Linesman exits game after taking elbow in the back by Hornqvist

Linesman David Brisebois has to head down the tunnel after he takes a hard elbow from Pittsburgh Penguins forward Patric Hornqvist in the back and going down hard.

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Author dvdvandusen ( ago)
Hornqvist knew exactly who he was hitting. He was looking up the whole time!

Author FRANK ZAPPA ( ago)
This was a planned play. The players are finally fighting back against the linesman and terrible judgement of calling offsides. I now finally agree with the Dennis Wideman hit last year.

Author Samuel Haberl ( ago)

Author ESPOSITO ( ago)
2nd strike on the linesman, $2000 embelishment fine.

Author yeabuddy2222222 ( ago)
nice follow through by hornquist. typical dirty shittsburgh. no automatic suspension though because its shittsburgh.

Author OuterSpawn ( ago)
I'm just here to see how many people are experts on NHL rules

Author TheWitchOvAgnesi ( ago)
Clean hit

Author Matthew D'Agonstoni ( ago)
Someone go take Toby's phone away from him.

Author Brian Schlaf ( ago)
Should be suspended one game yeah he got pushed but he still kinda shoved the ref and a elbow to the back.

Author Brian Schlaf ( ago)
Hope he's ok!

Author Anthony Veilleux ( ago)
strange play...

Author IamFonix ( ago)
Clean hit.

Author footytang ( ago)
$5000 fine him for embellishment as well.

Author Finishedbreakfast ( ago)
Laine better

Author Sultimate ( ago)
What has this league come to? The other refs won't even stand up for their teammate after such a vicious, dirty hit?

Author TheVanezi ( ago)
Def got the wind knocked out of him at the very least.

Author Joey ( ago)
10 games

Author Trevor Daniels ( ago)
two minutes for diving!

Author Riley Wilson ( ago)
1:35 my dude said they have a red arm's ORANGE

hahahahaha he deserves it

Author Jp Baker ( ago)
Did you people actually watch the video??? I mean you can argue that it was on purpose but what it looks like to me is that the Panthers player pushed him into the ref. Shouldnt get a suspension but this is the NHL so who knows. Not a pens fan btw.

Author Gabriel Conway ( ago)
That will be a 15 game suspension

Author Jorrma Ollila ( ago)
He went down like a wrestling referee

Author TheHockeyGhost ( ago)
Hornqvist did every NHL fan a favour on that one

Author NintendoBits 85 ( ago)

Author DK 4Life ( ago)
20 game for sure.

Author Joe Zito ( ago)
dirty play, 20 games, Laine better

Author Mr. BO55 ( ago)
Sure a good thing he exists

Author YAOmighty - Gaming and More ( ago)
Looking at the video, he was pushed into the ref.

Author Jepox ( ago)
I think you mean exits

Author William DIMODICA ( ago)

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