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Author deadtosininChrist (4 years)
@Leoboomen If the person knew Jesus,dont be concerned, that person is
better off than u & i. God Bless

Author searobin1 (7 years)
umm.. i dont kno about this one (its very odd!) >:D LOL! ttyl ppl!

Author R0cKsTaAr (5 years)
Oh wow I LOVE line dance...This dance really rock!!!

Author Andrew Knowles (7 years)
Like learning to spell?

Author HikariHime29 (6 years)
This looks like so much fun!

Author mieke de block (6 years)
not the original dance to acky breacky heart, but still a nice dance

Author Mark Lawrence (4 years)
Dont like that song at all , get a bunch of people line dancing to it and
its ace

Author stephanie villegas (4 years)
Spanish one is wayy better.

Author Richard Green (4 years)
Please please please. You have got to listen to Richard Green - Running
through New York . Breast cancer charity song.

Author April Jones (7 years)
no billy Ray Cyrus cat even do the dance to this song and he sings it werid

Author DANIIL854 (4 years)
this song is cool.isn't it

Author view2mom (6 years)
I kinda like this.I use to line dance and this looks easy to follow....:0)

Author art purser (2 years)

Author Kelly Spence (5 years)
Woooh Woooh! xP Lol.. Awesome.

Author ledonna booth (7 years)
lol..yeah. the red shirt and kind of plantform shoes make her stand out huh?

Author Nathan Mair (5 years)
we do it differently at school

Author Mary (5 years)
Oh wow, so very sorry to hear that. Well she's in heaven now, no more

Author hannahfanna135 (7 years)
well ya this is in spanish ive seen my parents and half my familey dance it
man talk about emmberricing o and theres a part 2 in spanish and its like
really fast

Author boo8ball (5 years)
love it.. i love the lady in red!

Author Matthew Johnson (7 years)
Now this folks, is music.

Author dum13dum (7 years)
billy ray cyrus.. i think

Author CountryCoolMusic (6 years)
You want to see something complcated, do a search for "Hoochie Coochie Gal".

Author NeonToeNails (6 years)
line dancing is fun!!!! if you try it you might like it!! Keep your mind
open to new things!

Author TeveraRaincoat (6 years)
Hey.....You know just because they are having fun doing something doesn't
mean you have to be such a downer. Geeze.... Nice dance. It's a pleasant
break from the usual electric slide.

Author Aurora Anciso (6 years)
lol, where i live we dance it a bit different. this one looks more
complicated for still cool though

Author Leo Boomen (7 years)
The title of this line dance is Achy Breaky Heart and the choreographer is

Author WingedLadyOfAvalon (4 years)
@nickbuttle my friend's grandma had breast cancer, twice, since went into
remission the first time, but had died in the end from it, then lost her
mom a few yrs later also to cancer, though i can't remember what kind. i
had lost my own grandpa to spinal cancer years ago.

Author 04bhaubs (3 years)
A good video and a good thing to do for the person who had cancer

Author maria victoria isami (5 years)
was this taken in the philippines? just curious...

Author FABCHiCK13 (7 years)
yea it is better huh? lol

Author calilv702 (7 years)
lol wright???

Author Mary (5 years)
I hate country music but that looks fun. How is the person who had cancer?
Better I hope.

Author KidsTVFan3 (7 years)
Was these the exact same steps as the one from the 1995 Kidsongs Television
Show episode?

Author Alexnadre Bernard (6 years)
I have to learn this dance that seems SOOOOO complicated for an
INITIATION!!!!! Thank you sherbrooke.... Ah la la!!!

Author tubedance (7 years)
There are over 25 line dances choreographed to this song. What is the title
and who is the choreographer for this version? Thanks!

Author Bütch (5 years)
cool vid can anyone tell me what is this sing called?

Author adam pritt (5 years)

Author nickbuttle (4 years)
loved this vid. some ppl need to show some decency and reading all these
comments good and bad is quite moving. never great to loose someone who had
cancer as i lost a geandmother to cancer and R.I.P both grandmother and to
the lady who lost her battle to cancer....R.I.P to all ppl whom has died to
the result of cancer

Author gastonb1604 (4 years)
dont tell my heart ♪

Author lorelei lena (5 years)
GREAT IDEEA !!!!!!! Nice dancer and super cool song !!!! BRAVOOOOO!!!!

Author folgerscoffee56 (6 years)
Some of you may not be mentally ready for this: This is the original achy
breaky, at least that's the way it used to be done. Fun fun.

Author KimberlyAnnPossible4 (6 years)
that's kool

Author WestIsOnFire (6 years)
read the comment, faggot

Author Olivia Tjerna (5 years)

Author fcl1 (4 years)
must be a beginner version of the original dance

Author ramlinrose2 (5 years)
well i love to dance but i would love to line dance it looks like alot of
fun ,,,,,,,,, :)

Author Gary Lloyd (3 years)
i use to do line dancing as a kid. damn i was 1 fruity boy

Author sailorchibimoon103 (6 years)
Thats not Platform shoes. Its Jazz shoes.

Author Leo Boomen (5 years)
@aviccisami In Malaysia.

Author nick17ization (3 years)
easy and im only 18 lmao

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