Charity party to raise funds for a fellow line dancer suffering from cancer. A sum of RM11,000.00 was collected for her medical treatment.Get well soon.

DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. This video is for educational or entertainment purposes only. All rights to the song in the video should go to the recording company and singer.

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Author art purser ( ago)

Author 04bhaubs ( ago)
A good video and a good thing to do for the person who had cancer

Author nick17ization ( ago)
easy and im only 18 lmao

Author deadtosininChrist ( ago)
@Leoboomen If the person knew Jesus,dont be concerned, that person is
better off than u & i. God Bless

Author fcl1 ( ago)
must be a beginner version of the original dance

Author Mark Lawrence ( ago)
Dont like that song at all , get a bunch of people line dancing to it and
its ace

Author WingedLadyOfAvalon ( ago)
@nickbuttle my friend's grandma had breast cancer, twice, since went into
remission the first time, but had died in the end from it, then lost her
mom a few yrs later also to cancer, though i can't remember what kind. i
had lost my own grandpa to spinal cancer years ago.

Author nickbuttle ( ago)
loved this vid. some ppl need to show some decency and reading all these
comments good and bad is quite moving. never great to loose someone who had
cancer as i lost a geandmother to cancer and R.I.P both grandmother and to
the lady who lost her battle to cancer....R.I.P to all ppl whom has died to
the result of cancer

Author DANIIL854 ( ago)
this song is cool.isn't it

Author Richard Green ( ago)
Please please please. You have got to listen to Richard Green - Running
through New York . Breast cancer charity song.

Author Jochiiiii ( ago)
I hope things like this get popular again!! :-)

Author stephanie villegas ( ago)
Spanish one is wayy better.

Author gastonb1604 ( ago)
dont tell my heart ♪

Author mysong1234 ( ago)
this is really cool

Author boo8ball ( ago)
love it.. i love the lady in red!

Author Leo Boomen ( ago)
@aviccisami In Malaysia.

Author maria victoria isami ( ago)
was this taken in the philippines? just curious...

Author lorelei lena ( ago)
GREAT IDEEA !!!!!!! Nice dancer and super cool song !!!! BRAVOOOOO!!!!

Author ellebarbie00 ( ago)
i rofl at that!!!!

Author Veon Lee ( ago)

Author Travis ( ago)
@nattimac36 we do too

Author gralkses ( ago)

Author bebebeanz95 ( ago)
1st of all it was a charity. 2nd they were raising money to help someone
with cancer. 3d its a great idea 4th your a fuckin idoit

Author and1281 ( ago)
I need to do a report on this i aggree.

Author Mary ( ago)
Oh wow, so very sorry to hear that. Well she's in heaven now, no more

Author Leo Boomen ( ago)
Thanks for enquiring. Unfortunately, she passed away last year. May God
bless her.

Author Mary ( ago)
I hate country music but that looks fun. How is the person who had cancer?
Better I hope.

Author Nathan Mair ( ago)
we do it differently at school

Author R0cKsTaAr ( ago)
Oh wow I LOVE line dance...This dance really rock!!!

Author ramlinrose2 ( ago)
well i love to dance but i would love to line dance it looks like alot of
fun ,,,,,,,,, :)

Author Kelly Spence ( ago)
Woooh Woooh! xP Lol.. Awesome.

Author Bütch ( ago)
cool vid can anyone tell me what is this sing called?

Author adam pritt ( ago)

Author Olivia Tjerna ( ago)

Author crackerjacks46 ( ago)
Love it. Gal with big shoes made it look off a bit, but it was done right.
Each teacher does different steps. I line danced professionally, for years,
when younger, doing shows. Best exercise and weight reducer there is! 15
minutes of line dancing is worth a weeks arobics. For those who criticize,
try it, you might like it! And...have fun too!

Author Kauschischist ( ago)
gefällt mir sehr gut ,wo finte ich die tanzbeschreibung zu diesen tanz eva

Author folgerscoffee56 ( ago)
Some of you may not be mentally ready for this: This is the original achy
breaky, at least that's the way it used to be done. Fun fun.

Author Jeremy Fregeau (1760 years ago)

Author nickjonasis1st ( ago)
thats not even how u do the dance

Author HikariHime29 ( ago)
This looks like so much fun!

Author NeonToeNails ( ago)
line dancing is fun!!!! if you try it you might like it!! Keep your mind
open to new things!

Author WestIsOnFire ( ago)
read the comment, faggot

Author Margaret S ( ago)
you're weird....

Author mieke de block ( ago)
not the original dance to acky breacky heart, but still a nice dance

Author KimberlyAnnPossible4 (614 years ago)
that's kool

Author TeveraRaincoat ( ago)
Hey.....You know just because they are having fun doing something doesn't
mean you have to be such a downer. Geeze.... Nice dance. It's a pleasant
break from the usual electric slide.

Author BoomeRoyalty ( ago)
humans are retarted

Author CountryCoolMusic ( ago)
You want to see something complcated, do a search for "Hoochie Coochie Gal".

Author Aurora Anciso ( ago)
lol, where i live we dance it a bit different. this one looks more
complicated for still cool though

Author view2mom ( ago)
I kinda like this.I use to line dance and this looks easy to follow....:0)

Author moslemssuck ( ago)
This is as gay as Clay Aiken. Well, OK, maybe it's not THAT gay, but it's
pretty gay nonetheless.

Author sailorchibimoon103 ( ago)
Thats not Platform shoes. Its Jazz shoes.

Author Alexnadre Bernard (423 years ago)
I have to learn this dance that seems SOOOOO complicated for an
INITIATION!!!!! Thank you sherbrooke.... Ah la la!!!

Author ledonna booth ( ago)
lol..yeah. the red shirt and kind of plantform shoes make her stand out huh?

Author FABCHiCK13 ( ago)
yea it is better huh? lol

Author hardcore4republican ( ago)
This looks like china , if chinese people are dancing to Billy Ray Cyrus
now, then Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus isn't too far away.

Author KidsTVFan3 ( ago)
Was these the exact same steps as the one from the 1995 Kidsongs Television
Show episode?

Author nscos ( ago)
u guys also focusing on the girl in the red shirt?

Author MrsPeteWentz666 ( ago)
i think its a lot better in spanish.. its wayyy faster.. and funner

Author calilv702 ( ago)
lol wright???

Author Andrew Knowles ( ago)
Like learning to spell?

Author Matthew Johnson (1164 years ago)
Now this folks, is music.

Author hannahfanna135 ( ago)
well ya this is in spanish ive seen my parents and half my familey dance it
man talk about emmberricing o and theres a part 2 in spanish and its like
really fast

Author clumsie10102 ( ago)
was it in spanish...cuz if it was it is achy breaky heart but it's just a
mexican line dance && was sung by mexicans....seriously...i would know i
mean im mexican

Author CaptainShort ( ago)
this is like identical to a stupid thing we had to do in school. blah :p

Author Horseyoliver ( ago)
i did something similar to this in school but it was to a retarted
song.....not achy breaky heart

Author Ch Tan ( ago)
You must be joking!!! I have checked the step sheet of Trashy Women and
both line dances are totally different. Furthermore, Trashy Women is a
52-counts dance.

Author Raquel DeEtte ( ago)
lol awesome!

Author John Crawley (1923 years ago)
I'm just glad I'm British, so I don't have to rely on charity for treatment
of a life - threatening illness. I hope the lady recovered. She's got some
wonderful friends.

Author April Jones ( ago)
no billy Ray Cyrus cat even do the dance to this song and he sings it werid

Author dum13dum ( ago)
billy ray cyrus.. i think

Author Leo Boomen ( ago)
The title of this line dance is Achy Breaky Heart and the choreographer is

Author tubedance ( ago)
There are over 25 line dances choreographed to this song. What is the title
and who is the choreographer for this version? Thanks!

Author searobin1 ( ago)
umm.. i dont kno about this one (its very odd!) >:D LOL! ttyl ppl!

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