Cats Hate Water! - Funny Cats in Water Compilation 2016

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  • Lindsay Foxs LPS and more

    Help the cats not laugh.

  • 『Joosmazz: tHe JigglyJamgod』

    "Cats Hate Water!"
    *puts cat in water*

  • hafy99
    hafy99 57 minutes ago

    was sol das einfach nur Tierquälerei das ist einfach nur dumm man mus Katzen nicht baden ich habe selber eine Katze und der ist 17 Jahre alt und der wurde nie nie gebadet und ihm geht es einmanfrei Katzen sind keine Hunde !!!

  • ChannelHRR
    ChannelHRR 1 hour ago

    4:29 the lady hit the cat for scratching her. She's not a dog!!! When I had my old Cat and he did something wrong and I cried, he came up to me and started to meow at me to say sorry :)

  • blue Berry
    blue Berry 2 hours ago

    this is not funny it's just crule

  • TheGossipgirlxoxo69
    TheGossipgirlxoxo69 2 hours ago

    THUMBS DOWN! This isn't funny at all! Awful! Poor cats, I have a cat and if she got into anything that she doesn't felt good I would get her outta there I don't want any animal to suffer especially the one I own and care for! Disgusting 😖

  • Moob y
    Moob y 3 hours ago

    IT not funny

  • f4lk0n xxx
    f4lk0n xxx 4 hours ago

    cats really hate water lolzzz

  • Ruby Nights
    Ruby Nights 4 hours ago

    Okay I've had enough of stupid comment sections, I'm gonna go to the Top Ten Murders never solved because the people there actually have brains. God, I can't enjoy anything cute these says I gotta watch the morbid stuff for smart people.

  • Hannah
    Hannah 5 hours ago

    The laugh at 2:10 to 2:19 tho... 😂

  • Three Cool Cats
    Three Cool Cats 6 hours ago

    In 4:29 - 4:35 she smacked her cat because the cat scratched her

  • Lilly Of the valley
    Lilly Of the valley 6 hours ago


  • May Rush
    May Rush 8 hours ago

    why does cat not like water

  • Tyler Zubrycki
    Tyler Zubrycki 8 hours ago

    U don't hit cats when they're scared. they just don't know what to do. they're just terrified!

  • Gasper Licar
    Gasper Licar 8 hours ago

    nigga nigga

  • Penny Lane
    Penny Lane 10 hours ago

    This isnt funny at all, this is sad, poor cats, especially that bitch who smacked her cat i would kick her ass right now for doing that, and all that evil laughing when cats are scared, whats wrong with you people are you nuts?

  • skyrayfan gaming
    skyrayfan gaming 11 hours ago

    omg my cat is cute

    ENORMP 12 hours ago

    It used to kill me to give my cat a bath but the little turkey would play in the mud on our water front property.

  • Wafflez 101
    Wafflez 101 12 hours ago

    These people bathing their cats are facking stupid

  • Vanja Tuljan
    Vanja Tuljan 12 hours ago

    My cat actually don't hate water i don't know why

  • ali cena
    ali cena 13 hours ago

    the 3rd one killed me😂😂

  • Mr. Universe
    Mr. Universe 14 hours ago

    Great video! Make sure Peeta don't hunt down that lady at 4:36
    I for one found all them funny tho...

  • quang nguyen minh
    quang nguyen minh 14 hours ago

    Mắt cười quá😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Mien Tay Viet Nam
    Mien Tay Viet Nam 16 hours ago

    i like you add SB

  • Lil MissEverett
    Lil MissEverett 16 hours ago

    For the people that are complaining about the cats in the bathtub, they need to be cleaned one way or another. Its better than just letting them sit there and rot in there own filth :T

    LPS SPRING 17 hours ago

    awe they sound like babies when they meow

  • hank cho
    hank cho 18 hours ago

    Cats... are... STUPID.

  • أميرة البنات 778 الحلوى

    ملل شوئ بسس حلوو يعني😒

  • mariana inacio
    mariana inacio 22 hours ago


  • M 7
    M 7 22 hours ago

    Dislike this comment

  • Gabriela Marquez
    Gabriela Marquez 23 hours ago

    la gente que hase eso por maldad si son malas

  • Lisa Lister
    Lisa Lister 1 day ago

    Some of these cat owers are just mean to their cats!

  • Lilly Walcott
    Lilly Walcott 1 day ago

    y would u slap a cat for that cats don't like water it's there choice

  • Jaynal Miah
    Jaynal Miah 1 day ago

    You can literally hear the cats saying noooo like the old talking tom XD

  • Shinymountain 92
    Shinymountain 92 1 day ago

    poor cats :(

  • MinecraftGirl 44
    MinecraftGirl 44 1 day ago

    Das ist Quälerei manche Katzen hassen Wasser 😾 Check das mal 😠😡

  • Marisa Vogel
    Marisa Vogel 1 day ago

    really funny

  • Mackoman 25
    Mackoman 25 1 day ago

    Did you like the one with the cat and the water?
    That was my favourite too

  • Addi Star
    Addi Star 1 day ago


  • Addi Star
    Addi Star 1 day ago

    5:56 It dosen't look like the Cat hates water

  • Addi Star
    Addi Star 1 day ago

    THE CAT😡😡😡

  • Addi Star
    Addi Star 1 day ago

    POOR CATS!!!😿😿😿

  • Anmerial Baris
    Anmerial Baris 1 day ago

    Was soll das?

  • Mick Solé
    Mick Solé 1 day ago

    Some of these were funny, some were abusive.

  • florokinolon
    florokinolon 1 day ago

    4.35 😡

  • Hannah Blakeman
    Hannah Blakeman 1 day ago

    I think we can all agree.... people are IDIOTS..

  • Hannah Blakeman
    Hannah Blakeman 1 day ago

    0:13 help the freaking cat you morons!!!

  • Allison Mierop
    Allison Mierop 1 day ago

    I can't stand it when people abuse cats or any other animals. Assholes!!!

  • R2D2 fan 118
    R2D2 fan 118 1 day ago


  • Awesome Fabulousness

    I feel so bad for laughing

  • Kacey the kola Piano lessons!

    Omg this is so not nice that's so mean to a cat😡

  • Dimas David
    Dimas David 1 day ago


  • customer two
    customer two 1 day ago

    Hahahah a!!

  • Labrinythian 44
    Labrinythian 44 1 day ago

    I wish they would help the cats instead of laughing at them

  • qt604
    qt604 1 day ago

    they are crying and asking for help :( humans can be jerrks

  • delirium11
    delirium11 1 day ago

    People who are giving a bath to their cat are cruel or stupid. Please, don't put your cat in the water (only few cats love it), it's enough to clean a cat with sponge or hands if needed. My cat knows "Lets wash the cat" invitation - he goes to the bathroom himself, and then gets some wet hands massage. No stress, he loves it in summers. Sometimes he jumps into a bathtub and asks to turn a bit of water for him to drink. And then he is not against of getting some wet cleaning.

  • NickTIM 2nd
    NickTIM 2nd 1 day ago

    basically Cat abuse for the cats

  • NickTIM 2nd
    NickTIM 2nd 1 day ago

    1:45 that's a child right there 😂

  • Aliyah Janus
    Aliyah Janus 1 day ago

    wie behandelt ihr eure haus Tiere ihr kueler

  • satavisha rakshit

    4.33 and 5.00 poor cats :'(

  • satavisha rakshit

    Why are you all frightening the innocent cats? just because you feed them?? shame on you and your mentality.

  • jordan Brazil
    jordan Brazil 1 day ago

    what a dick at 2:33 haha

  • Random Opinion
    Random Opinion 1 day ago

    I personally don't know why this gets thus much hate, I'm sure if this was a video of people getting scared you all would be laughing like the rest of us. But noooo since its cute animals that are in absolutely no danger of getting hurt your all up in arms. Now if they where in danger then I'd agree this would not be funny but as it is their not and it's hilarious to see cats overreact like they tend to do.

  • Psycho_Girl
    Psycho_Girl 1 day ago

    at 4:29 - 4:35 that women is cruel!

  • Brandon Cuffy
    Brandon Cuffy 1 day ago

    some of these cats were screaming no..... what?

  • Jeanie Rodriguez
    Jeanie Rodriguez 1 day ago

    cat's ar so funny😹😹😹😹🐈🐈🐈🐈😾😾😾

  • Valerie Bernard
    Valerie Bernard 1 day ago

    These just are not funny. Cats cry because they are scared

  • chris levine
    chris levine 1 day ago

    why would u hit a cute cat

  • Rachel Clysdale
    Rachel Clysdale 2 days ago

    0:30 that was kinda mean

  • Kristina Truetsch
    Kristina Truetsch 2 days ago

    fuck this guys i love cats

  • Rosewolf29
    Rosewolf29 2 days ago

    the cats screaming sounds like their screaming "nooo! heeelp!" 😂 at 4:31, that person deserved to be scratched. she hit the cat and told him he was bad. thats so mean. the cat didnt want a bath and did deserve to be treated like that.

  • Park Webb
    Park Webb 2 days ago

    I'm a cat owner this is terrible why is this a thing this should be a crime

  • Rupali Balwadkar
    Rupali Balwadkar 2 days ago

    its mad, never put a cat into water

  • Jackie DiBiase
    Jackie DiBiase 2 days ago

    That lady holding that cat in the water and tapping him for being scared should be considered animal abuse and I personally will look into who she is. I think she needs to not have animals in her care.

  • نورمينا نورمينا


  • Sid Moujalli
    Sid Moujalli 2 days ago

    I feel sorry for the cats that are being forced to get in the bath.. it's so heartbreaking. Yes it's funny, but it's like the owners don't understand how much frightening water is to them. And yes, their cat probably smells like shit, but if they don't like water can't you take the cat out of the bath and be a good owner. I put my cat in the bath once, he didn't like it so I took him out. I tried at least once a week to put him in the bath, he didn't feel comfortable so I gave up and stopped putting him in the bath. But, he did smell very bad so I got a spray for cats that makes him smells good. He doesn't like that also but it's just hilarious watching his eyes squint. There is also a gel that is the same, but I put it on him when he's asleep because he likes I'm giving him a scratch.. but anyways. Heh.

  • CelJay 321
    CelJay 321 2 days ago

    Its hart to look at cats suffering from water😥😥

  • Mata game007
    Mata game007 2 days ago

    sta ih kupate

  • Stacey Duffy
    Stacey Duffy 2 days ago

    3:09 was so cute

  • notcoolluni
    notcoolluni 2 days ago

    4:42 my bath room looks exactly like that

  • NJR Edits
    NJR Edits 2 days ago

    4:25 what a mean women

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy 2 days ago

    I feel bad for these poor cats

  • Nadin Bpp
    Nadin Bpp 2 days ago

    this is'an very fany

  • Nadin Bpp
    Nadin Bpp 2 days ago

    lucu nya

  • Ralph Furley
    Ralph Furley 2 days ago

    Some of these can be considered animal abuse!!!

  • Pamela Maxfield
    Pamela Maxfield 2 days ago

    How we can stop the posting of videos endorsing and supporting cruelty and abuse of animals is by taking responsibility for reporting it and telling YouTube to report the posters to the local animal welfare office and telling YouTube to remove the videos. Please, follow your heart and click on "...More" under where it says "Subscribe" above and report this and other videos by sick, twisted, sociopathic people.

  • Maggie Waden
    Maggie Waden 2 days ago

    people is crazy.
    cats are normal

  • The Dork Den
    The Dork Den 2 days ago

    325 is considered animal cruelty if the cat wants out... not funny

  • never give up never

    the cat sounds like a kid lol 1:51

  • Rose Gunn
    Rose Gunn 2 days ago

    remember to bath these furballs with warm water. you wouldn't like to me submerge in ice water.

  • catmandew 1
    catmandew 1 3 days ago

    my cat is not scared of water he will stand in the rain it could be pouring and he just sits there

  • Olivia's LPS channel

    4:30 cat water slavery

  • Edheff
    Edheff 3 days ago

    It was all fun and games and then...
    4:34 What the fuck? You can't hit a cat and not feel a little bad about it.
    4:43 What the fuck? You shouldn't purposely push your cat in.
    5:24 What the fuck? If your bady tries to throw a baby in water, you should rethink your parenting.

    The rest were generally funny.

  • AndreA Hilley
    AndreA Hilley 3 days ago

    so cute

  • SilverEyedRukia
    SilverEyedRukia 3 days ago

    The cat at 5:00 sounds like it's crying saying "No" how the fuck can you laugh about that :'(

  • miles prower tails
    miles prower tails 3 days ago

    Stop this cat abuse

  • Melissa Mendez
    Melissa Mendez 3 days ago

    poor cats

  • Sharon M Eley
    Sharon M Eley 3 days ago

    Ok so I am a little upset at this. I've been a little pissed at peoples response to the woman who hit her cat comments..... NO ONE SHOULD PUT ANY "CHILD, ANIMAL , LIVING BEING" IN A SITUATION WHERE THEY FEEL THE NEED TO STRIKE OUT TO PROTECT THEMSELVES. So what some of you are saying, if a parent was doing this to a child, in a pool, in front of you and the kid was wilding you do nothing???? GGGRRRRRRRR

  • Dylan Duffy
    Dylan Duffy 3 days ago

    is it just me or are those cats saying no

  • Monica Araujo
    Monica Araujo 3 days ago

    Que gente ridícula e sádica!
    Bando de cuzão!

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