Sesame Street: Making Bubbles! | Julia & Abby Cadabby

Meet Julia, the newest friend on Sesame Street. Julia has autism. And she loves bubbles! Julia and Abby share a magic springtime moment of friendship as they blow bubbles, relax, and watch them float and pop.

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danceballetacrodanceballetacro (4 days ago)
I want to see more episodes of Julia

BeanBag343BeanBag343 (9 days ago)
If only people in the real world treated me and my friends this way. Most people make fun of us and tell us we're stupid. Hopefully this will teach more kids that autistic people may be different, but we are still 100% human.

VideoGameFan15 The Autistic Sword-SwallowerVideoGameFan15 The Autistic Sword-Swallower (10 days ago)
This reminds me of that segment from Peppermint Park: Volume 1 - Magic Moments, where two boys are blowing bubbles!

Except Abby and Julia are much cuter than the Peppermint Park puppets.

Ice ShredIce Shred (18 days ago)
Julia: The cause of Mass Bubble Genocide

Ivan BaymarIvan Baymar (22 days ago)
my friend's name is Julia and she gets triggered when I remind her of the autistic Julia from sesame Street. if you mention Elmo, she kills you

movieaddict1107movieaddict1107 (23 days ago)
Aww. This is so cute.

KhonrateKhonrate (23 days ago)
This makes me so happy

Elaina ZimmermanElaina Zimmerman (25 days ago)
As an autistic adult this makes me happy they made an autistic puppet like Julia she is so cute​, I teared up and my heart melted at the end Julia hugged Abby

Mutant LlamaMutant Llama (27 days ago)
I have autism, and was at first worried when I heard that there was an autistic character. I thought it would be an over-the-top stereotypical representation, but I'm actually comfortable with this.

Lizzie - Roblox and More!Lizzie - Roblox and More! (28 days ago)
At 28 u could hear abby say wait in chinese 😂

kat_lover368kat_lover368 (1 month ago)
Even though I hate this show with a passion, I find Julia adorable.

Chibi ZweiChibi Zwei (1 month ago)
Im so proud... ^^

155chipmunkz155chipmunkz (1 month ago)
She's like me. Hates touching slimy things but doesn't mind touching sticky bubbles.

I have mild autism and am turning 22.

SLjimbolianSLjimbolian (1 month ago)
Nothing wrong with Julia, I'm just happy the Jim Henson Company accepts everyone whether it be race, creed, color, and etc. This is what Jim Henson wanted when he created Sesame Street.

Liz RochesterLiz Rochester (1 month ago)
I haven't watched Sesame Street in years but here I am watching these videos and remembering why I used to love this show when I was younger!

gungallon blowoutgungallon blowout (1 month ago)
that did a good job adding Julia😀

emma butcheremma butcher (1 month ago)
THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^0^

marissa108marissa108 (1 month ago)
I absolutely love that they introduced her as a character! It's great to show children that some individuals are different and deserve to be treated kindly and like everyone else. I work as a TSS with children who are diagnosed with autism and Julia reminds me so much of the girl I work with. The way all of the characters interact with her is adorable!

Hector LopezHector Lopez (1 month ago)

Alex VauseAlex Vause (1 month ago)
Why did i tear up at the end?

Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor (1 month ago)
As a person who was in special education all his life and mostly was around many kids with Autism I love how Sesame Street made this so real. The turning away, the not making eye contact, the shaking the hands or holding the ears and responding late is totally on point with Julia.

ComputerNoisesComputerNoises (1 month ago)
I have a (almost) 4 year old autistic daughter. She absolutely loves bubbles! I taught her to attack them to pop them! She goes "TIGER UPPERCUT!" when she pops them!

Adrian CollinsAdrian Collins (1 month ago)
Bbbbbb. X. ? She. Czbczmzmxxxfmgxkkzzc "b

Kimberly EllenKimberly Ellen (1 month ago)
I love this!!! When I was 18 I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. It is so sweet that Sesame Street is teaching kids to accept those who are different and to be patient with them.

wholockedwholocked (1 month ago)

Jacob GriffinJacob Griffin (1 month ago)
*Abby* _blows bubbles_

*Julia* pop pop pop

*Abby* _blows bubbles_

*Julia* pop pop

*Abby* You love popping bubbles, don't you Julia?

*Julia* Bubbles.

*Abby* _blows bubbles_ That's great, because I love blowing them.

*Julia* pop

*Abby* _tries to blow bubbles_

*Julia* Bubbles?

*Abby* _tries to blow bubbles but can't_

*Julia* Bubbles? Bubbles? ... Bubbles?

*Abby* I'm trying but well, blowing doesn't always work.

*Julia* _epiphanic gasp, grabs, dips and waves bubble blower_ ah bubbles.

*Abby* Oh yeah! I forgot you could make bubbles that way. Let me try. _dips and waves bubble blower_

*Julia* pop pop

*Abby* Thanks for that tip Julia. You were a big help. _dips and waves bubble blower_

*Julia* pop _jumps to try to reach bubbles, but finds out she can't_

*Abby* Oh no those bubbles are too high for you to reach Julia. I'll fly up and get 'em for you. _flies_ pop, uh pop, and uh _gasp_ pop!

*Julia* Yay.

*Abby* See that? We helped eachother Julia. And... that's what friends are for.

*Julia* Friends are for.

_Abby and Julia hug eachother_

Brad's Ultimate ShenanigansBrad's Ultimate Shenanigans (1 month ago)
Who else is just marathoning these

Rowan WRowan W (1 month ago)
This is so pure and cute.


CharlotteCharlotte (1 month ago)
So why aren't there more muppets with birth defects?

Mint MochiMint Mochi (1 month ago)
Becauseee you have to start somewhere, give it time. They may or may not ad d more, it would be great if more shows had a diversity of characters like this, so with birth defects and the such.

Bethany GrishawBethany Grishaw (1 month ago)
I have autism

Lanalovesdolls :DLanalovesdolls :D (1 month ago)
Is it bad that I still watch seasme street when I'm 11 (basically now)

Insufferable Know-It-AllInsufferable Know-It-All (1 month ago)
I'm in my twenties and I watch every now and again so no.

Ghull SediqeGhull Sediqe (1 month ago)
so much

Ghull SediqeGhull Sediqe (1 month ago)
, I love Sesame Street

Bunny MarieBunny Marie (1 month ago)
What I love is that Abby doesn't treat Julia differently than her other friends.

corjonbettcorjonbett (1 month ago)
I just hope they don't celebrate Autism, but instead show that yes, she is a person, but that she has to work harder to do things that normal people can do easily.

Hidden KingHidden King (1 month ago)
she's so cute ahhhh I have autism too

piper scoutpiper scout (1 month ago)
don't people with autism hate hugs?

girlstorm09girlstorm09 (28 days ago)
yea thats what I thought too!!I was a little surprised when i seen her do that and I have autism myself. but for me and the hugging it depends who it is and what type of mood im in. But yea i guess other autistics will be different. Some NTs sure can be weird about it though someone wanted to hug me but instead i preferred to give them a handshake and for some reason seemed some what disappointed....

Insufferable Know-It-AllInsufferable Know-It-All (1 month ago)
It depends on the person. A lot of autistic people have sensory integration issues that make it so being touched hurts or is extremely uncomfortable, but other people are the opposite and love hugs. Sometimes its because they cant read your cues so the touch is very sudden. Plenty of allistic people dislike physical contact too though, its not exactly abnormal.

torakotorako (1 month ago)
autistic people aren't all the same. also many of us hate to be touched when we're not initiating the touch, but it's okay if we decide to touch someone. allistic people don't always want hugs either.

Beanie No-NameBeanie No-Name (1 month ago)
this is so good and pure i'm going to cry???
thank you sesame street for giving us julia she's great representation for the youngins on the spectrum :'D

Yesenia SantanaYesenia Santana (1 month ago)
I am Extremely Happy that Sesame Street Added someone to Represent our kids that have Autism when I first heard about this I was extremely Happy and I cried of All my mix emotions this I know for a fact will show how are kids are and to be more paciente with our children and not go ahead and just point and think that they are Spoil because they are Not there just Special in there own way . May God Bless You Sesame Street for doing this for us 🙏🏼

VeganVixenVeganVixen (1 month ago)
These are just adorable and beautiful and I love them! :)

Veston BrunoVeston Bruno (1 month ago)
Since I've read that Rollie Krewson built the Julia Muppet, I must give her credit, she builds the most cutest Muppets ever, like Zoe, Abby Cadabby, Red, Wembley, and many others. The only time she lended her voice in Muppet performing was The Muppet Show episode with Sandy Duncan where she sang Never Smile at a Crocodile.

rena ballejorena ballejo (1 month ago)
my child Julia who has an autism also loves bubbles..

duranietheclownduranietheclown (1 month ago)
I have autism as well, so being able to watch something that I can relate to like this really makes me feel so honored!!

Jessica RoseJessica Rose (1 month ago)
Please make a bipolar character. It makes me sad that you guys only made an autistic one.

Dino GirlDino Girl (2 months ago)
my name is Julia too.

Objectshow fanObjectshow fan (2 months ago)
1:22 i LIKE flying ^_^

Donna GlickDonna Glick (2 months ago)
I love Julia!!!!!!You are sooo special Julia!!!!Thank you Julia all you are in God's eyes!!!!To all parent who raised a child with autism this means a lot to us!!!!!THANK YOU SEASAME STREET!!!!

Lucy JimenezLucy Jimenez (2 months ago)

Dylan BlockDylan Block (2 months ago)
Sesame Street has always been my favorite when it comes to not being afraid to show kids the touchy subjects

corjonbettcorjonbett (2 months ago)
Honestly almost expeted Abby to accidentally turn Julia/ a few bubbles into a pumpkin when she waved her bubble wand!

Nikki RoesslerNikki Roessler (2 months ago)
Awww! Julia's so adorable and how else she relates to me besides her autism is because I was the same age as she is when I first got diagnosed with autism. :)

Emily RiveraEmily Rivera (2 months ago)
This is wholesome.

Rocknrollgf12Rocknrollgf12 (2 months ago)
Julia is so pure i love her!

Gemmy KidGemmy Kid (2 months ago)
It took then 47 seasons to introduce someone who has disabilities?

Emily RiceEmily Rice (2 months ago)
the ending.....😭😭😭

Adamguy2003Adamguy2003 (2 months ago)
As someone with disabilities, I can't tell you what this means to me.
Kids' shows have rarely if ever dealt with the subject of people with special needs (With the possible exception of Derpy from 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,' and even that's debatable since she's just a background character we don't know much about), but Julia looks like she'll fit the bill perfectly! She's an adorable character that I know will make a wonderful addition to the 'Sesame Street' cast! I want to step into the episode and give her a hug!

girlstorm09girlstorm09 (28 days ago)
I love derpy!!! I even have a derpy figure. :)

First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name (1 month ago)
Aspergers alert

Adamguy2003Adamguy2003 (1 month ago)
Truth Man, I generally liked 'Crank Yankers' (Though I don't think that comes into play here, as that show was for adults), but I HATED the character of Special Ed. See, back in the late 90's and early 2000's, there were a LOT of "Comedy" movies and shows (I put that word in quotes here because most of those were about as funny as a root canal) which tried to get cheap laughs by portraying the mentally handicapped as brainless clowns/ buffoons to be laughed at, and that caused a lot of ignorant people to form really hurtful and inaccurate views and stereotypes about people with disabilities, and few if any of them were a worse, more offensive example of that than the character Special Ed. What's worse, not only was he offensive, but he was also a poorly- written character, his sketches usually just involved him mindlessly repeating a phrase. If anything, Julia is the polar opposite of Special Ed as a character: While Ed was meant to cruelly ridicule and make fun of people with disabilities, Julia is meant to inspire compassion towards them.

TheGrantman1000TheGrantman1000 (2 months ago)
There's still hope for the human race. Thank god.

Andre LavanderoAndre Lavandero (1 month ago)
+Seeing Clearly Media I'm sorry, did I offend you?

Jacob GriffinJacob Griffin (1 month ago)
Some historians think the kid that Martin Luther described as a "soulless mass of flesh possessed by the devil" might have been autistic, even though that's just a hasty generalization as such an ad-hominem-esque description could be inferred to anyone who seemed to act funny. (no offense taken though)

Autism is a spectrum of mental or neurological disorders, so some autisms can be detrimental, other autisms can be beneficial, and the rest of the autisms (like my type) can be neither. It's almost impossible for nearly all of us to determine who's neurotypical or autistic (or who has other disorders) in pictures of crowds full of complete strangers.

Seeing Clearly MediaSeeing Clearly Media (1 month ago)
Andre Lavandero Totally off topic and unappropriated comment .

Andre LavanderoAndre Lavandero (1 month ago)
Seeing Clearly Media You must be fun at parties.

Andrea HAndrea H (1 month ago)
Seeing Clearly Media No one said we have to hate on kids for their disability either. We can still help them with their disorder and help them to love themselves at the same time. No one ever said this has to be a "resistance to healing." Plus there's no absolute cure for autism or bipolar or any disorders of the sort, so why bother making kids feel terrible about something that they are born with and stuck with forever? We can heal and encourage them, but not with people like you and your negativity.

sarah garciasarah garcia (2 months ago)
I have to say I have always loved Sesame Street, and now that I've grown up, I feel immensely proud of the work that the do to teach children a little more about life every time. I love Julia, all aspects that really portray what autism looks like, just like how she sometimes doesn't acknowledge when someone says hi to her, or when she shows echolalia as we see on this video. I specially love this character because even though autism can present in so many ways, it gives the children an insight on the general aspects that can be observed, and a way to include their differences in their everyday play. I love that she's not shown as disabled, but as someone who feels things different and even more intensely. Good job Sesame street!

Daniel OrtmanDaniel Ortman (2 months ago)
When I learned about Temple Grand's hug machine, and how people with Autism need the weight of a hug without a person violating their personal space, I actually started using things like heavy blankets to deal with my own anxiety problems. it is awesome

Blue TurtleBlue Turtle (2 months ago)
I'd love to see what happens if/when Julia gets upset. That's the part of autism that needs the most understanding

VideoGameFan15 The Autistic Sword-SwallowerVideoGameFan15 The Autistic Sword-Swallower (3 days ago)
On the episode that introduced her, Meet Julia, she heard a fire truck siren and she was screaming "Noise!" and "No!" because it was hurting her sensitive ears.

155chipmunkz155chipmunkz (1 month ago)
She covers her ears, yells "no", and runs.

Jae PhalconJae Phalcon (1 month ago)
Blue Turtle they did today. she got upset over loud noises.

First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name (1 month ago)
"Whole world's come undone..."

Tim MackieTim Mackie (1 month ago)
First Name Last Name "Julia's got a gun..."

Con NorCon Nor (2 months ago)
It's amazing and about darn time that they added a muppet with autism. And it's great that she doesn't have any stereotypes or anything, Sesame Street really knows how to make everyone feel like they belong

Taharkah XTaharkah X (2 months ago)
😭😭😭😭😭 I love you Sesame Street!!!

Riley 496Riley 496 (2 months ago)
Did you know my sister is the original Julia because she was in the cartoon video

THE LIFE99THE LIFE99 (2 months ago)
My mum is the teacher for autism people and assburgers people in my school

Insufferable Know-It-AllInsufferable Know-It-All (1 month ago)
Well to be fair, theres no such thing as aspergers now.

corjonbettcorjonbett (2 months ago)
Trust me, I have Asperger's, and sometime, spelling it incorrectly cans eem the right way, when I'm having a bad day!

ReadmagineReadmagine (2 months ago)
It's aspergers.

My own hero Is only meMy own hero Is only me (2 months ago)
This is so pure and delightful. Teamwork skills whether in work or play are essential even to this day. Why do so many adults forget these skills? It's not a rhetorical question. I'm genuinely concerned.

TheInkyBoxTheInkyBox (2 months ago)
I think your dog has autism

Kim OKim O (2 months ago)
finally! ive been waiting 2 yrs since they announced it! This brought tears to my eyes and just made my day! I can't wait to show my son. he has autism and loved sesame street.

Angel SapienAngel Sapien (2 months ago)
given my son is autistic I love how they did this.

Teresa SteeleTeresa Steele (2 months ago)
My heart is happy! Being the aunt of an autistic nephew I am so happy Sesame Street has an autistic neighbor!

Aqua PiyoAqua Piyo (2 months ago)
Hmmm, She is such a patient and cuddly kid with autism....

Alex KettleAlex Kettle (2 months ago)
Soda is better than that.

Lexi ReedLexi Reed (2 months ago)
I still like Ernie as a husbando but I think Julia is my new fave

Lexi ReedLexi Reed (2 months ago)
I wanna go behind the scenes to hug Julia

MouseATXMouseATX (2 months ago)
I love the addition of Julia. I am very excited to see this on the show. I have one critique that would make these scenes better. Can we talk about Abby's tone speaking to Julia? She sounds like Julia's babysitter, not a friend on the same level. It is not unkind at all, but she sounds like she is talking down to Julia, teaching her instead of playing with her. Let's show neurotypical classmates better ways to interact with friends on the spectrum than that.

CharlotteCharlotte (11 hours ago)
+Aiyanna Rose Also like how you tried to act like an internet tough guy in your deleted post. Just like everyone else. You think this is a fantasy world where people just punch one another for words. We live in reality. You should try it sometime.

Kai Ninja of FireKai Ninja of Fire (2 months ago)
I don't care what you say, all these muppet voices are irritating as hell

Kai Ninja of FireKai Ninja of Fire (2 months ago)
Wait... How can she have autism?

CapybaraismCapybaraism (2 months ago)
It's in the script.

sunshine girlsunshine girl (2 months ago)
I am so thankful to sesame street as many of the comments below are too. My 4 year old autistic daughter finally has representation on a mainstream show. I cried when I found out they were doing this and I think it is such a wonderful thing to promote tolerance and inclusion of all

YoloSantan 0487YoloSantan 0487 (1 month ago)
Please Uruk

D. C. S.D. C. S. (2 months ago)
O_O OMG Feels. I am so glad Sesame Street is teaching about this. :) I may watch it again if anything for this. This is a new feeling. I have family with Autism. :)

Cassi DelilCassi Delil (2 months ago)
this makes me so happy Julia is so cute I have autism as well not the worst part of the spectrum but I still can relate to when I was a young kid I'm 18 going on 19 now and I wish I grew up with somebody like her as a kid because going through autism was a bumpy road so if this character can possibly change the way we see people with autism then I'm looking forward to when they will come out with an ADHD character Asperger character Down syndrome character anything related with the Spectrum I am looking forward to the day I show Sesame Street to my future kids

Insufferable Know-It-AllInsufferable Know-It-All (1 month ago)
Aspergers *is* autism. Theres no distinction (and technically no such thing as aspergers now).

Silver KingSilver King (1 month ago)
Jacob Griffin Kaiba boiiiii

Jacob GriffinJacob Griffin (1 month ago)
And an ALS character and a bipolar character and blind, deaf and mute characters, and a cyborg character... this list is getting a bit out of hand, isn't it?

Jessica DePaulaJessica DePaula (2 months ago)
I love her so much

CephasCephas (2 months ago)
Thanks to Sesame Street for bring awareness of autism out to young minds, I really think this will have an excellent impact and encourage all children to play and share together, no matter how 'different' some are to others. Thanks so much from Wales, UK.

usucdikusucdik (1 month ago)
zoe, it doesn't seem like you're any expert. Just because you saw The Accountant doesn't mean you know what the deal is with all similar disorders.

Andrea HAndrea H (1 month ago)
Seeing Clearly Media dude do you have to be the Negative Nancy of the comments? This is about raising awareness for the autism community and you just want to bicker with people for pointless things like hugs or what country they're from. Not our fault you're so bitter, so please keep it to yourself.

Seeing Clearly MediaSeeing Clearly Media (1 month ago)
Cephas UK is one of the if not the worst country

Andrew BAndrew B (2 months ago)
Where's the ADHD character?

Tomu SentouTomu Sentou (2 months ago)
I dunno I consider him adhd think about it. he's always energetic, easily distracted, and gets bored easily too. pretty much adhd to me :P

D. C. S.D. C. S. (2 months ago)
Cant relate to Elmo fully but that is fine. There was really not an ADHD character per se but Elmo was not introduced like that.

Tomu SentouTomu Sentou (2 months ago)
Elmo...Seriously if he's not ADHD I don't know what he is and this is coming from a guy who is ADHD.

Babbycreepr CreepsterBabbycreepr Creepster (2 months ago)
that puppet looks so preety

m3rrys0ngstr3ssm3rrys0ngstr3ss (2 months ago)
Just don't crush her wings, Jules!

Jacquelyn JarnaginJacquelyn Jarnagin (2 months ago)

Predator7Predator7 (2 months ago)
That's what friends are for.

Shydah GoldfishShydah Goldfish (2 months ago)
both lovely friends! love Julia ❤

Kye TalksKye Talks (2 months ago)
This made me happy flap IT'S SO PURE :D

Thomas NelsonThomas Nelson (2 months ago)
they should add a puppet with bipolar disorder like what i have though im not sure how that would work on a kids show, but other than that, i love the addition of julia

Suzette De AlbaSuzette De Alba (2 months ago)
Its a good start, may be later they will have another special needs puppet but on the opposite end of the spectrum.

grndayfrk1grndayfrk1 (2 months ago)
Of course they had to make her pretty high functioning. She can talk. My son is 16 and still does not talk very much and he is self abusive.

torakotorako (1 month ago)
please don't use words like "high functioning". but notice that while she does talk, it's using echolalia.

kilderokkilderok (2 months ago)
Yeah, that's unfortunately something people don't realize about having a neurological disorder like autism: it's different for each person. I see people day in and out saying stuff like "well they COULDN'T be autistic because they don't act like X!"...yeah, not everybody rocks, not everybody hand flaps. Not everybody has an obsession with numbers and sometimes it's REALLY hard to tell if someone has autism because they get REALLY good at 'camouflaging'. Other times? It's obvious. People aren't their disorders, but unfortunately for me and many others, people tend to consider the disorder first THEN the person.

LaurenLizzzbethLaurenLizzzbeth (2 months ago)
In Julia's debut, they explained what autism was "for Julia" they never claimed to show what autism was for everyone. the people in this thread are being pretty insensitive, but they couldn't possibly show the whole spectrum of autism and they never claimed to. I wish the best for you and your son.

ReadmagineReadmagine (2 months ago)
Self-abuse wasn't the point I'm sure. Any form of hitting would only work in media for older children who comprehend morality and how to reason.

tisdaec2tisdaec2 (2 months ago)
HBO is doing a good job with Sesame Street

David MooreDavid Moore (2 months ago)
I never saw this one on the show before who's providing the voice??

Julie BenevidesJulie Benevides (20 days ago)
they added her on December

Frei TrainFrei Train (1 month ago)
Her name is Stacey Gordon. :)

PeridotPlumbobPeridotPlumbob (2 months ago)
OK the person who is puppeteering her is the voice of her.

Lucy j YoungLucy j Young (2 months ago)

ReadmagineReadmagine (2 months ago)
Lucy j. Young

Huyen NguyenHuyen Nguyen (2 months ago)

thomas plouffethomas plouffe (2 months ago)
Holly crap they actually made her a permanent character, I was diagnosed at two years old with autism, really wish they made her back when I was super little

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