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Author USMC6373 (3 years)
each step was working up untill the 2nd time i opened usb xplorer. after i
deleted my saved i couldnt find the modio file that had the modded zombie
game in it! plz help!

Author TheOneShotKillCinema (4 years)
@mrhollacost Same as mine

Author chuck norris (3 years)
i search PS3! mods

Author legitxrusherz (3 years)
@TredBrand well if you have a online gamesave you can just start caampaign
save and quit then go to nazi zombies xbox live and if your host you can do
paintballs and stuff if u get one of those gamesaves

Author loupluie (4 years)
@DckNizzle69 lear system cache, download patch at the Modio savegames and
download the uptates

Author TheChromeDice (3 years)
@legitxrusherz wait i dont get what your saying. what do i do? on the
computer or xbox?

Author Johnny Casillas (2 years)
Does this still work??

Author Alexr154 (3 years)
this sing blows get a fucking life

Author Liam Joyce (4 years)
wat map is it???

Author lolatmyfoot (3 years)
ffs can someone help i done everything he said but it doesnt say resume game

Author P0S10N2011 (4 years)
WTF!! you twat it does not work online it only works on solo dumbo if you
think it does then try it yourself you wasted everyones time

Author mrkev177 (4 years)
@69bengals69 No, Thx for explaining!!! and do u now were to get them for

Author Erwin Rommel (3 years)

Author John56389 (4 years)
Thanks it worked 100% brillant :P Only sad thing was is that you can't do
online :'(

Author badpvt (3 years)
thx dude.... i just have one question though well actually 2... 1. how do
you activate hacks/mods. 2. will i get baned for this??? please answer
back... thank you

Author P0S10N2011 (4 years)
@MultiDarrian it dont it wasted our time and its not patched it only works
on solo

Author crazylegs432 (4 years)
here use this it will work wwwDOTmyxboxspotDOTcomforums its legit u can get
unlimited ammo all guns and speacial weapons and ufo mode just follow the
in instructions

Author minecraftredemption (3 years)
Me: pause (the video) mute (the song) play (the video)

Author secretbanana311 (3 years)
dont work?

Author legitxrusherz (3 years)

Author callofdutyblakops (3 years)
ok thanks it helped alot!!

Author TheTech2012 (4 years)
doesnt work...

Author 10codpro (3 years)
if this dint work for you thumbs up

Author rojotheawesomegamer (4 years)
how to i get the WAW Modded Zombies folder i cant find it

Author Connor iRTP (4 years)
Does not work...

Author MrHackerpacker (4 years)

Author CrAzYxAss4ssin (4 years)
has anyone done this online because ive done the same thing but it only
works on solo can som1 give me a video that actually works and has proof?

Author Martin Dunford (3 years)
Does this work online? and if yes, how?

Author pron man (4 years)
u have to do all that for something on zombies

Author yoyo9131 (4 years)
Fag song

Author Ajspeedster (4 years)
This shit is old haha

Author xxmurderoppsxx (4 years)
how do i find my usb o my computer the light on my usb dosent comeon is
that bad plz help me quick i dont wanna check this every day or a year plz
someone anyone?

Author TheSniperxpert (4 years)
it says on mine savegame max eces

Author CODGlitches4 (4 years)
modio link doesnt work.

Author djsportsrock (4 years)
@Mysteriouno133 no noone cares obout ps3

Author BoyGamer100 (4 years)
WTF! I moved the savegame onto my usb, but when I put it in my computer, it
said that there was nothing on it. plz help

Author zachary00005 (4 years)
@Deezix thats because xbox is awesome! duhhhhhh BTW how's it goin with the
people who hacked the GAYstation network?

Author legitxrusherz (3 years)
@TheChromeDice press options go to the select the device thing click memory
unit this happend to me if that doesnt work you have to mod it again

Author thexexplict (4 years)
does not work

Author Hector gonzalez (3 years)
playing solo zombies now. can i play online tho???

Author Nope MoreNope (4 years)

Author Richard Stanley-Bloom (3 years)
What's the best USB stick to use I have tried three and it says that it is
not up to xbox standards

Author dcmasta123 (4 years)
Too much im lazy to do. IF anyone lives in seattlewashington ill pay em15
bucks to do this for me!

Author jesser925 (4 years)
it wont let me rsume game its not showing up when i go to play it

Author vlog0opion (3 years)
u should make a named set with ur profiles ids so much quicker thats y its

Author TheChromeDice (3 years)
i did everything u did, and then i moved it back over to hardrive, went to
solo campain and theres no, "Resume Game" option.. just the new game and
mission select option. please i beg somebody answer me fast. what do i

Author legitxrusherz (3 years)
@TheChromeDice xbox

Author Jacob Lancer (3 years)
For the people who cant download it: I had the same problem Use google
chrome to download. For some reason internet explorer wont download it.

Author shanechapchap (3 years)
@MrTrickScope - Do you do these free lobbies on ps3? If so add me and
message me when you are doing a modded lobby. My PSN is chjppy

Author loupluie (4 years)
@DckNizzle69 just patch it, you can

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