DPSS laser 2W 532nm class IV Cut a Plastic Beer Bottle

DPSS laser high power 2W 532nm class IV Cut a Beer Bottle

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Author A Silver ( ago)
i sure hope you had goggles o!

Author Paul Jacobs ( ago)
I really like how we can watch the shield in the bg.. I'd not mind watching
whole episodes this way.

Author Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon) ( ago)
My fucking eyeballs. D8

Author Per Hermans ( ago)
pritty cool

Author Hunter Gembarski ( ago)
Alright if you just look at the title it says plastic bottle

Author a7dfj8aerj ( ago)
Means green

Author travis abram ( ago)
Do you have to worry about the laser overheating? 

Author Bädwi ( ago)
how come you use a class 4 laser on a reflected surface like plastic bottle
, you could die man !!!

Author j z ( ago)
2200mw 445nm blue laser $100..

Author Eric Quinn ( ago)
532 Nano Meters. 

Author Win City ( ago)
Did anyone else watch the tv in the background while he turned the bottle?

Author Darkfire889 ( ago)
Stick....stick...your dick in the beam.

Author nopenachoguy ( ago)
Was the beer good?

Author Sam Cooper epicbadger (1770 years ago)
Nice TV

Author raul1TB ( ago)
the wave length

Author Ana Nas ( ago)
what does 532nm means?

Author Deadmoo53 ( ago)
It's a FUCKING laser.. wake up

Author Alec Merolla ( ago)
You payed $3,000+ for an expensive pair of scissors?

Author Joan Christopher Rodriguez ( ago)
I actually made a weapon from a class IIIa laser. If you get another common
weapon (which i won't say which, because I'm about to sell my idea to
government) and run the laser through it, you create someone of a "phaser"
like you seen in target. It works by delivering a beam of electrons, more
like a volt of electricity. Except, its delivered through a beam of light
unlike tasters.

Author bigblockelectra (916 years ago)
the shield, from FX, it was a really good show

Author Michael Karbowiak ( ago)
It didn't when i wrote my comment ;)

Author raul1TB ( ago)

Author Joe Smith ( ago)
VA-II-2000-532 2000mW Green Laser System US $3,198.00

Author spike2fei ( ago)
so how much is this laser i will like to do some xperiments ^_^

Author NieliHD ( ago)
After 1 minute i found the tv show more interesting :P

Author jeroen207 ( ago)
@cabasse Chemics, What happens when you breathe it?

Author jeroen207 ( ago)
Class 4 laser? Dude watch out.

Author Guillermo Alegre ( ago)
how did you realize that it's a plastic bottle, uh? Oh... the tittle of

Author TheFamousBen ( ago)

Author John Smith ( ago)
now you need the other part of the bottle ;)

Author cabasse ( ago)
"that's plastic smoke - don't breathe this!"

Author Wild Koffing ( ago)
does it matter that it was plastic, that laser is still strong

Author JINGWA64 ( ago)
you can tell its plastic by the sound it makes hitting the table and when
he pulls the base of...which also glass would NOT need the base to be
twisted and tugged of like that...its would crack and snap off instantly
because it would be brittle...not beer bottles don't have
such thin glass or they would shatter to easy...another sign its a plastic

Author raul1TB ( ago)
@jabg2011 ????????????????????????????????

Author Lucas Arede ( ago)
Very well haha :P

Author liranxs ( ago)
the movie in the background was more interesting

Author Luke Scicluna ( ago)
@ThePhizMaster They are usually tinted because tinted glass is cheaper to
produce than transparent glass. Glass is tinted because it contains
impurities which are difficult to remove.

Author susan Atler (257 years ago)
lol nice

Author Razzfazz87 ( ago)
ew plastic containers for beer!

Author Die ( ago)
too dangerous

Author Angel Ambrosius ( ago)
Its plastic. Glass would't make the sound that bottle makes when he pulls
the bottom off.

Author Junske ( ago)
D`aww, that serie on tv was so dramatic :(

Author Austin Jordan ( ago)
is that abc on the tv

Author Michael Karbowiak ( ago)
Its a plastic bottle people.. wake up

Author Macdawg347 ( ago)
@raul1TB Have you tried cutting clutting tinted glass?? 

Author Colton Ellis ( ago)
Im very impressed but the bottle was not glass definitely plastic... Look
at the bottom of the bottle used... I have never seen a glass bottle with
that bottom only plastic... 

Author ExpertOfSound ( ago)
DPS: Damage Per Second.

Author Joseph Coffland ( ago)
No one ever said it was glass. It's a plastic beer bottle.

Author DOOM89 ( ago)
@ThePhizMaster That bottle was clearly plastic lol 

Author timmytommy2 ( ago)
@cmedinger Great observation Einstein. He never claimed it was glass. He
even twists and pulls it apart at the end. 

Author timmytommy2 ( ago)
@ThePhizMaster He is NOT using a glass bottle! Jesus, dont you people watch
the entire video? Plus, glass melts at extreme temps that are many times
higher than plastic. Did you see how long it took to slice through thin
plastic? Its hard to even get a glass bottle to glow with a blowtorch.
Glass is also a better conductor of heat than plastic, so it will dissipate
the heat more readily; especially since there is far more mass than in the
plastic bottle.

Author Racecarlock ( ago)
Ah, an elegant weapon from a more civilized age.

Author Klaus Zipfel (systemofapwne) ( ago)
@ciphoenix Our DPSS 532nm doubled Nd:YAG (Coherent Verdi V10) is pumped by
two 30W 808nm diodes-arrays. The total output power of that laser is 10 W
and the diodes both take a current of 20A +. And nowhere it is said that
the laser showed in this video is using batteries.

Author mrradiochicken ( ago)
Thanks one laser you actually shouldn't point at your friends eyes

Author AKSoapy29 ( ago)
That was plastic but stilll pretty cool. The laser was always strait all
the way through!

Author Adam Bourassa ( ago)
@ciphoenix "The INFRARED DIODE needed to construct a 2,000mw (2 WATT) DPSS
GREEN LASER simply DOES NOT EXIST" Completely WRONG.... There are 808nm
pump diodes in the kW range. 

Author Jesse Bains ( ago)
Show me an actual glass bottle, or hell, even a 1/8 sheet of aluminum and
I'll be impressed..until then GTFO with that plastique

Author Helvetier1 ( ago)
nice try, that was a plastic bottle ;-) I can do the same with my
pocketknife or my blue 1W Spartan Laser... Regards from Helvetica

Author aznpwn141 ( ago)
dear santa...

Author aznpwn141 ( ago)

Author ProMusicProf ( ago)
plastic bottle?

Author Nick Miller ( ago)
what was on TV?!

Author mwmii790 ( ago)
If you do this at home, be sure to drink all the beer first.

Author cvbcbcmv ( ago)
I'm surprised I'm the only one who wonders where the hell you got a 2 watt

Author Trenton Wess ( ago)
@ThePhizMaster That's a plastic bottle, not glass. Watch as he puts the
bottle down after burning the bottom off, there's a white plastic lid on
the top. Also, the theory about dark and light tinted glass is true,
however a laser is focused light and energy. Depending on the mW output, it
would cut through the glass no matter what color it is.

Author wtfmanicanthaveaname ( ago)
@ThePhizMaster also look at the lid/cap with the little break away plastic
ring under the plastic cap lol

Author wtfmanicanthaveaname ( ago)
@ThePhizMaster actually its not possible considering he showed the bottom
of the bottle which had the 5 pockets of a plastic bottle lol. Im sure
cutting it is possible, but that being real glass is not possible lol.

Author Synchrodio Ordnance ( ago)
i was actually watching the tv while waiting for the bottle to burn through

Author mazerz ( ago)
yall mistaken. its a plastic bottle lol

Author Nugatie ( ago)
whats on tv? 

Author Voldness ( ago)
you mean plastic?

Author Quinn DuPree ( ago)
lol i was watching the tv 

Author cesta45 ( ago)

Author Nicholas Robusto ( ago)
thats plastic

Author lXlNismo11lXl ( ago)
Oh I'm Sorry, What Happened? I Was Too Busy Watching The TV In The Back

Author Miguel Garcia ( ago)
i thought it was glass u jerk!!! 

Author Wh4gg3r ( ago)
Beer + High powered laser = Best night ever?

Author PAINmedia ( ago)
I got bored and watched the TV show in the back of the room...

Author raul1TB ( ago)
@ThePhizMaster I will try

Author lXlNismo11lXl ( ago)
@TheAGENT1990 Wait, You Seriously Think This Is Fake? #FAIL

Author Volound ( ago)
@raul1TB i think thats why he said it.

Author TheFerdinandoo ( ago)

Author Nicholas Fedson ( ago)
what's the laser pointing at when it's not cutting the bottle? can a wall
take the strength of that laser?

Author GodZirraAnim ( ago)
@TheAGENT1990 Wow you're a moron

Author Immaculite ( ago)
@raul1TB huh? O_o

Author raul1TB ( ago)

Author raul1TB ( ago)

Author Immaculite ( ago)
great. now try it with a beer bottle made from GLASSSS!!

Author Swiss Experiments - Castagnola007 ( ago)
this laser is just awesome ^^. image a portalbe 2W laser XDD

Author PotatoadZ ( ago)
@TheAGENT1990 oh shut the fuck up! cant you just admit lasers are real?

Author TheAGENT1990 ( ago)
wow that is so fake

Author aulion ( ago)
if you go to a sporting event thay give you plastic ones

Author WillFoSkill ( ago)
thats epic dude :D

Author THATS1CK ( ago)
awesome, cut it clean too.. very cool xD

Author J. Hile ( ago)
oh gotcha. whered you get that laser

Author raul1TB ( ago)
plate iron 20/10

Author J. Hile ( ago)
what is at the end of the beam that is not being burned?

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