120mph Mega Crash! - Fifth Gear

The world's fastest ever crash test -- just how big are the forces involved and how much of a family car is left after it crashes at a speed not uncommon on British motorways?

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Author Slame 55 ( ago)
try using a Holden commodore, that will endure up as dust

Author DeadlySIlence92 ( ago)
What about non-retard Units?

Author Maddy ( ago)
4:53 made me giggle

Author Bones Malone ( ago)
two cars going 60 mph would be the same as one car hitting a stationary object at 120 mph. two cars hitting each other at 120 mph would be like hitting a stationary object at 240 mph.

Author Alex Neil ( ago)
Crazy.. decimated

Author Bogologum ( ago)
would u die lol

Author The Last Greaser ( ago)
Please be safe on the road everyone. If you've ever been in a high speed crash before, you know this is no joke

Author nosequiters ( ago)
kids in africa could have eaten that car :(

Author RJ The Bike Guy ( ago)
120mph into a stationary block? Wouldn't that be more like two cars colliding head on while both travelling 60mph? (not both travelling 120mph like stated in the video)

Author MItsos Ogdontatessera ( ago)
if you ve been through high school physics you are aware that a head on crash of 2 cars, is not the equivalent of a car crushing on a concrete unmovable wall...

Author 56Seeker ( ago)
Interesting film, but awful sound balance. The music drowns the speech.

Author scott jones ( ago)
How do they do it: Turning cars into cubes.

Author Robert Meijer ( ago)
actually you are wrong.. running that car at 120 into that blockade does NOT simulate a head-on crash at 120... It simulates a head on crash at 60 mph, as when you compute the total, you take 2 cars hitting head on at both going 60 mph, gives you the 120 combined, .. If 2 cars were going 120, and hit head on, than the speed of impact becomes 240. In other words.. if 2 cars hit head on at 120 then at point of impact doubles. check with police/ or Insurance assc. they will tell you the same.

Author Tavis S ( ago)
wow scary thing is back when I lived in the desert I got my old Camry Station Wagon upto 190km/h........ what an idiot I was back then.....

Author from the bottom up ( ago)
good thing they had their seatbelts on x

Author KING MOE ( ago)
I didn't think a FORD could even go that fast.

Author Harley Love ( ago)
When will it END!?! If those were real people their families will be suing this company

Author Corruptdigit x ( ago)
I think we can rebuild it.

Author Luis Camacho ( ago)
This is gooooood stuff, lol, he said the car almost turns into a piece o modern art, o nice, try putting some of today's politicians in and is a complete work of art, a masterpiece!! Lol.

Author roquefortfiles ( ago)
400 G's? The people on the aircraft that hit the WTC experienced about 5000 G's.

Author The slow Mo car crashes ( ago)
I subed because I love crashes

Author eliteinventor ( ago)
smart car failed , humble strength fail

Author Casey Rigdon GeorgiaTraveler ( ago)
what a pansy. and who told you that was a good beard style

Author Randy Kiik ( ago)
fuck, 193 km/h, you will never survive.

Author life is ( ago)
people have survived crashes that fast......

Author Bill W ( ago)
Math is off. At 1:12, they say crashing a car into a brick wall is like crashing two cars going 120 into each other. Not true. Crashing into a wall at 120 is like two cars going 60 crashing into each other.

Author derrik tie ( ago)
this brit is over dramatic and needs to brush his teeth....

Author EC Clockwork ( ago)
doesn't do anything for me... I still drive fast and go over 120. I'll continue to...

Author COALA CHAOS ( ago)
why didnt they empty the tank before? :/

Author username already taken ( ago)
Are you jake roper's cousin?

Author Alan Trevor ( ago)

Author Diamond Dashound ( ago)
Thanks now you put me off super car racing

Author P Fulton ( ago)
More realistically, this would be the force of two cars colliding head on at 60mph each. That is a closing speed of 120mph.

Author goose1127 ( ago)
Math is a little off.. two cars head on each one going 120 would be a 240MPH crash impact... this would happen with two cars going 60 and hitting each other head on..

Author Michael Clark ( ago)
Ford Focus 120 MPH?

How about something realistic like a Mustang?

Author yabozoable ( ago)
They couldnt drain the gas tank?

Author FknRa ( ago)
little woopsie, that's 2 cars crashing together at 60mph each head on (or 95kph(ish)) each. That said I regularly hit 100 plus on long commutes, but that's with speed rated tires, ceramic brakes, and long flat stretches of open road (in "mexico")

Author Ch3 5t3r D ( ago)
+tayyab 2 cars - each travelling at 62.5 mph, head on. There's your 125mph crash.

Author Sam C ( ago)
needed 2 slightly use rear mags...

Author Astro ( ago)
That will buff out with a bit of T-Cut

Author binbagful ( ago)
1.min 10 sec. Two cars hitting each other at 120 mph. That should be 2 car traveling at 60 mph to be the same as hitting a wall at 120 mph. ( UPDATED )There has been loads of internet chat about this. And even blogs on people's pages. But no one seems to have an answer. What was said by many is that Two cars hitting each other would not have the same effect because both vehicles would absorb some of the impact. Unlike a concrete wall. More damaged is caused by hitting a wall. That is true. But It is not the same as hitting another car at 120 mph. It depends on if the other vehicle is the same ( not a truck ) and after reading some of the info on the crash. It would be near double the speed to have the same effect. ( I STAND CORRECTED. )

Author w23857980 ( ago)
That's why I don't own a Ford.

Author sofian senac ( ago)
ok, thanks Fifth Gear, now I know that if I want to crash into a block at 120Mph, I should stick a nokia in front of the bumper.

Author Jay Rydre ( ago)
Their math was wrong. 2 vehicles travelling at just 60 MPH hitting head on has the force a 120 MPH 1 car crash. So the test was indicative of the force of a 120 MPH crash, but that force is achieved at lower speeds. 2 vehicles travelling at 120 each (as he stated) would have the force of a 240 MPH crash.

Author jerolvilladolid ( ago)
Were they able to check if the airbags deployed??

Author W.T. Brown ( ago)
That'll buff right out.

Author 193001 kiplssd ( ago)
My dad has an awesome set of tools....I can fix it

Author PrivateInvestigator672 ( ago)

Author Monchu Cortes ( ago)

Author Nad Dolan ( ago)

Author toisaa ( ago)
Rear wheels were protected by collapse of whole body.

Author Aaron Allred ( ago)
So that's how they squish cars for the junk yard. I always wondered how they did that.

Author Corinne Regets ( ago)
That was intense!

Author Jerrad Grinstead ( ago)
Don't saddle a dead horse

Author Rob Is Superior ( ago)
pussies should have did it with a 7

Author Praised Honour ( ago)
Skip to 3:00 - thank me now

Author bananian ( ago)
just add more airbags.

Author Scott Pearson ( ago)
if you look at two cars hitting head on at 70 MPH no one hits the brakes other than the recoil from the cars hitting I believe you would have the same thing

Author Funk Sevsxn ( ago)
It would be a woman driving. Damn feminists.

Author Mr Dragon ( ago)
I have an Audi S5 I was driving it 120mph on a highway but there was a red light but since my car was tiptroinic I put it in Manuel using the brakes and downshifting and did not even hit a wall or a car my car was fine

Author Seim Old DickHead ( ago)
In the real world you cant crash head on with such speed. What will happen most likely is a rollover.

Author Ben Marchand ( ago)
There was a car crash right across the street of my house, and the car was going 100 mph and smashed into a telephone pole. both of the people in the car died and it was exploding after the crash. this was in september 2015.

Author Ken B. ( ago)
I am really very sure the Focus will buff out.

Author Ashley Bachman ( ago)

Author Ashley Bachman ( ago)
so bad

Author Ashley Bachman ( ago)

Author DonOLD TRUMP ( ago)
at 4:49 he farts as if this is a big deal. Try nearly 500mph of a TomaHawk missile! I shall rule the Earth! hahahhaha

Author AOD ZED ( ago)
Next test please do: a TANK crashing concrete wall at 120 mph.

Author x2malandy ( ago)
I,m thinking a, ejection seat with a parachute ~~~

Author Severimo Gumeor ( ago)
batida da porra

Author Mike Cunningham ( ago)
Great crash - not quite vapourised! Actually when he said it was equivalent to two cars head on at 60mph, it isn't - that would be the same as one car hitting the solid object at 60mph.

Author Zombie FTW ( ago)

Author Peter Hrycak ( ago)
top gear rip off

Author Bev Mylan ( ago)

Author Belloff Bill ( ago)

Author Handiga Pratama ( ago)
Poor dolls

Author Kevin Brown ( ago)
Those scratches should buff right out...

Author Djms&capo DeMorais ( ago)
We dont need this shit to see fake car crashes,we watch REAL clips from RUSSIA.

Author soundspark ( ago)
How do these crashes compare when simulated on BeamNG?

Author Jesus Ray ( ago)

Author S P ( ago)
On German motorway I always drive more 150 mph :)

Author Szczur3k 2001 ( ago)
3:15 omg

Author Szczur3k 2001 ( ago)
3.15 omg

Author Solomon Nazareno ( ago)
i think it would break my ankle

Author Sergio Velasco ( ago)
Most modern cars won't go past 110mph due to the computer restrictions

Author A D A M M A J O R ( ago)
Equivalent of a 60mph crash head on to someone else who is going 60mph.

Author Pavelas Rulevicius ( ago)
test- bugatti veyron !!!

Author Shuheb Shipon ( ago)
It's only a cat D that

Author Roblox Boy ( ago)
R.I.P. Ford Focus :CCC

Author TAVSaxony ( ago)
16ms need to build a ford focus to a "car" shorter then a smart. hope this have seen all the stupids of the lft lane, they drive to fast ...

Author PartyWolf ( ago)
can I have the passenger mirror im missing mine?

Author Lumber bass ( ago)

Author Jansen Ross ( ago)
Is this a write off?

Author David Tosh ( ago)
The car got squanched and only the front tires are flat on the bottom. Maybe they don't make cars like they used to.

Author Robert Pawlson ( ago)
Surely to simulate two cars in a head one crash whilst BOTH doing 120mph they would have to make the focus do 240mph...what they are actually simulating here is a head one crash with two cars traveling at 60mph

Author Nathan Lester ( ago)
damn... that boom, i remember taking my Sebring down 76 east pushing 140 and still wanting to climb, scared the shit out of me when i noticed the 2 bubbles in my front tire..

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