Mark Lowry Puts On Jake Hess's Wig *Quality Fixed*

the video quality is better than when i posted it before. the imfamous clip when mark does his "jake" impression

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Author Pianoman42100 (3 years)
Okay...I know Mark Lowry, Jake Hess, and Guy Penrod, and Bill Gaither.
BUT....who is the guy that is standing in between Mark and Jake? He looks
VERY familiar.

Author sngldaddyinfl04 (4 years)
what is the name of this song? or was it just something they put together
for a skit?

Author SUPERVANMAN64 (4 years)
Mark Lowry is one of the funniest guys out there.

Author kenny maese (4 years)
I just cant get enough of this video sooooo funny!!!!

Author southsider1036 (4 years)
lol mark loved it when he went up to the camera

Author mamadee310 (4 years)
I just love the laughs at 5:04 and 5:27! Mark has the best laugh!

Author JonathansGurl91 (4 years)
lolz!! I love Mark Lowry he is so funny ^__^

Author charmedbabe09 (5 years)
"Ohhhh I finally get a solo and it's 'wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait!' " Haha I <3 Mark!

Author Aaron Stabbert (3 years)
Bill's shuttering just makes these videos more funny! Thanks for uploading
these videos! They make my day more outrageous! God bless you!

Author William Dines (5 years)
Hey Guys :) The name of the song is "I'm Gonna Keep On" I have the DVD of
this concert and this part always has me rolling about in laughter :) lol
Thank you so much for posting this gem :) God Bless you and everyone always

Author GMike8591 (5 years)
lol, Jake gives Guy his nod of approval at 5:17.

Author tmg052702 (4 years)
That was always one of my favs!!!!!

Author Michele Schwarz (5 years)
i love mark's voice on this song. Sometimes he is so funny that i think
people forget he has an amazing voice.

Author teen4jc (5 years)
who was the guy standing to mark's left? i don't think i've ever seen him

Author Justin Dixon (5 years)
wat year was this

Author grenadianbybirth (5 years)
absolutly fantastic. love mark,bill and guy as well

Author Faye Lunacorn (4 years)
5:33 = epic win! Mark always gets me to laugh no matter how crappy I feel!

Author Kelly Dunlow (3 years)
Everytime I watch this I all most die laughing lol

Author Danieljs54 (4 years)
What is the name of it?

Author southsider1036 (4 years)
that mark is sure funny

Author JoAnne Harrison (5 years)
HAHAHA!!!!!! thanks I needed a good belly laugh!!!

Author hoover4000 (5 years)
i believe it's "keep on singing"

Author GloryB2Jesus (4 years)
i just about died when Mark did the huge bird bit!

Author Solomon Deas (5 years)
lol so funny i love mark lowry. hes the best. I here he is coming back with
bill this year

Author Lady Jeani (4 years)
I just CAN'T STOP WATCHING THIS!!! It is THE BEST, it just thrills my heart
so much!! I LOVE ALL of these guys!! And Mark is king of comics and a great
singer and Jake was the sweetest GUY AROUND!! I can't say how much I LOVE
this!! Thank you again :)

Author PrincessSerena91 (3 years)
lol i love this clipXD what dvd is this from?

Author hoover4000 (5 years)
jonathan pierce, the tenor for the gvb before david phelps joined

Author wmwilson (3 years)
Poor Bill. He is one long suffering man.... and that's why we love him! XD

Author Danae Delange (4 years)
i love this video the best!!

Author Leah Stigliano (5 years)
awesome video funniest person i know:)

Author jdsumner (3 years)
hahahahaha, i'm tired of laughing, HAHAHAHAHAHA

Author DarthVega7 (5 years)

Author Pianoman42100 (3 years)
@hulkamaniac01 It's called "Keep On Sing'."

Author thundergirl2014 (4 years)
@hockeynut0112 i think thats guy

Author ShelbyWhippets09 (4 years)
this never gets old! love it!

Author Leelee Min (4 years)
I wish the vid was a bit clearer, but i know it was copied. I love them
anyway :)

Author joe b (3 years)
jake was always such a good sport

Author Gerard Andree (4 years)
.....reMarkably gLowryous humour @ its awesome best.... don't I simply love
it! Oh! how they thrill me with their marvellous music, great singing &
spontaneous fun-filled spirits God bless them all. Thank you so much
hoover4000 for uploading these, God bless you too, it was like hitting upon
a treasure trove here, ta again for sharing. I think it was A. Nielen who
said...... "Happiness adds & multiplies when you divide it with others!" : )

Author Krystina D (4 years)
Thank you Jesus for being my pilot in this storm. You are amazing!

Author tpetty7273 (4 years)
this is the christian Jim Carry, so funny

Author June B (4 years)
that is so funny

Author Bryan M (5 years)
Mark is absolutely nuts!!

Author kingkong068 (3 years)
thank you hoover4000 for all your vids......

Author BigBoiJC (5 years)
That is Michael English

Author Solomon Deas (5 years)
Awesome i need to try to find some video of this year's comedy lol.

Author wilondemand (3 years)
what video is this off of

Author christian k (2 years)

Author daddysgirl197371 (3 years)
im gonna keep on singing...

Author Tenspeeder (5 years)
I miss Jake Hess. He was awesome in the group.

Author jammies3 (5 years)
Mark is just so "mischevious".......he's a hoot!!! Always puts on that
"innocent" face too!!!

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