Everything Wrong With: The Walking Dead | Season 6 | Part 3/3

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  • Even TV shows are sinful.

    Here's my Everything Wrong With: The Walking Dead sins covering season 6 episodes 12-16.

    Where It All Began:
    A show can be sinful too! I made this video as I'm a big fan of CinemaSins and their series, 'Everything Wrong With', check out their channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CinemaSins

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    Everything wrong with TWD
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    Everything wrong with The Walking Dead
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    Everything wrong with The Walking Dead Season 2
    Everything wrong with The Walking Dead Season 3
    Everything wrong with The Walking Dead Season 4
    Everything wrong with The Walking Dead Season 5
    Everything wrong with The Walking Dead Season 6

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  • TV Sins
    TV Sins 6 days ago

    IMPORTANT: Hey guys, I hope you've enjoyed the video. So far these 6 seasons have taken roughly 150-160 hours to make. YouTube is my full time job, within the next few weeks I'll no longer be receving an income from anywhere else. If you want to support the channel and what I do here, pls consider pledging over at: https://www.patreon.com/thehonestgamer

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  • timmyluv 1
    timmyluv 1 14 hours ago

    Did they sin the scene were carol shot the truck of saviors but the angle of bullets were WAY off.

  • urfavgod
    urfavgod 14 hours ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO 13 reasons why

  • Joris Krom
    Joris Krom 16 hours ago

    These sins don't make any fucking sence

  • Lizzie Bozzie
    Lizzie Bozzie 3 days ago

    You spelt Glenn wrong. Just letting you know :)

  • Infinite Overload
    Infinite Overload 4 days ago

    Full blown neofeminist i'm weak.....

  • Jesse Charles
    Jesse Charles 4 days ago

    Hey you should do this with sons of anarchy who agrees

  • kajeda
    kajeda 4 days ago

    I had rolled my eye too back before and you are right that it hurts because it REALLY does hurt

  • Frisk
    Frisk 4 days ago

    At 4:07, looks more like a semicolon actually.

  • Michelle Crescio
    Michelle Crescio 5 days ago

    I'm crying @ 6:50 XDDDD

  • Ki!! 4
    Ki!! 4 5 days ago

    Can u please tell what's the name of the band of that shut the fuck up song?

  • Fullsound
    Fullsound 5 days ago

    steven ogg (Trevor from GTA V) killed me as Negans right hand.

  • Maria Cowle
    Maria Cowle 5 days ago

    Yeah Carole and Morgan were annoying as fuq this season. Hey Morgan!... people trying to kill you and your clan...kill the fuckers! They don't give a shit about your morals, they're gonna try and kill you and take everything! What ya gonna do huh? Have to say tho I did like how Carole was acting when her and Maggie were captured lol.

  • Alfrancis Nuñez
    Alfrancis Nuñez 5 days ago

    I think you should avoid considering things a sin when it's clearly not one. You just clearly want to point out unnecessary things for the sake of sin counter... thanks

  • Anomaly's little brother

    Filthy Frank should be on this show

  • Ghastly St. Paul
    Ghastly St. Paul 5 days ago

    Wow cool new intro!

  • InsertNameHere
    InsertNameHere 5 days ago

    Im you a sin for using a dead filthy frank meme

  • Mythic
    Mythic 5 days ago

    Fantastic video and hope to see Season 7 in the near future! :DDDDDDDDDD

  • Commander Wolf
    Commander Wolf 5 days ago

    exactly what I thought about the discount trevor phillips haha

  • kyriescar
    kyriescar 5 days ago

    Someone should really recommend Star Wars the clone wars on patreon it's really good.

  • Augusta Tufts
    Augusta Tufts 5 days ago


  • Reece Burns
    Reece Burns 5 days ago

    Abraham's honesty should of taken a way a sin

    • uniquelly awesome
      uniquelly awesome 5 days ago

      Reece Burns ikr he could have been a complete dick towards her like he was with Eugene

  • TheAnimeGod
    TheAnimeGod 5 days ago


  • MRbenP tv
    MRbenP tv 5 days ago

    i really wish you did mash-ups like CinemaSins do

  • FilmersWay In
    FilmersWay In 5 days ago

    Can't wait for season 7 next week!

    • FilmersWay In
      FilmersWay In 5 days ago

      Aw, that sucks, oh well I don't care how long it takes I'll stick around for the meantime, thanks for the info btw

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 5 days ago

      Gotta wait for Bluray release, dunno when that'll be, maybe 2 months.

  • L
    L 5 days ago

    negan drank that soda the denise nearly died to get for tara in season 7. so yeah denise going out with darryl and rosita was completely pointless

  • Number 1 YouTube In the world

    Flash ?

  • BastivanDero
    BastivanDero 6 days ago

    God I love this channel so much.
    Keep up your work... it's great.

  • Terrible Katherine
    Terrible Katherine 6 days ago

    Btw, My trauma of the ending of this season arose.. I still cannot watch the first episode of the next season.

  • Terrible Katherine
    Terrible Katherine 6 days ago

    Oh Morgan... dude needs a reality check.

  • LockEmUpJMan
    LockEmUpJMan 6 days ago

    You disappoint me. There were so many sins in the finale you missed that were so obvious

    • LockEmUpJMan
      LockEmUpJMan 5 hours ago

      TV Sins I'm disappointed you didn't sin the Saviors road blocks. How did they know they were coming out that day? They didn't know that. They basically relied on Maggie's pain for their plan to be possible. Also, Rick and company could've shot Trevor and company down. Then what? Would there have been more road blocks ahead? Cause the other ones would be pointless if Rick and company would have shot them down. Also, the guy they used as an example, if his people didn't try fighting the Saviors, would they have come out to block the roads if that didn't happen? I expected you to shred that Finale.

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 5 days ago

      ..............................such as.

  • Cellectec
    Cellectec 6 days ago

    crap im late now TV sins senpai wont notice me

  • voopu
    voopu 6 days ago

    6:45 - 6:56 that is one of the best remarks I have ever heard and I will from now on use it whenever I See something stupid.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  • Callahan Leonard
    Callahan Leonard 6 days ago

    thank you

  • Callahan Leonard
    Callahan Leonard 6 days ago

    please start uploading more of everything wrong with the flash sometime in the next couple of weeks.

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      This time next week you'll have part 3/4.

  • Mandy Trado
    Mandy Trado 6 days ago

    You make me so mad. All I want is everything wrong with the walking dead at all times of the day and you can't give that to me. You make me laugh and I hate that I only get it for 12 minutes and its not fair lol. Give me more. Pllleeeassseee. Don't stop making these videos because I live for them. I'm so freaking excited for season 7 sins. I love this channel.

    • Mandy Trado
      Mandy Trado 6 days ago

      No problem and I'll be waiting for them lol.

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Haha thanks, means a lot to me :) Season 7 episodes will come once it's released on bluray, till then I'll do other stuff but hopefully you'll enjoy those too.

  • hygor bohm Hubner
    hygor bohm Hubner 6 days ago

    I love your videos, and this is not a complaint, but I think you should have removed a few sins on Negan's introduction. I mean, the moment he walked out and started giving his speech, me and my family were literally on the edge of our seats wondering what would happen (I read the comics, they don't) and once he declared someone would die, I screamed inside myself "not him". And honestly, the cliffhanger was good for ratings as the premiere episode of Season 7 drew a 8.4 rating. Again, it's not a complaint, but only my personal opinion.

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Yup that's cool, I felt different.

  • DynamicUrufu.
    DynamicUrufu. 6 days ago

    please tell me you have Netflix?

    You need to do EWW Dare Devil.

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      I do and I only make videos the patreons want.

  • Sevhen Vay
    Sevhen Vay 6 days ago

    I'll admit Morgan was making me want to slap him

  • Electric Joe
    Electric Joe 6 days ago

    Love this series man! Look forward to new episodes every Saturday

    • Electric Joe
      Electric Joe 6 days ago

      TV Sins Indeed🐋

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Thanks bud, Flash is up next along with some Arrow sprinkled in here and there and finally a new Netflix show as soon as it's out on BluRay will be added. We give praise to the wise Patreons for their choices :D

    PUTIN'S NEIGHBOR 6 days ago

    I thought you would remove a sin/s when Denise got killed.

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Oh sorry I read the comment wrong. I'm tired lol.

      PUTIN'S NEIGHBOR 6 days ago

      Yeah that's what I meant. You added 20 sins because she was annoying and I figured you would take away one when she got killed

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Why? She was annoying.

  • Faze_Booce2.0
    Faze_Booce2.0 6 days ago

    Not a fan of the new intro

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Well skip the first 10 seconds of the video. Job done.

  • Sarah Taylor
    Sarah Taylor 6 days ago

    the discount trevor is exactly what i thought when i saw him the first time

  • Gianna Di Biase Castro

    that woman in the walking dead is not getting feminist, is getting stupid, dude, saying that feminist is a woman thinking they are supperior to man is a bad interpretation, that a lot of people have, even idiot womans that kind of harm more the real meaning of the word, kind of the same way you love to do it, feminism is a thing we should understand before getting angry, because sadly is still needed, hope one day dont, if it disappoints you for example that sosity jude a man for crying, been the ones taking care of the house or the kids, or needed to be protected too, surprise thats feminist, asking for equality, bealive it or not they are feminist man that understand what the word means, dont means womans thinking they are better than man, and also thinking that a feminist is a crazy woman obssesed with the idea that womans are better mans than mans is actually a very male chauvinist interpretation if you sit 15 seconds to think about it, feminism is just about equal treatment, you complain too much of what about what feminist do, but I dont think you have the rigth deffinition or rigth understanding of what feminist do...why is call feminismus then? because it comes from a problem related to what sosity expects of the female roll, " if you are a man and cry you are like a girl" "the woman are suppose to be the fragile ones, etc" I am just going to leave this hear, is easy, short and clear, http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english-spanish/ in case you dont feel interested on looking at the link this is the text; "feminism the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way, or the set of activities intended to achieve this state." hope you can read it...

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Dude I'm sorry but the spelling is so poor I didn't make it past the first 2 lines. Point is I consider myself a feminist in so far that I believe women should be equal to men. I don't like Hollywood pushing a neofeminist agenda on viewers though by adding in dumb lines like we heard here. That's all I have to say on it.

  • Gurvinder Lally
    Gurvinder Lally 6 days ago

    best fucking content on YouTube.

  • varkensboer 013
    varkensboer 013 6 days ago


  • Jenn Mason
    Jenn Mason 6 days ago

    Do everything wrong with pretty little liars

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Read pinned comment.

  • RapmonGaaramon
    RapmonGaaramon 6 days ago

    6:44-6:58 best part of the video lol

  • Ellis Paling
    Ellis Paling 6 days ago

    Please do Everything Wrong With: Fear The Walking Dead!

    • Ellis Paling
      Ellis Paling 5 days ago

      TV Sins it's not that I don't have money, I have money. But I don't have much to spare

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Ellis Paling when you're all out of luck :)

    • Ellis Paling
      Ellis Paling 6 days ago

      TV Sins doesn't becoming a Patreon involve money? I have no money

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Become a Patreon, link in description.

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 6 days ago

    I really wish Trevor was negan he would have been a way better bad guy leader for clear reasons.

  • Cosimia
    Cosimia 6 days ago

    Even tho I think most of the sins you give are kinda silly I still REALLY look forward to these videos

    • JBiron man
      JBiron man 6 days ago

      Cosimia same lol

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Hurtful...but nice....

      Confused how to feel...xD

  • Hobo Theo
    Hobo Theo 6 days ago


  • Tonto Del Pitillo
    Tonto Del Pitillo 6 days ago

    12 hugs an hour.

    Just. Made. My. Week. Man.

    • Tonto Del Pitillo
      Tonto Del Pitillo 5 days ago

      I always do, just that this was very special (according to the specially retarded circumstances, so season 7 has to be a waterfall of laughter-tears, specially on how retarded the Tiger thrown into strangers but distinguishing good guys and how it does not go for Negan but just some random mook.

      Also, I must confess this most terrible sin... the sin that I do rather like Negan's leaning, and I just like even more how it was parodied by you, so thanks for existing.

      Also if you return to sinning Game of Thrones, you're going to be pretty busy with even more filler and stupid and random decisions.

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Hahaha thanks I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

  • VoTkA Ciprian
    VoTkA Ciprian 6 days ago

    1:12 "it wasn't my idea ... but i led us in too this .... I HAVE TO CUM" perv face :]]]]]

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Literally struggled like hell not to make that joke myself. Thought YouTube might have something to say about it lol.

  • Salman Shah
    Salman Shah 6 days ago

    You should have removed sins for the negan introduction scene

    • Sam Harrison
      Sam Harrison 2 days ago

      It was censored because in the comic, and the blu-ray version Negan swears a lot, its basically a character trait, obviously they cant do that for TV so it gets watered down.

    • Salman Shah
      Salman Shah 5 days ago

      Judge Dredd but it was still cool as hell. And what do you mean by censored?

    • Judge Dredd
      Judge Dredd 5 days ago

      nope it was mostly censored on television.

    • stryderzer0
      stryderzer0 5 days ago

      No, That was Leangan who walked in

    • Seantoxictoad
      Seantoxictoad 6 days ago

      TV Sins he's right tho

  • Dumbest Colt
    Dumbest Colt 6 days ago

    Can't wait for season 7... Almost nothing happened there... You could have put all of Season 7 into probably 2 episodes...

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Probably, but since I do this for a full time job I kind of have to get as many videos out of it as I can to put food on the table ;__;

  • ello govna
    ello govna 6 days ago

    pls do supernatural

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Pls become a Patreon and then ask when the next series comes up :)

  • Dynnsux GD
    Dynnsux GD 6 days ago


  • Fatbatman12 B
    Fatbatman12 B 6 days ago

    I never heard the f word bleeped so much in a number seconds, the bleepes made me jump a little and laugh, in a good way

  • Juuso Hetta
    Juuso Hetta 6 days ago

    2:18 is something I would never think off, prob why I like to watch this stuff

  • kidsacool9954
    kidsacool9954 6 days ago

    i feel like an idiot i was like glenn dead forgetting thid was season 6

  • Lechoke James
    Lechoke James 6 days ago

    Lmfao Leangan😂😂😂😂

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt 6 days ago

    Another undercover wolf your fucking too good at this

  • Himari Sonica
    Himari Sonica 6 days ago

    Ok, TV Sins definitely have an obsession with foreheads in this season

    • Himari Sonica
      Himari Sonica 5 days ago

      Well, I'm a fangirl so I'll be honored to show you, mister :D (?

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Wondering what yours looks like right now...

  • Solo Beard
    Solo Beard 6 days ago

    Trevor is worth removing a sin

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt 6 days ago

    Fuck he's probably having my baby

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Candy Soto I highly doubt it, he's been writing this for many of the past few episodes and sometimes includes KFC in the sentence lol.

    • Candy Soto
      Candy Soto 6 days ago

      TV Sins he's probably talking about when Maggie had her hair cut ...Idk am I right Ethan Hunt

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      You say this a lot, never bothered to ask but...wtf are you on about??

  • Mary
    Mary 6 days ago

    Or , in the end , where you said " To all the people with attitude! " you should have put the ear rape version of the Harry Potter theme .You know ...that music that when you hear it , your mind goes straight to Harry Potter, but the loud and kinda weird version of it !

  • thechrisrox1110
    thechrisrox1110 6 days ago

    well it wouldn't be that hard to believe carol acting this way. being a killer for so long and holding onto all that pain for so long can hurt you in the long run. sure its annoying to see her be this way but its not really unrealistic. not every one can be ok with killing even if its the right thing to do in that situation. morgan is right that killing is bad but at this point in the apocalypse they need to build a new life and leave some of their humanity away until their is a stable human race.

    • shirley blair
      shirley blair 5 days ago

      Honestly, Morgan isn't right, but he isn't completely wrong either. Morgan believes in people too much, others don't believe enough imo. I would like something more like what they do in the comics, but i don't that is gonna happen for a while.

    • -nefarious grimes
      -nefarious grimes 6 days ago

      I agree with what you- hold up, Morgan's right? The hell?

    • thechrisrox1110
      thechrisrox1110 6 days ago

      i mean he's not 100% right just that his way of thinking isn't going to fit at this point in the apocalypse

    • Mus Official
      Mus Official 6 days ago

      XD hahahaha, you fucked up when you put Morgan and "is right" in the same sentence.

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      No Morgan is not right ¬_¬

  • karen bock
    karen bock 6 days ago

    you should have removed sins for the good editing in the episode where they raided and for how amazing Maggie and Carol acting in next episode, but I see you are now lol

  • EnderBoyGaming
    EnderBoyGaming 6 days ago

    But the Negan scene was pretty kool

    • Glenn Rhee
      Glenn Rhee 6 days ago

      EnderBoyGaming u cang go drown now

  • mach5destroyer
    mach5destroyer 6 days ago

    Always good to see another vid. Keep up the good work, TV!

  • Kamron Redstar
    Kamron Redstar 6 days ago

    hi TV sins I've been watching since you started this series and I love it.

  • TheTrophySamlern
    TheTrophySamlern 6 days ago

    _I Feel You're Missing Alot Of Sins Your Doing_

    • TV Sins
      TV Sins 6 days ago

      Sean Gray yeah and for the last 9 months I've been thankfully able to make this my full time job, so don't have much to do all day whilst the wife is at work :)

    • Sean Gray
      Sean Gray 6 days ago

      I watched all seven seasons in about a week and a half, if you have nothing to do it isn't that difficult

    • TheTrophySamlern
      TheTrophySamlern 6 days ago

      _Considering How Fast You Do These Videos... It's Amazingly Fast, Even I Can't Watch 6 Seasons In Just Over 1,5 Months..._

    • Anime Sins
      Anime Sins 6 days ago

      TheTrophySamlern we all have different interpretations of what constitutes a sin. Haven't missed anything

  • Sgt Rohn
    Sgt Rohn 6 days ago

    My god! Finally!!!

    MAD MAN 6 days ago

    Saviors checking in! 😤👌

  • Mike P
    Mike P 6 days ago


  • jumbuck 2/1
    jumbuck 2/1 6 days ago

    Bob the builder yes we fix it

  • LaMarque Drew
    LaMarque Drew 6 days ago


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