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  • SPARK Music - Random Stuff

    I like your jacket :D
    greets from germany

  • BigAgg
    BigAgg 5 hours ago

    The fuses are new, so the bunker has got a rework ^^

  • Erik Wiedemann
    Erik Wiedemann 5 hours ago

    The fuses are new tho.

  • Nofake
    Nofake 5 hours ago

    Clickbait title level Blietzkrieg.

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 5 hours ago

      +Nofake clickbait or not clickbait? That is the question :)

  • the mann mann
    the mann mann 15 hours ago

    that bunker must have the best asbestos

  • Buk
    Buk 23 hours ago


  • WeedmasterOG
    WeedmasterOG 1 day ago

    be rlly careful, that pain is called "lead white".. yes u guessed it.. if some dust comes of'f it and u breath it in.. ul have elevated lead levels and get mentally retarded

  • Austin Davis
    Austin Davis 1 day ago

    Ww2 with fluorescent lights!!!!!! Yeah ... yep yeppp that's ww2!!

  • Baba Nam Kevalam
    Baba Nam Kevalam 1 day ago

    Nice place to grow tomatoes

  • george deac
    george deac 1 day ago

    Best place for a crypto currency farm :)

  • wiktor leino
    wiktor leino 1 day ago

    think you found a fuse or capacitor

  • Evan Ford
    Evan Ford 1 day ago


  • Mars Gerding
    Mars Gerding 1 day ago

    it's a battery

  • Edd Jordan
    Edd Jordan 1 day ago

    im sure your careful but there must be so much asbestos dust in those places you should get some masks guys. great videos love em.

  • Zombie FTW
    Zombie FTW 2 days ago

    Jesus that's awesome

  • Neeja 665.9
    Neeja 665.9 2 days ago

    I would shit my pants if I went into a dark underground bunker. : (

  • Barbaross
    Barbaross 2 days ago

    grow some ganja i would say big up peace out.

  • virux79
    virux79 2 days ago

    jajajaja valla par de idiotas, no se lo creen ni borrachos

  • TheDarxide23
    TheDarxide23 2 days ago

    Found you from a Top15s video posted today. Good stuff.

  • Mitch zongo
    Mitch zongo 2 days ago

    It is a battery.

  • Kevin Ferrell
    Kevin Ferrell 2 days ago

    That Cylinder he found "DR2. G.P.O S. AUG. 56" is an old Telephone battery.

  • LoveTheWorld
    LoveTheWorld 2 days ago

    I looked it up; it's a dry cell phone battery. Not used much found only one picture of it on the internet that is located in a box. reminds me of a war phone to communicate across felid when carrying the wooden box.

  • Sean Callahan
    Sean Callahan 3 days ago

    his light bill went up 1936 percent

  • Jan Bauer
    Jan Bauer 3 days ago

    Not a WW2 bunker.

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 3 days ago

      +Jan Bauer built in the Second World War as an raf airfield battle headquarters, it was used all the way until early 1990s

  • Kain Clarke
    Kain Clarke 3 days ago

    I think the mystery device is a capacitor

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 3 days ago

      +Kain Clarke thanks for comment :) looks that way :)

  • I'm feeling lucky, punk

    That place probably occupied in the 70's - 90's as drug manufacturing or laboratory.

  • gugu ganmo
    gugu ganmo 3 days ago

    For me it is a spare or emergency battery for a phone.

  • gugu ganmo
    gugu ganmo 3 days ago

    i once found a plaster grenade in a bunker completly full of sand we dig thru. and the grenade exploded when we realized it was a grenade and throw it away like 2 meters away. well it was a lame ass explosion as the plaster was all wet but still we had a small cloud of dirty ass wet mold-plaster shit around like 1 m3 around and ran away like wild hogs. lol.now i fuckin watch my step and don"t touch anything suspect. Great vid.

  • christopher 2000
    christopher 2000 3 days ago

    it a gpo battery

  • Wendy Lacey
    Wendy Lacey 4 days ago

    The thumbnail picture of this video reminds me of Jack Baker from Resident Evil biohazard lol (sorry don't want to offend the guy in the thumbnail)

  • James Freda
    James Freda 5 days ago

    that's a molotov

  • Josh Kemp
    Josh Kemp 5 days ago

    Explain why no globs have blown? I call bullshit

  • nothing to see here

    Those switched fuses look only a few years old. Lights all look pretty new. Probably some historical society has cleaned it out and provided power to it. Hardly abandoned.

  • Fukudere Baka
    Fukudere Baka 6 days ago

    2:48 omg wow and there is..... magazines from the 21st centuary

  • LRADLEY020556
    LRADLEY020556 7 days ago


  • Dylan harrison#9
    Dylan harrison#9 7 days ago

    it's a aBOMB

  • Martin S
    Martin S 7 days ago

    The battery was made in 1956. 61 years old.

  • flower Philip
    flower Philip 7 days ago

    WW2 nunker with battery of 1956 ?????

  • Paul Brayshaw
    Paul Brayshaw 7 days ago

    Great videos. I'm off to Berchtesgaden/Eagles Nest etc just after Xmas. Have you guys been? Can you recommend anything in the area to see?

  • Wong Teck Ron
    Wong Teck Ron 8 days ago

    What are u doing in my house?

  • Funny Happy Studios

    This guy is just touching everything he sees! He's going to get sick! XD

  • Marian Pelmus
    Marian Pelmus 8 days ago

    hmmm, something is not right, that electrical system doesn't look that old, especially that main electric panel, it looks like there are two electrical system, one is old, and one is newer somehow
    sry if i'm wrong

  • Sondelschrottis
    Sondelschrottis 9 days ago

    the thing from the thumbnail is a phone battery

    • Sondelschrottis
      Sondelschrottis 9 days ago

      IKS Exploration I just searched for the writing at the battery there it was.

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 9 days ago

      +Sondelschrottis thanks have been wondering:)

  • Channel
    Channel 9 days ago

    Wouldn't be Corsham, by any chance?

  • First Last
    First Last 9 days ago

    Someone has to say it....BEARDY MCBEARDFACE

  • yquemasdayqueseyo nolosabia

    por favor subtítulos en español 🙏

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 9 days ago

      +yquemasdayqueseyo nolosabia thanks for watching

  • Blah b
    Blah b 10 days ago

    That happens a lot. Cold War saw a lot of bunkers being maintained. I was in one for the city I worked for at the time, and it even had bunk beds with matresses on them still inside.

    There was so much mould inside the matresses that the air was toxic, but the lack of maintenance since the 90's aside, it was a fully functioning bunker that could house an entirely ministry, to function underground.

  • thebozman1000
    thebozman1000 10 days ago

    Lights still work... Lol, ok mate.

  • MrRaufasertapeter
    MrRaufasertapeter 10 days ago

    WW2 Bunker...modern switches, wires, etc.....totally abandoned

  • Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors

    Great Video Guys!

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 10 days ago

      +Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors thanks for your support :)

  • ZnEaKySpyNL
    ZnEaKySpyNL 11 days ago

    DR2. G.P.O. S.      are phone batteries

  • David Tasker
    David Tasker 11 days ago

    Are you shure its not Actively owned by the ARMY...

  • kevykev38
    kevykev38 11 days ago

    what's a "nieen"? or it sounds like you're trying to say 'nineteen"?

  • ActingAnimal 88
    ActingAnimal 88 12 days ago


  • Eddie Bond
    Eddie Bond 12 days ago

    GPO General Post Office August 1956 early telephone Battery !

  • Carlos Andres Perez Aponte

    da la impresion que este bunker fue utilizado por bandas organizadas bien sea de dogras o secuestro porque como justifica que tenga electricidad con conmutador y lamparas modernas de los 70 en adelante.-

  • lee smith
    lee smith 12 days ago

    that has been used more recent than the 80's

    NEW NORM TRUMP 12 days ago


  • YourAverageSchoolShooter Aka end my suffering

    That should be a homeless shelter. i wish we could be there. they need tours of the place.

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 11 days ago

      +End my suffering it's in the middle of nowhere :S

  • Bob Severson
    Bob Severson 13 days ago

    "some sort of communication device" probably a motion sensor because everyone who owned the property the bunker sits on has had to chase out teenagers every weekend since 1945.

  • Roy Kampestuen
    Roy Kampestuen 13 days ago

    It's an old phone battery

  • Rosella A Alm-Ahearn

    Is it drawing power from the main? or is there an incredible battery there somewhere?

  • Chris Holmes
    Chris Holmes 13 days ago

    Those electrics look 80's/90's to me if they have installed those emergency lights properly the battery should have the installation date written on as per regs so that might be away to find out a rough date also electrical equipment generally has a manufacture date

  • Guided Hand
    Guided Hand 14 days ago

    Looks like a rent free place to me

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller 14 days ago

    You climbed all the way up and you couldn't bother to show us the view from the PillBox?! You Dick!

    • Brian Miller
      Brian Miller 13 days ago

      I understand, but still... ugh! I just need a peak ^_^ Fun videos, keep it up! I'd like to see you and a buddy bring army food and have a luncheon in one of the old locations?

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 14 days ago

      I don't show where places are located to save them from idiots trashing them!

  • Ross Andrews
    Ross Andrews 15 days ago

    perfect for a grow operation

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 15 days ago

      +Ross Andrews yeah I believe it's being used as one now sadly :(

  • wirnikrecords
    wirnikrecords 16 days ago

    Main switches are to New for this Times... is making new

  • Josh Victoria
    Josh Victoria 16 days ago

    you look like old squid or the gaming squid guy

  • Mark Whatson
    Mark Whatson 16 days ago

    we're is this place my mate that has moved to Australia said that's it's near the m1 but didn't say were cose he had to move away quickly so could you message me on fb and let me k ow pls

  • Dentz YT
    Dentz YT 18 days ago

    where would the plug be to put my WiFi box and charge my phone while playing csgo on my pc

  • chris osh
    chris osh 19 days ago

    The most astounding thing about this video, is the level of ignorance of what you are looking at, the cylinder you found with GPO (General Post Office) is clearly an old auxiliary power battery for the telephones from pre BT days, calling it a smoke grenade or a bomb just makes you look even more stupid, particularly with a visible wire and terminal .
    As for the electrics, try looking around you and paying attention in your every day life, you will see that a lot of the electrical fittings and the cabling are probably post 1980.Tripslike those where you switched on the power supply even later.

  • Barrett Abney
    Barrett Abney 21 day ago

    "Hey! What is this!?" Picks it up... "Well... It seems to be ticking... Must be a battery..."

  • LR Disco
    LR Disco 22 days ago

    Best guess I would say that was a Capacitor

  • BlackAtom
    BlackAtom 22 days ago

    I cant believe that there is a urbex video that dosnt have a click bait title

  • James Stephenson
    James Stephenson 24 days ago

    has it been left live for a reason ?

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 24 days ago

      +James Stephenson I think it's been forgotten about lol

  • Enzo Delos Reyes
    Enzo Delos Reyes 25 days ago

    tic tic boom

  • A. Sotter
    A. Sotter 26 days ago

    Can't stand that accent of theirs!!!

  • Bryan S
    Bryan S 27 days ago

    that crazy still has power. Wounder if you go back here if there will still be power?

  • Duncan Simpson
    Duncan Simpson 29 days ago

    Hey !!! ... That's my Council House !!!

  • Der Eichbert
    Der Eichbert 1 month ago

    Das ist sicher ein Bunker...aber nicht aus dem WW2!

  • Timmyey 259
    Timmyey 259 1 month ago

    nice German jacket.

  • Mauricio Alexis
    Mauricio Alexis 1 month ago

    it's a lie after many years can't keep on lights there

  • Chaotik Good
    Chaotik Good 1 month ago

    Those light fixings are not 70's late mid to 80's on some of the stuff, but those light switches with the rubbished membrane covering the actual switch have gotta be mid 90's early 00's.
    The BT box 4:09 ''The British Telecom "T" symbol logo, used from 1980 to 1991 '' means this was in use after 1980.

    • Chaotik Good
      Chaotik Good 1 month ago

      IKS Exploration No probs, thanks for the vid. :D

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 1 month ago

      +Chaotik Good interesting thanks for sharing:)

  • Shaun Collins
    Shaun Collins 1 month ago

    looking at the power box its no later than2000 light swiches you can still buy from toolstation lol love your vids guys but the blank verbles edits are driving me nuts. may be you come doun to filixstow have a look round landgard fort and pop over to bawdsey as there is a few Martello Towers

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 1 month ago

      +Shaun Collins yeah sounds cool :) thanks for the comment :)

  • Benjamin Walker
    Benjamin Walker 1 month ago

    this is from the 50's or 60's.... the fluorescent light fixtures..

  • its on my mind
    its on my mind 1 month ago

    wow light is on

  • mike mack
    mike mack 1 month ago

    it is a capacitor

  • Bange Bangs
    Bange Bangs 1 month ago

    4:32 there is a soda can on the shelf

    • Bange Bangs
      Bange Bangs 1 month ago

      Quite an amazing video honestly I have always fascinated with history such as this and THANK YOU!

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 1 month ago

      +Bange thanks for watching

  • Warren Halsall
    Warren Halsall 1 month ago

    I Sean your flag on your cout why would you be in somewhere were Germany bombed

  • DD826
    DD826 1 month ago

    those are fluorescent lights? lol what kind of phony are you pal?

  • Folan Wolf
    Folan Wolf 1 month ago

    How in God's green Earth do the lights still work!?

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 1 month ago

      +Folan Wolf this bunker was used in the Cold War too, most stuff inside this bunker has been updated though the years

  • Aurora Lara
    Aurora Lara 1 month ago

    right off the bat the plastic encasing of some of the electric lines shows you this is definitely post ww2, And the bloody sockets on the wall, AND the fluroescent light lol

  • Craig Wallace
    Craig Wallace 1 month ago

    just saying this geezers attention to detail was spot on 👌

  • James Liscombe
    James Liscombe 1 month ago

    Looks more cold war than WW2

    • IKS Exploration
      IKS Exploration 1 month ago

      Please see this: http://www.pillbox-study-group.org.uk/other-wwii-defensive-structures/battle-headquarters/

  • Glen John
    Glen John 1 month ago

    hallo, bist du deutsch ?

  • Dennis Pfeifer
    Dennis Pfeifer 1 month ago

    Electric is free in GB...  Amazing.

  • ElfHighMage
    ElfHighMage 1 month ago

    Waited for the part when the lights went out and the ghost goes, "BOOO!"

  • Cyrus the Great
    Cyrus the Great 1 month ago

    just amazing that all the lights and wires still work just fine after soooo many years.. just crazy that they still have power running down there. astonishing

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