How to travel the world with almost no money | Tomislav Perko | TEDxTUHH

Many people daydream about traveling the world, but all of them have the same excuse - lack of money. Tomislav, after traveling the world for years with almost no money, shows how it is possible for everyone to do the same, if they really want to.

Tomislav Perko, 29, is a travel writer from Croatia. After a career of a stockbroker, broke because of the financial crisis, he hits the road and turns it into his home. He uses alternative ways of traveling – hitchhiking, couchsurfing, working/volunteering, and manages to wander around the world with just a little bit of money in his pocket, meeting the most amazing people on the way.

Five years later, he publishes a book “1000 Days of Spring” and goes around giving lectures about what it means to live on the road. Find out more on his website:

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Author moez ettabal ( ago)
IT is good experience

Author Travelingstudent ( ago)
You know...
If you are just a student or something you can always find an exchange program to another country (if you're not daring about just going to a new country all by yourself like that) there will be groups of people who will help you. Now in college level, you can even work in some countries (e.g. Germany).
I was an exchange student in Germany and the US.
Best of luck!

just one word... Grt

Author Vibhore Modi ( ago)
Hello Sir , I want to travel the world as You,have You came across any one like You in india ... i want to travel the world as You Do can You please help me in doing so ......I want to know if there is any one who can help me to get paid while travelling

Author MARCO 713Texas ( ago)
This isn't traveling, this is being a bum in another country

Author Faith Takes Flight ( ago)
We hit the road in an RV last fall taking our family on an adventure of a lifetime posting vids as we go. Create a realistic goal and take the steps to make it happen.

Author Patricia Lee ( ago)
Did you get scabies?

Author Diego Nunez ( ago)
Wonder why it's called bitching? look at the comments.

Author Harold Ventio ( ago)
Great presentation. A lot of excellent points made here.

Author genuinely dont know what my name is ( ago)
im norwegian, so let me just warn you about the swedes. they're not dangerous, they're just really stupid

Author Trip Blogger UK ( ago)
We've got lots of videos of different locations and places to go.

make sure you like, share and subscribe to our channel to keep up to date as videos are added regularly.

Author Samarth Gupta ( ago)
How you got the Visa of countries?

Author James Supplant ( ago)
It seems the man wearing specs doesn't raise his hand both times when Tomislav asks from 1:35 to 1:39 that how many of you have heard about couchsurfing and how many of you haven't heard about couchsurfing"

Author Can'tFindaGoodChannelName ( ago)
Indian's didn't warn me about anyone! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Author Can'tFindaGoodChannelName ( ago)
What about visa passport and stuff?

Author Abderrahmane Oumbark ( ago)

Author Erhajelllll ( ago)
how did you manage to get a visa to work in Australia tho?

Author John Obremski ( ago)
no way o jose

Author Robin Raynor ( ago)
did you use

Author Eddy Mbatia ( ago)
First time I actually laughed while watching a TED Talk

Author Ai Learn English ( ago)
Man, you're awesome

Author snehal kumar ( ago)
With my indian passport, I ain't going too far. What a bummer.

Author Gretel velazquez ( ago)
No le des like a este comentario

Author Noureldden Elomrani ( ago)
Packing my bags xP

Author aidana m ( ago)
it is easy for guys..girls are mostly in danger during traveling alone, especially hitch hiking part. that's sad.

Author Yoda ( ago)
Dont read to much comment i can summerize it for u.
"woman and hitchhiking hell no"
"it's easy for a white guy"
"wish i could live like this"
"if i was a man"

Author Robert Langdon ( ago)
How would you like to get paid for shopping??! Sounds great right..
Just download the proxymate app , where a buyer will request you to shop for him from the place you are travelling to and you'll get a commission on it! Download it at:

Author LSD Abuser ( ago)
All the best in getting killed by random sychos you may get in ur adventure !

Author The Best Adi ( ago)
Anyone want to travel with me? i m from germany

Author Techknow ( ago)
loved it


Author sidd Lynelly ( ago)
Funny Guy😂😂😂

Author Little ( ago)
If you're American it's harder to hitchhike

Author Francisco Maldonado ( ago)
how did you go from country to country without any problems? do you really just need a passport? looking for some tips before heading out to europe and back[packing there and im just worried about being able to work or make my way around with just a passport or should i get a visa?

Author RaikwarGaurav ( ago)
INDIANs didnt warn u abt anything and anyone. Well, Thank You on behalf of all Indians.. Visit again..

Author Flick King ( ago)
Barbados.. ONE WAY !!

Who still remembers that line?? lol

Author Jamie Britt ( ago)
Anyone from the UK willing to do this with me ?

Author Giorgi Mikeladze ( ago)
It gave me a motivation to leave this fuckin lifestyle and start traveling

Author labok team ( ago)
cool & inspiring me

Author Wisdom Seeker ( ago)

Watch me travel to all 50 states on my channel! :D

Author KOREAN PHILLIP ( ago)
I'm in Korea and let me tell you us South-Koreans and North-Koreans, we're all brothers and sisters. But those Chinese, woah. Watch out, someone might kill you.

Author Shadab Ansari ( ago)
If only you'd have traveled back to Pakistan, to hear warnings from Indians, Trust me, I'm Indian (Unfortunate truth) but I won't warn you either, they are all humans...

Author RAY VAL ( ago)

Author imax2000 ( ago)
It s not a matter of money for some but VISA.

Author Don Wan ( ago)
Please help me and my friend

Author Karmi ( ago)

Author Wako Griffin ( ago)
*Watches video..20 minutes after watching the video* "Alright, I've just finished packing I'm off ma and da cya in a couple of years"

Author levine adams ( ago)
he said indians didnt warn me about anyone.. lol.. is it coinicident that we indians believe in "this whole world is a one big family"

Author Y Hajo ( ago)
Nice story!

Author Megha Sood ( ago)
what about a woman?

Author belgian Girl ( ago)
Unfortunately, this mode of travel is for males only - with exception of female kickboxers. He could at least have pointed this out at the outset of his little presentation.

Author Rainer Erhard ( ago)
not for me. I travelled for 14 years making money wherever I was.

Author Arsalan Khan ( ago)
What about visa?

Author Shahriar Kabir ( ago)
Ahh! He's lying that he traveled with no money >_<

Step 1: Earn enough money like 1M
Step 2: Travel around the world

Author Kris Danielson ( ago)
I wish I could hitchhike as john cena but they can't see me :(

Author Morgan Freeman ( ago)
I really wanna do this

Author ArsenaL ( ago)
Greetings from Serbia

Author Wajid Shah ( ago)
can u do that with Syrian or Afghanistan passport?

Author suhaib Roomie ( ago)
No visa problems??? :O

Author peekaboo ( ago)
Super zanimljiv i duhovit, baš sam se nasmijala!

Author Pedro Sanchez ( ago)
ive bben to bulgaria. people are dicks

Author Jen Roxy-Smith ( ago)
yeah but who was filming all that? You had sponsorship yeah?

Author X Karma ( ago)
love this guy, made me laugh alot while teaching me life

Author Adina Zahid ( ago)
what can do if terrorist caught 😁

Author Finn juniper Denaro ( ago)
Awesome!! go Tomi :)

Author Chandler Kackley ( ago)
I'm too scared to hitchhike I know not everyone in the world will take me for an advantage cause I'm hitchhiking but there are people who are bad and u can never be certain who is bad and who is good unless u know them well

Author soni kumari ( ago)
i loved it.....someone might kill u

Author Jordan Mahe ( ago)
just leave? boi I have Responsibility's

Author Gavin Wong ( ago)
Born white....
Just kiddin
dont like

Author Walsinork ( ago)
I feel like all of these tips are exceedingly dangerous. Hitchhiking, sleeping in strangers houses, I mean I understand that some people don't trust the media, but still. There has to be a certain point where you say to yourself, "Yeah, even if the world isn't as dangerous as people say it is, I'm not THAT fucking daft to believe that this is actually safe."

Author SO What ( ago)
14:58 best compliment to Indians

Thank you

Author pipedreams1685 ( ago)
I want to do this. If my legs worked.

Author 61percentodicarica ( ago)
come on people!
hitching is not that dangerous: criminals are on the street, they might even go aroung looking for people like you... but they don't drive along the streets lookig for someone who by chance could possibly ask them for a lift.
it would be simply against any logic.

Author jack miller ( ago)
Anyone wanna join me? Leaving tommorow?

Author Alapan Barik ( ago)
He is so humble

Author Will Franciz ( ago)
Or just be Frank Abignale from Catch me if you can

Author Aizen HA ( ago)
How can I travel with Iraq's passports?

Author butterflyeffect ( ago)
For all women who are afraid of hitchhiking: I've been traveling and hitchhiking alone. Of course there are cases that show how 'dangerous' it is. But I don't believe in fear. I believe in the intuition, guidance and for the worst case - in my papper spray. If you believe in love and good people, they will come. And if someone weird comes by, you don't have to get on.

Author TheFaicilef ( ago)

Author Vladimir Petric ( ago)
Bravo, kralju, objasnio si.

Author Sunako Akazawa ( ago)
This is inspirational. And I don't think algebra tests helped him in any way in this journey. Just saying

Author Amanullah Arabzadeh ( ago)
I like this dude. there are no rules. hahaha

Author Lisa Sundkvist ( ago)
Ugh, as a woman I could never do this. I would need like at least 2 men with me because yay.

Author crellth theunicorn ( ago)
what I'm working on doing is traveling the world but staying in each spot for a few years and then moving.

Author Toy AndMe ( ago)
great video

Author amhar ramaan ( ago)
I would love to read his book,he's an amazing man.

Author TheGlock ( ago)
He kind of sounds like Gru from Despicable Me

Author abrokenlife ( ago)
Sadly, having travelled the world myself, I can say in all honesty this is basically a WHITE BOY's fantasy. If you are an African or Chinese, the amount of visas you need to go from A to B and the impossibilities of getting them makes it mission  impossible.
And even when you do have visas, sometimes you can travel like a random white person can. Example, Africans can't travel by road from Singapore to Malaysia, or Thailand to Cambodia but whites can. Plus they don't need visas. Getting the visas when you can, is super expensive + you have to fly. Plus you may even need to 'bribe' immigration to let you in.
It used to make me sad we see and live the world with different degrees of freedom. But now I just watch videos like this and just smile

Author Walunj Wood ( ago)
indians will warned u about indians only :D

Author R3tr0001 ( ago)
thats it bois. im out of here :)

Author Don Simon ( ago)

Being a hot girl with a phone and tinder

Author Alice ( ago)
How lucky to be a man and so safe.

Author Marcelo Milicevic ( ago)
I'm a simple guy.I see it is about Croatian guy and I press like.

Author Nacho ( ago)
Anyone who wants to go on Marco Polo's route in the silkroad?

Author Rishabh Sharma ( ago)
when he says Indians didn't warned him about anyone 14:55 Ya dude India is great

Author Amit kumar Sehgal ( ago)
made my day

Author Can Demir ( ago)
You can travel around the world in your dreams

Author Clorox Bleach ( ago)
Kann jemand bitte dieses Video oder vlt. noch mehr zusammenfassen und auf deutsch übersetzen?
Damit könnte man so viele Menschen glücklich machen.

Bitte liken damit dieser Kommentar gesehen wird :/

Author Shefali Malik ( ago)
Excellent. I loved your comment about Indians..
I am from India 😁

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