Cryptids and Paranormal Creatures

Throughout the world, strange beasts lurk among us. This video has pictures of a few of these creatures. I do not own the pictures or the song. This is my first video. Song: Betrayal by Konami Kukeiha Club (from the Silent Hill 2 Game Soundtrack.) Please rate, comment, and subscribe!
Also, Jenny Hanivers are fakes. I just put it in here for no reason.

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Author j mc (3 months)
i got pictures of bigfoot and ontario lake monster

Author FoxyThe PirateFox (1 month)
You totally forgot Mothman

Author Sir Rutherford Master of All Things Trigonometric (3 days)
*slowly raises legs up away from the reach of monsters*

Author J ybrik (3 months)

Author Ali Kanwar (4 months)
What's a Crypid

Author Joe Young (2 months)
can someone please tell the name of the one at 1:25 ?

Author ~ Bright Romeo ~ (1 month)
2.13 that looks crispy, ready to eat.

Author Froschkerl (2 months)
Ist called paranormal, but when it exists, it must be normal Oo

Author TheSwordbird98 (2 months)
At 1:19, isn't that a beluga whale?

Author Michael Saunders (2 days)

Author Nanokoex (2 months)
Hey whats the music playing in this?

Author Dominic Ng (9 days)
0:58 ....looks like the face of lifestealer in DOTA 2

Author Saron Moges (2 days)
Or they can just be demons

Author MbarGG Gamer (1 day)
in past horse was a monster..

Author J B (3 months)
oh puh-lease....

Author Alexandra Stoddard (17 days)
Dude all the Chupacabras are Mexican hairless they are a breed of dog they
have no hair are dark brown and range from toy to standard I would know I
have a female you and a male miniature 

Author Mark Sørensen (3 months)

Author Hayden H (25 days)
very poor

Author Mark Divjak (1 month)
So look at my selfie

Author Madara Uchiha (1 month)
you know what's so real they never have paranormal creatures in video that
is in high quality or HD
there's never been one and somehow today we don't have any more paranormal
creature looks like it ended or something like there's hardly new video's
of it :/

Author Mr.Buderdoesminecraft (4 months)

Author salomon kane (1 month)

Author Nathaniel Wolf (4 months)
1:14 I see you

Author Hussain Alsaadi (4 months)
قال الله تعالى : ( ويخلق مالا تعلمون ) ، صدق الله العظيم

Author Money Power (1 month)
maybe have the world place where was tragedy like a chernobil :v

Author brelinthesky (1 month)

Author roger zuffrano (2 months)
cette vidéo est une grosse connerie à 90%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Boaz Matlack (2 months)
bro, im all about cryptids, and new species, but come on 0:25 is a charcoal
drawing, not even a picture 

Author Kevin Da human (2 months)
1:41 thats scp 682 for fucks sake.

Author Anna Camille Zamudio (2 months)
The chupacabra might have been a crossbreed of an hyena and a wolf.

Author Sydney Tesch (2 months)
Most of these r drawn pictures. And at :58 really?

Author Madara Uchiha (1 month)
chupacabra looks like a dryed ass dog

Author Fakhrurrazie Jaffar (2 months)
1:05 did that thing not look like a black jaguar to you guys?I'm just

Author @Channelofawesomeness (2 months)
Ha ha second last one looked like Olaf

Author Terry Shulky (8 months)
I love the weirdly shaped iceberg at 1:18

Author InfamousBlueFire159 (5 months)
0:34 I prefer the belief that they are just coyotes with a hair disorder
that got passed down

Author William Jones (2 months)
The picture of the ET dying along the river bank is a picture of ET dying
along the river bank. I cried a lot during that part of the movie. 

Author BigSistahTips (3 months)
Chupacabras = Xoloitzcuintle.-

Author Qt Pikaboo (6 months)
Mother fuckers this are pokemons!!

Author Дима Борисов (5 months)
Is a not Seabird Globster! It's SCP!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Veron Thi (3 months)
I think some workers in the special effect make up department are having
fun. The dog whatever is a weird one but they are all conveniently are dead
and they seem to be a lot of them so why can't we see them for real, like
wolves or rabbits

Author BoiThe Pumpkin (3 months)
the cryptid at 1:20 looks like a larger version of the ningen at 1:54

Author Alessandro Gornati (3 months)
Music from Silent Hill!!!

Author Devin Roling (3 months)
check out my cryptid videos and channel

Author mayhem523 (3 months)
Every time I watch one of these videos I see a bunch of crap that's already
known to be either art work, a misidentified animal, a hoax etc.

There might be a few unique ones in the mix, but they lose all credibility
when you lump them in with things that we already know what they are..

Author deanna moore (3 months)
you know this actually sad :*(

Author JuJu Beri (9 months)
Epic video and everything, but think the Skunk Ape is just a photo of a
normal ape with it's eyes red because of the camera, because you know red
eyes happen sometimes on bad camera's or if their is too much flash. ( i
think, not sure! )

Author Tanner Siemen (6 months)

The Ningen lives in I think in Sagami Bay in Japan so if you live in Japan
you can find it maybe

P.S: its a little dangerous (it might kill you if you bother

Author jenny m. wakeman ™ (3 months)
I'M hiccup and I'M here to train these viscous creatures all you need is
there trust there not we think they re

Author ElementGuns12 (6 months)
I think that cryptids or monsters living in the water are scarier because
they can travel almost any where they want, they have a bunch of hiding
space you wouldn't know if you have been close to one, scientists have only
discovered 25% of Earth's water and earth is 25% land and 75% water and
there are so many undiscovered animals that scientists haven't discovered,
they are spotted more than land or flying cryptids, and you wouldn't want
to get lost in a body of water stranded for what ever reason and you're a
long way from land and people only find your boat but you
disappeared. Example: imagine going swimming in a body of water and you
feel something in the water and one of your friend sees a dark figure in
the water just a few feet under you that is 60 times bigger than you about
to rise from the water but you and your friend see a huge tail coming from
the water splashing the near by area making you almost drown and it
suddenly disappears

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