Finally 100% Real UFO FBI Proof - Alive Aliens UFO Crash Filmed By Cops - Extraterrestrials Are Here

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  • For the best results watch on big HD screen, mobile phone screen will not show all the incredible details
    All these things fell on earth from space - some were stranger than the others
    But UFO that fell March 7, 2017 shattered all doubts about reality of Intelligent Aliens
    March 7 - 8 AM. North Nevada & South Oregon see giant flaming UFO going down in pieces
    It's 8 AM in Colorado. Sun is already up but something is very wrong
    After multiple explosions, tornadoes of snow and weird particles went up to the sky
    Several cars on I-40 were damaged by the shockwave
    About the same time locals were launching their boat for the first time since winter in Green River, Utah
    When multiple flaming debris crashed into the river
    Slow down version shows dozens of high speed small objects crushing into the river & banks
    Something way larger fell on the river bank
    They launched the boat to come closer
    This is as close as they got before stopped by chopper
    Another chopper recovered large UFO part nearby
    FEDs told them "Nothing to see just a boat crush" and confiscated this film "for evidence"
    Now tell me, does this look like a crushed boat to you?
    Another couple was luckier - they came way closer to another part of UFO crushed in Utah
    As soon they heard sonic booms and flashes - they started to drive to that direction
    They saw something burning in the snow and FEDs swarming the scene
    After new explosions FEDs pulled back & they managed to see a humanoid in an escape pod
    At least 1,000 UFO parts landed across central US. This one near Salt Lake
    Federal Agents also could not resist but to film
    It was one of them who leaked us confiscated films
    I thought it's massive counterintelligence operation
    But then I realized something so big happened that even some FEDs want info out
    They brought dozens of dead Humanoids inside Cheyenne mountain complex. Behind those doors
    I have that footage too but my FED source set a condition to hold it till August
    I makes me think that the official government disclosure will come that time
    Instead, I will show you something alive that crawled out of another falling UFO Pod in Nevada desert
    Not only that UFO Pod didn't explode
    But alive alien crawled out of it
    Alien seemed to signal for help
    Others were not so lucky, like this one crushing into the concrete structure
    But there were hundreds of them and government disclosure is coming this summer
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  • LordPhoenix boy
    LordPhoenix boy 2 months ago

    that not fake I seen it I live about 35 miles from there I I sent some thing just falling from the sky this is not fake bro this shot real

    • Z- Saiyan
      Z- Saiyan 42 minutes ago

      LordPhoenix boy why are u making a comment lil bitch so go get rape by lil bitches like your sad self

    • Paul Schoenmann
      Paul Schoenmann 16 hours ago

      LordPhoenix boy
      The powers that shouldn't be are capable of staging a false flag close encounter.

      They have had the technology since WWII.

      Research: Dr. Steven M Greer, and his latest documentary, "Unacknowledged"

    • Tommy McCooper
      Tommy McCooper 20 hours ago

      Miss UrbanXplorer Ha!

    • Miss UrbanXplorer
      Miss UrbanXplorer 1 day ago

      I think this is real. The only thing that has me question it is the license plates. "FBI 007" and "RD KING" ....

  • Karlos
    Karlos 14 minutes ago

    FAKE, haha...some smoke pots...thats real bad...rolf...they even did not try to hide it being fake...

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson 37 minutes ago

    `By posting fake footage and picks you are killing innocent people you Tool egg heads !!!!Long live the new generations !

  • 0Dark30
    0Dark30 40 minutes ago

    Good licence place the FED's use - RD KING.........................get the fuck outta here!

  • Carl Falk
    Carl Falk 54 minutes ago

    Putting alien in his Jeep?? Ever hear of biological contamination?? Breathing smoke from burning off-Earth materials? Alien and pods may be radioactive. Nice vehicle tag. Where is US military in moon suits? But it was a nice try!

  • Jorge Bem
    Jorge Bem 2 hours ago

    fake as ever

  • 2coryman
    2coryman 3 hours ago

    maybe the inhabitants of nibiru are having massive problems trying to escape their planet too close to the sun, just be nice to them

  • captaintripps100
    captaintripps100 3 hours ago

    feds swarm ,I didn't see any feds, just a SUV with red and blue lights, can be bought anywhere. now red smoke- 15% potassium chlorate + 65% para--nitro aniline  +lactose 26%. / yellow smoke sulfur.  / green smoke- synthetin indigo 26% +auramine (yellow)15% +potassium chlorate 35% + lactose. / also odd all the pieces look the same.  the chopper was miles away. so I say, B.S.

  • james turner
    james turner 3 hours ago

    OK, 4 one thing, I'm a retired scientist, and retired 4 a good reason. Still carry my DOD card and almost don't need a passport to most countries. We've been experimenting with ARCANGEL project for a very long time. Russia is a partner with us in the travel relm of experimenting. They just laugh at the curious folks who don't realise it is anearth made craft. Yes, the original designs came from an UNKNOWN type of craft which crashed a long time ago, which I believe was actually a time travel device, however, I was never allowed access to examine it. But just the looks I got with my questions told me all I needed to know. Something like that, u really don't need words. God bless u all.

  • ufxpnv
    ufxpnv 5 hours ago

    8:50 it appears to be A/C ducting that some actor stands up from. The debris is much too small to contain the 'humanoid'. Anyone notice there are no signs of impact, horizontally or vertically that alters the surface? Total bullshit!

  • Venuszenith
    Venuszenith 6 hours ago

    all I saw was tin foil and piping with colored smoke effects Fake.

  • Kazee m64
    Kazee m64 6 hours ago

    this is incredibly staged and very convincing to some people id imagine. the "fbi" license plate, the cheep light atop said fbi car. the the aluminum foil tubing and the debris generaly looking like it belongs on the set of a sci fi student film. i want the truth just as much as anyone. but this is not helping... to whoever made this video if you even remotely care about getting to the truth, take this down, please. and to anyone watching dont let this fool you

  • Textra1
    Textra1 7 hours ago

    "...Something way larger fell on the river bank.."
    That was worse than a low budget 80's sci-fi movie.

  • Ian Moffat
    Ian Moffat 7 hours ago

    Lying is not how you expose truth. Moving on.

  • chris mcdermott
    chris mcdermott 9 hours ago

    its amazing how alot of these vids have no sound so we can heir whats bean said

  • Bernard van der Byl
    Bernard van der Byl 9 hours ago at 9:15......what did the alien say to you guys?.......after you caught "him" on film........????.....take me to your master?????????

  • tr331 trec
    tr331 trec 10 hours ago

    hope this kind of ppl should die immediatly...fuccking maggot

    UNIROCK 11 hours ago

    does anyone believe this shit?

  • therealthreadkilla
    therealthreadkilla 12 hours ago

    WTF, ridiculous.....A fucking reading assignment of bullshit. Good thing I hit the comments at 1:16.

    Is this really just a music video? Bad music video.

  • Daniel85000
    Daniel85000 13 hours ago

    its cars... easy! fake!

  • Straylight100
    Straylight100 13 hours ago

    This is so fake....aluminium ducting, corrugated iron sheets & some smoke bombs for effect. Pathetic, but hey gotta get that YouTube money somehow.

  • William Van Noland
    William Van Noland 13 hours ago

    It's assholes like this that make fake videos for children or stupid adults that amaze me.

  • Cynthia Choate
    Cynthia Choate 13 hours ago

    So fake

  • Mary Rogers
    Mary Rogers 13 hours ago

    Apparently the UFO pilots are not very good🕹lol. Just happened to have cameras there too.

  • Max Silver
    Max Silver 13 hours ago

    fbi007 😂

  • Devon D
    Devon D 14 hours ago

    Aluminum Duct.

  • Ted Bishop
    Ted Bishop 14 hours ago

    How come all the supposed aliens look so human like? It is evident from their body that they evolved from the same apes that Earthings did. Those damn apes are everywhere.

  • Pari Exon
    Pari Exon 15 hours ago

    Fake an Gay :)

  • fnfal762by39
    fnfal762by39 15 hours ago

    Lol what ever

  • raging monkey
    raging monkey 15 hours ago

    first of all why tf is the fed letting him record and why doest the fed have the utah police department logo on it huh

  • Mark Mitchell
    Mark Mitchell 15 hours ago

    why do we have to read the caption?

  • Erwin Ackerman
    Erwin Ackerman 15 hours ago

    very LAME !

  • makita
    makita 15 hours ago

    This is the fakest looking shit I have ever laid eyes on. Just a bunch of insulated duct hoses and a few smoke bombs. Fake fake fake...!!!

  • Paul Schoenmann
    Paul Schoenmann 15 hours ago

    This fear mongering bullshit just proves this is a false flag.

    They want you scared.

    They want you to run behind their pant leg.

    The powers that shouldn't be want to remain in power—free energy? That's trillions of dollars at stake!

  • Koohlwranch Doughreetoes

    I literally just clicked on this video to browse the comments and man, was I ever not disappointed.

  • Paul Schoenmann
    Paul Schoenmann 16 hours ago

    Yes aliens exist.

    No this wasn't real this was a false flag.

    Actual interstellar vessels have seamless design, completely smooth. The one in this video is clearly a fake.

  • Jason Yates
    Jason Yates 16 hours ago

    Straight Bullshit

  • Peewee
    Peewee 17 hours ago


  • 8bert9
    8bert9 18 hours ago

    FBI 007, jeez. Somebody must have had plenty of time on their hands. Thanks for the short tour of the public cavern. I am also missing some air-conditioning duct work. You wouldn't know anything about that would you?

  • Rodrigo Silva
    Rodrigo Silva 18 hours ago

    that last ufo with the living ET shows the complete fake this is ... you show a UFO in the air that suddenly appears in the ground but you fail because anyone can see there are already the debris of supposedly of that very same ship ...hope you get me ...

  • Melina M
    Melina M 18 hours ago

    hope you got an A for your art project

  • Joshua Jan Lorena
    Joshua Jan Lorena 18 hours ago

    It looks like the alien was jerking off after he saw the camera man😏

  • Wadan Burns
    Wadan Burns 19 hours ago

    So, what is the title of this movie and when will it be released?

  • Marvin
    Marvin 19 hours ago

    You guys are such losers taking the time to comment.....hahahaha

  • Qader Eshpari
    Qader Eshpari 19 hours ago

    On your last video, how come there's no point of impact? The one with live Alien.

  • John Endsley
    John Endsley 19 hours ago

    100% bs

  • Angel Gray
    Angel Gray 19 hours ago

    its fake u blind or what if you want some attention get it another way people who think this is real need some help i bet u would believe anything i hope they see how silly this really is

  • WrenagadeWorkshop
    WrenagadeWorkshop 20 hours ago

    Total BS, there's no defending it.

    Filmed the escape pod falling but not crashing, cuts to wreck that alien crawls out of, none of which bears any resemblance to the object that was falling, thete should have been eggshell type pieces around at least, most airplanes have sections that survive giving away its origins, so where is the rest of the pod?

    By far and away, the most telling is the distinct lack of impact scarring on the ground, for too clean and undisturbed for a crash scene.

  • John Hunter
    John Hunter 20 hours ago

    Utter garbage video ,more fake shit

  • Dee Dee Winter
    Dee Dee Winter 21 hour ago

    Why are they always in Nevada? I am sorry but I just need evidence, close up's, not one cop car. And wait until August? Just building suspense for more hits=$?

  • Dee Dee Winter
    Dee Dee Winter 21 hour ago

    Not sure I can believe this, I mean, looked like a person to me. Maybe this person is just trying for hits and $ on YouTube?

  • Jimbo Jimbob
    Jimbo Jimbob 21 hour ago

    flex ducting and colored smoke bombs but great effort :)

  • Jimbo Jimbob
    Jimbo Jimbob 21 hour ago

    looks like someone put a lot of effort into this but the crash in the snow looked like some ducting from home depot and a cheap red and blue light stuck up on a SUV totally fake but good effort

  • Crusader1
    Crusader1 22 hours ago

    SO this is what Humanity has come too, you witness a crash of something out of the sky and the first thought in the Mind of the person filming is Im not going to film this while running to the crash to see if there is anyone hurt or alive Nope I am going to just stand here and film it. OH and I am not going to duck or run for cover when shit is falling out of the sky right in front of me Nope it can't possibly hit me this raining debris surly is not a danger ????? Yeah I have Beach front Property in the Everglades for sale cheap !! this shit is why we will NEVER get the truth of it

  • Unterreo Edwards
    Unterreo Edwards 22 hours ago

    Grow up!!!! LMFAO!!!!!

  • Brian Deacy
    Brian Deacy 22 hours ago

    what a joke lmfao

  • Pim De Jager
    Pim De Jager 22 hours ago

    XD the alien in the picture of the video is from DC's Legends of Tomorrow

  • David Gorin
    David Gorin 23 hours ago

    all garbage... not real ... just some junk on fire !!!!

  • Ancient Wyvern
    Ancient Wyvern 23 hours ago

    I want to believe

  • Steve Gold
    Steve Gold 23 hours ago

    ahahahahahahaha real agent 1 car 1 car for a 100% proof of alien, i pissing in my pants!! looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Steve Gold
    Steve Gold 23 hours ago

    ahahaha u used the same gadget that make green smoke on different place and time to make it feel even less real :) good job.. let me know what is the 100% proof you talked about cant see it since i got a brain.. what is the 100% pleasssse

  • Steve Gold
    Steve Gold 23 hours ago

    rule # one baby in this world, when an american say it's 100% the rest of the world knows its a lie right away!

  • Steve Gold
    Steve Gold 23 hours ago

    Oh come on, give this troll a salrary rise just for the effort.. :) franchement, please! pleasssse!..

  • coldstares
    coldstares 23 hours ago

    AMAZING!!! I had no clue that UFOs are made up almost entirely of flexible heating duct, and PVC pipe!!!

  • michael beardmore
    michael beardmore 23 hours ago

    AT LAST!! some one with the right terminoligy, there PODS not orbs,thankyou.

  • Catherine O'Connell
    Catherine O'Connell 23 hours ago

    If the Feds confiscated the film, how come it's uploaded, did the Feds upload it?
    Fakery in fashion.........

  • Piotr C
    Piotr C 23 hours ago

    It was kinda entertaining

  • Edwin Rivera
    Edwin Rivera 1 day ago

    why the music thogh?????? its fuckin annoying....

  • Jennifer Morales
    Jennifer Morales 1 day ago

    Haha FBI plate says 007,f ake

  • kitten kitten
    kitten kitten 1 day ago

    hahaha cheap pyrotechniccs

  • SKullCRUSH3R 609
    SKullCRUSH3R 609 1 day ago

    boat crash my ass it came form the motha fucka

  • Dazy Chain
    Dazy Chain 1 day ago

    loooool nice :D trolllla lol a lol lol lol

  • Duane Micke
    Duane Micke 1 day ago

    how stupid it's so fake

  • Far Que
    Far Que 1 day ago

    I heard that male aliens have 4 balls and 2 dicks..... is this true.

  • Far Que
    Far Que 1 day ago

    More fucking fake shit

  • Tim Potts
    Tim Potts 1 day ago

    you make it harder for people to see the truth with all of this fake trash

  • Doobie Wan
    Doobie Wan 1 day ago

    not too bad effects mate, good enough for a D grade movie. What can I say nice TRY.

  • TooManyTurtle
    TooManyTurtle 1 day ago

    Ok, this could be real or fake but If it is real the chances are they or it is dead due to exposure to microbes that haven't been in there bodies before

  • massivojohnson
    massivojohnson 1 day ago

    Seems legit  ??!!??!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!  I especially believe the way that smoke comes out of a UFO that has no moving parts, or how they seem to be engineered with washing machine and drier flues..  Every good Intergalactic or Interstellar craft HAS to have a flu in it... hahahahahaha.  All that time in space.. where do you dry your clothes.... its obvious.

  • marc drabarek
    marc drabarek 1 day ago

    LOL planet x is coming NOT

  • ViSiON ReaPeR
    ViSiON ReaPeR 1 day ago

    The thumbnail is from The Flash, Arrow and Legend's of Tomorrow crossover of the alien invasion episodes.

  • Sean Beukman
    Sean Beukman 1 day ago

    oh dear. what a poor effort! Shame man.

  • erick befays
    erick befays 1 day ago

    I am sure I seen that cave in ghost adventures. ETs ghost maybe?

  • robert mccain
    robert mccain 1 day ago

    Is this Disney Land or Disney World???

  • MR.M
    MR.M 1 day ago

    Igor! It looks you are trying very hard to be in the circle of Extraterrestrials and any kind of UFO conspiracy in order to be a known person in this area!:) No wrong with it but please keep your edited and CGI (Computer Genetic Images) movies, especially FAKE stories and toys for yourself. You are a good editor and there is no doubt about it but when you claim that these things happened to you or relatives in real then you are going too far! You can be a celebrity by doing this nice CGI clips and no need for leis or admitting that it is true story. Maybe some people believe you but only some naive people! Sorry to be honest!

  • Mehmet Aygüc
    Mehmet Aygüc 1 day ago

    how the fuck you can film an alien and not give him an high five for surviving. the end is near

  • Dave Calnan
    Dave Calnan 1 day ago

    What bullshit. Why stand down wind in the smoke you fucking idiot ?

  • Devgru81
    Devgru81 1 day ago

    So fake! Every crash looks the same. Painted pipes and HVAC ducting smoking white, yellow, and orange smoke. Sparking, which is obviously fireworks. Fake Govt. vehicles.
    Obvious that this video is some sort of film project for a local college, or amateur. The FBI vehicles don't say FBI 007. The are US Government "G" plates.
    Plus, the Chrysler 300 with fake red and blue lights, that you can buy at a local Walmart. People are so gullible!

  • K0 B1
    K0 B1 1 day ago

    I still think that the Skinny Bob video is one of the most interesting and realistic videos of an actual alien out there, given that during the time it was released it would have been nearly impossible to create using CGI or anamatronics as confirmed by many who work in the film industry and special effects who have analyzed it. Further more, if they did somehow manage to make the video using either of those techniques, it would have cost A LOT of money, like movie making money and in that case you'd assume it was a promo vid for a film of some sort, yet to this day no one has claimed the video as their own not made any profit off of it. All that together makes it a very interesting series of clips and the movements alone in the video seem very realistic to me and it's one of those images that just doesn't look takes when you watch very closely at all the small details. I can't say anything for sure and don't claim it to be real but don't condemn it as a hoax either, I do think it's definitely worth looking up. Again, just search for "Skinny Bob Alien" Send me your thoughts if you want to.

  • K0 B1
    K0 B1 1 day ago

    I can believe the footage of the river crash though if guess it was more likely government testing on classified aircraft rather than aliens, though I do believe aliens exist, this strikes me as more of a human thing. that being said, as of now I haven't looked anything up about this video so it could also be a good hoax or for all we know just a plane, I'm not a mechanical expert and couldn't tell you if that wreckage was from an airplane or washing machine 😂

  • mrfaithandphysics

    I guess the use of dryer ducting is universal in the universe. Oh, and the colored smoke bombs. I'm insulted and a little pissed off.

  • Samu Faalogoifo
    Samu Faalogoifo 1 day ago

    not only he focus up close on a crashing objects that was nothing but smoke and yet he didn't even focus up close when there's a real alien on the ground . why why why why cause this is fake bottom line

  • Danny Irish Greene

    Why Zoom out from the Alien??

  • Danny Irish Greene


  • Vladimir Putin, Dreadlock Rasta

    Yeah, like any person with more than a dozen working brain cells would believe this.

  • Brian Bach
    Brian Bach 1 day ago

    this vid is totally true... if you don't believe me, ask me again... I came in a similar ship years ago... the problem was that as we had mechanical problems we made a pit stop in Earth... the dryer flex pipe we got at Home depot was made in china so it failed making us crash five minutes after we tried a fix. Besides, the dry ice we bought at Smith's Marketplace was not cold enough... Trust me here... True story...
    P.S. The Coneheads sent their regards.

  • Raymond Nyfeler
    Raymond Nyfeler 1 day ago

    x files lmao

  • Anna Krupovich
    Anna Krupovich 1 day ago

    how do you now this all to much for the humen eye but it is good stuf I an a boy

  • Erik Metallus
    Erik Metallus 1 day ago

    Try not to build the sites from old scrapped ventilation pipes at least. ;-)

  • Douglas Kmiotek
    Douglas Kmiotek 1 day ago

    Military test plane debris, can even see the pilot's cockpit. Bullshit video,...

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