Sudden Attack Na with *Korean* Interface(skin)

This is Sudden Attack North America skinned with a korean interface so that it looks like Korean Sudden Attack. This is just for those of you who like KSA. I know that this video isnt as long or as good as the other one, since I using a different computer and it lags really bad with fraps :(.

For korean interface
1.Go to your Sudden Attack folder, which mine is "C:\Program Files\GameHi_USA\SuddenAttackNA"
A fast shortcut would be just right click on the Sudden Attack icon - properties - find target.
2. Replace the Gvi.dat files in the SA folder with the newly modified gvi.dat file . Make sure you *replaced* the old gvi file.
3. Within the SA folder, click on the "game" folder and replace the sa_interface.rez file.
4. Start SA and it should take around 5-10 minutes to load
5. Rate this video 5 star

Download modified Gvi
Download interface (password:Skeltonz)

credits go to xyphre for making this skin

To skin weapons and all the other stuff:

or just check out my other video

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Author ilhan pro ( ago)
what password i dont no

Author Yago Rodrigues ( ago)
kkkkkk q liixo

Author Pro Gui ( ago)
é vesgo

Author SkillDz ( ago)

Author Seoungmin Baek ( ago)
'제닐인가 ㅋ

Author HumorGamer ( ago)
So da noob

Author Jaehyun Jang ( ago)
do you know how to type korean in sudden attack

Author Daniel Ko ( ago)
어디선 본건잇는거같은데 하는게 영

Author Daniel Ko ( ago)
wow! So noob

Author hunter hidder ( ago)
it work on sa sea?

Author NPD ( ago)
its work now ? [16 novemver 2011]

Author MrViperz98 ( ago)

Author Anthony Padildo ( ago)
@lolols321 Its North America with Xyphre's Interface

Author lolols321 ( ago)
How is this North America ?

Author AsiansUnite10 ( ago)
great skins but horrible game play

Author Aditya kumar ( ago)
kill the song

Author mjgoh20 ( ago)
y sudden attack NA map so a bit

Author TranceMister01 ( ago)
you is noob!

Author Bigneto Vásquez ( ago)
is not working dis fuk?

Author Bryan Teo ( ago)
used to work. now it doesnt work ._.

Author WeltenReter ( ago)
the link "To skin weapons and all the other stuff:" dosen't work

Author Jason Ng ( ago)
it work for sudden attack sea?

Author smokinace2k ( ago)
hey is it possible to make KSA TRG-21 skin on SANA TRG ?????

Author 55455123 ( ago)
can you provide another link for the map skin?

Author Bryan Wong Kl ( ago)
Will this work on Sudden Attack SEA??

Author gafaru69 ( ago)
I hate the crosshair though. Can I copy and paste the original crosshairs
into the new enhanced interface crosshair folder?

Author Adrian Liew ( ago)
Guys search and watch this too, awesome gameplay,pls support! : Sudden
Attack (Ak-47,Trg-21 Gameplay)

Author Neko Reki ( ago)
@vienkyhotty no i have it u can make the room but u must randomly click
untill u hit the tick

Author Ben Smilad ( ago)
Does this work on SA sea ?

Author Vienky Ngo ( ago)
the only thing i found bad about the interface is that you cant make
passworded rooms. other than that its good! :D imagine:]dream-

Author xXJJUNGXDXx ( ago)
can u write in english if u have this interface?

Author Bryan Teo ( ago)
AWESOME. Works, Thanks :D 5 stars =X

Author paul kim ( ago)
@128talal it actually takes a while o.O

Author 128talal ( ago)
hi guys can ANYONE HELP?? i downloaded this game about five hours ago and I
started the game and it started downloading patches... its been about 25
minutes how much longer should I wait or how long is it meant to take?

Author automouse2dotcom ( ago)
Hello, guys We sell the best Game-Bots for Sudden Attack & others. and also
Auto Mouses & FPS Mouses. These are so smart & awesome !!! (
automouse2.c.o.m ) This device is developed for MMORPG players all around
the world.

Author rspwnsnomore ( ago)
i think i can live without step 5 lol but ty for the tutorial

Author Ace Storm ( ago)
is theGvi WinRAR.exe or NotPad ?

Author Ace Storm ( ago)
why the Gvi file only can read cant replaced Help

Author afnation ( ago)
yeah,,, it works but some of the stuff doesnt work like when you create
rooom, it only shows lil part of the box..... and when you go in
black-hawk,,,,, a white box appears instead of full bar indicating amount
of ppl i guess the person never made picture for full bar lol

Author SG Sherman ( ago)
lol i thought the password was Skeletonz

Author TheDark9846 ( ago)
i dont read korean but can i just have the HUD? and not the language? reply

Author himtnameiscarl ( ago)
@kiwicircle Skeltonz

Author TheERproduction ( ago)
the password is incorrect ~ why ?

Author automouse2dotcom ( ago)
we sell the best sudden attack gamebot & FPS automouse. check them out

Author deokha ( ago)
Can u make the skin for free? Cause lot of people want money..

Author FEGO Studios ( ago)
@deokha it's the Interface haha i can make your personal Interface if you
want :D?

Author FEGO Studios ( ago)
0:31 i dont get how you died Omg

Author FEGO Studios ( ago)
@AloneGJ4891 Me 2 haha

Author meganf feng ( ago)
how can u get the radio command sounds to also be in korean?

Author shawnz liew ( ago)
dude does it work for sudden attack SEA ?

Author deokha ( ago)
Does this skin still work?..

Author amirundc ( ago)
btw is this skin for sana?coz i tried and it dint work...

Author deokha ( ago)
you know when u switch weapons, on the bottom there is like all ur guns
like differnt then mine. how do u get thaT?

Author aktankg ( ago)
@TheYouBuke1 he meant that link you've given doensnt work now thanks for
the video

Author Jack Black ( ago)
theyoubuke1 i have subcribe for u...plz give korea skin!!

Author Sereign Blank ( ago)
erm u buy gurkha chorm or normal gurkha and Skin it?

Author Jack Black ( ago)
can works for SA SEA

Author funnyboyi ( ago)
@kevin4free actually i have sudden attack an play it all the time because
my laptop is to crappy to run it

Author Wan Dexter ( ago)
wht kind of this! fck!

Author 朝倉 みなと ( ago)
o kk nvm got it ~!! lolols i must be blind -_-

Author 朝倉 みなと ( ago)
password for interface?

Author Third- i ( ago)
@funnyboyi thats because you've never played sudden attack

Author funnyboyi ( ago)
combat arms is a million times better then this

Author xXxIqxXx ( ago)
lol the skin is nice ... but i was searching the one that with the actual
KSA skinz.... Btw , ur sniper sucks ~_~ and you skinned YOUR whole folder zz

Author FireSuddenAttack ( ago)

Author fightforme2 ( ago)
can i have ure gurkha and bloves skin? :D

Author Bettina Tham ( ago)
how come i load till 90+% , they said there was an error with the Gvi.

Author PureLegit9 ( ago)
heelllllll yeeeaaaa!!! super juinor!!! koreans rock!!!

Author TheCorington ( ago)
how do you get this interface to work

Author TheCorington ( ago)
@Pr0Str3L0k the name of this song is super junior- sorry sorry

Author Joo Chan ( ago)
how do you make your own skins?

Author rspwnsnomore ( ago)
umm can u also have weapon skins with this interface? cause mine always
says "illegal program must shut down" whenever i put weapon skins in
general, if u could help me with that that would be great

Author BombenLagger ( ago)
pls man say me the name of this song i love it *___*<3

Author BombenLagger ( ago)
ey whats the song name ? ps: `UnReaL.PlayeR`s best clan add me :

Author taksin tan chimtim ( ago)
ไหนวะ สกินปืน

Author WilsonUzumaki ( ago)
does it come with the map ?

Author funny823 ( ago)
is this available for sudden attack sea?

Author winddruids ( ago)
What the name of the song ?

Author charlieblaster ( ago)
@Mukessh1992 the interface website download?(look at the description)

Author fkmiguel89 ( ago)
is detected hack

Author Shiie ( ago)
Well, this is not a ACTUAL KOREA interface.. go find a korea suddenattack
''KSA'' video and take a look.

Author FEGO Studios ( ago)
what is the song in this then?

Author FEGO Studios ( ago)
where do you put the interface.rez after you downloaded it?

Author FEGO Studios ( ago)
where do you put the interface.rez after you downloaded it?

Author Labeljoxx ( ago)
where did you get those glove skins when u were at red team?

Author TheCentralz ( ago)
Lol i am playing suddenattacksea and i got this skin english version -,-

Author jesussuckmydick ( ago)
is it work on sudden attack sea ?

Author Ar LaNg ( ago)
gvi.dat for what??

Author himtnameiscarl ( ago)
does this come with english words? i just want the skin. and english words.

Author HandsupSONG ( ago)
@cho7283 go dl link and it workrs ;)

Author leequdgns ( ago)
in #3, it says, "replace the sa_interface.rez file" but replace it with
what? Please answer quickly

Author xem7wt ( ago)
walao,keep die-ing,noob,no kill at all,at least put kill one la

Author SuddenattackRawks ( ago)
The interfaces come with the map skin is it?

Author SuddenattackRawks ( ago)
Whats is the map skins

Author SuddenattackRawks ( ago)
Whats this gay sound

Author shyndoa ( ago)
i wants the original na skin man plz

Author charleshamm1 ( ago)
plz how to get the interface skin on the game ill rate and sup plz telle me
how i want it soo bad great skins and video plz tell me how step by step

Author charleshamm1 ( ago)
plz how to get the interface skin on the game ill rate and sup plz telle me
how i want it soo bad great skins and video plz tell me how step by step

Author elias2o1o ( ago)
esta muy bueno el interface yo siempre busque un emulador de version sin
tener exito muy bueno lo tuyo lastima que en el video lo mustra a instalado
y el jugador no es muy bueno me podes ayudar tengo problemas para entrar al
server (pruebo entrar 10 veces y entra 1)

Author Guilherme Estrela ( ago)
thats not the password :(

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