DPSS laser 2W 532nm class IV Cut a Plastic Beer Bottle

DPSS laser high power 2W 532nm class IV Cut a Beer Bottle

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Author Dragon Butt (3 months)
My fucking eyeballs. D8

Author Per Hermans (11 months)
pritty cool

Author Hunter Gembarski (1 year)
Alright if you just look at the title it says plastic bottle

Author thevasudave1 (3 years)
What is he watching in the background?

Author Sam Cooper epicbadger (2 years)
Nice TV

Author Macdawg347 (3 years)
@raul1TB Have you tried cutting clutting tinted glass??

Author Junske (3 years)
D`aww, that serie on tv was so dramatic :(

Author galixartistry (4 years)
Where the hell did you get this lazer!

Author Ana Nas (2 years)
what does 532nm means?

Author David Martin (4 years)
Look at the bottom of the bottle, it is PLASTIC! My 200mw 532nm Green laser
can do the same! And my true 1000mw 445nm Blue with upgraded optics easily
can do it as well.

Author hellow533 (4 years)
so this is why my beer is starting to taste radioactive

Author travis abram (1 year)
Do you have to worry about the laser overheating?

Author Helvetier1 (4 years)
nice try, that was a plastic bottle ;-) I can do the same with my
pocketknife or my blue 1W Spartan Laser... Regards from Helvetica

Author Tombuutkamp2000 (1 year)
Did you have laser goggles on?

Author raul1TB (3 years)
@jabg2011 ????????????????????????????????

Author devonp92 (4 years)
i love bruce wilis!

Author nealnbobn (3 years)
Yes...but will it blend?

Author mwmii790 (4 years)
If you do this at home, be sure to drink all the beer first.

Author mazerz (4 years)
yall mistaken. its a plastic bottle lol

Author skindeepinkmw (4 years)
its not a freaking bottle its plastic what a jackass

Author DOOM89 (4 years)
@ThePhizMaster That bottle was clearly plastic lol

Author timmytommy2 (4 years)
@ThePhizMaster He is NOT using a glass bottle! Jesus, dont you people watch
the entire video? Plus, glass melts at extreme temps that are many times
higher than plastic. Did you see how long it took to slice through thin
plastic? Its hard to even get a glass bottle to glow with a blowtorch.
Glass is also a better conductor of heat than plastic, so it will dissipate
the heat more readily; especially since there is far more mass than in the
plastic bottle.

Author Razzfazz87 (3 years)
ew plastic containers for beer!

Author blakfalcon1 (4 years)
and then he looks to the left and realises there i now a hole in the wall
an his curtains are on fire....

Author Comanche1337 (4 years)
@TheAGENT1990 oh shut the fuck up! cant you just admit lasers are real?

Author Quinn DuPree (4 years)
lol i was watching the tv

Author youngthugga87 (4 years)
You were watching the shield I like it too LOL

Author Volound (4 years)
@raul1TB i think thats why he said it.

Author THATS1CK (5 years)
awesome, cut it clean too.. very cool xD

Author survivorevil (5 years)
how much you paid for this laser?

Author John Smith (3 years)
now you need the other part of the bottle ;)

Author spike2fei (2 years)
so how much is this laser i will like to do some xperiments ^_^

Author Lincmania (2 years)
You do realise it says it in the video title? right?

Author Joseph Coffland (4 years)
No one ever said it was glass. It's a plastic beer bottle.

Author wtfmanicanthaveaname (4 years)
@ThePhizMaster also look at the lid/cap with the little break away plastic
ring under the plastic cap lol

Author ciphoenix (4 years)
The INFRARED DIODE needed to construct a 2,000mw (2 WATT) DPSS GREEN LASER
simply DOES NOT EXIST. See AwesomeLasers Web site and click on FALSE POWER
CLAIMS - A 2,000mw LASER would have to draw 7 to 10 AMPS from the battery -
TOTAL BS - and I doubt that beer bottle was cut by a 2 Watt LASER -
probably was done with a glass cutter - the MASS of the bottle would
dissipate the heat, and it would have burned the label off the bottle.

Author Immaculite (4 years)
@raul1TB huh? O_o

Author Voldness (4 years)
you mean plastic?

Author GrimReaper5188 (3 years)
Its plastic. Glass would't make the sound that bottle makes when he pulls
the bottom off.

Author Colton Ellis (3 years)
Im very impressed but the bottle was not glass definitely plastic... Look
at the bottom of the bottle used... I have never seen a glass bottle with
that bottom only plastic...

Author blakfalcon1 (4 years)

Author Adam Bourassa (4 years)
@ciphoenix "The INFRARED DIODE needed to construct a 2,000mw (2 WATT) DPSS
GREEN LASER simply DOES NOT EXIST" Completely WRONG.... There are 808nm
pump diodes in the kW range.

Author lXlNismo11lXl (4 years)
Oh I'm Sorry, What Happened? I Was Too Busy Watching The TV In The Back

Author Austin Jordan (3 years)
is that abc on the tv

Author Lucas Arede (3 years)
Very well haha :P

Author Swiss Experiments - Castagnola007 (4 years)
this laser is just awesome ^^. image a portalbe 2W laser XDD

Author jeroen207 (3 years)
Class 4 laser? Dude watch out.

Author Nick Miller (4 years)
what was on TV?!

Author limbo10000 (5 years)
The most impressive, the most evil laser here on youtube !!! Verdammt
"böses" Teil, verdammt BÖSE !!! Schutzbrille nicht vergessen !!!

Author TheFerdinandoo (4 years)

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