100-Year-Old Life Hacks You Didn't Know Existed

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  • That 1 Guy
    That 1 Guy 3 hours ago

    that's a nice zip lock bag from 100 years ago fun fact zip lock bags were created much less than 100 years ago

  • Hanshootsfirst4wook
    Hanshootsfirst4wook 4 hours ago

    the one about the ink and milk. i could be mistaken but it looks like you used a ballpoint pen which uses a special quick drying ink, where as 100 years ago it would have been more common for people to use fountain pens.that might make all the difference because the ink doesnt dry instantly. if i'm not mistaken anyways..

  • dlebrun1963
    dlebrun1963 4 hours ago

    In high school I got India Ink on my Mom's shirt and was told about the milk trick. I had washed the shirt twice already with no luck. Milk got it completely clean. Maybe ballpoint ink is to modern a formula for the milk to get completely clean.

  • Lucas Bruskotter
    Lucas Bruskotter 4 hours ago

    That is the lamest hammer I ever saw

  • Riley West
    Riley West 5 hours ago

    If you keep your knives sharp you don't need hot water or a serrated knife to cut bread.

  • Beatrice Yefimov
    Beatrice Yefimov 11 hours ago

    Wrong ink, use ink from that time, then judge

  • Tommy C
    Tommy C 11 hours ago

    use lemon to polish new boot. (puts lemon on old dirty boots)

  • Sherry Litchford
    Sherry Litchford 11 hours ago

    Running alcohol on the ink stains works without "elbow grease". Works instantly

  • Megamannen
    Megamannen 12 hours ago

    Stupid fucking inches

  • C Naumann
    C Naumann 13 hours ago

    The potato trick sounds really cool - simple genius way to give your flowers water and nutrients. Just don't cut flower stems with scissors, please! Always use a sharp knife and make an angled cut to avoid crushing the capillaries and make it easier for the flower to suck up water. Also: Always store flowers in a cool, dark place and most importantly, away from fruit. All fruit emit ethylene ("ripening gas") that causes flowers to fade faster!

  • DoomTainted
    DoomTainted 14 hours ago

    Only 90's kids remember?

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 15 hours ago

    boy that hammer is pathetic my finger is bigger than it

  • liquidminds
    liquidminds 19 hours ago

    There's a sailors trick to cooling drinks. Put them in a wet towel, tie it up and hang it up somewhere. The wind will evaporate water and pull heat from the drinks.
    You won't get your beers fridge-cold, but enough to cool them down by 10+ degrees for a nice drinking experience.

    throwing them over-board in a sack would also work, but since there is less evaporation, not as well and it has the added risk of losing your beverage to the waves.


    how about grab a real fuckin hammer

  • SF Bay Area Bicycle


  • Surplus Bang
    Surplus Bang 1 day ago

    You just suck at pulling nails.

  • Benjamin D. Auver

    what passed for ink 100 years ago is not chemically related to modern inks

  • Danny Leung
    Danny Leung 1 day ago

    You should try and see if milk removes old-fashion ink stains, not the pigment ink in modern pens.

  • Adam Peppas
    Adam Peppas 2 days ago

    that playa will come right back when the lemon dries. And even the sharpest knife will not cut a loaf of bread well if you hold it at the end and twist the blade.

  • Juan Mosqueda
    Juan Mosqueda 2 days ago

    Hey how can I get all life hacks from 100 years ago cards?

  • MrsA.RodBX
    MrsA.RodBX 2 days ago

    faster way to chill ANY DRINK ice, water and salt 5 mins tops and i mean anything the towel trick is ehh ok but fast is the salt, ice water and bucket and of course your choice of drinks even big bottles

  • Shawn R
    Shawn R 2 days ago

    much easier way to do the hammer nail hack.
    First this might mar the surface so if you do not want the surface marrred follow the video. Hook the nail as deep into the claw as possible and with the top of the hammer touching the surface. Then push the handle sideways 90 degrees to the way you would normally pull out a nail. The nail will be pinched in the claw and pushing the handle to one side will raise the inside edge of the claw about a quarter of an inch( if you want metric google it.) then repeat but push the handle to the opposite side. Again this will mar the surface, crack sheetrock etc.

  • Pedro Franca
    Pedro Franca 2 days ago

    Who else hates the lack of a control group for reference? I could hardly see any change in the boots, I don't know if the flowers lasted longer (especially since he cut the stem with a scissor) and I wonder if simply water and soap would had worked as well as the milk, if not better

  • Trace Anthony
    Trace Anthony 2 days ago

    love those oxblood docs

  • Владислав Корнеев

    Про молоток и брусок я знаю, остальное я не понял и не стал смотреть...

  • miapdx Portland
    miapdx Portland 3 days ago

    Lovely Watson

  • Janet Cozens
    Janet Cozens 3 days ago

    Brilliant ideas thanks for sharing

  • Rt Harmon
    Rt Harmon 4 days ago

    I've known that hammer trick for years
    The problem was don't use a little hammer you fucking idiot

  • Willy Jimmy
    Willy Jimmy 5 days ago

    The acid in lemon juice cleans the oils on new leather, which is why new leather is hard to polish. Using on old dirty boots is not equivalent.

  • Joshua lund
    Joshua lund 5 days ago

    if you get a larger hammer its easier to remove a nail

  • DoctorDiamond
    DoctorDiamond 6 days ago

    lol i have a kid inmy grade named joey burns lol

  • billedos
    billedos 6 days ago

    why are you using gloves when your cards are laminated?

  • Yajie Liu
    Yajie Liu 8 days ago

    depends on the type of bread you are getting, usually you can just cut the bread upside down, meaning face the curve side down and cut from the flat side. it's usually harder as it sits on the pan and generally harder than top (curved) parts of a loaf of bread.

  • Rea Dou
    Rea Dou 8 days ago

    a lot of waste

  • RickyDee
    RickyDee 9 days ago

    1st one, Use a regular sized hammer with a longer handle for more leverage.

  • laceypennies
    laceypennies 9 days ago

    Cold soda, cold soda! Blaaaaa!

  • Sachi Perez
    Sachi Perez 10 days ago

    Using a serrated blade to cut bread while saying you don't need a serrated blade is just Kellyanne Conway...

  • Csaba Harangozó
    Csaba Harangozó 11 days ago

    Ink was quite different a 100 years ago. Using today's ballpen is not really ingenious :-(

  • Gaby Gibson
    Gaby Gibson 11 days ago

    Does anyone know what type of thermometer they're using?

  • Shawn Dunham
    Shawn Dunham 11 days ago

    Different fabrics take stains differently. So a tshirt which is probably 50/50 poly cotton will keep a stain more than 100% linen. Synthetics are harder to get a stain out of.

  • joseph sheehan
    joseph sheehan 12 days ago

    Buy a real hammer

  • Ryan Armijo
    Ryan Armijo 12 days ago

    The nail hack can be made much easier with pliers. Grab some lineman or heavy duty long nose pliers and grab the nail close to the wood. Squeeze and twist/spin to bend the nail into the side like an alligator and it will yank the nail out. That's why these types of pliers have been nicknamed alligator style pliers.

  • Tyler T
    Tyler T 14 days ago

    If you have a stuck nail don't use a child's hammer..

  • John
    John 14 days ago

    You can also put honey into the hole of the potato to keep it even longer

  • Itka Maax
    Itka Maax 15 days ago

    3:59 white supremacist, confirmed

  • SophieMia806
    SophieMia806 15 days ago

    I always use hair spray (specifically Aquanet) to get ink out of fabric. Spray some hair spray onto the stain, let it sit for a few seconds, scrub light with an old toothbrush, and watch the stain disappear. Sometimes I put some Shout stain remover on after scrubbing with the hair spray. I've never had any trouble completely removing the stain this way.

  • Purple and Gold
    Purple and Gold 15 days ago

    Ink & milk were very different back then.

  • MikeyJ3
    MikeyJ3 16 days ago


  • Heyitsaddie23
    Heyitsaddie23 16 days ago

    make more of these with these cards!!!!!

  • Brent Dallyn
    Brent Dallyn 16 days ago

    The ink stain trick would not work well on today's modern ink's, conventional ink's of the day in 1916 did not dry immediately as they do now and took time to soak in.

  • Dutchik
    Dutchik 16 days ago

    wrap in wet paper towel.
    place in fridge (maybe in a bowl. so it doesn't go everywhere)
    or in freezer,not long. and in a plastic bag, so you will not need to clean the freezer.
    they didn't have a fridge then. we do. use it.

  • Nirpesh Thakur
    Nirpesh Thakur 17 days ago

    I think they were talking about fountain pen not ball point pen

  • Mack Nugent
    Mack Nugent 17 days ago

    that last one was a tip for crackin a cold one w the boys

  • Marcos Martinez
    Marcos Martinez 17 days ago

    pretty cool.

  • Fedrico Martinez
    Fedrico Martinez 17 days ago

    my dad showed me the first one

  • iDoMacaroni
    iDoMacaroni 17 days ago

    8:23 LOL Good Job!

  • DryLands People66
    DryLands People66 17 days ago

    Well they used real milk back then

  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul 18 days ago

    tips for people who dont know shit

  • steve cannon
    steve cannon 18 days ago

    If you spray hairspray on a shirt with ink stains, they usually wash right out.

  • Austin Grizzell
    Austin Grizzell 18 days ago

    the fidget spinner changes direction 😅

  • ScornedShadow
    ScornedShadow 18 days ago

    15,200 quarters

  • Joy Owen
    Joy Owen 19 days ago

    No pennies here, anywhere. We are penniless as
    a nation

  • Grayson Berkshire
    Grayson Berkshire 19 days ago

    2:38 124 degree knife vs bread

  • Jennifer Hardwick
    Jennifer Hardwick 19 days ago

    1:40 firstly, every guy wearing a suit should have a handkerchief. But more to the point a t-shirt is a completely different fabric from a handkerchief, and the milk you used is completely different from what they would have had back then. Modern milk is pasteurized, fat is removed and then it is loaded up with chemical preservatives.

  • Steveloc760
    Steveloc760 19 days ago

    Really not too hard to cut bread. Especially when you have a j.a henckels bread knife"very sharp knife"The trick is making the sawing motion to make the cut;which you did the second time around.

  • the professional loser

    thousand degree knife vs bread

  • Dara Duggan
    Dara Duggan 20 days ago

    The Irish rebellion was in 1916

  • Michael P
    Michael P 20 days ago

    might have used something other than a toy hammer...

  • playing with fire
    playing with fire 20 days ago

    they said clamp not hammer

  • FuckYouGoogle
    FuckYouGoogle 21 day ago

    You're supposed to clamp the block of wood on to the other block so that it doesn't move around.

  • qrower
    qrower 21 day ago

    73 degree soda 🤢

  • jdrog97
    jdrog97 21 day ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe 1 pound in any coin will equal around 20 dollars.

  • Mark Cobb
    Mark Cobb 21 day ago

    100 years ago in 1960? seriously?

  • Camron Phelan
    Camron Phelan 21 day ago

    1000 degree knife vs bread

  • The Diddler
    The Diddler 21 day ago


  • Global Triathlon Network

    Gave you a negative as this wasn't in metric..

  • Kris Stab
    Kris Stab 22 days ago

    They used actual milk back in the day , this stuff we drink today is not exactly milk :D Try with milk you got from a farm , it may have big difference :)

  • Shawn Vargas
    Shawn Vargas 22 days ago

    that 1st one, get a real hammer. you had no leverage

  • RobotHottdog
    RobotHottdog 22 days ago

    or use a hammer with a long arm

  • SoggyOreo
    SoggyOreo 22 days ago

    for cutting bread you could just flip the bread upside down and it works for all kind of knives

  • AceOf Spades
    AceOf Spades 22 days ago

    Homeless cats could have drunken that milk 🍼

  • XpertGamer GTA5
    XpertGamer GTA5 22 days ago


  • amimia
    amimia 22 days ago

    The ink stain hack.. firstly the biro ink is something entirely different to what the hack is supposed to fix, secondly vigorously rubbing with a sponge was not part of the og hack and is a stupid idea with any stain, thirdly the particles that appeared after rubbing are bits of the cotton fabric not ink particles. Good try but each of these vintage hacks was wrecked with new age technology and idiocy

  • Captain Howdy
    Captain Howdy 22 days ago

    You didnt even follow the cards. Even after you said the serrated knife wasnt invented until the 1900's you still used it. Then the card said a NEW BOOT you used a old dirty boot. Lame.

  • 404 9
    404 9 22 days ago

    You talk about hard times. I was stuck in the Simpson desert once with nothing but a handful of flour. I needed to make some bread to eat. Well I had no water so I had to use piss instead. I went to squat to piss but farted instead and blew all the flour away. You talk about hard times....

  • Rem ko
    Rem ko 23 days ago

    I don't give a shit about the weight of quartes, I use the non-retarded metric system.

  • PAN' D21
    PAN' D21 23 days ago

    Maybe use a bigger handled hammer...

  • C Heckenlively
    C Heckenlively 23 days ago

    boot with red laces...

  • Brenda J
    Brenda J 23 days ago

    I'd love to see more of those cards.

  • Rebecca Fouts
    Rebecca Fouts 24 days ago

    rubbing alcohol will get the ink out without scrubbing

  • Peter Sen
    Peter Sen 24 days ago

    Use aerosil spray to clear pen stains

  • Peter Sen
    Peter Sen 24 days ago

    Use aerosil spray to clear pen stains

  • petden0
    petden0 24 days ago

    6:08 Cancer.

  • Andy DelliColli
    Andy DelliColli 24 days ago

    gettin' playa dust off with lemons, eh? hehe

  • Domino_Emery
    Domino_Emery 24 days ago

    Good idea. Bad execution

  • Desiree Cline
    Desiree Cline 25 days ago

    i thought if you put the roses in the potato it would grow roots ?

  • Bryan
    Bryan 25 days ago


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