Most Shocking Second a Day Video

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  • GalaxyKitty 2426
    GalaxyKitty 2426 2 minutes ago

    I bet her wish was for things to go back to normal.....😢😢😢😢

  • Joe Billybob
    Joe Billybob 3 hours ago

    why does this happen to this girl it broke my ❤

  • IanOneshot
    IanOneshot 3 hours ago

    empathy made me cry sooooooo much. WE NEED TO END THIS WORLD!!! also you dont need empathy to cry here

  • OfficialOpit
    OfficialOpit 4 hours ago

    One word: why.

  • TheEpicKing 555
    TheEpicKing 555 5 hours ago

    was that the silly guy

  • CokeIsReallyGood
    CokeIsReallyGood 5 hours ago

    this is so sad

  • The Universe
    The Universe 15 hours ago

    ungreatfull bitch... Wish I had such a birthday... The only gift I get is that I get to chose which finger my mom is gonna cut..

  • Maria Hărățu
    Maria Hărățu 15 hours ago

    Just think that the world war 3 will last only 15 minutes. They'll launch nuclear bombs and everything will be destroyed. Pray to God to see tomorrow's sunlight.

  • Marvin Martin
    Marvin Martin 16 hours ago

    If a was in Syria i rather be dead or in the same situation.

  • Water Nebula
    Water Nebula 18 hours ago

    I know it should be sad but I think it's hilarious how it changes from bombings and break up to casual things like eating an apple

  • Vlogging with Madi and nick

    This makes me cry every time

  • sugarG
    sugarG 20 hours ago

    is there part 2?!?

  • Malibu
    Malibu 21 hour ago


  • Camrocker
    Camrocker 21 hour ago

    I Watched this in class and legit teared up........It made my heart break......

  • Ana Dolor
    Ana Dolor 23 hours ago

    She lost her dad 😭

  • Joshua Hernandez
    Joshua Hernandez 1 day ago


  • Garrett555gamer Gaming


    put a firework rocket inside a PVC pipe and you have an bazooka

  • Rodrigo Bautista
    Rodrigo Bautista 1 day ago

    pta que sad :,v

  • Osama Bin Laden
    Osama Bin Laden 1 day ago

    Approximately 2 years after trumps election

  • Sponge to Szafa
    Sponge to Szafa 1 day ago

    in hospital i was having worser...
    I was in hospital 2 months
    they was cutting my leg off !

  • crazy10777 aj-lps


  • Perle Andrieux
    Perle Andrieux 1 day ago

    This is fake i hope

  • Psycho Son
    Psycho Son 1 day ago


  • Crafty Cats
    Crafty Cats 1 day ago

    this is so heartbreaking

  • Josie Alyvia
    Josie Alyvia 1 day ago

    Pause to read headlines. This shows only just how much children see before it takes a turn for the worst.

  • Stella Chang
    Stella Chang 1 day ago


  • Pusheen The Cat
    Pusheen The Cat 1 day ago

    This is why I wish I had a home far away in an undiscovered forest with unicorns and no war or worries :')

    DICKGO NELONG! 1 day ago

    but it might not tho

  • c907al
    c907al 1 day ago

    Sorry but you have to take care of your own first look at Manchester.

  • Jack Crooke
    Jack Crooke 1 day ago

    Where... Why? Why should anyone live through this?

  • William Babin
    William Babin 1 day ago

    this video is why i support trump

  • 미셜비
    미셜비 1 day ago

    "Just because it isn't happening here"

    Manchester bombing says "hi". Well it's now happening here. Now what? Still save foreign children when you ignore those you have at your own country? Many children just died in Manchester, England this last week.

  • Loloisa
    Loloisa 2 days ago


  • ForeverAgfun !
    ForeverAgfun ! 2 days ago

    What's the Girls name?

  • Rebecca Hibbert
    Rebecca Hibbert 2 days ago

    So so sad 😭

  • AzulShiva
    AzulShiva 2 days ago

    Videos like this are the pinnacle of cancer in this society.

  • Ed Soderlind
    Ed Soderlind 2 days ago

    good job guys

  • Sean Rivero Guy
    Sean Rivero Guy 2 days ago


  • Patricia Palomera
    Patricia Palomera 2 days ago


  • LandonLovley
    LandonLovley 3 days ago


  • phat sack 'o memes
    phat sack 'o memes 3 days ago

    S U I C I D E

  • Samuel Greaves
    Samuel Greaves 3 days ago

    This is heartbreaking but here's a simple fact. I know it's not the children but some of the children do what I'm about to tell. I live in Germany a nice neighborhood village lined with mansions and subclass houses. Ever since refugees came the crime rate has risen from like 1% to 6% we can't leave our cars unlocked or our bicycles because they will get stolen period. At first I thought it was great but now I regret it and wish the never brought them near our village. It's ruined our community

  • Stuart Cooper
    Stuart Cooper 3 days ago


  • HappyVlog Today
    HappyVlog Today 3 days ago

    Who came from "Reaction Time/Tal's" Video?

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez 3 days ago

    her dad

  • angeli bañuelos
    angeli bañuelos 4 days ago

    00:57 00:58 dang backround

  • SuperRandom Arty
    SuperRandom Arty 4 days ago

    this is why children and parents with children should be aloud to travel to America freely.

  • PurpleLuvbug 17
    PurpleLuvbug 17 5 days ago

    I don't Understand??

  • Noiwex
    Noiwex 6 days ago

    Cool story

  • PillowArmy_05
    PillowArmy_05 6 days ago

    I'm sad now cause what happens to her
    I'm angry that there is this type of thing happening
    I'm happy that she at least had a good life before things changed
    And WHYYYY?!?!?! She was such a good person

  • Emily Imagined
    Emily Imagined 6 days ago

    Omg... °^°

  • A Truck Campbell
    A Truck Campbell 6 days ago

    long term depression

    GLITTER FOREVER34 7 days ago


  • shadow78755
    shadow78755 7 days ago

    ...That changed quickly

    THE GRIM REAPER 7 days ago

    You guys should really stop the war and stuff, it's a lot of work when people die of unnatural causes

  • papa John's
    papa John's 7 days ago

    0:59 there it's iligal have guns in the UK

  • SkyBooFast
    SkyBooFast 7 days ago

    thats what happen in syria,palestine,iraq etc

  • Turbo Gav
    Turbo Gav 7 days ago

    Save the children from what???  World War 3?

  • ArdentMusic
    ArdentMusic 7 days ago

    this is what happens when u allow those fuckers into the damn country.

  • Phoenix Macaroni
    Phoenix Macaroni 8 days ago

    Because this makes perfect sense

  • Blockmixer
    Blockmixer 8 days ago

    this video made me laugh and smile

  • MCmuffingaming
    MCmuffingaming 8 days ago

    They showed me this video at school
    let's just say

    Im traumatized

  • Maya Eaton
    Maya Eaton 9 days ago

    This broke me

  • ٖ
    ٖ 9 days ago


  • Marse
    Marse 10 days ago

    what a waste of time

  • JideyOnGames
    JideyOnGames 10 days ago

    one day, just one single day, just tomorrow....


  • Sarah Booker
    Sarah Booker 11 days ago

    i cried

  • jaz553
    jaz553 11 days ago

    i cried at the end

  • XPrince
    XPrince 11 days ago

    who else is here because their school played this

  • keko deko
    keko deko 11 days ago

    lol nice meme

  • Venular Spider
    Venular Spider 11 days ago

    Same story as making bombs for hitler book

  • Turtle Nation Leader

    pause at 0:44 TO BE CONTINUED

  • David Kent Plush
    David Kent Plush 12 days ago

    This made me cry no just

  • KLENZOR _ كلينزور

    this actually a life of a syrian child just like me....

    JACOB FX 12 days ago

    this doesnt work. Its her birthday. But then its not 365 seconds until her next birthday

  • Royal Emerald Builder

    That was WAY fewer than 365 clips (cheaters)

  • Royal Emerald Builder

    That was WAY fewer than 365 clips (cheaters)

  • 0oToxic_Poke _Trainero0

    She is so adorable ;-;

  • Masen253
    Masen253 13 days ago


  • Cullen Jacobs
    Cullen Jacobs 13 days ago

    god i wish that were me

  • American Hero
    American Hero 13 days ago

    It started off good but now HELL

  • Lauraaa Vb
    Lauraaa Vb 13 days ago

    Where is that?

  • Yohan Ricardo Espitia

    pobre niña

  • Jack Wentworth
    Jack Wentworth 14 days ago

    This is so fake London is not under attack

  • Daniel Gaebel
    Daniel Gaebel 14 days ago

    0:24 you deserve to get shot

  • The Patato Lauren
    The Patato Lauren 14 days ago


  • Tobey Boatright
    Tobey Boatright 14 days ago

    this wasnt real but ok

  • محبة الأنمي

    thx for this vid Im from syria

  • Bacon Spaceman
    Bacon Spaceman 15 days ago

    Nice. I nutted

  • Elana Cruz
    Elana Cruz 15 days ago

    will it acshale hapin

  • Evan Luba
    Evan Luba 16 days ago

    I didn't know Ireland could cause this much

  • CyberWolf48
    CyberWolf48 16 days ago

    I dont know why there's dislikes on this.

  • Froel
    Froel 17 days ago

    The attention to detail in this is outstanding. Who directed this??

  • Tom Akers
    Tom Akers 17 days ago

    That hollow look she gives the camera at the end when her mom says 'make a wish' just kills me. Her only wish is to end it all.

  • Sara Dolan
    Sara Dolan 17 days ago


  • American Soldier
    American Soldier 18 days ago

    Who wants to help me start an uprising in America

  • Sara Kpop
    Sara Kpop 18 days ago

    From Syria .. Palestine
    This video is so sad. 😢😢

  • RandomTV_
    RandomTV_ 19 days ago


    LIT LIZARD 19 days ago

    and now there is a ban on refugees

  • Paulo Fernando Perestrelo

    Who came from Deep

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