Interview Of Shia Rundi " Mutah ka Tareeqa "

Interview Of Shia Rundi " Mutah ka Tareeqa "

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Author Elliot Challenger ( ago)
What a rundi!

Author Drek De ( ago)
shia chutiye

Author Mohammed Taqi ( ago)
This is not mutah but a contract of zina.

Author Mandrake xanadu ( ago)
sahi sitta ki rawaitain nahin padhi lagta hai in logon ne..padh le apne
bare main maloom kar kisi shia par kichad uchalne se pahle aone gireban
main jhank.

Author baazal ( ago)
What basis do you want a debate on. You people don't believe in the quran,
hadith, sahaba, khalifa e rashiddin, you don't even believe in angels. Just
answer this question, in your book anwar e nomania page 237 it says 'Allah
sent Gibrael a.s to inform hazrat e Ali of prophecy, but they went to the
prophet muhammed pbuh by mistake'. Astaghfirullah, you people don't even
believe in Allah and his angels. How are you going to debate with us, first
bring yourself to a level worth debating. 

Author SuperTruthonly ( ago)
Come to Europe/US and see How many Sunni girls (Sunni Rundis) go out with
non muslim boys - Sunni girls are Worst. Sleeping and all that - SHAME ON

Author Syed Kazimi ( ago)
Kanjar k bachay, Abu-Sufiyan ki biwi aur Muavia ki maan Hinda (jis nay
Hazrat Hamza r.a ka kalaija chabaya tha) wo bhi yehi karti thi. Yaqeen na
aye to angraiz ki banai hoi "The Message" film utha kar dekh jis main woh
Jang-e-Badar main janay walay kuffar ka nach nach kar dil behla rahi hai.

Author Hasan Raza Syed ( ago)
Jawab mutah ka ........ Book 008, Number 3249:
Jabir b. 'Abdullah reported: We contracted temporary marriage giving a
handful of (tales or flour as a dower during the lifetime of Allah's
Messenger (may peace be upon him) and durnig the time of Abu Bakr until
'Umar forbade it in the case of 'Amr b. Huraith.

Book 008, Number 3250:
Abu Nadra reported: While I was in the company of Jabir b. Abdullah, a
person came to him and said that Ibn 'Abbas and Ibn Zubair differed on the
two types of Mut'as (Tamattu' of Hajj 1846 and Tamattu' with women),
whereupon Jabir said: We used to do these two during the lifetime of
Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him). Umar then forbade us to do them,
and so we did not revert to them.

Author Saajan Rajpoot ( ago)
Shia wali baat keyon nahi hai
Yeh tum logo ki phopi jan muta ki baat kar rahi hai jo tum logo k baap har
waqt mashori karty hai
Samjh tu gy ho ge......!

Author Amir Hansn ( ago)
IS VIDEO MAY shia wali baat kon si he

Author baazal ( ago)
Thank God I'm not a shia. 

Author Shahid Munir ( ago)
as me shia wale bat he nahe gando ka bacha as ka matlab k ek rat ko rakny
waly pese dety he yanee zana kar raha he har bat ko galat samgty ho ya nahe

Author amir mahmood Razvi ( ago)
iss mein shia wali baat kon si he.

Author martin luther ( ago)
Those who r fighting and abusing over here: Cant u SEE that AMERICANS,
JEWISH AND HINDUS wanted YOU to fight with EACH OTHER to dismantle the

Author SuperTruthonly ( ago)
AS far as we are concerned ANY people who say "La ila ha illal lah,
Muhammad dur rasool ullah" is Muslim - Shia, sunni, deobandi or who ever
they may be. Prophet(s) said jews will divide into 71 factions, christians
into 72 and muslims into 73 factions - He(s) never refered to them as kafir
- ALSO only one faction of islam is on truth - BUT still every other
faction is still Muslim. 

Author SuperTruthonly ( ago)
Are you muslim? Can you justify your belief? If so, prove to me that Allah
allowed you to choose khalifs AND the khalifat (of abu bakr, umar and
uthman) is legitimate.If you cant prove this you have no right to say shias
are not Muslim.

Author SuperTruthonly ( ago)
WHAT FASAAT IS THIS _ In pakistan in every street has houses where women
are forced to do haram things to earn money - And worst its their male
family members forcing women into this. Pakistan is the most corrupt nation
- Lanat on the kaum that is immersed so much in evil and laaan on the
people who posting hate videos like this against shias while they know the
truth - How do we know these are shia far all we know they could be sunni.

Author Alphawolf07 ( ago)
Shias are not Muslims, their beliefs are blasphemous and they are amongst
the 72 sects of Islam(73 in total) that will enter the hellfire

Author Pakiz FOLYFE ( ago)
because Sunnism is a definition of hypocrisy which has no limits.

Author Mirza Baig ( ago)
lol 1) tho yeh baat hi sabit nahi ke wo ladki jisey pesh kiya gaya hai wo
kaheen se iqraar ya izhaar se shia lag rahi ho 2) yeh ke usney apni jism
faroshi ka zikre kiya hai ismey kaheen mutah ka zikre nahi 3) yeh ladki us
shaks ki bahen ya maa ya beti hai jisney yeh clip post kiya hai iskey alawa
quran aur ahadees se sabit honey waley amre-e-mutah ko ghalat kehney walo
jantey ho is amre ki muqalifat kyun shur hoi? Kyun ke tumhari maa bahney
mutah ke liye mard sirf shia ko chuntey hain 

Author FARUQ B SHAIKH ( ago)
tum our kya kar shakte ho muslim ke bare main gair lok kya likhte hai dekho

Author Deepak Mohan Goel ( ago)
OMG what happening with God's gift "WOMEN" in humanity 

Author deobandi pigs ( ago)
salon yai larki deobandi ha ma yai program pura daikha yai saoud arab ma
misyar be kar k ai ha kuch kuty whabion k sth deoabndion ki beti fuck all
deoabndi kafir gandi nasal

Author deobandi pigs ( ago)
kafir kafir deobandi kafir kafir kafir deobandi kafir kafir kafir deobandi
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deobandi kafir kafir kafir deobandi kafir kafir kafir

Author deobandi pigs ( ago)
kafir kafir deobandi kafir kafir kafir deobandi kafir kafir kafir deobandi
kafir kafir kafir deobandi kafir kafir kafir deobandi kafir kafir kafir
deobandi kafir kafir kafir deobandi kafir kafir kafir deobandi kafir kafir
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kafir kafir kafir deobandi kafir kafir kafir deobandi kafir kafir kafir
deobandi kafir kafir kafir deobandi kafir kafir kafir

Author Therese Gram ( ago)
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Author Hussnain Ali ( ago)
Jahilon aql rakhte ho to munazra karo aise vds upload kr k tm apni jahiliat
ka suboot de rahay ho

Author Hussnain Ali ( ago)
Pta nai is ne sahi muta kia aur ye shia b hai k nai Pr itna bta don k
saudia mein b muta jaiz qarar de diya gaya hai

Author bloated colon ( ago)
She is a beautiful Shia whore!

Author ImitateTheBestQueen (1030 years ago)
salam alakum, I have recently learned about islam details shia vs. sunni!
The actual sect to obey is the yamani at this time which many hadith and
quran mention details of. He is the first mehdi to come and assist the 12th
Imam(dua) he has arrived folks! Watch user zolfigar ansary at youtube he
has a series called "prince of anger" Also user Imitatethebestqueen at
youtube has details of where to learn more! You must obey this character in
islam or hell is your abode~ take your time learning!

Author syed kazim hussain naqvi ( ago)
real face .... tum log to atank wadi ho shia ka kay real face bol ra 

Author ZED A ( ago)

Author DebaterTron ( ago)
& how do u know vat Ali never did mutah while he was married 2
Fatima.Seeing as Shia defame Ali by rejecting his hadeeth vat v Prophet
forbade mutah, & say vat v Imams permitted mutah, wat was there 2 stop Ali
from doing mutah. Okay let's assume Ali didn't do mutah while married 2
Fatima. But did he ever do mutah after she passed away? Could u please give
me details?

Author DebaterTron ( ago)
I don't care about ur "Saudi" story. He could hav been a Shia Saudi 4 all i
know.U could be lying.Or v story may b true & involve a Sunni man, but so
wat?! Many Sunnis sin.Vat doesn't prove anything against Islam. U can lie &
deceive urself all u want, but it's absolutely haraam 4 Sunnis 2 b invloved
in any relationship vat has a pre-determined time-limit.Vis only exists in
Shiism.Not even non-Muslims would approve of such religious debauchery vat
is inherited from v debauchery of pagan Arabia.

Author reality vlogs ( ago)
for exmpl shia jawab do phily ok= naozubila ager mai QURAAN ya RASOOL
s.a.w.w ki shaan mai gustakhi kero tu shia mera kia ker sakty hay... Or
suny sy bhi yahi sawal hay mera.please jawab do

Author DebaterTron ( ago)
Shia know vat mutah is haraam.But vay need it bcoz it's 1 of v perks of
veir religion which keeps vem sticking wiv Shiism.I wander;was Ali busy
doing mutah while he was married 2 Fatima?Did he spend his days eyeing-out
females 2 do Mutah wiv?If so, would a righteous & respectabl women like
Fatima stand by her husband if he did mutah just 2 satisfy his sexual
desires?Wat about v other Imams?Did vay pursue mutah 2 v same xtent as
modern day Shia men like 2 boast about?Wat disgusting blefes/ideas.

Author abbasqtaa ( ago)
did she said she is shia? don't bring hate among us you fucking edit
bastered mother fucker sunni+shia=islam(brother)

Author red john ( ago)
Shia tune kya kia. Sunni ki ga##d jala dia.

Author devilsown18 (1897 years ago)
She is a high class prostitute.The only question here is ,did she mention
shes shia?does the video uploader know her personally or did she herself
mention that she performs mutah or is shia ?Prostitutes like her can be
either sunni/shia .But this video title is misleading.Clearly the uploader
is deceiving everyone whos watching this video and has a strong hatred
towards shia .

Author Mahfuz Munir Khan PT ( ago)
she's kinda hot and i wouldnt mind banging her for a night damn i wish
shias were right about mootah but they aint!

Author Mahfuz Munir Khan PT ( ago)
@computermaniamultan yes but mootah is true and not islamic

Author Afaq Ahmed ( ago)
Arsalantalib, you know what is prerequisite to be a Muslim???? Accept and
follow the sharya brought by Prophet Mohammad. Do you think do shias do
that. Do Shias as perform prayer as Prophet Muhammad and Hadrat Ali did? Do
Shias respect Hadrat Abu Bakar, Omer and Usman? Don't Shias commit adultery
as part of their bogus creeds? etc etc etc. Open your eyes!!!! 

Author Afaq Ahmed ( ago)
Shias are not muslime. Muslim is such a holy word which can't be used for
filthy shias.

Author Raheel Khan ( ago)
@Mr12inches1 man i can prove this on any plate form and i think you tube is
not the right place , i think your Islamic research is weak if some one is
abusing to our khalifas so how we bare his shity talk . we must answer them

Author Raheel Khan ( ago)
look i know that shias are kafir. but i have seen this documentary its on
prositution in pakistan so if some one with chick brain in india or who
knows urdu and he is a non muslim watch this clip he definitely start
abusing islam and muslims , brother these are very sensitive issues if you
think its make you fell happy then its with your own sins but its not the
rite way.

Author Abid Sol (589 years ago)
Go and peruse Sura'ah Nissa, wherein it is described. However, the holy
Quran has to be continued forever. If Quran allowed to practice MUTAAH, it
means it is not tabooed in Islam. But actually the commandment was imposed
during the WARS. It is not practiced now a days. It is circumstantial
obligation which does not mean to do in routine life. Mua'wiyya / Yazeed
and their Allied parties have presented the issue in different way. LAANAT
Ber YAZEED and his forefathers especially his so called UNCL

Author adam5377440 ( ago)
shia aur suni r brothers and muslims

Author dafuq ( ago)
haha jahil log .... aal e muawya pe lanat...

Author adeel hai ( ago)
Hahahah who says she is shia...look at hey bhangi face...

Author MsArzoo1 ( ago)
She's more beautiful than all of pedo mohammads's 23 wives. Long live

Author KiNG WaZiR ( ago)
@computermaniamultan are you fakin out of your mind,Kafir can never be a
muslims brother.. 

Author XNqv ( ago)
If Prophet (PBUH) said no more Mutta at Fatah-e-Makkah then what about the
time before that? If it was zanna, wouldn't the Prophet (PBUH) have reacted
before Fatah-e-Makkah? So use logic, use your mind, stop thinking dirty and
stop spreading senseless hatred...

Author XNqv ( ago)
Quran quotes it, hadees quotes it, and frankly speaking, if a Shia is doing
Mutta, at least it is legal in Islam. Whereas a Sunni girl willinly having
sex is actually committing ZANNA. So first of all correct your concept,
don't twist Islam to make your sect look better. And also Nabi Paak (PBUH)
STOPPED from Mutta on Fatah-e-Makkah, so do you think Prophet (PBUH)
Anaoozubillah allowed zanna before that? I mean it's a question, right? 

Author XNqv ( ago)
Why are you linking prostitution with Shiaism? Okay let's talk numbers.
What do you think, there are more Sunnis in Pakistan or Shias? Sunnis,
right? So more Sunni means more GOOD and BAD people compared to Shias
because there are of course good and bad people in Shias as well. So more
Sunnis, more good and bad people than Shias is equal to more prostitution
than Shias. Even if you call all prostitute Shias, and they Mutta for one
night, at least they are doing NIKAAH, Mutta is NIKAAH.

Author Mohammed Kumail ( ago)
@computermaniamultan I appreciate ur comment brother.. May Allah bless you
and your family..

Author zapperrapper1 ( ago)

Author Abbas Ali ( ago)
Tumhara bas karey to Yazid ko Hussain a.s. bna k pesh karey... Aysey video
upload krney walon ko kitney pysey detey hongey Angrez... Chupkey k war
krney mai bahot maza aata hai na tujey... Laikin Kalam Pak ore Rasool pr
aysey tohmat mat lagana yazidiyo... Propaganda falaney walon ko Khuda
pasand nahi kr sakta !

Author NABAMB ( ago)
is main kahan kha is nai kai yee Shia hay aur dusra yee kai Shia kisi kai
mathay pai laga tag nahi hota yee amal aur niyet pai hota hay shia khenay
sai koi shia nahi banjata. Shia ko badnam kernai walai bohat hain. Allah
ham sab ko sidhay rastay pai chlai Ameen.

Author Yasir Shahzad ( ago)
what a stupid title uploader make.why you are abusing shias.They are our
brothers muslims. Shame .

Author Asif (921 year ago)
where does it say she is shiya????even if she is,,,,so. arent there any
sunni or wahab prostitutes? uploader wants to create more hatreds.... 

Author Mega764 ( ago)
who upload this video is a enemy of Islam & wants that Shia Sunni should
fite. muje pata ha k tou dunya ki sab se barri taxi ka u know who
is ur daddy???ghasty k bache tri maa ki kuss maro soar ki olad
maddarrchoodd.behanchoood.KUTTEY KE PILAYY

Author Mega764 ( ago)
who upload this video is a enemy of Islam & wants that Shia Sunni should
fite. muje pata ha k tou dunya ki sab se barri taxi ka u know who
is ur daddy???ghasty k bache tri maa ki kuss maro soar ki olad
maddarrchoodd.behanchoood.KUTTEY KE PILAYY

Author Naqi Bhatti ( ago)
Bhai mutah is a contractual marriage in the modern sense and even some of
you 'muslim sunnis' have adopted it.

Author Sohaib Khan ( ago)
abbay salay shia mutta kartay hain, kyun kai puranay waqton main jab
musalman jung par jatay thay too woh apni bevion sai door rehtay
thay............zannah sai bachnay kai liye wo mutta kartay thay buhat
sahaba nai bhi kiya jin main hz.ali bhi thay laikin shia issay farz bana
kar beth gai yeh bus jung par allowed thay jab log apni biwi sai door hotay
thay .................lakin shia issay mazay lainay kai liye use kartay

Author Syed Joan Raza Naqvi ( ago)
fuck u mother fucker....u r just spreading firqawariyat u
this video the girl didnt say tht she is shia....u ill b burned in helll u
fool....stop balming others otherwise u ill b blammed so badly tht u ill
not survie in the world!! foll

Author Shehriyarr ( ago)
@Ms11093 I have come to know kis ko kis k baap ka nahi pata ho ga kiyon k
tumhari bataon say aisay he laga hai mughay.dosra ager khuch larkiyan
prostitute halat ki waja say bani hai un ka tu nahi pata mager heera maandi
mughal badshahon say hai lahore k badshahi kilay sath he unho nay shahi
bazar banaya tha or wahan per yea prostitutes halat ki waja say nahi paida
he usi ganday mahool may prostitutes hoti hain.ager shia ho tu muta mat
karo yea haram hai.

Author AlAinJinn ( ago)
Shia are not muslims Fuck Persians Gypsies who bring Shia to Islamic
Humanity religion Persians Ajams nothing do for islam Only wars, bloode,
lies ... etc 

Author faisy100 ( ago)
Allah ka khof kar ooy , vdo delete karo , aik to woh prostitution pr
documentary hai dosra na sunni aur na shia ki baat hai . Allah nai insaan
paida kiya hai to insano walay kaam karo janwaro walay kaam karo gay to
aisay hi galiya khao gay uploader.

Author Wajid Ahmed ( ago)
Kahan ha is vidoe main jis say sabit ho kay yeh larki shia hay . yeh tareka
hay Islam dushmano ko be nakab karna ka???? Jhota pay khuda ki lanat hay.

Author Shehriyarr ( ago)
@khantaha00 Mr sunni go to lahore and ask heera mandi ki prostitutes kiya
hoti hain shia ya sunni ??? than write comment here

Author Muhammad Abdul Qaadir ( ago)
@navikhi @navikhi "aur wo haqeeqat mein kaafir ya fasiq na ho" shia
haqeeqat main kuffaar hain. Or dunya main sab sy badtareen kaafirs hain.
Shia sab sy ganda khabees mazhab. shia aqeeda ke mutabiq, 12 aimma tamam
Anbiya e Karam sy afzal hain, siwa Hazrat Muhammad e Mustafa (sallallaahu
alaih wa ala aalihi wasallam). Shia aqeedah ke mutabiq, Quraan e Majeed
main tehreef ho chuki hain (na'auzubillah). Shia aqeedah ke mutabiq, Hazrat
Abu bakr, Umar, Usman, or Ammi Aisha (RA) sab kafir hain!!

Author navikhi ( ago)
@salafimuslim1989 Abu Dhar Radi Allaho Anho se rivayat hai ki Rasoollallah
Sallallaho Alaihey Wasallam ne farmaya Agar koi shaksh kisi ko Kaafir ya
Fasiq kahey aur wo haqeeqat mein kaafir ya Fasiq na ho to khud kahney wala
kaafir ya fasiq ho jayega Sahih Bukhari, 6045 Bhai Sahab, kissi ko kaafir
kehne se pehlay ye hadith parh lena zara.

Author 99knight ( ago)
@salafimuslim1989 and U dont have Balls to answer my previous question so
get those answer first, 

Author 99knight ( ago)
@salafimuslim1989 I can say the same too you. You are soo jhail and some of
your Mullah ARE going all around the world and doing TERRORISM and blowing
masjid and killing thousands of people. YOU and your Terrorist Friends
should go and read the Quran and Our Molana ARe far greater then yours.
unlike yours GO BLOW UP

Author Muhammad Abdul Qaadir ( ago)
@99knight First read Quraan e Majeed, because I know you never read Quraan,
you only follow your jahil unpar mullahs. Allaah says in Quraan, INNAKA
QABLIHI AR-RUSUL. You are so stupid to follow your shaytani mullahs, this
why you people are not Muslim you are shia

Author TheWarrior120 ( ago)
@khantaha00 than i must say you dont have any idea about Mutta, whtever she
said is called Mutta in shia, when you merry a girl for a specific duration
and pay a agreed amount of money and you leave that girl is called mutta.
which is allowed only in Shia community.

Author 99knight ( ago)
@salafimuslim1989 I worship dead? I worship 1 and only ALLAh. and If you
are talking about Prophet MOHAMMAd (PBUH) and his house hold, WE DONT
guide you to right path before you go to...... La ilaha illa Allaah
Muhammadur Rasoolullaah ALIAN WALI ULLAH 

Author Muhammad Abdul Qaadir ( ago)
@99knight Yes you are kaafir because you are mushrik, and you worship dead
people, which is shirk Become a Muslim, so say La ilaha illa Allaah
Muhammadur Rasoolullaah

Author 99knight ( ago)
@salafimuslim1989 i am shia and u r telling me that i am kaffir! my
question to you is Are you god? who gave you the right to decide who is
kafir and who is not? stop spreading hate other wise HELL awaits you. 

Author Muhammad Abdul Qaadir ( ago)
Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir Dekhein kitnay ganday khabees log yah shia hain sab
mut'ah ke paidawar hain nauzubillaah

Author amir mahmood Razvi ( ago)
please dont waste yours and others time,do salat and toba, do some
goodthing if you can

Author Fayyaz Alam ( ago)
Yes it is a documentary on prostitution. She did not want to use the word
'fuck for money', so she used the word marriage for money!

Author kazmigee ( ago)
tumhari maan aik raat kee baat kar rehi ha,,,mutta kee nai,,,,jao poocho us
say,,,,,na tumhari maan tumharay baap sy bewafai karti na tum jaisee najaiz
ullad paida hoti,jo aisee jhooti video upload karti

Author shahzeb ahmed ( ago)
im a sunni and im sure this is a propaganga 

Author faizan khan ( ago)
Dunia gol hai...

Author Umarki gaandkali ( ago)
is jhooti video ko bananey waley ki gaand mein mumtaz qadri ka lund aur
nawaz sharif key tattey

Author Bilal Ali ( ago)
gandu keh bache when did she mention once in this video that she is shia 

Author Abdurrahman Muhammadzai ( ago)
please dear whoever you are if you present some inefficient proofs your own
case will suffer. everybody knows that this was not the documentary about
shias nor it was about muttaa. it was a documentary about prostitution. so
dont try to upload peices from here and there just to prove you point. it
wont help your cause anymore.

Author Shahroze Ahmad ( ago)
irreasonably focusing non-muslims activiies.... Please try something
positive...... to unite muslims.... for it God will help you!!!

Author FFUURRSSAANN ( ago)
Arami childern of mutah Shias

whoever uploaded this video is a FAG 

Author attaul wadood ( ago)
Janab aisa hai k yeh video tau aik private channel ne lahore k bazare husn
per banaee thee, jo k badshahi masjid k pichey hai......isko shia kahan se
soch lia mere dost??????

Author Ahmed Raza ( ago)
Propaganda against Shia's,she said the word Shaadi not Mutah, it is sick
mans job to post a video like this, grow up please.

Author The Boss ( ago)

Author jimbojamesIV ( ago)
I wonder if anyone would mind telling me the English translation of the
word Sunni and the word Shia. Do either Sunni or Shia give preference to
the Sun or the Moon, the solar calendar vs. a lunar calendar, a day vs.
night person. Is there anything in either of the two ways of thought that
divides over such symbols or subjects? Thanks if anyone can share.

Author Bin Usman ( ago)
my brothers and sisters please stop this non sence, please do not defame
any group of muslimeens. Please respect each other. I m not a shia but this
kind of acts are too bad and mind you if she would have been a shia girl
she is not representing a particular group , she is responsible of her acts
alone! Never judge a religion by its followers, if u wanna know the
religion study itself.

Author rajja rahul ( ago)
@sunnypaitoo saallle tujpe lanat tujh jaiso pe lanat ho aur ye
umar,bakar,usman inne sab pe b lanat lanat lanat lanat lanat lanat be
shumarrrrrrrrrrrrr tere pure khandan pe lanat hooooooooooooooo

Author rajja rahul ( ago)
@mrforexRSI aur nabi (saww) k damad aur unke khandan ko bura kehne walon pe
bhi lanat hooooo... sahaba nabi k zada aazi hoge ya unka khandan bol bee

Author rajja rahul ( ago)
@sunnypaitoo saale umar k aaulad tujpe lanat ho tujh jasio pe lanat ho aur
umar,abubakar,usman,sallle sab kutte hain aur unpe lanat lanat lanat lanat
lanat be shumarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................ tere pure khandan pe
lanat ho y ho u 

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