Tesla Energy is Getting Serious – A Battery Powered World?

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0:00 Return of the Jaded - Whats it Gonna Take

0:43 Different Sleep – Turbulence

2:00 KAASI - Those Days

3:13 Roald Velden – Peaceful

4:17 Need a Name - Road to Berlin

6:00 Bobby Puma feat. Katt Rockel - Deeper Than Love

6:52 Monogrenade - M'en Aller (J.u.D. Remix)

7:53 Hiatus – Nimbu

8:34 YOUNG GOD // Slow Motion Remixxx

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Author ColdFusion ( ago)
Price has been announced via Twitter: $250/kWh at the pack level for systems over 100MWh.
Thanks to those who commented.

Author Ray F ( ago)
Great videos as always, but can you please disclose how many shares you have in Tesla? It would help to weigh the degrees of bias. Thanks.

Author NickK ( ago)
Even more serious, I saw this Kickstarter that did it without batteries. Light Energy it was called, you should check it out :-). Energy transition at its best.

Author Raden Pendowo Arba'in ( ago)
Excuse me sir!! Please make a history about Ericsson

Author Kyle Mercado ( ago)
Our severe stock stress immigration track wish classroom.

Author Rain Waters ( ago)
I just needed to sign in to make this comment!

"Batteries not included"

Author Laughing Ass Farms ( ago)
The only problem i see is the fact the panels are not encoprorated into roofs so that the panels blend in rather than take up space else where.

Author Ferdinand Adlawan ( ago)
I know this may be off topic in the video above, Dagogo, what's with Coldfustion and Coldfusion? Thanks

Author Jared Hohman ( ago)
It works in Hawaii because power is normally $0.30/KWH, 3-5x what most people pay. If you had free power to charge batteries, it would still cost more to use batteries. Solar can be done for ~$0.06/kwh. So at best this is a last resort backup (instead of cheaper backup plants...), or to help with wind/solar smoothing, in either case, they aren't primary source of power. Renewables don't have enough penetration yet for it to be an issue for 99% of the world yet Batteries just aren't cheap enough yet for it to be actually practical in 95% of the world as a primary power, you need to generate the power first. Batteries for primary power would last 1-2 years, solar panels last 30 years, 0 maintenance, wind turbines last a long time, but need a little maintenance.

Author deejaydomino ( ago)
Tesla's version of a battery backup. not impressed.

Author David pena ( ago)
Expectation for mass production and vertical integration for the gigafactory are often overblown. mass production is limited by the amount of work per machine (space accounts for only 2% of manufacturing cost) and tesla's cathode production which is the most expensive part of the battery will most likely be outsource.

Author SirRacha ( ago)
@ColdFusion was just wondering, but do you invest in stocks of the companies you do research on?

Author guedesfhp ( ago)
Excelent video!

Author PluriiGaming ( ago)
Why is this clean, cheap, efficient and renewable energy still being debated for use?

Author Eric Downs ( ago)
So who won Edison or Tesla? Serious tho this is ironic.

Author Killroy ( ago)
Solar Energy = Indirect Cold Fusion.
Up-vote if you get it.

Author Killroy ( ago)
Congrats Tesla. It looks like cleaner technology will offset pollution and volatile oil prices.

Author Greg Dean ( ago)
You are awesome. What a professional Youtube Channel. I shared your channel on my FB. Great work.

Author Tongpu Yen ( ago)
where does the lithium come from for tesla?

Author Avinash Yadav ( ago)
Please make a video on limitation on transistor dimension and quantum computing ......

Author akhil kalva ( ago)
Make a video on the history of Koch Industries

Author STIKKAR ( ago)
I guess Elon will soon be the wealthiest man on earth.

Author shad ! ( ago)
what happen if hail rain took place in hawaii ?

Author Tom Ormiston ( ago)
several island in Scotland are almost totally renewable energy, eg Eigg Island and have been for some years now.

Author zxn6869 ( ago)
still need oil

Author Yahtadi Shidiq ( ago)
Elon Musk for President!!

Author Brit Hull ( ago)
I really enjoy your videos! Your production and voiceovers are top notch! Keep up the great work! #topnotch @coldfusion +coldfusion

Author BRAiDEN2OO5 ( ago)
So making large ion batteries is THAT HARD?

Author revtune ( ago)
But are they EMP hardened?

Author John Petan ( ago)
exciting times....hope we get it in Sydney. .we need it

Author peter muturi ( ago)

Author Jaimie Forde ( ago)
Im so astonished that people are still so bent on being on the grid when they could create their own power station at their homes and never pay for power again

Author Treasure Hunter ( ago)
I wonder how new breakthroughs in battery technology like John Goodenough's solid state batteries may threaten Tesla's investment in their gigafactory, their business plans and investment with the lithium ion battery they currently plan to produce.

Author Dᴏᴡʟᴘʜɪɴ ( ago)
Referring to the final statement in the video: Tesla is NOT a great shift in the status quo. It's the same room with a nicer wallpaper.
Where would Tesla be without the USA's military-capitalist-imperialist exploitation of Afghanistan's vast lithium resources? That's the other side of the equation that adds nothing to a better world but buys it with causing havoc.
1) Torture world
2) Save world
3) PRofit ("another capitalist success story")
Thorium reactor tech doesn't seem to be aimed at in the USA. As always it's about money and those new techs come with an agenda. (And since the channel's name is ColdFusion ... Well those technologies are not even allowed (because the status quo is still intact), because money and power. You can only act in that setting as long as you stick to its self-preserving rules.)
Wondering though why short-time energy storage (half a day) isn't done with supercapacitors, which are very environmentally friendly. Probably same answer: Money. Their tiny energy leakage is still a few percent profit loss, and the 'good' dominates as long as the better (its worst enemy) isn't entering the stage.
Technological progress is no cause for celebration as long as humankind isn't progressing. It leads to technocracy, the domain of the overbearing mind, and that kills the spirit.
The 'progress' we see is bought with giving bullshit a stronger foothold. It is - somewhat ironically - short-sighted.

Author Dalisu Ngobese ( ago)
Why not put solar panels over powerpacks?

Author Dalisu Ngobese ( ago)
Tesla or Tezla?

Author Handbrake Skidmark ( ago)
Screw batteries. Bring on Fuel Cells. Energy on demand.

Author nikihta26 ( ago)
Finally!!!!! This is What we've been waiting for!!!!! I'm so excited for this to become the norm 😄

Author Naval Kishore Barthwal ( ago)
Does this make Edison a good guy and Tesla a bad guy...

Author kebman ( ago)
Oh wow, batteries! Tesla invented them, right? Nope. Tesla didn't even invent huge batteries, but I can see they're getting all the credit anyway. Great plug for Tesla, I guess. Pun intended. To me this proves only one thing: That people will go for who they know over any other brand, even though it might not be the best. The only thing that really counts is being best _in their mind_. Cheers everyone!

Author Glama Basic ( ago)
What is this ? The Fairytale Channel ?
Does anyone know how much Energy is wasted by producing just a single one of those Tesla CAR Batterys ?
Batterys are not a solution, if the Oil runns out ( and it will ) we are all fucked up back to the Stone Age,
the whole Transportation System will collapse...Worldwide...

Author luc le rumeur ( ago)
what about lack of rare Earth material, which lithium comes from ?

Author Ape man Commeth ( ago)
We need to invest and alter our ways towards Elon Musk our new god! I pray to Elon Musk every day

Author Kill the Ignorance ( ago)
you do a great job with your vids. I really appreciate them! thank you

Author Abir Mahmud ( ago)
Apple should ask Tesla to make batteries for them ;)

Author Karol Trojanowski ( ago)
Dude, as always very good video! :) I love your videos, seriously.

Author c0c ( ago)
The intro speaks for itself

Author BlackheartRegia ( ago)
you should have thrown in teslas hamster measurement for the gigafactory. 50 billion XD

Author Saul Gonzalez ( ago)
Awesome video !, keep em coming !

Author TheUpwardbound1 ( ago)
Nikola Tesla would be proud. He was robbed of his true place in history not to mention the great wealth that he was also robbed of. I could as Telsa creating the first true flying car.

Author ProPainXzyled ( ago)
lilo and stich took place at Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida... NOT in Kauai. The cartoon's characters lived in Kauai.. but nothing was filmed there. lol

Just saying..

Author RWBHere ( ago)
Why doesn't Hawaii make much more use of the abundance of geothermal energy which underlies those islands?

Author Lone Wolf ( ago)
2:34 dat ass tho

Author Travel-Nomad ( ago)
Awesome video, appreciate it. Side note: you could maybe get rid of the intro, video is perfectly fine from where you start talking :)

Author /Chooêt\ ( ago)
fuck tesla!

Author AD ( ago)
هذا اكبر منافس للنفط السعودي 😅😂😂😂😂

Author Solid Smoke ( ago)
Wait. Did we just discover a variant of the Perpetual Motion Engine?

Author bulletllover25 ( ago)
Hey Coldfusion it will be great to watch a video on Giga factory and the entire process!

Author Jeena Bittenbender ( ago)
WOW!!! Amazing!! thank you for investigating this.

Author JG R ( ago)
what is the rate of input-output loss? batteries don't provide as much energy as they absorb

Author hopeless128 ( ago)
with all this concentrated power and the history of lithium ion ... how safe are these batteries ?

Author Nuclear Armament ( ago)
People are ignorant about nuclear technology. If reactors used weapons grade fissile material, such the reactors used aboard Ohio-class nuclear submarines (their uranium fuel is at least 98.75% pure U-235, by mass), we would not have to worry about any fucking nuclear waste--especially if the fuel uranium was more than 99.9999% pure U-235! Wake up, people! You know nothing about the most basic, common sense things! I don't see the PWRs aboard the nuclear submarines blowing up in a nuclear detonation, or even a steam explosion (even if it did, U-235 which is 98.75% pure by mass isn't going to do shit to the environment, assuming it breached the reactor containment vessel)! They have only been operating without any refueling necessary even after more than thirty years of nonstop power output; liberals are fucking stupid! Even 1940s/1950s first-generation and second-generation PWR/LWR technology works just fine and is perfectly safe for the environment, and can produce little to no waste whatsoever; blame the regulatory agencies and the environmental fundamentalists--LIBERALS--that stifle nuclear advancement in the civilian sector including outside of anything but the military industrial complex and the black budget!

Author Alex Papas ( ago)

Author Joe Wigfall ( ago)
A video on Flint Michigan would be nice

Author Andrei S ( ago)
instead of trashing mountains of money on current-gen batteries that may be so obsolete they won't even be worth recycling after a real breakthrough, why didn't Tesla put all that money in R&D-ing new battery technology? It seems to me that finding new ways to store energy, that could bring us EV with thousands of miles on one charge or making all this in the video in a much smaller and cost-efficient way should be the priority, not rushing to fix hour long blackouts.

Author Tomasz Zalewski ( ago)
I absolutely love how you mix a little nightlife feels into your videos. MINT.

Author Gage The Navigator ( ago)
Ahem, make room for radial energy and amazing health technologies in the coming years!!!

Author Jeroen Verbaarschot ( ago)
they use batteries to still be able to earn money from the solar energy.. good solution to solve the economic problem from switching to green energy

Author Kaushal Mehta ( ago)
It has become a habit for me to watch your videos in full screen mode because they are visually awesome!
Great video as always :)

Author Sjard Willems v ( ago)
allot of the video isn't full hd?

Author Andy Lee Robinson ( ago)
Note to investors in fossil fuels: Get out or go down.
This is the future, and it's renewable.

Author Moussaoui Ahmed ( ago)

Author Jonathan Ramirez ( ago)
Elon Musk is the future Rockerfeller, watch out.

Author Teemu M. ( ago)
1. electric cars are not feasible,
2. they are too slow,
3. the batteries may catch fire,
4. fail in cold climates,
5. it is really not an absolutely clean car, because it pollutes the air too much (albeit less than gas cars) to recharge the batteries by coal power plants,
6. electric cars are funny looking and gimmicky,
7. it is best to stick with traditional hybrid cars,
8. the technology is not there for 20 years and
9. they are trying to hoax you to pay deposits, which you will never see, while Tesla will mysteriously disappear, just like all the other concept car makers.
10. Not to mention legitimate road safety, as these toy box cars are far below the regulations.
11. what the mainstream tries to propagate, is that there will be no electric car for another 30 years.

Author Alex Va ( ago)
Musk is a sneaky guy who earns money by fooling you. In next 4-6 years all these free tesla charges will be charging your cars for huge money

Author Timmy Industries ( ago)
1 vulcan and every panel is gone

Author william Frater ( ago)
the best channel on youtube!

Author I am sorry but ( ago)
After watching this I am putting my 20 grand in Tesla stocks
Sounds like it's gonna blow up

Author Ramiel ( ago)
Why not just use thermal generators using the power of their magma and the sea?
I mean they could produce enough energy probably for all of USA...
Oh the market that's right... Never mind, sell oil and batteries go on.

Author Galvin Stanley ( ago)
Algae used as a power source, is the cleanest and best power source we have today.

Author NatalieCatLee ( ago)
This could have been done 20 years ago, if there wasn't so much greed in the world. I hope that for once, the big industrials learn from this, that if the environment is destroyed, there's no money in that and that eco sustainability is the future and it should start right now. I'm thankful for people like Elon Musk, who manage to really make a positive change and are able to reach so many people. Great video, very informative!

Author Kevin Colt ( ago)
Yea yea.. its still too big and too much space used.. "they" need too drastically simplify it and drastically reduce the size and equipment needed to harness energy from the sun.. IDGAF

Author Chris Sa ( ago)
4:07 Sure, technology is moving fast. But don't forget the genius entrepreneur who set out to save the human race from self-destruction. Elon Musk is a legend.

Author Kyle Behringer ( ago)
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Author Brokkoli OMG ( ago)
This is just so amazing <3

Author Sybrand Botes ( ago)
Pumped hydro storage is much cheaper...

Author Key Lock ( ago)
unfortunately it's battery.
it works on smaller site, but large or heavy usage... it will crumble.

Author Mambo Chapanduka ( ago)
Low key feel like Elon is working towards world domination, as in the worlds ruler

Author Marvin Vibert ( ago)
I wished Tesla would do this and the Caribbean especially Haiti and Dominican Republic

Author Matheuu Parsonage ( ago)

Author Johnny Lopez ( ago)
Please come to florida Tesla!!!!!!!

Author egonkirchof ( ago)
In places where you can sell energy back to the grid, selling stored energy could be a great business...

Author Miko Niemistö ( ago)
Would it work in Finland where sun set only at summer.

Author Tidal Yacht ( ago)
One problem; where will we even get the material to produce all those batteries? Electric cars as not exatally 100 percent clean when you consider how the batteries for those cars are made.

Author Jonathan Collins ( ago)
Hahaha, I shipped all those bad boys. Sweeeeet.

Author Russ D ( ago)
Why don't we use industrial hemp to make electricity. Oh yeah it's illegal man I wonder why

Author Cosmo John ( ago)
Lithium maybe mainstream now. But its not the future. PERIOD. The cost of installing this type of systems is deceiving because there is a HIDDEN COST. Lithium cannot last long. It AGES fast when used daily. The cost of replacing all these batteries will undo all the "cost savings". This applies to everything using lithium. This is not told clearly to the electric car buyers, power walls and this. Stupidity has no cure.

Author dekutree64 ( ago)
It's great that Tesla is getting a head start on this, but lithium ion really isn't ideal for grid storage. Too expensive, considering its relatively short lifetime. But there are so many new battery types on the horizon, it's only a matter of time before one emerges as the winner. That will be when the super-exponential growth happens. The fate of Tesla will largely depend on whether they cling to lithium for too long, choose the wrong new chemistry, or choose the right one. IMO the most promising is Robert Murray-Smith's structured carbon batteries.

Author munimack ( ago)
79 Billion from US Taxpayers. Can I get A solar shingle and a small battery generated so I can charge one device? Anyone else receive any product from this company?

Author UnionBG ( ago)
Elon Musk makes me believe in the world!

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