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It's time to put our machine to the test and make some rope! But will it work?

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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Author RevstaXBlades GD ( ago)
Put a long string of spaghetti on it and make a SUPER SPAGHETTI!

Author Tiny turtle 25 ( ago)
Plz do a video on dis but use paracord plz it would be a great vid

Author Baggy Trousers ( ago)
I feel like you could make some sort of spooling contraption instead of stretching it across your livingroom. Cou'd probably even figure out a hand crank with staggertoothed gears to preclude the necessity of a drill.

Author cathreeno ( ago)
I have one question; I thought when it twisted the small strands into the first twists that the second, larger twist needed to go in the opposite direction to keep the tension? Won't these unwind over time? Thanks!

Author Reckless Jonny ( ago)
what if you put 3 different colors on 1 hook and do the rest the same

Author Micheal Donnellan ( ago)
Next up destruction tests!

Author Al DaGamer ( ago)
TBH I'd just watch him make different types of rope

Author MCdiamondlover ( ago)
you should try a form of fibrous plant and film the results. I am very curious to see if it will break or actually work.

Author VX stufzies ( ago)
if you put a hole in the semi sphere you could reinforce your rope by puting it in the hole. and do thme thing with the rope in the center of it.

Author Random Penguiness ( ago)
Use the ropes you made in this video to make an even thicker rope.

Author Alissa Spark Vlogs ( ago)
build a pirate ship lol

Author Liam Manning ( ago)
You should use wires to see if you can make a bigger one

Author bill bland ( ago)
im a boyscout troop 120

Author darwin keys ( ago)
Who else is like oh I'm going to try this and he says some stuff you don't even under stand and your just like screw this

Author Edward Salgado ( ago)
try 6 sing real rope to make the strongest rope in the world like if you agree

Author Greoplyn ( ago)
boyinaband's hair would be perfect for this!!

Author Diego Carrillo ( ago)
What if you mix three done pieces of rope what would happen?

Author StoicSauce 14 ( ago)
let me show you what I mean "fails to snap string"

Author BasicallyNuclear ( ago)
you should of done paracord

Author Bjørnar Frantzen ( ago)
But can you make a ninja rope from worms or bungee?

Author Lucius Hunt ( ago)
you da best

Author Elijah Morrison ( ago)
Do a series on making rope with random stuff

Author Ajay Fielder ( ago)
make a gummy rope

Author thedraphter ( ago)
I want to hear the story about catching wild horses...

Author yolo 69 ( ago)
the rope man stricks back

Author Stefan de Jong ( ago)
If you use synthetic rope, you could also burn the edges of your created rope to melt the 3 strands together, fusing it together ;)

Author sokrates vik ( ago)
can you make a balisong?

Author revise hellenologophobic ( ago)
what would happen if you used string made from plastic bottles( or other non-fibrous strings)? Is there a way to make that work...Would heating it to melt it a little while still taught work to bind plastic strands? This left me with questions...might experiment in the future :)

Author randomff randombff ( ago)
Now make charcloth with that cotton thread, and check, whether it is flamable

Author YimboSlyce ( ago)
the king of liquid nitrogen and dry ice experiments.... teaching us how to make rope.

Author Assassin LFS ( ago)
8 37 (its very very tight. I like it )

Author Fernando Isensee ( ago)
please, make a VISCO FUSE MACHINE next!!!

Author BuilderBoy ( ago)
Oh I am so making this

Author bo pendergrass ( ago)
upgrade your rope machine with homemade aluminum gears/cogs made from smelting and make it chain drivin.

Author ThatGuyLemonade ( ago)
nothing here is simple....

Author Carnivores Unvideo ( ago)
Did anyone realise this is kwebbelkop's outro theme?

Author ayush sharma ( ago)
its kwebbelkops theme song !!

Author IceGirL 1137 ( ago)
"That has to work I don't see it how it 'wood'int" you had a chance to make a pun com'n

Author Radioactive Isotope² ( ago)
you should've made some shoelaces

Author LukeV ( ago)
*changes glass knob into a wooden one*
it has to work now, i cant see how it wooden ;)

Author RaptorMg ( ago)
I did not read the comments all the way down, but how about using lines from plastic bottles to make ropes ?

Author Revised Candy ( ago)
do a rubber band rope :)

Author Joshua Braniff ( ago)
That incredible

Author SilentKnightXD ( ago)
kinda better if you sell some of your rope that you made

Author Gzpy ( ago)
I wished the characters in The Last Of Us and Fallout 4 could've used your DIY's.

I pity them.

Author p creeper Zhou ( ago)
please make all ropes in one

Author fatima akter ( ago)

Author Daniel Sanchez ( ago)
Try different types of strings together or all together

Author erick pineda ( ago)
what happen it you use wire?

Author Colin McMahon ( ago)
Make a rope with dental floss

Author Nathaniel Bjerga ( ago)
Try fishing line

Author Tony R ( ago)
Can you make rope with ripped clothes?

Author Mark Holada ( ago)
This channel is so clickbaitey it is unbelievable.
But every so often something somewhat interesting comes up.

Author RedstoneManiac11 ( ago)
I want to see him combine 3 different types of rope into one rope.

Author phantom with gamer1 ( ago)
you should freeze a gun

Author harrison the gamer ( ago)
try to put the rope and make a super rope

Author gameing bros202 ( ago)
what if you put three ropes in it to make a giant rope

Author hayden hishmeh ( ago)
Hi, grant, could you try adding a hole and putting a charging cable in the middle of the string. I feel that this would not only make for a cool design for your cable in customization but would also add structural support for those of us whose wires consistently are ripping and exposing the wires inside.

Author Anhtien Ta ( ago)
Can you show how to make a noose?!? ... for purposes

Author Luciano's fishing and cooking channel ( ago)
i am almost going to be working on my eagle scout project can i need ideas for a project can anyone help?

Author legit gamer ( ago)
Ven you make a slim ball

Author Krista Hirschman ( ago)
Make a duktape rope

Author Clay Senn ( ago)
make an hidrolic arm please

Author Matt Brine ( ago)
I wonder if this could be used with wire as well, like what you get in electronics and what not. I also wonder how well solid core phone/bell wire would work. I know it wouldn't be super strong but I'm just curious if it would work at all.

Author Cooper Mcbride ( ago)
You should make an even bigger rope with the ones you already made

Author Dman Red ( ago)
It's only a fail if you quit trying.-Grant Thomson 2017

Author Devin Green ( ago)
o yea. i have nothing better to do in my day than to make some rope. yep. making rope.

Author Creeperdude90 ( ago)
combine the ropes into a big strong rope I wanna see dat plz do dat

Author Mahmoud Ahmed ( ago)
can u make a bracelet using this machine

Could you make stronger rope with paracord?

Author Gabriel Bulhões ( ago)
at the second rope,i was like braaaaaasiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllll

Author Trollytroll155 ( ago)
you should combine some ropes together and make a mega rope to make it really strong

Author rory scanlan ( ago)
why no load bearing test? :(

Author intro fusion ( ago)
try to use coconut husk

Author Jawad Ahmed ( ago)
do three of those together and then three of the result of that together.

Author Cort Lefebvre ( ago)
take three ropes and make one mega rope

Author apsitively ( ago)
I'd love to see three lengths of your 3 strand made into a 9 strand rope.

Author Kio Kurashi ( ago)
I wonder if it is possible to modify the counter weight to have a wheel that the rope will automatically be wound on.

Author Sjoerd B ( ago)
could you do this with thin steel cable?

Author Alan Brocklebank ( ago)

Author Adam V ( ago)
You should make a load tester so we can test the strength of our ropes we make using this video.

Author Brandon W ( ago)
do it with 550 cord

Author Chanse McBride ( ago)
combine all 4

Author Syukri Lajin ( ago)
i should be doing my homework, but then here i am watching a video on how to make ropes

Author Sir.MackintoshVI ( ago)
make rope like this with the coconut fibres and put it in this device!

Author Austin Ford ( ago)
Just wondering are you a Eagle Scout? Or ever been a scout

Author Bodhi Chan ( ago)
you should make a homemade fus

Author brokenjax ( ago)
This is awesome! My great uncle had a rope making factory in Emporia Virginia. I saw how rope was made on a massive scale. I wonder if you could take this further and develop some sort of feed system to overcome the limits of the length of the working space. Thanks for sharing. P.S. I'm surprised by the fact that you were a Boy Scout and didn't whip the ends of the rope.

Author Angel Adona ( ago)
use all the ropes u made and combine them in to 1

Author Kenneth Nelson ( ago)
Use a tear drop shape, with three grooves for the rope to slide in.

Author Edward Morley ( ago)
come on you know wd40 isn't a lubricant.? water displacement  40 can sometimes work as a lubricant a clean new surface isn't really one of those times.

Author The Gayest Person on YouTube ( ago)
I bet if you went to burning man and got hair samples to make rope it may be just like using hemp

Author Willow ( ago)
If possible, you should make a tree house, and even use your own rope someway if you can

Author Terry Nadosy ( ago)
OK, now you have twisted rope together to make stronger ropes (Outstanding feat by itself), can you build/engineer a better stronger rope? that is inexpensive? using the device you built...

Author Justin Rizzo ( ago)
Hey Grant, it would be cool to see how much the rope can hold, like a break test. Thanks for making this video it was really awesome!

Author Isaac fasey ( ago)
When he tried to break it😹

Author Gur Telem ( ago)
Make a rope of of the ropes you've made

Author StarBlazer ( ago)
I wonder if you could make the three strand rope then use those to make a 9 strand rope.

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