How Much More Proof Does Anyone Need?

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  • SixSentSoldiers
    SixSentSoldiers 6 days ago

    Amen. Liars and thieves. We the people are Term Limits. VOTE NO INCUMBENT EVERY ELECTION CYCLE.

  • john cummings
    john cummings 8 days ago

    come trump get among them sort out the dead wood or the world will be in big trouble? from the uk hopeful

  • Roddy Riddle
    Roddy Riddle 8 days ago

    Gabe, I know you are 100% correct. The rihnos are implants in the Republicans party. The rihnos have one purpose and that is to prevent Trump from completing his agenda of making America great again! and yes they probably working for the yellow dog Democrats!!!

  • Old Timer
    Old Timer 8 days ago

    They pay each other off that's why banana care was not over hauled in the mean time millions americans are paying hundreds dollars more in medical i dont feel sorry for any democrat who voted for banana obama they are the reason good americans got railroaded by them voting in the banana man that failed the country for 8 years....

  • Ken Shelhamer
    Ken Shelhamer 8 days ago

    The down fall of the American middle class is caused by either party...or both, being in power positions. Trump would have had to run as an independent, and brought in independent congressmen and senators for several years to change Washington into a capital that represents the majority of american voters. now he's stuck in the swamp and shown weakness...which will be appreciated greatly by the deep state.

  • Stephanie Walker
    Stephanie Walker 9 days ago

    Nailed it!!!

  • Michael Shapiro
    Michael Shapiro 9 days ago

    GABE: Glad you finally said something a little bit supportive of our EMBATTLED PRESIDENT TRUMP. I think, when Trump fires PREIBUS & cleans out the White House, the FBI & other agencies, America may yet have a fighting chance to breathe & survive as U.S.A.

  • Gary M
    Gary M 9 days ago

    Amen to that!

  • Mike Pichot
    Mike Pichot 9 days ago

    you are absolutely correct

  • Lisa Cheney
    Lisa Cheney 9 days ago

    Congratulations America! You have put a gangster and his thugs into the white house.

  • Peter Adelmann
    Peter Adelmann 9 days ago

    Gabe, people need to understand what you're saying. We need to vote these bastards out of office at every opportunity. Trump needs a supermajority of "believers" in 2018 to start cleaning this mess up.

  • John Lemon
    John Lemon 9 days ago

    The Rinos are likely Diddlers who are being controlled via Blackmail.

  • Nunya Biness
    Nunya Biness 9 days ago

    With democrats, we at least know what we are getting. With the exception of a few decent ones like Dennis Kucinich, (which he has many views I dislike as well, but he's fairly reasonable), most are nutjob criminals, so we expect nutjob criminal results.
    But what I can't comprehend is why it is not a crime in itself when a majority elects someone, and that person doesn't represent his/her constituents. But it all comes down to "establishment", and the platform in which pumped the money into that person to get elected. It's like 2 mafia families who answer to one Godfather. Break the secret code and get whacked. So in the end, nothing will change. Each of the 535 paid actors all have a boss, and that isn't you and me. It's the party who put them in power. It's just organized crime, and will never change.

  • Zonly1
    Zonly1 9 days ago

    Gabe, majority of Republicans/DemocRats are bought and paid for by the elite. You have Jeff Bezos who purchased the Washington Post and signed a contract 600mil with the CIA. There's a starting point of propaganda with deep pockets. Jeff Bezos gaining in wealth when by years end over 9000 retail businesses will go out of business. Some trade off.

  • bryan hurd
    bryan hurd 9 days ago

    Trump needs to do what he said he would do.....f.... k. kissinger

  • Charles Belcher
    Charles Belcher 9 days ago

    I agree. Trump should be targeting these RINOs to be replaced in the 2018, 2020, and 2022 elections before he targets any democrats. He should not wait any longer and begin campaigning for the GOP candidates he has selected for the House and Senate.

  • Avis Swope
    Avis Swope 9 days ago


  • the self nation
    the self nation 9 days ago

    idk gabol even though it looks like that trump is being attacked by Republicans too but I still think trump is part of the elites. he wants us to feel sry for him but when it comes down to it there all in it together. we can't get health care passed or some bullshit but he can bomb Syria without congressional approval. the whole thing is a show. I'm glad hilary didn't get in the white house but either way we are going down its just a matter of time

  • thaboomer53
    thaboomer53 9 days ago

    Sadly I think you're right. The proof is in the pudding. The Republican party is a sham. There should be nothing stopping them from enacting whatever they desire.
    I have a feeling that soon enough, the people will realize that there is no difference between one party or the other. You get screwed no matter who is in the office.

  • G Male
    G Male 9 days ago

    Yes... ((( rothschilds ))) Opium Wholesale *MAFIA* retains absolute *stranglehold*

  • ajc713
    ajc713 9 days ago

    Gabe Zolna's "fist full of truth!" Keep up the great work you're doing GZ!

  • John Allen
    John Allen 9 days ago

    I totally agree with you Gabe... Looks like the American people have been fucked in the ass by our own government..!!
    Looks like "We the PEOPLE" need to get this done now.... I feal that things are about to get very "messy"... So, maybe is time for "Defcon 1".... It shouldn't be long now.... (Praying to the big guy).... Come Lord Jesus..!! :)

  • Kurt Berube
    Kurt Berube 9 days ago

    Does it do any good to rant about the globalist zionist satanic parasite that has totally infested this country, as our country goes down the toilet what is left to do about it!!! God give us strength!!!!!!!

  • John Burnitin
    John Burnitin 9 days ago

    How the hell do these idiots get re-elected? Why are these morons allowed to stay in office, when everyone can clearly see that they are not working for the American people? There has to be a reason for their re-election. Possible vote tampering? Maybe we need to pay a lot more attention to our state elections!

    • Michael Shapiro
      Michael Shapiro 9 days ago

      +John B: COMBO OF VOTER FRAUD, LAZINESS & STUPIDITY. WELCOME to the America that deserves all it gets! HOWEVER, the REST OF THE WORLD might not deserve this CAPTIVE, DESTRUCTIVE AMERICA. GET OFF YOUR ASSES!!!

  • Yesenia Rivera
    Yesenia Rivera 9 days ago


  • jerryholbrook13
    jerryholbrook13 9 days ago

    liar. trump has got alot done despite the nonsense going on period. impatient americans whinning doesnt help so knock it off and grow up!

    • Don X
      Don X 9 days ago

      Jerry, he means the republicans in congress aren't backing Trump. And they aren't. Ryan loves Mueller, and Comey. Trump has to sign executive orders to get anything done. Now, apologize to the nice, honest man. ;9)B

  • Yesenia Rivera
    Yesenia Rivera 9 days ago


  • randy beard
    randy beard 9 days ago

    Donald Trump Must be Doing Something RIGHT as the Washington Crowd Hates His Every Move, I will Continue to Have Hope for Him UNTIL they Start to LOVE him....

  • claudbase
    claudbase 9 days ago

    May I suggest a possible explanation: is it possible that Trump's policies (healthcare, tax reform, immigration...) are so unpopular in the general public (including for many republican voters) that republicans in congress and the senate understand that, if they were to vote for these policies, they would probably lose the senate and possibly the congress in 2018. Does that make any sense?

  • matt bodini
    matt bodini 9 days ago

    A wise man's heart inclines to the Right' But a Liberal and Rino's fool heart 'to the Left 'Sheep on the Right ''Goats on the Left 'Depart from me 'you Lefty's Muddying up the waters' what have you done for the least of my brethren? Some kinda transparency delusion? A wise man throws his net 'off the Right side of the boat 'why? he could not catch any fish on the Left' So basicly? They claim to be conservatives 'but they are really Hillary's Allies'''' Hillary =The brain that never sleep's==The Islam Whore =Who's mission was to de-stabilize 3rd world countries' and Europe ''With the Arab spring 'first stages of/Locust invasions/And the fallen angels 'raping the daughters of Zion= Happy father of Lies day' And don't let your white women get ravished by Muslim and Gentile agenda's

  • Winston Kotzan
    Winston Kotzan 9 days ago

    I don't care anymore... next election I'm not voting for either party. Ridiculous that they can't even get Obamacare repeal passed after voting to do it 6 years in a row when they didn't have the votes.

    • Sue Catlady
      Sue Catlady 9 days ago

      Winston Kotzan
      vote these knuckle heads out of office! that's the only vote that will count, I'm afraid.

    • Nancy Cloncs
      Nancy Cloncs 9 days ago

      Winston Kotzan Same here. So tired of having to choose between the lesser of two evils. No more for this girl. I feel a sense of guilt voting for these fools.

  • Paul chevalier
    Paul chevalier 9 days ago

    In the book of Daniel when the Antichrist comes into office he will not be given the honor of the kingdom...We see that with Trump. Donald Trumps mother's name was Mary his dads name was Christ...The Name Donald mean's ruler of the world..He exceeds in everything he does he will be arrogant a great Military ruler one of his campaign promises...After he takes office he will take out three kingdoms i'm thinking.... North Korea ..Iran...Syria...He shall confirm a peace treaty with Many The Muslims and the Palestinians with Israel For seven year's...Daniel 9: 27...And from there its not gonna be good.

  • Crabby Appleton
    Crabby Appleton 9 days ago

    Its all a farce to make people feel they have a choice. The jokes on us.

  • Mike Kemper
    Mike Kemper 9 days ago

    he must act and drain the sewage swamp. kick thar legs out. or it's over.

  • bert flisberg
    bert flisberg 9 days ago

    spot on brother

  • John King
    John King 9 days ago

    I think you've pegged it. McCain and Ryan work against the President at every opportunity. And many others. I have been very happy with what President Trump has managed to accomplish with so little help in Congress. But it isn't enough. I hate to say it, but I think it's time he took the gloves off. Forget political correctness. Forget their feelings. Forget everything but what got you there. Kick them aside and charge forward. Find a way. It's what you're famous for and it's what many of us were counting on when we voted for you. I still have faith, Mr. President.

  • umajunkcollector
    umajunkcollector 9 days ago

    RINO Republican In Name Only
    The real republicans were aka the Tea Party, RINOs hate the Tea Party.

    • umajunkcollector
      umajunkcollector 9 days ago

      Sarah is a great lady, regardless of stupid parties. How stupid people can hate a nice lady like Sarah, but like that megabitch Killiary and MANshelle Ohomo, is beyond comprehension.
      Both old school democrat and republican parties are long gone, no more. Linden Banes Johnson and Jimmy Carter changed democrats. Both Bushes destroyed and changed what republicans were. But the worst two that formed some new NAZI libtard party are the Clinton's and Obozo. The tea party is very low key, Trump seems more new tea party than old school republican, which they want to be, yes tea party are wannabe old school republican. But the new demoncRATs are nothing like real old democrats, not even close.. The libtards are very corrupt greedy assholes full of hatred and betrayal. It's a criminal party, blinded by deceitfull propoganda from the MSM. You have been played the fool.

  • Bobby Martin
    Bobby Martin 9 days ago

    Last tuesday President Trump went to a fundraiser in wisconsin for Scott Walker. I think that the President has decided Paul Ryan is through in Wisconsin, so he will be showing up all over Ryan's state. Nehlen just declared he is running as well last week against Ryan, who received 95% of his donations, for his election campaign, from DC, not his district. So Trump, imho, is gonna get rid of Ryan. Please Lord, make this happen. Unelect the scum.

    • Bobby Martin
      Bobby Martin 9 days ago

      Nehlan, btw, is crazy for Trump. He is awesome, really america first type guy.

  • Nancy Cloncs
    Nancy Cloncs 9 days ago

    I keep asking this with no reply. So what do we do now???? Anybody....jump in. I recognize the problem. What is the solution? I call and demand this and that. We all do. They aren't listening. I am starting to lose hope in all of this. If there is no solution then why even try.

    • Nancy Cloncs
      Nancy Cloncs 9 days ago

      joe batters I believe it was Clinton who lost two times.

    • Nancy Cloncs
      Nancy Cloncs 9 days ago

      Sue Catlady I will Sue. I do support him right now. I am also going to pray for the House and Senate. They aren't supporting him. Where are they?

  • Susan Fowler
    Susan Fowler 9 days ago


    COLD FIRE 9 days ago

    Most of them are being controlled by blackmail, ( NSA DIRT), death threats, and bribes. End of story. No other logical explanation.

    • Doris~
      Doris~ 9 days ago

      PAYBACKS R HELL And 90% are pedophiles, rethugs included & that's the holdup in Murica.😣

  • Db Schroeder
    Db Schroeder 9 days ago

    Good point: that's why I re registered as an Independent after last election

    BROTHERDARYL 9 days ago

    Trump is Evil too I'm done watching this fake Government fake news fake food fake people and blah blah blah I'm going back to my Bible and read my Bible there's no truth other than the scriptures KJV

    • umajunkcollector
      umajunkcollector 8 days ago

      GOD commands, either you obey, or don't, argue with God when you find out... after you die. Guess what, you'll lose on that gamble.

    • Mike Pichot
      Mike Pichot 8 days ago

      chrisbea49 not even me asked anything from anyone. just making an observation of how people react ,, and YOU proved my point so elequintly.. lol

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