Reaction video! Royal $900 Tip to help a very nice waitress get her furnace working again.

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  • Reaction video.

    My wife and I went to The Elms for her birthday along with an incredibly good friend and his wife. While Game 3 of the 2015 World Series was underway we overheard our waitress talking about needing a part in her heating system for her home that needs to be replaced or she won't have heat for the winter. She then was overheard saying she would need to pull money from her 401K plan to pay for it. As she left the room Kris and I approached several groups of people and proceeded to raise around $900 in about 15 minutes. The power of love in a roomful of strangers is always incredible. She's a doll of a lady and we loved helping her out. 2 Local Kansas City DJ's get the crowd of strangers to donate to a very worthy cause.

    We are a couple of entertainers who know how to work a room and get the party rollin' on. This was an incredible night for all.
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  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 month ago

    wow that was very nice of them

  • yuli ana
    yuli ana 1 month ago

    Good fortune is smooth 😘

  • michael fowble
    michael fowble 2 months ago

    Wish i were there to add to the tip jar . I'll remember you guys during my next effort to assist others . Awesome video creation .

  • uncle jack
    uncle jack 3 months ago

    and they really appreciate that . full of emotion .

  • suman sahu
    suman sahu 5 months ago

    good job sir

  • John OReardon
    John OReardon 8 months ago

    Now that's kind of you guy's. Great people and luv the video...

  • Robert Stewart
    Robert Stewart 8 months ago

    God these Americans make you sick they will do anything anything at all to be big noters they are about as humble as the devil himself, why is it they cannot do anything with out egotistical reward,placing everything on u tube so the world can see what a dick I am,one person does something and the whole country starts sucking up to it or milking it for there own low self esteem.
    Americans jump into anything at all without the slightest thought or concern for the consequences as long as they get their jollies and get their 10 seconds of fame they are a weak and traitorous people to intelligent purpose

    • Jeremiah Nichol
      Jeremiah Nichol 8 months ago

      We were just a bunch of strangers in a room one hour before we passed the hat around. That's the real story. The random act of kindness. I'm ten times or maybe 20 times more charitable in a given year than I was that night yet this was the one time I posted something. Don't be a dick with your hate buddy. We're just showing what a bunch of people can do randomly...not just one guy.

  • Zeke Edwards
    Zeke Edwards 10 months ago

    I thought the title was a euphemism

  • Zeus Hercules
    Zeus Hercules 10 months ago

    awesome guys

  • Faith Musings
    Faith Musings 11 months ago


    • Jeremiah Nichol
      Jeremiah Nichol 11 months ago

      Me too brother. We actually went back a year later and saw her again. She told us everything is working great. We gave a big hug to her and told her we'd see her again down the road.

  • baked bud
    baked bud 11 months ago

    im a giatn pussy. i cried

  • dave hans
    dave hans 1 year ago

    super :) greez from germany

  • It's JexeR
    It's JexeR 1 year ago

    who are the 6 people who disliked this video? fuck all of them

  • Michael redruM
    Michael redruM 1 year ago

    Great!greez from austria(europe)

    • Faith Musings
      Faith Musings 11 months ago

      Yeh, we know where Austria is... Say "Hi!" to Trudy for me!

  • M B
    M B 1 year ago

    iCharity for the camera

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson 1 year ago

    A little too old to be wearing a ball cap backwards

    • Bart Simpson
      Bart Simpson 1 year ago

      +Jeremiah Nichol
      thats deep

    • Jeremiah Nichol
      Jeremiah Nichol 1 year ago

      +Bart Simpson attack the image of a person but not recognize the character.

  • Tri Ky Khong Ve Ta Voi Ta


  • Diana Hohimer
    Diana Hohimer 2 years ago

    What a beautiful act of kindness!  This story of what you all did, has made my week. Thank you for that.

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