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Author ford Mustang (5 months)
fakes only fakes

Author Kiraji Maewether (2 months)
all i wanna know is how come every time they find one of thies weird
animals they all are dead an the ones that look alive its just a pic what ?
no vid? 

Author AnimalLover (23 days)
Slowly turns head to check for monsters.

Author kmMULTI (24 days)
Confira este vídeo no YouTube:

Author mlg obama (10 months)

Author TheSwordbird98 (9 months)
At 1:19, isn't that a beluga whale?

Author 王鵬宇 (4 days)
1:39 like scp-682 lol 

Author Veronica Rodriguez (21 day)
Its sad how people asume that a dog that has mange and has lost all his or
her fur is the cupacabras

Author Movie Fan (2 months)
Any info on the 1:19 pic? Like where who took it where it was taken and all

Author TheLone Gun (4 days)
at 1:18 theres a sea creature that looks whight which was actually captured
on google earth

Author HitmanRaby1 (3 months)
I would body slam any of these things

Author Sir Rutherford Master of All Things Trigonometric (7 months)
*slowly raises legs up away from the reach of monsters*

Author Skykilla The Orc (6 months)
0:55 Doom 3?

Author abel santos (5 months)
What's the music playing to this

Author draco123465 (23 days)
There is a whole documentary about how the montauk Monster is fake. It is
just a really mangled up raccoon 

Author MrEmmenbronx (2 days)
some rotten and burned cadavers?

Author EB_awesome (2 months)
I think a chupacabra is a mix between deer,dog and elephant lol

Author William Holman (2 months)
You used a song from Silent Hill 2... Pyramid Head second battle right
before the final boss... Betrayal... I love that game.

Author Supergirlypikachukitty (28 days)
The second Big foot look like the rake creepy!

Author Melantha Blackrose (2 months)
2:14 , first words out of my mouth "Graboids"

Author Kreepa (2 months)
0:24 the loch ness monster is actually a Green land Shark people have been
seeing and thinking it is a Lake Monster

Author psicofukapus (29 days)
2:18 has got to be man-made.

Author Rexiplier (4 months)
There is something I want to know
What is the exact meaning of "paranormal"?

Author Fahme Hossain (1 month)
You are right they photo shopped and that's fake

Author KingBrian (3 months)
Man, Jenny Haniver is one ugly little bitch, huh?

Author jack attack (10 months)
i got pictures of bigfoot and ontario lake monster

Author Rainbow Yoshi (14 days)
At 1:19 totally a polar bear! Haha!☆★★★♡♡♥♡☆■■●◇¤◆◇•▪○°♡☆◆●○•●□○ i don't
know why I put in all that extra stuff and shapes 

Author AT Dread (1 month)
Scp 682 picture!

Author Vertex GamingHD (2 months)

Author Masgame - kai (3 months)
1:12 - 1:17

Author Saskia Jungbluth (1 month)
2.16 das Bild. Es ist Wissenschaftlich bewiesen das es ein ertrunkenes und
verfaultes Faultier ist.

Author Marish Odvina (2 months)
I think they are not monster....they are normal animal and i love
them...god made them and this is the example of god made

Author ModelCitizen999 (2 months)
Cool sound track!

Author deppadTV (4 months)
this are not god creature!

Author psicofukapus (29 days)
Be my little cryptid.

Author Michael Gillette (5 months)
2 minutes and 30 seconds of bullshit

Author Zoro roronoa (8 months)
you know what's so real they never have paranormal creatures in video that
is in high quality or HD
there's never been one and somehow today we don't have any more paranormal
creature looks like it ended or something like there's hardly new video's
of it :/

Author Seth Satre (3 months)
2:16 me when I'm sleeping.

Author Nejc Galičič (3 months)
Fap fap fap

Author Angie geht Steil (6 months)
The music is creepy

Author Gamer Boy (3 months)
when i go to my grammas she allways haunts me with lamness ):

Author Lavender Wing (6 months)
Aren't 'paranormal creatures' supposed to be.. Ghosts?!

Author EB_awesome (2 months)
BIGFOOT more like escaped gorilla

Author Enya Hughes (4 months)
i know you dont own any of these photos but i can tell one of the
chucucarba or however u spell it is a chihuahua and one of them was a
racoon that had washed up on a beach and lost all its fur and one of the
bigfoot pics are a black bear so really its not nesesarelly true im not
blameing you but them pics just seem to be a little suspicious dont u think
? xx 

Author Sergio Luna (4 months)
Is this real?

Author Marish Odvina (2 months)
U can call them monster if they hurt u or other people 

Author AT Dread (1 month)
I thought the Loch Ness monster was a penis XD

Author Curious10s (4 months)
I did a similar video on my channel you may want to check out

Author Larry (5 months)
1:20 its a whale of artic '--'

Author molarmama32 (1 month)
Where do I puke?

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