Make All The Rope You Could Ever Want

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    DARK KILL 1 day ago


  • Diffi Theo YouT
    Diffi Theo YouT 1 day ago

    completely nice tutorial thank you.

  • Kronophonix
    Kronophonix 1 day ago

    Sounds like the next problem would be lack of space. Any ideas on how to do long rope in a confined space?

  • . Gangdras
    . Gangdras 1 day ago

    Hey Grant! Can u make shoelace too?

  • Jeff Lund
    Jeff Lund 2 days ago

    On the poly ropes, you can also burn (melt) the ends with a lighter.

  • Kyle .thomas
    Kyle .thomas 2 days ago

    I wanna see how strong each of those are

  • gingerbasterds
    gingerbasterds 2 days ago

    is there any way to make it a continues rope line? so you can make either a 4ft or a 50ft rope? without it taking much space?

  • Jhanse Ortega
    Jhanse Ortega 3 days ago

    make a rope with copper wirre
    like pls

  • James Chua
    James Chua 3 days ago

    I was expecting he's going to do a rope made from plastic bottle. XD

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez 3 days ago

    ha you said i dont see how it WOOD'NT work... get it cause your working with wood😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    JYOTI PRAN HALOI 3 days ago

    Nice idea. Man thanks

  • Kitty Pool
    Kitty Pool 3 days ago

    what if you used 6 strands of cotton rope? how would that look?

  • Kande Bonfim
    Kande Bonfim 3 days ago

    Brazilian colors!

  • Damian Dassen
    Damian Dassen 4 days ago

    try nitrating the cotton rope and light it on fire

  • Faiz Hussain
    Faiz Hussain 4 days ago

    you should make some rope with spider silk. then you can be spiderman

  • Dontsayswears 99
    Dontsayswears 99 4 days ago


  • Dotx2Bongo
    Dotx2Bongo 4 days ago

    Make some flash cotton/yarn, then make that into a rope and light it on fire!

  • Charles Ehmke
    Charles Ehmke 5 days ago

    Take a round file and cut grooves into the wood knob to help guide the strings. Lube your slide with beeswax to help reduce friction.

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith 5 days ago

    "profesh go fishing now"
    The caption correctly understood "profesh" but not "professional" xD

  • anthony cabrera
    anthony cabrera 5 days ago

    can you make longer rope like 10 meters with that machine?

  • ..\~Masked Cat~/..
    ..\~Masked Cat~/.. 5 days ago

    Te rope with three colors reminds me of Brazil's flag.

  • Quoc Tran
    Quoc Tran 6 days ago

    Ever thought about adding some ball bearings around the spinning eye bolts? Might be minimal quality improvement, but who knows :)

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 6 days ago

    oops! I guess it pays to watch the entire video before coming up with a great idea.

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 6 days ago

    Make a scaled up version so that you have 20' of rope. then use that rope in another video.

  • HaydenHatTrick
    HaydenHatTrick 6 days ago

    making cotton rope... my mind wanders.

  • Daniel Nesterenko
    Daniel Nesterenko 6 days ago


  • Psychic Tesla
    Psychic Tesla 7 days ago

    hey why don't you make something easier than this because those who have no power tools might struggle

  • crazywaterz
    crazywaterz 7 days ago

    I can't believe you went through all that effort
    and completely ignored the #1 RULE WHEN MAKING ROPE :
    Especially when you are using natural fibers, soak them overnight.
    You will have smoother and stronger rope, and the excess water will be squeezed out during the twisting. Try it. The ancient people used to pass the rope through a tub while it was made, to increase its strength and make it keep its shape after drying.

  • Logan's Joy-Koer
    Logan's Joy-Koer 9 days ago

    can you please try to make steel rope?

  • Jan Karsch
    Jan Karsch 9 days ago

    Carbonfibre Rope? :)

  • xbeni_
    xbeni_ 9 days ago

    That's so cool, i wish i could build this at home

  • RoastedToes
    RoastedToes 9 days ago

    you should try to thread a charger chord through that and see if you can make them a little more resilient

  • Brap Brap
    Brap Brap 9 days ago

    How do you keep it going if you want more than ~4 feet of rope?

  • Rodolfo Ribeiro Gonçalves

    Brazilian flag rope

  • Brett Sorensen
    Brett Sorensen 10 days ago

    can you make your machine, make longer strands of rope? not just six or ten foot lengths. cause sometimes 100 ft is needed..

  • silver jwabreh
    silver jwabreh 10 days ago

    what if you used four ropes ?

  • Rafiusshaan Mosbally

    you can make a video how to the machine

  • Holly Hudson Barton
    Holly Hudson Barton 11 days ago

    Ur 'square' not is called a reaf not

  • Ameena McNeil
    Ameena McNeil 11 days ago

    hi looooool coool

  • fire hot blaziken 2006


  • Owen Potter
    Owen Potter 12 days ago

    Did you show you dad?

  • kiwiaus
    kiwiaus 13 days ago

    nice way to finish off the ends is to use electrical heat shrink tape

  • Nobie Mccune
    Nobie Mccune 13 days ago

    F. first
    A. attempt
    I. In
    L. Learning

  • JPVegh
    JPVegh 15 days ago

    all you need is three properly tensioned spools to make longer pieces of rope limited only by the lengths of your braid stock. Very nice project.

  • PurpzTheCat - Minecraft & More

    Did you say hemp?

  • lion videos
    lion videos 16 days ago

    This is genius. Bumper would work better with small wheels and bearings arranged in a triangle formation. Would be smoother action.

  • Frederich
    Frederich 17 days ago

    your machine cans work with metal wire?

  • Amirul Danial Ahmad
    Amirul Danial Ahmad 17 days ago


  • Kawaii Chan
    Kawaii Chan 18 days ago


  • olivia trentham
    olivia trentham 18 days ago

    try burning the ends

  • Jay Packs
    Jay Packs 18 days ago

    now make a 100 foot rope rig please

  • Ashley Etienne
    Ashley Etienne 19 days ago


  • Double22 Guy
    Double22 Guy 20 days ago

    Make a patriotic rope with the colors of the American flag

  • _ XZLØT _
    _ XZLØT _ 20 days ago

    Mix 3 diffrent ropes and see what happens. For example, diffrent tickness, color, even smell.
    Edit: I mean not color you did that.

  • overlordshimra
    overlordshimra 21 day ago

    could you add length to the rope by detaching the loops from the driven end instead of cutting them, taping them to hold structure, and replacing those loops where the counter weight is, looping new string through the old rope instead of through the rotating clip. how would the junction look if that works

  • enzo George
    enzo George 21 day ago

    use fishing line

  • Kev Kumsin
    Kev Kumsin 21 day ago

    can you melt dry ice in your metal foundry ?

  • Fay Vlogs
    Fay Vlogs 21 day ago

    or we could just buy rope from home depot instead of paying way more for a rope machine.

  • L Lock
    L Lock 23 days ago

    Its the same way rope is still made in the rope walk at chatham dockyard, just theirs is 1,135ft long and they used to ride the top in the middle.

  • blackflagqwerty
    blackflagqwerty 23 days ago

    Make a pube rope

  • rkageru
    rkageru 23 days ago

    green blue and yeallow! brasilian flag rope!

  • Sebastian Torres
    Sebastian Torres 24 days ago

    mix fuel,oxegen,and heat

  • Rafi Shaheenian
    Rafi Shaheenian 24 days ago

    TKoR: Did you test them for strength? I'd like to see the video. Thanks. Really cool machines.

  • christopher sedgwick

    can you make heavy duty rope

  • Evan Lin
    Evan Lin 24 days ago

    why did he wear gloves?

  • jurij12091299
    jurij12091299 24 days ago

    What would happen if you char the cotton rope? Could you use it as a fuse?

  • Lucas Pearson
    Lucas Pearson 25 days ago

    Brazil rope

  • Jared Gallipeau
    Jared Gallipeau 26 days ago

    Add grooves to your bumper to guide your fibers! Helps a ton! And, if you really cared enough possibly adding a small length of surgical tube to the guide will add tension to pull it back toward you avoiding hold ups.

  • JohnT
    JohnT 26 days ago

    how many strands can you do this with? i mean doing 2, 4 or more than 3

  • Garrett Heil
    Garrett Heil 26 days ago

    aww little grant the boy scout

  • Robert L
    Robert L 27 days ago

    Is there a method for making it longer using the existing setup, or do you simply separate the ends more?

    DAVID LARSON 27 days ago

    I've heard that you can use plastic bags. That would be interesting to see. Great video!

  • Alligator 56
    Alligator 56 28 days ago

    Can you make a fidget spinner rope maker

  • linearconcepts
    linearconcepts 28 days ago

    My son and I are going to be making braided wire using a similar process ..kinda.

    In our contraption, I used one eye hook; multiple strands of wire; each strand with its own weight. No baffle-board needed. I'd used this process to make some copper cable using 14-gague strands for a custom chandelier. Pretty slick stuff.

  • Earl LikesMemes
    Earl LikesMemes 29 days ago

    I won't see how it wood-nt... An unintentional pun.

  • Alan & Claire Kennedy

    can you sell some rope

  • Randall Sieunath
    Randall Sieunath 1 month ago

    Excellent video what size would my equipment have to be to make 2" to 2 1/2" rope?

  • Pierson Lumaya
    Pierson Lumaya 1 month ago

    You should take some rope and twist it into a stronger rope

  • Nyda Kim
    Nyda Kim 1 month ago

    How high school cords are made

  • flymeetspaddle
    flymeetspaddle 1 month ago

    you shouldve done a strength and stretch test on all of those.

  • Ilikesex11
    Ilikesex11 1 month ago

    Try steel Wire

  • Corvo Con V
    Corvo Con V 1 month ago

    Can you try it making a hole in the center of the slider and making the rope arround a core?

  • james bond
    james bond 1 month ago

    You were a boy scout that's awesome!! did you make it to eagle?

  • Will Hile
    Will Hile 1 month ago

    why don't you use the coconut rope on this machine because that would be cool :) :)

  • fourp4nts
    fourp4nts 1 month ago

    Can you make paracord rope?

  • Team Chrome
    Team Chrome 1 month ago

    Could you use the cotton rope that you made as a survival tool? Cut off how much you need to start a fire. And you could dip it in wax like a previous video you made and use it even more effectively?

  • Hagan1998
    Hagan1998 1 month ago

    so if you extended the length of the rope machine you could have longer rope???

  • Sapioit
    Sapioit 1 month ago

    Please make hair rope!

  • Bryan Zuniga
    Bryan Zuniga 1 month ago

    make the rope into fuse or use the machine make a fuse

  • Phil Akers
    Phil Akers 1 month ago

    how about para-cord would love to see that

  • Rei Shinnai
    Rei Shinnai 1 month ago

    Make the pirate ship dream come true! :D :D

  • MT G
    MT G 1 month ago

    Can you make a whip with it ?

  • LillianaDodson
    LillianaDodson 1 month ago

    we have floor made of cysol rope in my house...its awful 😝😝

  • pro builder
    pro builder 1 month ago

    Well now I have to google how all pf this works.

  • CyanideSurprise
    CyanideSurprise 1 month ago

    _oh, just the knot. not the band._

  • Skylar schwenn
    Skylar schwenn 1 month ago

    Use something like paracord to make uber strong climbing rope!!

  • Ann Dennis
    Ann Dennis 1 month ago

    A spinning wheel takes up much less space and can make a longer rope. :D

  • Daniel Tsinas
    Daniel Tsinas 1 month ago

    you should try with toilet if you agree

  • MexicanRacoon805
    MexicanRacoon805 1 month ago

    Dude you have to use yarn that is already multicolored, where the yarn itself has randomized colors, use 3 of those and see a very random colored rope! DO IT!

  • Alan Johnston
    Alan Johnston 1 month ago

    i will be using this for a product i make from hand i make capes and such and i need to make things for the ties on the capes

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