Picking the 2016 Motor Trend Best Driver's Car!

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  • Supra From Hell
    Supra From Hell 1 day ago

    15;08 He's playing Pokemon Go

  • MidNightStudios
    MidNightStudios 2 days ago

    You should really take price in account as well.

  • Seth Miles
    Seth Miles 2 days ago

    Do a motor trend best SEDAN cars.

  • David Masek
    David Masek 3 days ago

    You mean americans giving the first place to a car that was not the cheapest?

  • BravPotato GT
    BravPotato GT 5 days ago

    And people say mustangs suck ?? I would like to see it race your Honda Civic i think the mustang should have took it

  • Mr.swaggermuffin
    Mr.swaggermuffin 5 days ago

    i would have chosen the GT350R over the 570s because the trunk is huge and convenient and it costs 1/4 of the mclaren

    AFTERSHOCK YT 7 days ago

    when forza 5 came out we all new this track was the shit

    AFTERSHOCK YT 8 days ago

    Y u no Stig

  • Ravikiran Madichetty

    anyone wonder why they never get the 911 turbo s instead of the carrera s

  • Patrick Dolphin
    Patrick Dolphin 10 days ago

    Race more go fast

  • ethan stigler
    ethan stigler 11 days ago

    The jag light stopped working well they pulled it off the shiw

  • Klaus Schreyer
    Klaus Schreyer 12 days ago

    Well well Boys and Girls The Viper has a Stick Shift Manual Transmission like all Sports Cars and Sports Sedan should have, Paddle Shifting - Auto Trans is For Pussies- I Love Ferrari but damn them for Inventing Paddle Shifting with that said Viper is the Bad Ass. Good Old Fashion Manual Transmission and Naturally Aspirated Engine, What Separates the Men from the Pussies- Men use Heel n Toe &Three Foot Pedals and Shift Transmission Manually That's a Art, Skill and Adds More Excitement Adrenaline Rush- Pussies use Two Foot Pedals Two hands on Steering wheel Case in Point Watch Drifter Extraordinaire Ken Block No paddle Shitting- You Mama Boy Padel Shifting Pussieeees

  • Tekky Quickbits
    Tekky Quickbits 12 days ago

    This makes me feel like Im watching a TV Show!
    MotorTrend is the best!

  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 14 days ago

    jaguar all the way

  • Coline Lemoine
    Coline Lemoine 15 days ago

    Hey pal! ! ! grace Does anybody watch worse this wowkB%

  • Sharif Khan
    Sharif Khan 15 days ago

    where is lambo nd ferrari?!

  • Darnell Skervin
    Darnell Skervin 16 days ago

    we all knew it was the McLaren

  • Achelos 1
    Achelos 1 16 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that the Jag's driver side headlight wasn't working either lol

  • Hechler444
    Hechler444 19 days ago

    Lmao there are just niggas in the car waiting to drive away

  • Sportscars_BE
    Sportscars_BE 19 days ago

    "everyone loves the look of a muscle car"
    not me

  • Dalton v
    Dalton v 21 day ago

    Calling it now. 991.2 GT3 with a manual will win this year's award.

  • CrazyGord
    CrazyGord 22 days ago


  • Alejandro Morales
    Alejandro Morales 22 days ago

    I am pretty sure all those cars have a bluetooth connection, you could use that to pair you phones and do the chatting over the freehands of each car and then use both hands to drive

    BRADLEEFOR3 23 days ago

    no Corvette!!!! and really a GTR PREMIUM NOT THE COMPETITION ONE. That's why it was slower. these things are so biased

  • Siya Mol
    Siya Mol 24 days ago


  • Bombs gaming 145
    Bombs gaming 145 26 days ago

    They better add the 2017 Corvette in worlds greatest drag race 7

  • Pendragoon99
    Pendragoon99 27 days ago

    If the two guys from the sonic commercials were in to cars haha

  • JustAnAverageJoe
    JustAnAverageJoe 29 days ago

    21:06 What the "F" is David Blaine in the back seat for?

  • MagicMikeAKAMdot
    MagicMikeAKAMdot 1 month ago

    Audi r8 " amazing car, too much audi for an audi 3/10"

  • amaan shubaily
    amaan shubaily 1 month ago

    Take mustang gt 500

  • amaan shubaily
    amaan shubaily 1 month ago

    Why u r taking mustang 350

  • Masaforce
    Masaforce 1 month ago

    yeah but wheres the bentley?

  • Alien Lee
    Alien Lee 1 month ago


  • steven wentling
    steven wentling 1 month ago

    no Corvette no contest

  • torettothegamer
    torettothegamer 1 month ago

    i want to buy a challenger when i am like 23 but their stores are not available in UK so i'll go with ford mustang 350 instead or the jaguar F-type

  • waleedM_
    waleedM_ 1 month ago

    for 2017 please make it one big video instead of us watching 16 to see your thoughts on all of them

  • Dave Barron
    Dave Barron 1 month ago

    WOW! Talk about Apples and Oranges.

  • bull mastiff
    bull mastiff 1 month ago

    0 TO 60 From a Roll.. From a Bank roll?

  • big t
    big t 1 month ago

    my name is thomas depriest it would be a dream to own any of them but hey thats why they are called dreams

  • matie010 W
    matie010 W 1 month ago

    audi is the best

  • ya boy Oscar
    ya boy Oscar 1 month ago

    jaguar showed up with a broken suspension arm and left with a Broken headlight. yikes

  • theshonen8899
    theshonen8899 1 month ago

    I remember watching Best Driver's Car a few years ago when Carlos would explain how it didn't matter how much the cars cost and showed cars like the Fiesta ST and FR-S going up against Ferraris and Lamborghini's. Now the affordable cars get shuffled off into the their own little play pen, with nothing but a blog post to compare six cars.

    It's not the same man.

  • GamingLover43
    GamingLover43 1 month ago

    "who wants that shitty camaro"
    *shows it to my friend*
    Friend: *TRIGGERED*

  • Saeed Abdool
    Saeed Abdool 1 month ago

    the gtr is the best driver car

  • BenjiScotty
    BenjiScotty 1 month ago

    But where is toyota prius ?

  • Hunter Savage
    Hunter Savage 1 month ago

    CORVETTE Z06 D-:<

  • rula shammarjshamma
    rula shammarjshamma 1 month ago

    i was just thinking that waleed...yousif shammah here...i just want to say that every car they get into is a thing they always say bad things about these cars and they do no justice to the people who love these cars. what pisses me off the most is that jason says that the exaust on most of these cars sound bad to him THATS rediculous are these guys even real car guys....yes there still the ones test driving them and i am not and their having all the fun and im not..but please guys stop making faces and stop hating the exaust sound of the nsx....your making ME FURIOUS and not the good kind of furious....

  • Jesse Brinkman
    Jesse Brinkman 1 month ago

    the new gtr still sounds like a vacuum cleaner😂

  • ashiv ramkalawon
    ashiv ramkalawon 1 month ago

    These guys have the best job in the world!

  • Knight Rider
    Knight Rider 1 month ago

    except the viper and the awesome Mustang.

    This is an iPhone conventional gathering of. . hard drives

  • Vrushank Aithal K
    Vrushank Aithal K 1 month ago

    My choice for Best Driver's Car would be 1. Ford Mustang 350GTR 2. Jaguar f-type and 3. Audi R8 V10 .

  • Arash Adler
    Arash Adler 1 month ago

    well comparing a 70k to 200k car is not really fair i think the mustang was the winner cus you get all that with 1/3 of mclarens price.

  • SAVAGE 381
    SAVAGE 381 1 month ago

    How much is the m4 gts in Australia?

  • Leo Brazz
    Leo Brazz 1 month ago

    your an idiot for choosing a mustang over a mclaren

  • Ian Clancy
    Ian Clancy 1 month ago

    I just noticed the Winding Road Racing sponsorship on the Spec Miata. Awesome YouTube channel right there.

  • KittyVlogz
    KittyVlogz 1 month ago

    I totally agree with their choice. The mclaren is an awesome car

  • Chen Loren
    Chen Loren 1 month ago

    17:20 scrapin sound ;((

  • limejello5
    limejello5 1 month ago

    Is it me, or does the 570 McLaren now have the P1's rear tail lights??

  • Sean Hermanowski
    Sean Hermanowski 1 month ago

    hey guys... the wing on the m4gts is still in transport mode the edges need to be flipped

  • FasterCars11 3
    FasterCars11 3 1 month ago


  • iran_amazing_cars
    iran_amazing_cars 1 month ago

    very nice

  • Johnny Green
    Johnny Green 1 month ago

    this is a damn good time 4 cars god bless motor trend camaro n mustang are on supercar level crazy

  • E46
    E46 1 month ago

    M4 GTS beat the GT350R on the Nurburgring, just saying.

  • otomohinh
    otomohinh 1 month ago


  • tharun raj
    tharun raj 1 month ago


  • Harry Selby
    Harry Selby 1 month ago

    British engineering coming out on top once again

  • challenger 3 gaming
    challenger 3 gaming 1 month ago

    motor trend can you please make a 2017 moTor trend best drivers car

  • Shayden Paterson
    Shayden Paterson 1 month ago

    gtr vs m4

  • Gamewrecker 23
    Gamewrecker 23 1 month ago

    Congrats McClaren. I'd personally rather own 2 GT 350r and a pocket full of money for gas and tires. Nice to see Ford climb that list 👍👍 Great vid motor trend!

  • jovan sremcevic
    jovan sremcevic 1 month ago

    Where is the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

  • Hamza Ali
    Hamza Ali 1 month ago

    Music at 36:53 anyone please 😧

  • loco66
    loco66 1 month ago

    every year nissan GTR can we try the Z 2017 as the so call cheap car?
    Now we have new ZL1 & Grand Sport Stingray will you have both or still 1 from each brand?
    I'M a Z, Camaro & Cayman fan by the way. I've only seen Carlos drive the sport package 370z years ago.

  • Timothy Paris
    Timothy Paris 1 month ago

    My favorite is Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

  • Timothy Paris
    Timothy Paris 1 month ago

    Motor Trend is the best car show channel in the world and the Head 2 Head episodes are cool, I love this channel

  • vipin acharya
    vipin acharya 1 month ago

    the problem with a VIPER is, it isnt egernomic. but if they fix that. viper would bet the finest car.

  • vipin acharya
    vipin acharya 1 month ago

    my favorite car, the best drivers car will always be DODGE VIPER ACR.

  • Ryan Grove
    Ryan Grove 1 month ago

    I think if I hear him complain one more time about the VIPER im going to revoke his man card!!  Just like Giles told Randy if ya cant handle the car get out of it and let someone else drive it.  Just because its a real car and doesn't have near as many electronic nannies on it to hold their hands and its a real car they complain.

  • Niko Yochum
    Niko Yochum 2 months ago

    The best drivers car has to be one that is fun to drive on public roads, and as you said, these are all too fast for that. If you want the best drivers car, you have to look at the BRZ or the 230i. Front engine, manual transmission, rear wheel drive, and excellent lightweight chassis' with near perfect weight distribution.

  • Jason Rothman
    Jason Rothman 2 months ago

    Upset there was no miata

  • MLG
    MLG 2 months ago

    Make an episode of bloopers, I bet they would be very funny

  • T Muratori Muratori
    T Muratori Muratori 2 months ago

    Um no the McLaren shouldn't win, because it's price point isn't reasonable at all. Shelby should win

  • Wilhelm Felix
    Wilhelm Felix 2 months ago

    😁💪💪💪 Ford tough

  • Karan Raj
    Karan Raj 2 months ago

    Got it. That was a Viper. Haha

  • Karan Raj
    Karan Raj 2 months ago

    What was the first car that you were driving together??????

  • TheJaisah
    TheJaisah 2 months ago

    I love motor trend reviews but I'm getting kinda sick of all the arguing. It's non stop and quite tiring to watch. Randy is the best because he's focused on the cars rather than arguing about "mines better than yours"

  • Umar Shabz
    Umar Shabz 2 months ago

    Speaking of soulless cars 🚗 the 570s .Lamborghini huracan would kill the 570 s for dead

  • FallaciousScotsman
    FallaciousScotsman 2 months ago

    The year of the expensive cars. Thank goodness for the Leftovers.

  • Perry ThePlatypus
    Perry ThePlatypus 2 months ago

    The Shelby has a "Check engine" light on...

  • Gabe Vanpopta
    Gabe Vanpopta 2 months ago

    wheres the 488 gtb

  • Drift Drag gaming
    Drift Drag gaming 2 months ago

    What he salid about The astro Martín Was true

  • An Adorable Neko
    An Adorable Neko 2 months ago

    I've always had a soft spot for mustangs, my neighbor had an old 69' boss 429 when I was a kid, got to ride in it one time; been in love with them ever since. Used to own an 05 till I hit a deer roaring 90 mph down a back road, now I got an old 96. Was in my buds 2014 model year gt500 as he ate up a hellcat a couple months back. And as fast as that car was, thats all it was lol FAST; but it was a boat of a car.

    Quite interested in checking out the new gt350r sometime. Any donations? XD

  • Deafsun
    Deafsun 2 months ago

    I genuinely like every single car in this comparison, and they are all amazing for one reason or another, but for whatever reason, that Porsche REALLY pulls on my heartstrings, I love it!

  • SolidMustangP51
    SolidMustangP51 2 months ago

    I wish they would stay in a price range on these. A $500,000 car better be a hell of a lot better than a $70,000 car. How about best drivers car that is under 70 grand. IE somewhat affordable. Then do another one over $70,000. That gets you 2 and then best of the best. See I got you 3 shows instead of 1

  • SolidMustangP51
    SolidMustangP51 2 months ago

    You guys can get something better than the radios and I love the camera work but the guys.... I don't like either.

  • Aasa C
    Aasa C 2 months ago

    so enjoy your videos. it's fun, practical and professional. Please feed us moreeeeee~~~~

  • Brian does big things
    Brian does big things 2 months ago

    I like how the 50k shelby is racing the M4 gts which is like 180k I think

  • chargerjake
    chargerjake 2 months ago

    repeatedly spam the 6 key on your keyboard while the video is playing

  • جود سيفم
    جود سيفم 2 months ago

    9087654321rr0rrr try

  • Andrew Renner
    Andrew Renner 2 months ago

    Mustangs and most other muscle cars are nearly ruined because there is no exclusivity. They are everywhere!

    • Mayor West
      Mayor West 1 month ago

      Andrew Renner well that's not as much of an issue for people who don't need to feel special

  • Andrew Renner
    Andrew Renner 2 months ago

    Nice shoutout for the Creation Museum.

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