start
it in a world there where you want it? The 4.0 versions are for me, but at
me one like this may not be.

Author Ace (4 years)
Its actually the final fight of Yoshi's island, cat9854

Author denisbobovnik (4 years)
wow !!! how did you get right from the menu to the koopa the devastator (i
always have to go to the world 2 the to the koopa the devastator)

Author supermario886438 (2 years)
i was there and i was like WTF IS GOING ON!

Author MrComputer1asd (3 years)
27 people haven't Mario Forever

Author supermario3459 (2 years)
world 11 world 79 wow what a wierd type of calling secret worlds

Author Alice (4 years)
@TimEddyHughes Easily one of the best Mario platformers but the boss music,
especially that track is the best.

Author Marcus Terry-Bedford (4 years)
I am remaking this game with lunar magic (SNES - Super Mario World Editor).
Making it as acurate as possible, you gave me an idea!

Author Rijad Pedljak (3 years)
@NeatCrown koppa you idiot not koopa

Author zeldood1 (5 years)
what is the song during the fight with bowser?

Author FergusonGames (5 years)
I understand you used Mario 4X Helper to get to the level. Can you help me
with this application? I can't edit the save points.

Author PianoMaster221 (3 years)
i never heard of this game

Author suus03 (4 years)
how you record sound with hypercam 2?

Author OfficialVGOvideos (4 years)
Koopa looks like an Agent from The Matrix!

Author Edytaa015xd (5 years)
how are you doing it that you have such chimneys?

Author smartydix (4 years)
well...I DON'T THINK YOU CAN ENETER IT LIKE THAT!! I get to there manualy
not cheating!

Author disputed1077 (3 years)

Author Master Dark (3 years)
I remember the bowser music but from wich game DAM!!!

Author dannisan77 (3 years)
haha, you died twice

Author as8906 (5 years)
what is the music playing throughout? it sounds so familiar

Author StephenCartoonBoy (3 years)
Good, but U spelt Koopa wrong. Even the game says Koppa! Lol

Author Faiz Naqiuddin (11 months)

Author michaelcecille1111 (1 year)
I lost 1 live to goodies

Author nonobaOMGWEEGEE2 (4 years)
Man i gota try this now, hope vista doesn't screw up, oh crap it did D:<

Author Silvy816 (4 years)
lol, at the last blooper, he died because of nothing.He didn't even touch
the Fireball. O_o

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