120mph Mega Crash! - Fifth Gear

The world's fastest ever crash test -- just how big are the forces involved and how much of a family car is left after it crashes at a speed not uncommon on British motorways?

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Author Andrew mckenzie ( ago)
i like it how they take the nice wheels of the front

Author Niepi ( ago)
Damn I wanted those rims

Author ROdzZ ( ago)
beamNG 😂

Author rozeeboy74 ( ago)
Mythbusters did this years ago, and at a higher speed.

Author Subhra Patra ( ago)
good example for not driving cars upto its full potential on public roads

Author Sam Levin ( ago)
They can buff that out.

Author Joe Biliello ( ago)
I just got a new idea as to how to execute Hillary Clinton👍

Author Solomon Jonk ( ago)
can you do a test with volvo xc 60 at 120 mph??????????????????????

Author LEGEND 25 ( ago)
Now we know why Americans upsets about focus...

Author MacThomáis Media ( ago)
If it was "the equivlent of two cars colliding headi on whilst both traveling at 120mph" then that would be a 240mph crash....DUH!

Author fanjapanischermusik ( ago)
and this is how a smart is made.

Author Jerry P ( ago)
Please do a humvee next at 120mph.

Author weed chicken ( ago)
the host is a fuckin pussy i should beat his brit ass

Author Joe R ( ago)
it will make you think twice about hitting a wall at 120 mph

Author Legendary Reviews ( ago)
Follow me if you like cars:

Author Devin2k16 ( ago)
the car was a ford focus 2005

Author Devin2k16 ( ago)
the car was a ford focus 2005

Author Mike jaques ( ago)
What a fucking waste of a good car someone could use

Author Nick Aird ( ago)
A 120 mph crash into a solid object is equivalent to two cars each traveling at 60mph head on not 120mph.

Author funkjunkyg ( ago)
how was it slam dunkef

Author TrolledYouSilly ( ago)
For anyone wanting to see a concrete block hit a car at over 500mph mythbusters did a test where they strapped a rocket to a concrete pillar/block and sent it at a car

Author TrolledYouSilly ( ago)
Porsche girl anyone? Thats what it reminded me of lol

Author NightmareBear ( ago)
do you want to eat your own spine,
because this is how you eat your own spine

Author goaliedude32 ( ago)
Okay, so don't hit a brick wall going 120.

Author Tobias Belz ( ago)
I'm German, that's a everyday travelling Speed. 😎

Author Brennan Dean ( ago)
both cars would be traveling at 60 MPH for 120mph head on collision

Author Melchizedek Robinson ( ago)
has anyone seen the Mythbusters episode of this. A car going 120mph is not equal to two cars going at 60mph.

Author habibur rahman ( ago)
damn female drivers even in dummy form they cause problems

Author Нурсултан Рысбаев ( ago)
говно лол чмо

Author Cha Due ( ago)
Cool little car...yet, so wasted!

Author Kim Jong Un ( ago)
you better do car giveaway dude

Author Mi 28 ( ago)
At 3:58 you can see the airbags deploy lmao.

Author Roy Bent ( ago)
Thanks for crash testing these vehicles. Education is Power. Houston Auto Appraisers helped me with my diminished value check after an accident

Author ирина афонина ( ago)

Author JerydTheGamer ( ago)
3:08 and those who play beamng drive you can stay right where you are

Author Southmead Lad ( ago)
Ford Farcus more like

Author David King ( ago)
I thought the rowing machine was the echo until it got turned off haha

Author Mark Davenport ( ago)
wow dont buy a ford

Author MacbroGaming ( ago)
I mean... jesus christ

Author Thygf rtfgy ( ago)
Fucking ads

Author arizonatsunami ( ago)
Dicky ticker......can't say I've heard that before.

Author Otto Von Skidmark ( ago)
Difference between topgear and fifthgear: Top Gear doesn't have trigger warnings

Author antsolja ( ago)
looks like a fast fun death, im off in me focus see ya in hell lads

Author OzrikKnob ( ago)
MythBusters did one at 650mph.

Author James ( ago)

Author madsmana1 ( ago)
@ 400gs your eyeballs are beiing thrown thru your anus....from the inside.... :)

Author Jagbali Chaudhary ( ago)
JAGBALI chaudhary

Author 2lazeblue ( ago)
shows how cheap that car really is

Author Baily DenhHouten ( ago)
I love how you say the smart car had "commendable strength" and that it is safer than a big "old car" but in the smart car video you yourself said that the occupants would've died, and if they had lived, they'd suffer miserably. Pull your head out of your ass. There were a plethora of cars 50 + years ago that could easily reach 120 mph. Don't act like modern elitist douchebag wanker head. Just fuck off pillock.

Author Henry Keller ( ago)
I wish he would've added that two cars colliding going different directions at 60 mph osmequally as devastating as this...

Author John Viktors ( ago)
now I know how I'm gonna kill myself

Author Savannah Lorén ( ago)
FYI: The car did not come in contact with the concrete block. There was a Nokia phone placed in front of the concrete.

Author Dartmoor Dave ( ago)
Guess the dog in the hatch is OK with a bit of a headache?

Author Pankaj Kothekar ( ago)
tank can be safe that speed.

Author E Peengwin ( ago)
The first British person I have heard say Mph

Author agetlostgirl ( ago)
Thank you for showing Ryan Dunn's death

Author 1928ModelA1931 ( ago)
Good fun and it makes one consider speed and costs associated with it. I beg to differ though regarding the simulated "two cars crashing head on at 120 MPH". I would say this simulates one car hitting an inanimate object at 120 MPH. Two cars hitting head on, both moving at 120 would be completely different. Although the outcome would surely be just as bad, both cars would take up a great deal of impact and absorb a great deal of the damage. Definitely going to avoid those overpasses though.

Author 22fret ( ago)
Ah, some paint and it'll be like new...

Author Marko Milosevic ( ago)
This car cant go 120 mph in real life

Author Freak Nasty ( ago)
Shiit I've crashed going way faster on Forza Horizon

Author paythe Kost ( ago)
If they were to create a crash-test dummy as lifelike as possible, that entire wreck area would be covered in skin, in blood, bones, muscles and soft-tissue. Brain matter would be everywhere. It would be a jar...not a casket.

Author Justbelow Rockbottom ( ago)
did those mannequins died?

Author Kristis Gio ( ago)
Rear types look fine

Author Aquila Arroyo ( ago)
it would be the same as two cars hitting head on at 60mph each not 120mph each. 120mph closing speed

Author Rockquest Off-Road ( ago)
Imagine...This is what your brain looks like on drugs ;)

Author Endang Rejeki ( ago)
Build with Nokia 3310 blocks

Author Darrell Hobbs ( ago)
holy crap

Author Ваня Марков ( ago)
а сколько км ехал при ударе в конце

Author Tantalus ( ago)

Author lacidy ( ago)
so, why don't they test a 767! Could answer some longstanding questions

Author Dub3God ( ago)
Okay so don't buy ford

Author Bryan AMDGuy ( ago)
I crashed my Kia at 20 Mph and my back 2 wheels flew off the spindle with the whole brake calipers still attached, I wonder what would happen at 50Mph!!

Author John ( ago)
this would be a great way to execute condemned prisoners. if you fuck up bad enough you get to be a real life crash test dummy.

Author Franklin Blankenship ( ago)
if two cars travelling at 120 mph, then the velocity would be like the test car hitting the wall at 240 mph...the test car hitting the wall at 120 is the same as two cars hitting each other at 60 mph..

Author Anonymous User ( ago)
try building a car out of 3310s

Author Mad Max ( ago)
you call that a crash?

Author Jack Golding ( ago)
Could this narrator be any more dramatic !!!! Advising viewers at the start that "sensitive viewers may want to look away". After the impact he covered his mouth as if to suppress "throwing up" and said that the "hairs on the back of his neck were standing up". Makes me wonder what color thong panties he/she was wearing ! What a pussy !!!!

Author TALIB KHAN ( ago)
this tells that ... never put a woman on the driver seat ...

Author stirgy ( ago)
Dumb fucking host.

Author bluewind gau ( ago)
airbags would have saved them .

Author Ramah Dollah ( ago)
nobody at the hood will survive and it is 100percent dead

Author Leo Jolly ( ago)
Craigslist mechanic special. $1500 obo. minor scratches needs tlc. 😂

Author Jesse Valenzuela ( ago)
i Subscribe:)

Author Sun Tzu ( ago)
So 1 car going 120 into a wall is the same as 2 cars going 60 into head-on collision, right?

Author Gaming BBG ( ago)
Gta cars is the best car!even if you crash at 200mph your car will just gonna lose bumper or glasses thats how the gta cars strong

Author Flightsimuatorx Fan ( ago)
just put a Nokia 3310 on the front bumper and watch the concrete block get destroyed.

Author Z71Ranger ( ago)
That was NOT 120 mph

Author Isaiah Adams ( ago)
this video got hella views wtf lol

Author f1jeh2313hj1b31 ( ago)
It's appropriate they should use a female crash dummy.....Women drivers...

Author TOM ( ago)
(3:22) This is what cum shots sound like.

Author asdfgoogle ( ago)
Drunk driver going the wrong way on the freeway. Done.

Author juarez mortez ( ago)
Do you understand why companies make tests 60-70 km.

Author Ryan Donkor ( ago)
I done a faster car crash test at 156 mph (but i wasn't a test it was a crash)

Author Trashy Nerd ( ago)
Paul Walker did it first.

Author Dallas B. ( ago)
I understand what they're trying to say, but 2 cars crashing into each other at 60 MPH is basically the same effect (energy) as 1 car crashing at 120 MPH. Although its not a brick wall and 2 cars crashing into each other will slow down both cars a bit because mental is softer, still a really bad crash/situation that i wouldn't want to be in.

Author URSS-CEI ( ago)
fifth gear doesnt have the money to buy some fucking crash test dummies? What the hell? I thought you guys were rich

Author ivan olvera ( ago)
the opposite object isnt moving at 120mph tho.

Author Max slayer ( ago)
stop the drama omg

Author Sav3dbyGrace ( ago)
Wrong! If two cars were both going 120mph and hit one another head on, the force would be equal to hitting a wall at 240mph. This would be equal to 2 cars hitting one another head on at 60mph.

Author Zach Fry ( ago)
3:41 so... ummm... is that covered by the warranty...?

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