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Author msjuansen (5 years)
may i know what song is this? anyway nice skin

Author SuddenattackRawks (5 years)
Whats is the map skins

Author Guilherme Estrela (5 years)
thats not the password :(

Author gesar namgyal (5 years)
:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD its me mesocheeky u told me u mde a video about it
thankssssssssss alottttttttttttttttt mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ur awesome !

Author Michael Choi (5 years)
i'm downloadin right know lets see if it works :))

Author Daniel Ko (3 years)
wow! So noob

Author TheYouBuke1 (5 years)
song: sorry sorry by Super Junior

Author deokha (4 years)
Can u make the skin for free? Cause lot of people want money..

Author Ben Smilad (4 years)
Does this work on SA sea ?

Author fkmiguel89 (5 years)
is detected hack

Author FEGO Studios (4 years)
@AloneGJ4891 Me 2 haha

Author rspwnsnomore (4 years)
umm can u also have weapon skins with this interface? cause mine always
says "illegal program must shut down" whenever i put weapon skins in
general, if u could help me with that that would be great

Author TheCorington (4 years)
@Pr0Str3L0k the name of this song is super junior- sorry sorry

Author Bryan Teo (4 years)
AWESOME. Works, Thanks :D 5 stars =X

Author paul kim (4 years)
@128talal it actually takes a while o.O

Author Aditya kumar (3 years)
kill the song

Author hunter hidder (3 years)
it work on sa sea?

Author TheERproduction (4 years)
the password is incorrect ~ why ?

Author 朝倉 みなと (4 years)
password for interface?

Author elias2o1o (5 years)
esta muy bueno el interface yo siempre busque un emulador de version sin
tener exito muy bueno lo tuyo lastima que en el video lo mustra a instalado
y el jugador no es muy bueno me podes ayudar tengo problemas para entrar al
server (pruebo entrar 10 veces y entra 1)

Author Jaehyun Jang (3 years)
do you know how to type korean in sudden attack

Author AsiansUnite10 (3 years)
great skins but horrible game play

Author TheYouBuke1 (5 years)
@aagusuab Please go troll somewhere else. This video is made for skinning
purpose only. People like you who makes negative comments on every SA
video, please just make a video of you playing proving that you are better.
No one takes your words seriously untill you can prove that you are better.

Author Yago Rodrigues (2 years)
kkkkkk q liixo

Author JJaJangMyun (5 years)
for some reason i can't create a practice game and a password game. help?

Author shawnz liew (4 years)
dude does it work for sudden attack SEA ?

Author WeltenReter (4 years)
the link "To skin weapons and all the other stuff:" dosen't work

Author TheCorington (4 years)
how do you get this interface to work

Author TranceMister01 (3 years)
you is noob!

Author MercyReborn (5 years)
@msjuansen Sorry sorry

Author rockzen97 (5 years)
omg KSA skin so cool!

Author Labeljoxx (5 years)
where did you get those glove skins when u were at red team?

Author Symphony. (5 years)
Well, this is not a ACTUAL KOREA interface.. go find a korea suddenattack
''KSA'' video and take a look.

Author jesussuckmydick (5 years)
is it work on sudden attack sea ?

Author kelvin leow (5 years)
Where to download your map skins??Can tell me.

Author xXJJUNGXDXx (4 years)
can u write in english if u have this interface?

Author 128talal (4 years)
hi guys can ANYONE HELP?? i downloaded this game about five hours ago and I
started the game and it started downloading patches... its been about 25
minutes how much longer should I wait or how long is it meant to take?

Author tarek Merzougui (2 years)

Author Alien Tutorialz (5 years)
wats ur nik name in SANA subcribe me

Author Adrian Liew (4 years)
Guys search and watch this too, awesome gameplay,pls support! : Sudden
Attack (Ak-47,Trg-21 Gameplay)

Author Neko Reki (4 years)
@vienkyhotty no i have it u can make the room but u must randomly click
untill u hit the tick

Author funny823 (4 years)
is this available for sudden attack sea?

Author Humor Gamers (3 years)
So da noob

Author himtnameiscarl (4 years)
@kiwicircle Skeltonz

Author FEGO Studios (5 years)
where do you put the interface.rez after you downloaded it?

Author aktankg (4 years)
@TheYouBuke1 he meant that link you've given doensnt work now thanks for
the video

Author Carrot Stiks (4 years)
@funnyboyi thats because you've never played sudden attack

Author charleshamm1 (5 years)
plz how to get the interface skin on the game ill rate and sup plz telle me
how i want it soo bad great skins and video plz tell me how step by step

Author funnyboyi (4 years)
@kevin4free actually i have sudden attack an play it all the time because
my laptop is to crappy to run it

Author Bettina Tham (4 years)
how come i load till 90+% , they said there was an error with the Gvi.

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