Tesla Energy is Getting Serious - A Battery powered World?

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  • ColdFusion
    ColdFusion 3 months ago

    Price has been announced via Twitter: $250/kWh at the pack level for systems over 100MWh.
    Thanks to those who commented.

    • Mickelodian Surname
      Mickelodian Surname 2 months ago

      T.W. Someone Its a scam for sure... what sort of law forces people to pay for stuff they don't want. That's exactly how the mafia operated... protection rackets and whatnot.

      But y'know what...?? well we're all to blame for it...we are apathetic... and apathy leads to terrible things... don't think I need to tell you that. If we stood up and said "NO! " these scam artists and their political puppets would fuck off!

    • T.W. Someone
      T.W. Someone 2 months ago

      well fyi in germany and denmark we pay ~30 cent per Kw/H.. if there wasnt a mean corrupt law system to prevent homeowners from being of the grid and high monthly fees you even have to pay if you dont use any electricity, everyone would use solar and batteries. we pay 120€ per month for minimal electricity and consume maybe 6-7 times less than a US home. It would pay of for most people who have the money to invest, if it wasnt for this legislation.

    • zxexrxox
      zxexrxox 2 months ago

      Timothy Jacob
      not sure about that but there is research is being on salt water batteries

    • UncleHank
      UncleHank 2 months ago

      ColdFusion DC functions well over short distances like your roof to home circuits and without the EMR of higher voltage AC.

  • Tony Morley
    Tony Morley 22 hours ago

    Intro Track: Return of the Jaded - Whats it Gonna Take, #music #intro #track #beat

  • ConceptWiseAsia CWA TV

    Why not make car batteries scalable? Add more if you don't need the extra baggage or passenger space and you're going very long distances? And why not use car batteries in such a way that you can plug in appliances from your home? For camping or going on the road? This could be very useful to those in trailers and mobile homes.

  • Bastiaan van het Hoff

    favorite need story steal knife era

  • Tyler Khan
    Tyler Khan 23 days ago

    doorway search visual join planet urge sanction bible.

  • Dmonimo
    Dmonimo 1 month ago

    Nikola Tesla would be proud. Well done.

  • Olaru Marius Gheorghe

    Absurd rich people build $1Billion "House" (google it ) to show of ... meanwhile Elon Musk build a factory to save the world. God bless him! He was never driven by profit , its just pure passion ....

  • king A
    king A 1 month ago

    400+ people missed the like botton

  • The Joker
    The Joker 1 month ago

    Your channel was hacked?

  • Timeless D
    Timeless D 1 month ago

    50 MWh?
    Just to tell you a secret . . . on the other side of the world, China is generating 100 GWh from photovoltaic cells.  That is 2,000 times larger!

  • Red Menace
    Red Menace 1 month ago

    With oil companies in the White House who knows what dirty tricks those snakes got up their sleeves.

  • JonatasAdoM
    JonatasAdoM 1 month ago

    Batteries sound well and good but they're not the solution, we need a reactor. In an analogy switching hydro plants for batteries is the same if you were to change your hybrid car for an eletric one.

  • JonatasAdoM
    JonatasAdoM 1 month ago

    Problem is... batteries die.

    • Amin Zin
      Amin Zin 1 month ago

      +Jonatas BINGO ! Lithium in the chain of energy security...like...people & their families relying on it ? How stupid. 
      Cult of personality always leads to intellectual flaws...maybe future investment bubbles will be "fame based".
      His lithium battery factory is good idea, 'cause it's an added value on hydrocarbons, the grid being "carbon fueled".
      Big energy storage is only good idea if batteries don't consume fast (= lithium out !). Zinc-Bromine does the job !!!

  • BMWM760Li_G12 ROBLOX Gaming

    What is the Intro song called?

    • Tony Morley
      Tony Morley 22 hours ago

      Return of the Jaded - Whats it Gonna Take

  • Philip Danzinger
    Philip Danzinger 1 month ago

    Funny how Tesla does all of this in a few years and governments can't keep up because big oil companies restrain them.

  • crazyazn171
    crazyazn171 1 month ago

    Don't worry Hawaii my investment will help solve your power needs Carnegie clean energy has the worlds only operating wave farm in about a few months they will be announcing their ceto 6 commercial product

  • M3AMG63
    M3AMG63 1 month ago

    Name of the song played at the beginning????

    • Tony Morley
      Tony Morley 22 hours ago

      Return of the Jaded - Whats it Gonna Take

  • Peter Miller
    Peter Miller 1 month ago

    sounds like a chillout mix of lange's _follow me_ at the end. nice vid

  • spdzodzo
    spdzodzo 1 month ago

    the tesla deal in australia didn't work out, they hired some other company to do the job

  • Johnny Solipsis
    Johnny Solipsis 1 month ago

    Well that came across more as an advert for Tesla than a scientific appraisal.

  • tintdepot
    tintdepot 1 month ago

    Great information about Tesla Energy! We want PowerWalls and Powerpacks

  • Allen Berry
    Allen Berry 1 month ago

    Why make most of the worlds energy dependent of 1 companie's power source, somebody can just pull the plug I'm still for independent energy, it's my own and nobody can take it away from me

  • Wobbegong
    Wobbegong 1 month ago

    I am honestly surprised that they can provide such performance at reasonable cost. I would have imagined that transforming the high voltages from the power grid into what batteries can sustain would ruin the efficiency of the systems. But from an environmetal standpoind I think there are better solutions than lithium ion out there (like flow batteries which do not degrade over time). Especially mid term when those cells degrade more and more and recycling is still not where it needs to be to create a closed loop product life cycle.

  • Thiago Alvarez
    Thiago Alvarez 1 month ago

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  • 383mazda
    383mazda 1 month ago

    I love how the Cali Public Utilities Commission guy's first response to new tech is "how can we regulate it?" Will they ever learn, or will they just keep trying to regulate their way out of over regulation? There's a saying, "the best thing about California is the weather, because the government doesn't control it." Lol
    But go ahead Cali, keep getting rid of the most energy dense power system known to man and turn to non renewable batteries...

  • dek
    dek 1 month ago

    your "The True Story of Nikola Tesla [Pt.1]" has been blocked for copyright. when will a new re-edited version be out?

  • Alex Bradley
    Alex Bradley 1 month ago

    3:03 - Narrator said 1,500 homes. Screen says 15,000 🙄

  • ta kj
    ta kj 1 month ago

    so what about the free energy that TESLA actually developed

  • Joe Brooks
    Joe Brooks 1 month ago

    Why are the battery boxes so small. Whats wrong with just having one massive battery!

  • Paul Swanee
    Paul Swanee 1 month ago

    Can you please explain how a 150 Gw complex is replacing a 18,000 Gw nuclear plant?

  • Stacey Funk
    Stacey Funk 1 month ago

    Why do we need batteries when we have a perfectly viable source of free energy right above our heads?

  • TheApnean
    TheApnean 1 month ago

    I wonder what the state of play with battery tech will be once the batteries being fitted NOW do reach their replacement due date? Considering Musk recently effectively doubled the effectiveness 0f Lithium Ion batteries, in 8 years when the due date hits - who knows what will be possible. They may be replaced by something really groovy.

  • Good Show
    Good Show 1 month ago

    damn elon musk. i thought saying this like that was only on tv

  • Anthony
    Anthony 1 month ago

    It seems the cost per KW per home would have a payback over 3 centuries.. Solar cells aren't very efficient.. neither is wind power.. Why not use Nuclear power?

  • H Gaming
    H Gaming 1 month ago

    "Will have to rewrite this, got hacked"


  • luke666808g
    luke666808g 1 month ago

    4:21 Padlockable handles with no padlocks? Either someone's gonna get electrocuted or all their copper is about to get stolen.

  • Tristan Peters
    Tristan Peters 1 month ago

    The lifetime of a Lithium Polymer battery is around 100 cycles and up to 500 if it's insane. As in a few hundred dollars for a few Amp Hours. The lithium drilling is also a very hazardous operation, as Lithium is an extremely reactive substance and is rare. Not only that, but a relatively small lithium battery, for example, a 1s with about 1000 mAH, is what exploded in people's pockets with the Note 7. That's a serious problem when you have those batteries the size of a shack. If one of those has a problem and the lithium reacts, it would be like a small bomb, and in turn could create a chain reaction.

  • basil currie
    basil currie 1 month ago

    You should do something on The Venus Project.

  • lostintime86
    lostintime86 1 month ago

    Elvis Blue Hawaii

  • Sunil Palakurthy
    Sunil Palakurthy 1 month ago

    I have been watching your videos from 3 years, and the content that I found in this channel is very unique and very informative.
    Hope this technology will become less expensive and spreads worldwide.

  • Ojasvi Jhamb
    Ojasvi Jhamb 1 month ago

    Coldfusion videos are a bliss to watch. They are motivational alongside being able to quench my thirst of knowledge. This channel inspires me to not settle down and do something great! Thank you for giving me this incessant want. Plus the music is always awesome. Great going!

  • Satyam Kumar
    Satyam Kumar 1 month ago

    tesla and musk is changing the electricity industry dramatically
    nice video. your voice , content and editing make everyone watch your video 👍👍 ☺

  • Infinite Remote Control

    Why not just store heat in saltwater? That's way better for the environment and is rather efficient

  • Archer C
    Archer C 2 months ago

    0.012 cents pKh is a RIP OFF

  • Advocate For A TYT Canada

    What is the most impressive to me is the fact that even with "Big Oil" throwing as much disinformation out there as humanly possible and, with as much unlimited money they have to buy off senators and congressmen, STILL, Tesla was able to say: *""Fuck You, We're doing this a better way!!""*

  • xGoodOldSmurfehx
    xGoodOldSmurfehx 2 months ago

    the way these idiots talk about electric batteries is sickening, as if it was anything really new

    its 2017 you fucking pieces of human garbage, tell it like it is or drown in your fucking fat oil you corporate dicksuckers

  • Rohit kumar
    Rohit kumar 2 months ago

    Hi Coldfusion can you tell me which software you are using for generatng a voice "You are watching Coldfusion TV" in this video?

  • SoloArt Studio
    SoloArt Studio 2 months ago

    Watched and Thanks for sharing your wonderful videos

  • Siim Koger
    Siim Koger 2 months ago

    Elon Musk's name will be remembered for a quite a while

  • Nacl Chen
    Nacl Chen 2 months ago

    great green power

  • ninny buns
    ninny buns 2 months ago

    Great stories mun :)

  • Jack_3xs
    Jack_3xs 2 months ago

    Any flatearthers watching?

  • Madhur Garg
    Madhur Garg 2 months ago

    Awesome stuff as usual. Big fan of your channel. Can you post a video on Block Chain Technology ! Thanks

  • muxammad mursal warsame 4

    my concern is what is the life cycle of these batteries ?

  • Clayton Still
    Clayton Still 2 months ago

    Tesla energy and Elon Musk are frauds! Tesla, Nikola Tesla that is, already had technology to provide everyone on earth with FREE ENERGY over 100 years ago! No batteries! No wires! Just electricity basically out of the air. He was squashed by the oil tycoons because Tesla wanted to give this technology away for free! Upon Nikola Tesla's death the US government raided his home for all his research! These 2 lying frauds were obviously the two that the technology was given to.
    Most bullshit video I've ever seen on YouTube!

  • edgenet1
    edgenet1 2 months ago

    This will only work if we switch all of our appliances to DC current this will save a lot of power converting from DC to AC a lot of power loss when doing this.

  • Grandmaster Kuai Liang

    Fuck Tesla, I like my noisy, fun, horsepower rich AMG.

  • steven8888100
    steven8888100 2 months ago

    musk is a total fraud with a cult following. Invented nothing new, but good at pretending to be intelligent and taking money off idiots.

  • MyKeegz
    MyKeegz 2 months ago

    anyone know whats the name of the song at the start of the video

    • Tony Morley
      Tony Morley 22 hours ago

      Return of the Jaded - Whats it Gonna Take

  • Leo Ueno
    Leo Ueno 2 months ago

    Your videos are amazing but could we get more "How big is..." Series videos?

  • normellow
    normellow 2 months ago

    Keep an eye out for Solid State batteries ! 3 to 10 times more power !

  • Scott
    Scott 2 months ago

    When are we going to get all this fantastic technology from youtube lol

  • Joshua Tack
    Joshua Tack 2 months ago

    By the time we can sustain ourself from "green" energy we're already dead.

  • Sky Jun
    Sky Jun 2 months ago

    that battery from LG.. and that battery has to be replace every 5~7 year.. better then nothing but.. the point is price..

  • Harold Dominguez
    Harold Dominguez 2 months ago

    If this is true, It is amazing

  • SabirTV
    SabirTV 2 months ago

    i wait for the dyson sphere

  • Kamron
    Kamron 2 months ago

    i really hope that within my life time we can achieve a world running souly on renewable energy

  • Douglas Dorman
    Douglas Dorman 2 months ago

    Thank you Hawaii for your Stewardship of the beautiful natural environment of the Islands thank you for the love I love you to:), Thank you Australia for the love you sent to me, the mini-boomerang Art piece is beautiful and I really like the sideways Kangaroo, Sweet!!, Thank you Elon for all the money you have spent on my behalf in some of, if not the best health care in the World, truly a miracle of Science, I hope I can in some way give back to you some of what you have given to me and my family, (I 'll work for beer and pizza, no, seriously!:), peace and love, Doug.

  • DJAZAlwayz
    DJAZAlwayz 2 months ago

    as a roofer ... I'm excited

  • SuperBking1340
    SuperBking1340 2 months ago

    And yet more absolute horse shit from that con artist Musk?
    We are supposed to believe this fukin bollox?

    CARROTMOLD 2 months ago




  • Bebopity
    Bebopity 2 months ago

    How does he plan on distributing the energy from the stationary energy storages, which are located in the middle of nowhere, to cities? The farther you store the energy, the longer the wire to the homes to make use of that energy. Energy is lost over the course of traveling through a wire. I just don't get the practicality of this project.

    AXX VXX 2 months ago

    @3:42 now that's ironic, a company called Edison energy is receiving "help" from another one called Tesla, go and see.

  • Phil s
    Phil s 2 months ago

    awesome can you do somthing about Concentrated solar ?

  • Stu
    Stu 2 months ago

    Tesla has several problems. Two of which are: 1. It is doubtful they can survive without massive government subsidies. 2. They still need a battery that doesn't burn up. I wouldn't hang one of things one the wall in my house unless I was trying to collect insurance money.

  • Lugmillord
    Lugmillord 2 months ago

    Elon Musk is the only very influencial person I know of who is really trying hard to help mankind. Most big companies are exploitative in one way or another. It is sad that most CEOs lose their empathy in greed for money. I wish Elon all the good luck for the future. He could prevent us from having major energy problems in the coming decades. Very promising. The Steve Jobs of energy.

  • cal920c
    cal920c 2 months ago

    Maybe we should put a battery farm where Pickering Nuclear is now that they're in talks to Decom the site...

  • rgaud8
    rgaud8 2 months ago

    This seems good for some businesses. I wonder if companies could save money by charging the battery banks during cheaper off peak hours and then using that energy during peak hours? Then again though, depending how efficient the batteries are maybe there wouldn't be any savings if used that way.

  • peter lang
    peter lang 2 months ago

    broadbit of finland has 10x lithium ion density's power in new sodium batteries

  • kirby march Barcena
    kirby march Barcena 2 months ago

    If the solar plant do flourish in Hawaii,it could also be done in other 3rd world countries.

  • Daniel Jordan
    Daniel Jordan 2 months ago

    the channel has the most professional content feeling on youtube!

  • Lawrence Taylor
    Lawrence Taylor 2 months ago

    Why is everyone surprised by the speed of change? Why are we being victimized by Zombie Petroleum Lobby goons? The CEO of Mercedes decided to not invest in battery production last year since he said production was already at peak. People like that deserve to go bankrupt. Let's support Elon and build more batteries. LG Chem has plans for a plant in Poland for 100,000 EV. Impressive but that is about 1% of their production. All of the ICE vehicles are a waste of resources. As soon as gas goes up to 10 or 20 dollars a gallon, lets see who has the last laugh. There are Gigafactories planned for Germany and a friendly ally in Sweden. If Renault, Nissan and the German manufacturers cry for help, please show a little mercy, or don't.

  • sebastian wilkins
    sebastian wilkins 2 months ago

    We are awaiting our tesla home power packs and are currebtlt having panels installed. The initial upfront coat is high but we are set to save a lot of money per year in electricity.

  • Matthew Strydom
    Matthew Strydom 2 months ago

    Thanks man. Loved the Tesla update. Keep bringing the videos man. Appreciate it!

  • David J. Smith
    David J. Smith 2 months ago

    I live in the Hi-Desert in Southern California and my city population is about 40,000 +/-...I Believe this would be a Good Deal for us and we also have Hi-Winds from time to time! We could support a Wind Farm as well along with the Solar Powered Battery Packs!...God Bless!

  • deFenestrate!
    deFenestrate! 2 months ago

    in my subjective opinion, the batteries are a dead end as electric power storage, at least the current battery types.

  • H Van Rooyen
    H Van Rooyen 2 months ago

    Africa would be a great investment Mr Musk

  • HairlessHare
    HairlessHare 2 months ago

    Elon musk is more than anything, a beacon of hope and inspiration.

  • John T
    John T 2 months ago

    But can Elon save us from ourselves before it's too late?

  • Rushil N
    Rushil N 2 months ago

    Thank you Mr and Mrs Musk for your son.

  • Frank Martial
    Frank Martial 2 months ago

    Troy reed magnetic generator enough said search it.......

  • symmetry08
    symmetry08 2 months ago

    May be I should install water tank higher off ground and store energy thus. I can use it as water emergency storage and generate energy during late night.

  • symmetry08
    symmetry08 2 months ago

    Best way to store energy, without distance transmission, is at locations where it will be delivered most. But problem here looks like servicing and guaranteeing quality if they have been spread apart and danger of fire becomes immense.

  • Zero Tolerance
    Zero Tolerance 2 months ago

    "technology that wasn't there before!" is he kidding? Lion batteries have been around for decades! Tesla doesn't even make their own batteries, they source it from LG, Samsung and Fujitsu. Nothing revolutionary from using decades old Lion battery. I think a big step forward is INVENTING a smaller sized battery than can store more energy and charge 2000% faster and is environmentally non-toxic.

  • 27kdon
    27kdon 2 months ago

    What I have observed:
    Scientists/inventors discover new technology.
    initially people are skeptical/hesitant/too poor etc...
    then growth sky-rockets and takes hold.
    then it plateaus.
    and we await the next "breakthrough".

    while I love what Elon is doing with batteries, I sincerely hope that research does slow into making better, more efficient, higher capacity and environmentally friendlier batteries. That is what seems to have happened with fossil fuels power plants, internal combustion engines - the technology was made, growth sky-rocketed, infrastructure built around fossil fuels, now it has taken hold and we are struggling to release ourselves from its grasp.

  • 27kdon
    27kdon 2 months ago

    Come to Australia Tesla!!!

  • Black Phoenix
    Black Phoenix 2 months ago

    What is with recycling?

  • Justice League
    Justice League 2 months ago

    America stole Serbian Inventions ( Nikola Tesla ) 17 years ago America stole they country.

  • Gagan Deep Purple
    Gagan Deep Purple 2 months ago


  • The Real 2nd Earl of Rochester

    52 MW/h of storage?
    Hazelwood alone is 1600MW. 52 / 1600 = 0.0325 Hours = 1 Minute 57 Seconds. Hydroelectric scale-up still takes at least 20 minutes. Then consider that these batteries are done at 2000 cycles. Assuming this is cycled once a day. That's 5.48 Years before the entire battery array must be replaced.

    Consider the following, (select the 5 minute view):

    Assuming we buy in at $67 and sell at $213, that's $146 profit per MWh. That is what justifies the expense on a power plant that can only conceivably last 5 years. These are good things, but don't just read the marketing pamphlet. This is a dual strategy with the interests of Tesla Motors at hart. He's just looking to make money from the grid load levelling market, while simultaneously driving the cost of batteries down.

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