How To Download Cd Hack To Counter Strike1.6

And Sorry Again The bad Quality

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cd hack wall+aim download
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Author SuperPhoenix5 (4 years)
aahhh. idiot's just go to otions keyboard and press use defaults

Author Buskola (3 years)
@Deacne678 only nerds say noob , you fag .

Author DJLenny1997 (4 years)
waht is END? where is the END?

Author Johmito (2 years)
@LunaFiTinG you said noob be4 in your comment be4the last one idiot. And
you shouldn't complain about his vid or call him a fag, you're the one
coming to his video for his help. Next time, think about wat ur gunna say,

Author prayskiller (5 years)
Looks nice, I'll be trying to it now.

Author drholyshitful (3 years)
@Deacne678 yeah it goes away when i press del but it dosent help :L only
when i die the hacks enable

Author DeathxKnight12 (3 years)
link roto cueeek

Author KAIJF GKA (5 years)
well now there is new track

Author KAIJF GKA (5 years)
Well thank you.. and the music is not mine its youtubes

Author Buskola (4 years)
you've got a shitty fps and u cant even kill one person with aim , lol
truly noob !

Author Mrmantvydas (3 years)
works on steam?

Author Mx Wolf (2 years)
Wow that helps me thx man

Author KAIJF GKA (3 years)
@drholyshitful Its the bar where u can write where should the bot aim. it
goes off if i correctly remember from del or ins.

Author prayskiller (5 years)
The hack works, I like it but to bad its just 1 hack and un-vac proof. It
can be detected by any server, So I recommend other players to play agianst
bots! Music is bad and boring but atleast theres music. +5/5 hack -1/5
un-vac proof & 1 hack. --------------------------------------- ±4.0 Rate

Author combosdominik (1 year)
what couter strike

Author MrMultiLol (4 years)
Problem fixed.

Author dariniz (4 years)
not working

Author Stephano31 (4 years)
@Deacne678 @prayskiller new music is still gay

Author MrMultiLol (4 years)
i got problem... when i press End and turn the cheat on i died.. PLZ HELP

Author Buskola (3 years)
@Deacne678 good answer after 9 FUCKING MONTHS . gj .

Author KAIJF GKA (3 years)
@Mrmantvydas i dont think so

Author KAIJF GKA (3 years)
@LunaFiTinG Youtube account was hacked, noob!

Author ale3ek (3 years)
it goes on patch 36? Non Steam?

Author KAIJF GKA (3 years)
@LunaFiTinG cant you see that it started REALLY lag when i putted Hcam on.

Author bioly12100 (3 years)
BanaNowo [BF2]? [FastDL] @ BanaNowo.Eu &? HostVision.PL

Author KAIJF GKA (3 years)
@thedarkness334 U have to put it always on when u die

Author KAIJF GKA (3 years)
@MrMultiLol @partymrs You have to change at options where there is usualy
END at closing cs or somthing like that, works for me :)

Author drholyshitful (3 years)
@deacne678 hey umm i got a problem, when i load up the hack and cs and i
press delete to turn it on i get a red bar where you can write stuff in,
when i die, the hacks enable but when i respawn it says cheats stoped or
something like that plz help

Author prayskiller (5 years)

Author thedarkness334 (3 years)
i got a problem the is on only when i have got killed

Author prayskiller (5 years)
Youtube's or not, You'r the one that has chosen it.

Author Mike Jobs (4 years)

Author Chris100184 (4 years)
ffs. when i click END it close cs...

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