Mark Lowry Puts On Jake Hess's Wig *Quality Fixed*

the video quality is better than when i posted it before. the imfamous clip when mark does his "jake" impression

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Author Bogdan Tutac ( ago)
I can not stop laughing and I watch this everyday:))

Author Antonio Vieira ( ago)
What's the name of this song?

Author HugeEaglesFan92 ( ago)
I made the mistake of taking a sip of water just before :41 :D needless to
say that water is now all down my t-shirt and sprayed across my laptop

Author runner4life1984 ( ago)
...and if he sees, the little sparrow...SCREACH!!!!! Now i got a wet
computer monitor.

Author tickle fan ( ago)
i wonder what i did for material and style to use before i heard of mark
lowery................ never mind i don't wanna know

Author CrimsonKing5298 ( ago)
ol jake came back with some Power on that last bit. awesome 

Author pearlady22 ( ago)
@Pianoman42100 Jonathan Pierce

Author hoover4000 ( ago)
@Pianoman42100 jonathan pierce. he was the tenor for the gaither vocal band
before david phelps had joined in the late 90s

Author BlueDude87 ( ago)
Bill's shuttering just makes these videos more funny! Thanks for uploading
these videos! They make my day more outrageous! God bless you!

Author BlitzkriegZer0 ( ago)
Do you have the lyrics or chords to this song? It's fun and very true. :)
Thanks in advance. ^^

Author wilondemand ( ago)
what video is this off of 

Author pjos111 ( ago)
Great ! Was that a wing? Jesus has a sense of humor :)

Author PrincessSerena91 (100 years ago)
lol i love this clipXD what dvd is this from?

Author jddrsiraven ( ago)
"And they ask me...." "Bill????" LOL :-)

Author onehotmess99 ( ago)
When I'm have a bad day Mark Lowry make it better, because I will langh my
head of.

Author Kathy Franklin ( ago)
I don't see how they keep a straight face with Mark. He is hilarious.

Author joe b (1500 years ago)
jake was always such a good sport

Author jjrocky007 ( ago)
Does anyone have an mp3 of this song pls. I want it.........:)

Author Pianoman42100 ( ago)
@hulkamaniac01 It's called "Keep On Sing'."

Author Pianoman42100 ( ago)

Author Pianoman42100 ( ago)
Okay...I know Mark Lowry, Jake Hess, and Guy Penrod, and Bill Gaither.
BUT....who is the guy that is standing in between Mark and Jake? He looks
VERY familiar.

Author TheMusic215 ( ago)
5:34 wohoo. i didnt do it? 

Author Josh Summers ( ago)
@hoover4000 Love this, thanks :D

Author wmwilson ( ago)
Poor Bill. He is one long suffering man.... and that's why we love him! XD

Author Monika Bauer ( ago)
Mark is such a ham. XD

Author MissMeolary ( ago)
Oh, I love Mark Lowry! Thanks for posting the video!

Author Neveia SG ( ago)
ahahhahahah this is ssooo funnny!!!!!!!!

Author jonrschrag ( ago)
What an infectious smile Jake had!

Author jdsumner ( ago)
hahahahaha, i'm tired of laughing, HAHAHAHAHAHA

Author Kobra1029 ( ago)
@LABOURSUPPORTER Keep on singing

Author thatdrummer2010 ( ago)
I still like the version with Michael English more lol

Author hoover4000 ( ago)
@jonhut111 "Keep on singing"

Author Zions_Own ( ago)
that's not michael english lol he looks nothing like him at all. 

Author kenny maese ( ago)
I never get tired of this video

Author Leelee Min ( ago)
I wish the vid was a bit clearer, but i know it was copied. I love them
anyway :)

Author June B ( ago)
that is so funny

Author jonhut111 ( ago)
I forgot the name of this song they were singing what was it called?

Author mrobbins1925 ( ago)
wats the name of the song??

Author LP ( ago)
@BarrerasPlayas That is William J. Gaither, or Bill Gaither, the one who
own the Gaither Music and especially the whole Homecoming Series

Author kenny maese ( ago)
I just cant get enough of this video sooooo funny!!!!

Author Krystina D ( ago)
Thank you Jesus for being my pilot in this storm. You are amazing!

Author Gerard Andree ( ago)
.....reMarkably gLowryous humour @ its awesome best.... don't I simply love
it! Oh! how they thrill me with their marvellous music, great singing &
spontaneous fun-filled spirits God bless them all. Thank you so much
hoover4000 for uploading these, God bless you too, it was like hitting upon
a treasure trove here, ta again for sharing. I think it was A. Nielen who
said...... "Happiness adds & multiplies when you divide it with others!" :

Author esther lane ( ago)
@WillieDines1 What's the name of the DVD this was featured on? I would like
to buy it...

Author southsider1036 ( ago)
lol mark loved it when he went up to the camera

Author southsider1036 ( ago)
loved when he went up to the camera lol

Author southsider1036 ( ago)

Author southsider1036 ( ago)
that mark is sure funny

Author southsider1036 ( ago)
lol that mark is sure funny.i just kepted laughing & laughing....

Author southsider1036 ( ago)
lol tha mark is sure funny.i just kepted laughing & laughing....

Author southsider1036 ( ago)
LOL that mark is sure funny bill? theyre scared..... just keeps interuoting
Bill..... i just laughed & laughed so funny that mark...

Author Heather Jewell ( ago)
@hoover4000 Can anyone tell me the title of this song? or where I can
purchase or download an mp3 of this song? Thanks! I have looked and looked
and tried several different luck so far! I know Jake sang this
when the Masters V group was around I thought it would be easy
to find. Wrong! I LOVE this song!

Author Heather Jewell ( ago)
@hoover4000 Can anyone tell me the title of this song? or where I can
purchase or download an mp3 of this song? Thanks! I have looked and looked
and tried several different luck so far! I know Jake sang this
when the Masters V group was around I thought it would be easy
to find. Wrong! I LOVE this song!

Author dudeguy927 ( ago)
too funny!

Author Stelian Ticusan ( ago)
Bill is hillarios!!!!!!....and mark is reMarkable:)))))

Author kevinemberg ( ago)
at 5:26 Mark is like, your not going to out do me.

Author AttyEK ( ago)
5:33 ownage lol

Author AlmasyKris ( ago)
lol Love this video!! I love it when Guy first starts to Whistle Mark looks
at his mic like his mic did it lol

Author Victoria Greyh ( ago)
Mark is absolutely awesome! To see him is to love him. . .

Author Lady Jeani ( ago)
I just CAN'T STOP WATCHING THIS!!! It is THE BEST, it just thrills my heart
so much!! I LOVE ALL of these guys!! And Mark is king of comics and a great
singer and Jake was the sweetest GUY AROUND!! I can't say how much I LOVE
this!! Thank you again :)

Author Robbie Glennon ( ago)
what is the name of this song????? CAN ANYONE HELP?

Author HanaTheScythe ( ago)
not everybody apparently...your comment got lots of thunbs ups XD

Author Lady Jeani ( ago)
This is one of my very favorite of the GVB. I love all of them, but, this
particular part is so good!! Mark is so funny and Jake is SO PRECIOUS!! God
took Jake for His self tho, I don't blame Him, I'd steal Jake too if I
could!! Heaven's getting sweeter all the time. :)

Author Danae Delange ( ago)
i love this video the best!!

Author SupernaturalGirl91 ( ago)
I love this video. Mark is so funny, and it's all just clean comedy, i love

Author tpetty7273 ( ago)
this is the christian Jim Carry, so funny

Author Faye Lunacorn ( ago)
5:33 = epic win! Mark always gets me to laugh no matter how crappy I feel!

Author Leah Stigliano ( ago)
awesome video funniest person i know:)

Author Michele Schwarz ( ago)
i love mark's voice on this song. Sometimes he is so funny that i think
people forget he has an amazing voice.

Author Logan Pettis ( ago)
Hey I just picked up a Jonathan Pierce album earlier today :D

Author hoover4000 ( ago)
look again, its not michael english. it's jonathan pierce

Author MrPianoManMattYoung ( ago)
This is absolutely hysterical! Where is comedy and music like this now a

Author BigBoiJC ( ago)
That is Michael English

Author hoover4000 ( ago)
jonathan pierce, the tenor for the gvb before david phelps joined

Author Bryan M ( ago)
Mark is absolutely nuts!!

Author DarthVega7 ( ago)

Author codyinclover ( ago)
i didnt do it! he did it!

Author Lesa Anderson ( ago)
I could watch this a million times and it only gets funnier every time!!!!

Author hoover4000 ( ago)
i believe it's "keep on singing"

Author Jeremy Januski ( ago)
I have met them, and they have admitted that there are times that they are
improvised. They flow off of each other very well too tho. This particular
time was planned though, but no one knew that Mark was going to pull a wig
like Jakes out until it happened.

Author hoover4000 ( ago)
no its jonathan pierce, the tenor for the GVB before david phelps joined

Author Ajbadboy252 ( ago)
Mark and Bill do such a good job of making these skits look improvised.

Author Justin Dixon ( ago)
wat year was this

Author hoover4000 ( ago)
later this month they are filming a new gaither vocal band video with the
new lineup. there will most definitely be comedy on there when it's
released. in the meantime, if you wanna hear there singing, try searching
"gaither vocal band 2009" on youtube. Many people, including myself, have
posted clips from recent concerts we've been to.

Author Solomon Deas ( ago)
Awesome i need to try to find some video of this year's comedy lol.

Author hoover4000 ( ago)
yes he is, he's already been back since january they have been touring all

Author seamus1956 ( ago)
This is from the "Moments to Remember" video, one of the older ones but
still one of the best. Has some great numbers featuring many of the
Homecoming Friends who have gone home. Highly recommended.

Author BigBoiJC ( ago)
what's interesting is that when Vestal passed...she passed in the town of
CELEBRATION!!!! what a way to go!!!!

Author Solomon Deas ( ago)
lol so funny i love mark lowry. hes the best. I here he is coming back with
bill this year

Author Melui Azriel Blackheart ( ago)
I feel sorry for Bill lol.

Author GeneralLeeStudios ( ago)
rofl bugawk!

Author EDDIE BROWN ( ago)
Very very Funny!!! 5 *****!!

Author mahaffe ( ago)
Jews don't say Jehovah, since Jehovah is a combination of two Hebrew words
for the Lord.

Author t90cash ( ago)
Same with myself and my brother! XD

Author dartagnan926 (1473 years ago)
This is my "go to" video whenever I have a tough day. It never fails to
lighten my spirits. Thanks so much for posting it and others.

Author hoover4000 ( ago)
that was my first thought when i first saw him too. i told my mom "that guy
looks like every picture of jesus i've ever seen" LOL

Author djsting ( ago)
i used to call him the jesus guy too lol

Author Pauline Chambers ( ago)
I <3 how Mark can be so rib-cracking hilarious and still be serious about
the song content and message at the same time - WARNING: Make sure your
bladder is EMPTY before you watch this one...

Author winston506 ( ago)
haha "well its as old.....ooooooooooo" "i said half way through the first
verse" "i was hopin that was half way through the first verse" hahahahaha

Author Charles Turbo ( ago)
I have never seen this clip and I am laughing, laughing, laughing....OH
MY....funny stuff.

Author Leah P. ( ago)
So funny :)

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