Chelsea Handler: This Week in Sexism | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Added:  2 months ago
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    Comedian and "Chelsea Show" host Chelsea Handler joins Bill to discuss sexual harassment complaints at Fox News.

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  • Video CategoriesFilm & Animation
  • Runtime: 8:26
  • Tags for this video:  Jelani Cobb  The New Yorker  comedian  Chelsea Handler  Chelsea  Netflix  Rep. Ted Lieu  Democrat  California  Evan McMullin  CIA  2016  Independent  Presidential candidate  Ana Navarro  CNN  

Comments: 557

  • Calvin Smith
    Calvin Smith 10 days ago

    She doesn't go easy on the Botox.

  • Hi There
    Hi There 1 month ago

    why would bill have someone stupid like her on.

  • Harley Young
    Harley Young 1 month ago

    gotta hand it to ya r foul mouth immorality.christian hating pot smoking DECEPTION is workin great for the cause...if in the end there is a prize.surely your gonna GETIT.

  • Cid B.
    Cid B. 1 month ago

    While Mike Pence's rules may seem puritanical, it's actually prudent in his role as a public figure/politician. He can never be fucked over where there are witnesses.

  • Persuiter
    Persuiter 1 month ago

    "I think I've sexually harassed" - crowd laughs.

  • Azure888
    Azure888 1 month ago

    No one wants to fuck Bill O'Reilly, that's why he's such an asshole.

  • Constance Ayers
    Constance Ayers 1 month ago

    Republicans Please go feck yourselves and then turn in your passports!

  • Alana Nanana
    Alana Nanana 1 month ago

    Completely disagree with them RE: Ivanka. She is providing a false sense of security. She has never specified just how she will influence her father for the better, or even what issues she disagrees with him on. Regardless of any good intentions, if she's too scared to even say what she'd do differently, we should not expect anything better from her than anyone else in the administration. She also relies on her father a great deal, and I highly doubt she would jeopardize position of power by outwardly disagreeing with him on anything.

  • mostawesomedudeever1

    shut up faghot cos islam treats women so well right

  • rastin Kosha
    rastin Kosha 1 month ago

    It's not Muslim at all, it's Christian shit. There is no such thing in Islam.

  • Sam10947
    Sam10947 1 month ago

    what is this low class woman doing in an funny and intelligent talk show

  • h2ofield
    h2ofield 1 month ago

    Bill says 'fuck' like Sylvester the cat.

  • J M
    J M 1 month ago

    If you tap a woman's shoulder to get her attention at work they'll say it's sexual harassment to ruin your reputation. Sometimes women take it too far. But yes, of course women should be respected in the workplace. Human Resources should investigate and hold men accountable, and if woman are exaggerating then hold them accountable.
    The media hate Steve Bannon because Bannon is against the Zionist Jews of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street.
    F Y I

  • To Serve Man
    To Serve Man 1 month ago

    There is more sexism against males than females.

    • To Serve Man
      To Serve Man 1 month ago

      You have a low IQ though. You know this; I know this.

    • Andrés Baez
      Andrés Baez 1 month ago

      To Serve Man sure there is buddy! You only say that because you aren't a woman.

  • Compozzi Bass
    Compozzi Bass 2 months ago

    😂 Sing it Bill "I'm fucking you Toonnight" RIP Notorious Big

  • itsadogsworld yaknow
    itsadogsworld yaknow 2 months ago

    Chelsea used to look good, she is looking old and hagled.

  • 333Love
    333Love 2 months ago

    As an ex-liberal, wow our uber lib culture has jumped the shark..God help us all.

  • Stimulator7
    Stimulator7 2 months ago


    idiots deserve all the suffering they will get if they are as stupid as this, by electing a fucking moron like president fuckface von clownshtick.

    Fuck america.

  • SolinotheWolf
    SolinotheWolf 2 months ago

    I love bill. But doesn't know sht about islam

  • jordan` k
    jordan` k 2 months ago

    "This is so christian its muslim" the exact thoughts that was going through my mind 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 2 months ago

    It's strange to listen to Chelsea Handler, which I dislike her show, say things which I am thinking about trump

  • sweety bird
    sweety bird 2 months ago

    80% of women in America have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace..😧 I'm shocked 😳 what are the roots of this problem?

  • Port  Vino
    Port Vino 2 months ago

    i liked how chelsea was during this show. her jokes, wit, look etc everything was cool. other talk show hosts bring a different side of her, but bill maher brought out an intelligent cool lady.

  • John B
    John B 2 months ago

    Jared's positions keep him away from Ivanka most of the time so she can spend more time with her true daddy [Demented Donny]. (Not that Jared would care anyway, he was chosen for cover anyway)

  • John B
    John B 2 months ago

    When it's Chelsea doing it, I don't think it is abuse.

  • Gabriel G
    Gabriel G 2 months ago

    fuck you Chelsea Handler , you stupid liberal bitch

  • humanforotherhumans
    humanforotherhumans 2 months ago

    right on: dictators put their family members in power.

  • lockergr
    lockergr 2 months ago

    👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 This woman grates at the nerves.

  • Sparkie Lyle
    Sparkie Lyle 2 months ago

    All that Her-Ass-Mint in the wrk place stuff, is Out Rite BULL-SHIT ! Its all a big Pay-Dai 4 the Greedy, Selfish, Bimbo's lookin 2 retire early ! Watt u Gold-Digging, Scammers can't Just Say No ? U say it 2 ur Husbands all the Time. I rest my case !

  • Jackie Public III
    Jackie Public III 2 months ago

    Chelsea's starting to look very jewy in her old age.

  • 0 0
    0 0 2 months ago

    Who cares what Chelsea Crackaholic Handjob has to say

  • Twitchy Games
    Twitchy Games 2 months ago

    Chelsea Handler is so fucking cringy it is unreal

  • David Frig
    David Frig 2 months ago

    She's super hot.

  • Samuel Narvaez
    Samuel Narvaez 2 months ago


  • Mariah s
    Mariah s 2 months ago

    okay they're using their platform to talk about relevant issues in the government but why were they mute when obama was dropping nukes before..the hypocrisy is real

  • Baby Cakes
    Baby Cakes 2 months ago

    Please god next terrorist attack let it affect only Hollywood liberals. 🙏🙏

  • JDD999
    JDD999 2 months ago

    By excessive delegation of duties, Trump is not fully doing his job as President. He is also violating the emoluments clause with his international business interests and the Washington Trump Hotel. Add the collusion with the Russian government and there is only one possible outcome - IMPEACH TRUMP!!!

  • For Me To Poop On
    For Me To Poop On 2 months ago

    Is Chelsea Handler really retarded or does she just play a retard on TV?

  • B Tac
    B Tac 2 months ago

    This is so christian,it's Muslim!

  • 00Mindi00
    00Mindi00 2 months ago

    So much awesome in 8 minutes I feel like I'm gonna combust. This is too good!

  • jedi26 jedi26
    jedi26 jedi26 2 months ago

    Comedians are bringing the Democratic party down with all this garbage. They have no idea.

  • Stephen Greico
    Stephen Greico 2 months ago

    Please just for once admit that if an unattractive guy hits on a woman it's considered sexual harassment
    if she thinks the guy is hot it's acceptable flirtation
    Just admit it

    • Diana
      Diana 1 month ago

      pretty much. "there is one distinct difference between a gesture being considered extremely “romantic” or extremely “creepy,” and that is simply: the other person’s feelings.
      Depending on how someone feels about you, your actions can be viewed as sincere, genuine and sweet; or they can be viewed as kind of sketchy."

  • Zara Zen
    Zara Zen 2 months ago

    Ana Navarro: I've noticed in quite a few interviews that her right eye's pupil (from screen perspective; left eye) looks foggy, almost gray/white. I'm a bit worried about her because I saw somewhere that that could indicate a tumor. Correct me if I'm wrong, but why hasn't someone else mentioned that before? This benign tumour is called retinoma. Rarely, it becomes active years later, causing retinoblastoma in the adult. I don't use Twitter or w.e. to send her a message directly. What's your thoughts girls & guys?

  • Team Fear
    Team Fear 2 months ago

    The fact is that the russian government hacked the election and gave votes to trump!

    • Team Fear
      Team Fear 2 months ago

      Because they are looking for real evidence and not rumors

    • Team Fear
      Team Fear 2 months ago

      Why dont they have any proof yet?

  • Team Fear
    Team Fear 2 months ago

    Wow chelsea is being sexist towards trumps daughter

  • batshitcrazy007
    batshitcrazy007 2 months ago

    Oh boy, it's like he is discussing serious issues with a wrong person lol. She is not helping bill's cause at all.

  • John11121
    John11121 2 months ago

    85% of Syrians support assad. and under 15% support the jihadist groups. we are supporting the same groups that were killing our own soldiers in Iraq, and that were behind 9/11. any americans that want assad ousted are spitting on the graves of our own soldiers that died in Iraq! assad HELPED us when we were in Iraq and THIS is how we repay him. I couldn't be any more ashamed of my country.

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 2 months ago

    Evan McMullin 2020 Republican Presidential Candidate!

  • 101LakesNetwork
    101LakesNetwork 2 months ago

    O'Reilly's numbers have gone up since this happened. Other advertisers will come on. Ratings are what matters.

  • Marijuana Moon
    Marijuana Moon 2 months ago


  • ooDirtyMickoo
    ooDirtyMickoo 2 months ago

    As a man, I've definitely sexually harassed, sorry, you'll just have to get over it.

  • I. WYNN
    I. WYNN 2 months ago

    These chicks are such paid liars obviously so stupid traitor dumb cunts

  • I. WYNN
    I. WYNN 2 months ago

    Up guys do every type of abuse every area of life which is why ladies you are so stupid to volunteer for some more in another area of life dating fucking etc considering this is what they do to every female every way and every day that you didn't do anything to sign up for why would you sign up for some more make life even worse ?

  • Brevin Ainslie
    Brevin Ainslie 2 months ago

    This is so cringey I swear to god 😂

  • arnas maciunas
    arnas maciunas 2 months ago

    Is Chelsea a comedian? If so she's awful

  • Mr. Positive :)
    Mr. Positive :) 2 months ago

    I notice maher copying Sargon's video title style.

  • Anna Warner
    Anna Warner 2 months ago

    Trump is making Kuchner and Ivanka candidates for the future presidents of the United States.

  • Jimi Quackers
    Jimi Quackers 2 months ago

    If Chelsea Handler really gives a fuck about sexism, she should go to the Middle East.

  • Carlos H
    Carlos H 2 months ago

    Bill is so high this whole segment.

  • Vee K.
    Vee K. 2 months ago

    If you really think Steve bannon is the worst- wow- I'd maybe take a little deeper look at Kushner and his roots.

  • magister343
    magister343 2 months ago

    A "Hobson's Choice" is "take it or leave it."

    It would be a "Hobson's Choice" if Bill O'Reilly was the only possible sexual partner one could choose to fuck, but if abstinence remains an options.

    Thomas Hobson (1544–1631) was a livery stable owner in Cambridge, England, who offered customers the choice of either taking the horse in his stall nearest to the door or taking none at all, because he wanted all of his animals to get equal exercise and did not want customers wearing out his best mounts.

    If someone has to fuck someone and must choose between either Bill O'Reilly or Roger Ailes, that is not a Hobson's Choice but a Sophie's Choice.

  • raynell hobbs
    raynell hobbs 2 months ago

    where is the Jelani Cobb interview? I don't want to see Chelsea anymore after her nervous breakdown over Trump. I lost all respect for her after that. because that was not the time or the issues to flip out over. just shows me she's not really living in reality. if she were she'd had a breakdown over the real injustices going on in this world. and carried out by all of them politicalians both Democrats and Republicans.

  • BaresarkSlayne
    BaresarkSlayne 2 months ago

    Honestly, sounds like going to HR at Fox is more like robbing a bank. Bill O'Reilly says things untoward to his assistant, makes a few million bucks. I'm not excusing it, but lets not pretend these people weren't paid handsomely for what they endured.

    Mike Pence loves his wife so now it's wrong that he doesn't take any chances with his relationship. This is fuckin' retarded. He didn't say he can't eat with another woman, he said he can't eat alone with them behind closed doors. It's just smart at this point, to be honest.

  • TN D
    TN D 2 months ago

    A wonderful man, a Syrian refugee spokesman was on CNN this morning and of course the arrogant left CNN was setting the interview up to spread more negative false information about the POTUS decision to help the people of Syria by attacking the terrorist regime that has taken over and driven the people out of their land. So the arrogant ignorant CNN commentators set up the interview thinking this man would criticize the POTUS, well guess what, he spoke the truth and went completely in the opposite direction. He thanked the POTUS for helping the people to defeat the Assad regime, as the former administration, the BO administration did nothing to help the people in Syria, and his lack of action resulted in the refugees losing their country and being driven out. He ripped CNN for the hypocrites they are, where was CNN when the Syrians was being wiped out by Assad over the last several years, where was CNN when 1,400 Syrians were gassed by Assad, BO did nothing to help the people then. CNN's objective was spread more negative false narrative of the POTUS and this man put them in their place. They didn't know what to do, they were caught in the headlights, embarrassed and arrogant as always. The Syrians want to return to their land, they don't want to come to the US, they don't want to live across Europe, they only want their land back, the man explained. He expressed so much thanks for DT in helping them, DT was the only POTUS to help us, we want to return to our land, this is the first time someone helped us to return. Even China praised the POTUS' decision last week.

    The left media is done; social media has taken over. Ever since Reagan, the power of the media has diminished. They are lost and unhinged, their ever ending objective to destroy the true Americans, those who voted for DT is over. They can't get it in their arrogant heads that they no longer have power, except for the misguided idiots who would listen to them.

  • numberfreee
    numberfreee 2 months ago

    "this is so christian its muslim" that was fucking gold

  • Mardi Macfly
    Mardi Macfly 2 months ago

    It's cannabis fool. You sound like a narc calling it marijuana.

  • Scar
    Scar 2 months ago

    yeah no wonder her show get so low ratings.

  • Ambassador of Kekistan

    Yes, Bill Maher, an old unmarried man, should be taken seriously when talking about marriage. Who cares how Pence behaves? I actually agree with that. It's about respect.

  • Alexander Korbin
    Alexander Korbin 2 months ago

    Mary Carlisle is an unfunny cunt.

  • Charles Weidemuller
    Charles Weidemuller 2 months ago


  • Lord Aku
    Lord Aku 2 months ago

    this is so christian its muslim, haha that was a good one. one true issue bill talks about is muslim terrorism

  • Lord Aku
    Lord Aku 2 months ago

    lol bill is making fun of bill oreily for not getting laid yet bill fucks prostitutes. ugly ones at that.

  • Lord Aku
    Lord Aku 2 months ago

    bare with me here, shes sexually harrased and it gets a laugh, if a guy said that what do you think the response would be? if you want true equality then you should scold her for saying that. even if it was a joke. a man can not joke about sexual harresment

    PIGGER SWIGGER 2 months ago

    If Jared the Parrot has all these responsibilities......WWWwwwwaaaattttt isss Chumps job??? Oh nothing... Just toss in a word salad to shut up the public or change the subject. Deflect, then spew more word diarrhea out of his mouth and feed it to the inbred uneducated deplorable cockroaches.

  • ak p
    ak p 2 months ago

    Ivanka trump is not reasonable, she had her son's genitals cut, she obviously has no common sense and bad judgment and should have NO say in how to run the United States government, what a fucking joke.

  • ЯunΣ Wreck'Em
    ЯunΣ Wreck'Em 2 months ago

    Why in the fucking FUCK do we even have a fucking Secretary of State if Jared Fuckner is doing all the diplomacy?

  • bigbangzGaming
    bigbangzGaming 2 months ago

    bill a savage lol

  • thisoldman99
    thisoldman99 2 months ago

    IMPORTANT: You know it's very telling. So they talk about fucking bill o Reilly vs ailes. If you were to talk about fucking, say, Rachel Maddow vs Megyn Kelly, wouldn't there be a total outrage ? So they lecture about sexism yet it doesn't seem to me they have any real moral high ground to do so. I don't even like Bill o Reilly but it's not clear he even fucking DID ANYTHING AT ALL. Ailes is a different story.

  • Marthin Lukas
    Marthin Lukas 2 months ago

    Is chelsea wearing jeans?

  • mvp101
    mvp101 2 months ago

    Ugh. Chelsea Handler is the _worst._ Every single last thing about her is grating and she's not even _funny._ Seriously...just, yuck.

  • Maggic
    Maggic 2 months ago

    Actually Islam plagiarized the Old Testament worst doctrines and made it their own. They regrettably didn't include the promise of a compassionate savior -- Jesus Christ.

  • ooDirtyMickoo
    ooDirtyMickoo 2 months ago

    women joke and say "I've definitely sexually harassed" and get applauded and laughter

    when the double standard for that would be...

    a man joking and saying "I've definitely sexually harassed" and getting lambasted on every news outlet and brought up as an example of ingrained misogyny.


  • Ricanartist
    Ricanartist 2 months ago

    I always wonder why some men would sexually harass women? I understand it about power but really can you excise power just in threats I will fire you or you won't get a promotion like with men? Why sex? Sex just because of lust it so empty? Or is because there something about being evil that is seducing power? Has these souls of these men left the hearts of these type of men?

  • Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
    Dr. Zippy Mcscoots 2 months ago

    So Jared Kushner is the greatest fucker to walk the Earth or Trump is setting him up as a scapegaot when shit doesnt go right.

  • DJolympusMons
    DJolympusMons 2 months ago

    fuck this show

  • akshay rathore
    akshay rathore 2 months ago

    I read the title and I knew this video will have down votes :D

  • Jeff Robbins
    Jeff Robbins 2 months ago

    So Pence cannot have dinner with Kellyanne??

  • Ingrid Gaddis
    Ingrid Gaddis 2 months ago

    Chelsea is the biggest woman hater on earth. How can she call someone else sexist. People give themselves platforms to show how stupid they really are.

  • Al Miller
    Al Miller 2 months ago

    i'd be happy if chelsea grabbed my girlfriend's pussy.. hell, i'd even dress like one for halloween, so that she could grab me..take out the middle step of getting to her through my girlfriend..a man can dream..

  • Insignificant Life form

    "This is so Christian it's Muslim!" Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

  • redirishmanxlt
    redirishmanxlt 2 months ago

    Mike can go to the restaurant by himself, but that won't begin to address the disappointment his Lord has for him.

  • dominic rossi
    dominic rossi 2 months ago

    Anyone remember when Comedians were funny ? What's with Handler's giant flappy arms ? Hard to watch .

  • Bejoy Pradeep
    Bejoy Pradeep 2 months ago

    You can't take something seriously when you see Chelsea Handler in the title

  • Stefanos Christofis
    Stefanos Christofis 2 months ago

    Hope Mr. T doesn't sue Bill Maher for saying that line...

  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 2 months ago

    "This is so Christian, it's Muslim" - Bill Maher 2017

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