200 Days - A Trip Around the World Travel Film

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  • Murillo Melo
    Murillo Melo 18 hours ago

    Wanted to know the places in Argentina!! Looks lit! 😀😀😀 Does anyone knows?

  • Mayank Modi
    Mayank Modi 20 hours ago

    you went to nepal nd sri lanka but skipped india . wow :P

  • Lu Mindell
    Lu Mindell 20 hours ago

    This is so inspiring! I will do that once I'm graduated. Really nice video! :D

    JBTAUT 1 day ago

    hahahaha yeeees great intro with the voice of mr travis rice !!! sweet job !!!

  • Prakhar Gupta
    Prakhar Gupta 1 day ago

    No India China, Australia, Canada, England there?

  • I_Cookie_Kiss
    I_Cookie_Kiss 1 day ago

    Eat this flat-earthers.

  • spandan mitra
    spandan mitra 2 days ago

    awesome trip <3

  • suman karki
    suman karki 2 days ago


  • Sara Salgado
    Sara Salgado 2 days ago

    Thank you for the video!

  • Steve Sommergraphy
    Steve Sommergraphy 3 days ago


  • Matt M
    Matt M 3 days ago

    I think how incredibly inefficient this trip was. Sure, they only had 200 days, but at least see more of a far flung continent then travel the entire world to see many small stops. Some great shots nonetheless, the Philippines looked cold, burrr

  • ayad alzahron
    ayad alzahron 3 days ago


  • Naqeebullah Kakar
    Naqeebullah Kakar 3 days ago

    I want to see the World.....this is my dream.

  • Steve Sommergraphy
    Steve Sommergraphy 4 days ago


  • Utkarsh Awasthi
    Utkarsh Awasthi 4 days ago

    Amazing <3

  • 27th Austin
    27th Austin 4 days ago

    Such a beautiful world we have

  • Kiet Giang
    Kiet Giang 4 days ago

    Awesome video. My inspiration for the day!

  • Marina Pfeiffer
    Marina Pfeiffer 4 days ago

    This is so amaizing!
    How did u choose the places you went ?

  • Gavin M Gross Gross

    it is unreal!

  • Jonny Fr3ncH
    Jonny Fr3ncH 5 days ago

    The world is a book and if you do not travel you read only one page. :)

    Respect for your trip // i'm so jealous after watching this awesome video.

  • terms2privacy3safety

    Hey, this was a great video! You managed to capture and maintain my notoriously short attention span!

  • terms2privacy3safety

    4:28 tell me that's photoshoped

  • Rosa Andrade
    Rosa Andrade 5 days ago

    you missed portugal!...

  • Anton Bennarsten
    Anton Bennarsten 5 days ago

    Smal yt that wants to support each other

  • Tran Bao Tuyen
    Tran Bao Tuyen 6 days ago

    Such an inspiring video! Thank you for making and sharing this.

  • Travel with Shama
    Travel with Shama 7 days ago

    A amazing job, and glad ur partner is with you

  • Hello World
    Hello World 7 days ago

    I love your video! I wanna travel around the world too! Any tips on how to achieve it?

  • Sourav Chakraborty
    Sourav Chakraborty 8 days ago

    200 Days, Visited almost everywhere but not INDIA. No Offense but it's kinda disappointing.

  • lakshmi narayana minnal sreenivasan

    This is amazing!!

  • Shihab Random
    Shihab Random 8 days ago


  • Son Son
    Son Son 8 days ago

    Do you sometimes have that feeling of jealousy when you watch some traveling videos or when you hear your friends are going to a different country on holidays but you wont? I have that feeling all the time sense our summers are really boring usually and I have never been on a plane before but more importantly in a different country. I really want to travel but we have a new baby that we have to take care of (my little brother) and my parents probably don't want to spend that much money. We don't do much on our summer break. The only thing that excites me is that I am going to Kawacon with my friends this summer. If you don't know what Kawacon is, its a Finnish event that's every summer. It is related to anime like all the Animecons that more people go to. But still if you do feel the same jealousy like I do then like this comment please it would make me feel more confident in myself sense there is a lot of people that feel the same.

  • MissKeshiaNicole
    MissKeshiaNicole 10 days ago


  • ilgfalam
    ilgfalam 10 days ago

    May I ask how much it cost you?

  • Laura Shepherd
    Laura Shepherd 10 days ago

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  • long huỳnh
    long huỳnh 11 days ago

    really really awesome love it!!!

  • Federica Morales
    Federica Morales 12 days ago

    What an amazing video.. Thank you both for sharing your journey.

  • Shiva Shankar
    Shiva Shankar 13 days ago

    Superb, I pray that u couple should be like this for ever.

  • Emanuel Mendez
    Emanuel Mendez 14 days ago

    Relationship Goals :)

  • xtheirishmanx
    xtheirishmanx 14 days ago

    my goal in life is to have travel everywhere

  • Hartmans Travel
    Hartmans Travel 16 days ago

    Amazing video and even more amazing trip!! My husband and I recently got married in Italy and then we started a travel blog together as a diary of our adventures around the world - so we love to see this kind of stuff as we begin our journey! Happy travels! :)

  • Paul Mealie
    Paul Mealie 17 days ago

    Thank you for allowing me to accompany you on this fantastic journey to see so much of our wonderful world. Your courage and spirit of adventure are amazing. I love the music too. Wish I had a CD of all these tracks. You have made my day so much better.

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    travel lifestyle-_- 17 days ago

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  • Uci Reza Oktaviani
    Uci Reza Oktaviani 17 days ago

    Senang bangat lihat Indonesia di explore juga walaupan hanya sebagian daerah yang di explore tapi punya kesenangan tersendiri, Thank you for coming to Indonesia.

  • scubascoutteam
    scubascoutteam 18 days ago

    WOW! Amazing video. You had an awesome adventure and did an outstanding job capturing it on video. Great job editing.

    What was your 3 favorite countries?
    3 highlights?

    What parts were planned in Colorado? What parts were planned on the road?


  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 19 days ago

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  • TheBlueCrab
    TheBlueCrab 19 days ago

    The community is so nice here! This channel is amazing and I love all the work you've done for this one video and I am probabaly not the only one who liked this video, your just amazing at living life.

  • Wak E
    Wak E 19 days ago

    this was amazing

  • Renato Conti
    Renato Conti 19 days ago


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    Global Fernweh 21 day ago

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  • Lane Jagneaux
    Lane Jagneaux 21 day ago

    Hopefully this happens in my future

  • Frederikke Buus
    Frederikke Buus 21 day ago

    1:14 where is that?

    • qwerty1b3
      qwerty1b3 5 days ago

      It's called Glymur and is about an hour east of Reykjavík

    PRAJWAL SHEWATKAR 23 days ago

    Why not india?

  • shirt khalifa
    shirt khalifa 24 days ago

    like a my relationship goals hahaha you did it well!

  • Xplore 9592
    Xplore 9592 25 days ago

    Love it guys!!! we are just about to start traveling too!! check out out page and subscribe to be up to date with us!

  • Backpackstudent
    Backpackstudent 26 days ago

    Great video! I really enjoyed watching this!

  • Alex Lucio
    Alex Lucio 27 days ago

    Wow what an amazing adventure. I'd like to try this one day!

  • Asaf Arditi
    Asaf Arditi 28 days ago

    !Great Video, i realy like it. keep going

  • ThaleiaGirl
    ThaleiaGirl 29 days ago

    Hi guys,anyone want to be youtube friends and support each other,i have a channel with travel videos😊

  • 5 Phút Giải Lao
    5 Phút Giải Lao 1 month ago

    i live in VietNam,, I'm 22 years old, i want to travel

  • Vasco Nunes Vicente
    Vasco Nunes Vicente 1 month ago

    Comment number 1000

  • Abroad Named Ashley
    Abroad Named Ashley 1 month ago

    Absolutely Fantastic!!!!

  • Jesse Klein
    Jesse Klein 1 month ago

    great video, envious of your travels. i will have to catch up soon

  • Jamal Bechri
    Jamal Bechri 1 month ago

    Anything helps!!

  • Adél Horváth
    Adél Horváth 1 month ago

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  • Wander with Intent
    Wander with Intent 1 month ago

    Some beautiful shots in there. Looks like an amazing experience.

  • Roy Official
    Roy Official 1 month ago

    Great Video!! Thanks for Sharing.. Soundtracks selected are also great! Enjoy life....

  • Priyen Govender
    Priyen Govender 1 month ago

    Was I the only one in tears while watching this... This should be everyones life goal!

  • Hayley Alexis
    Hayley Alexis 1 month ago

    so beautiful!

  • Aron Kaufman
    Aron Kaufman 1 month ago

    this is so inspiring makes you want to travel the world even more!

  • Lee and Mel
    Lee and Mel 1 month ago

    love your work!

  • US Japan Fam
    US Japan Fam 1 month ago

    What an amazing trip and video!!! Was captivated from beginning to end, so wonderfully done! We've done mini extended vacations (30 days or so) but are curious how this trip was funded and what made you decide to take such a journey? Thanks!!

  • superretardsfan
    superretardsfan 1 month ago

    Guys, your swimwear has a better life than me... You are inspirational! Peace and love
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • Free Van Roy Paclibar

    Song title please. :D

  • Morgan Beehler
    Morgan Beehler 1 month ago

    I am so excited for the day I can travel the world. I have had that dream since I was 9, so I've had it for 4 years. I want to go everywhere and do everything and see everything, and meet new people and speak new languages, and this video was so beautiful, I loved it. Thank you both for sharing your wonderful experience with all of us so we could see what you did. I will do the same someday too!!😆

  • agoesaway
    agoesaway 1 month ago


  • Ilovesimsfreeplay16
    Ilovesimsfreeplay16 1 month ago

    So basically one huge honeymoon?

  • A Tube Video
    A Tube Video 1 month ago

    nice trip

  • Abdelx elix
    Abdelx elix 1 month ago

    toop keep going bro

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    Aviv Gidron 1 month ago

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  • Life in Theory
    Life in Theory 1 month ago

    Wow that's awesome! I would love to be able to do that full time?

  • Tahnya Realtor
    Tahnya Realtor 1 month ago

    Nice clips

  • Zeilan Magazine
    Zeilan Magazine 1 month ago

    Loved everything about this video

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  • shakar school
    shakar school 1 month ago

    it is a nice place

  • Feroz Khesrawi
    Feroz Khesrawi 1 month ago

    Location at 3:36 ? :D

  • Luka Pekas
    Luka Pekas 1 month ago


  • Vito Kapone
    Vito Kapone 1 month ago

    Loved your trip-pilgrimage... Previous post smiled me) Wanna say -I`m grown up, by still dreaming about smtg like this. Cause it`s FREEDOM itself, people!

    Turn around and back, but look only forward and Nfuture.
    And... stop to converse and use sparingly - do THIS, but not restaurant!
    With love to yours!

  • Kevin Huang
    Kevin Huang 1 month ago

    I like

  • Alexænder
    Alexænder 1 month ago


  • ۅصہہا اڷ 'ۦ
    ۅصہہا اڷ 'ۦ 2 months ago

    need to visit algeria it's amazing ☺♥

  • sravanbharath K.N
    sravanbharath K.N 2 months ago

    You came closer to India, then why don't you visit India??

  • 仲雪飞
    仲雪飞 2 months ago

    1st. earn enough money

  • Mariam Khoperia
    Mariam Khoperia 2 months ago

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  • TerryQueen
    TerryQueen 2 months ago

    I'm kinda curious how much you had to spend for this because I would want to do this

  • plgirrl
    plgirrl 2 months ago

    Nice! :)

  • xcallofdutyzombies x
    xcallofdutyzombies x 2 months ago


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    What a beautiful video with such beautiful words! The Law of Attractions is real!

  • sriharsha p
    sriharsha p 2 months ago

    One of the beautiful videos I have ever seen <3

  • Sarbagya Pandit
    Sarbagya Pandit 2 months ago

    U guys r amazing.. wonderful examples..god bless u

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