91 Astrovan Column Tilt Repair part (1 of 2)

how to fix a loose steering column on a chevy: dont worry it easy to do, and you can save $150.00 bucks doing it your self.

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Author ScottysDetailing (5 months)
Awesome! That's why we do these videos for you guys. 

Author ScottysDetailing (7 months)
You sure can! It's a lot more work then replacing just the lever. 

Author ScottysDetailing (11 months)
Take to a machine shop and have it pressed back in. 

Author keepinitrealjj (5 months)
I was able to fix my 88 Astro with no problems after viewing this video!
Thank you!

Author at1212b (7 months)
The gear shifter lever broke off my 98 Safari van. Can I just replace the
whole steering column to remedy that?

Author dgpnaples10 (11 months)
Would you know how to re-install the upper shaft on a 86 G Body steering
column. I watched your video to repair my tilt, but in the final step the
steering shaft came out. So I am having trouble re-installing the steering
column fork onto the steering upper shaft , which has the split spherical
"ball" in its fork. I have tried several times and can't get the fork over
the slots on the spherical ball. Any help would be asppreciated.

Author 0001rockstar1 (4 years)
Great video. I have to take apart a column at work and all the service
literature isn't all as helpful as this video is. I was mainly consirded
with the lock plate tool. How to use it and the purpose ( that ring). I see
now and it makes sense now. Now I need to go to napa and get a steering
wheel puller set with the pivot pin and lock plate pullers. Thank you.

Author john carter (1 year)
@scottysdetailing i have a 1988 astrovan,the turn signal is not workin,but
the hazzard makes it blink...They say its the switch handle.!How much do u
think is

Author Neil Carpenter (4 years)
Thanks man, Ive been struggling with this for a while.

Author fede2022d (2 years)
Hey great video!! thanks for uploading it!! I had a question though. The
four bolts that are loose, can you tighten them without removing the last
housing if you don't want to remove and locktite them?

Author gandl2123 (4 years)
One of the best videos I have ever seen on YouTube. Great job in explaining
it. However, is it really necessary to pull the pins? It seems like last
time I did this that I could get to all four with universal and did not
have to remove the pins etc.... Tks

Author ScottysDetailing (2 years)
Never, looks like its time for a tap and die kit and a drill. :( that will
suck too!!

Author juantyra (4 years)
Great work! Wish you had shown info on steering wheel lock plate pin. Just
bought an old 88 Chevy 2500 with bad key lock and the steering wheel would
not lock. The ignition key lock has been replaced. The pin that slides up
into the wheel lock plate was in backwards. I turned it around but it still
will not lock and unlock properly at times. An internal cam or something
pushes it up to lock position but I just have to depend on it sliding back
down to unlock.

Author john carter (1 year)
The switch handle cause the guy says it could be it and he went to the
junkyard to buy it but he says its $168

Author ScottysDetailing (4 years)
I don't think that there is enough room between the steering nuckle and the
outer case. So you can try, but if you need to pull the pins you can rent
the pivot pin tool @ Checker/Orileys for just a few bucks.

Author nwmod39 (2 years)
has anyone ever broke off the pivot pin tool inside the pin? i just got to
them on mine and before i even get 3 turns into pulling it, the tool snaps,
leaving the tiny piece in the threaded hole.

Author Manda F (4 years)
Hey what is the name of the tool you used to compress the plate under the
steering wheel and the 92 astro sould be just about the same assembly right?

Author ScottysDetailing (4 years)
i had someone that told me i couldn't do it, and thats all it took me to
figure it out. the high low beam switch was the hard part for me.

Author mlc7boosted (2 years)
What a friggen nightmare. The Japanese are experts at efficiency. I can
take my entire car apart with a 10mm, 12, 14, 17, 22, plus a 24 for the
rear end and a phillips head screw driver. But on my Astro, I find torque
bits right next to screws and right next to tiny bolts and so forth.
Idiotic to say the least and a total pain in the butt to work on. I got the
steering column swapped out including using this video to disassemble the
column to swap key's. Thanks again and to GM kiss my ass.

Author Fass Strokaa (4 years)
Can't you tell me where to but that small special puller? Thanks you!!

Author MrGarcia389 (4 years)
i had the same problem in my 89 camaro...thanks to you i could fix my
steering wheel, you helped alot in this video... keep posting.

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