How To Download Cd Hack To Counter Strike1.6

And Sorry Again The bad Quality

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Author ToXic ( ago)
what couter strike

Author Zealus :D ( ago)
Wow that helps me thx man

Author Toribio ( ago)
@LunaFiTinG you said noob be4 in your comment be4the last one idiot. And
you shouldn't complain about his vid or call him a fag, you're the one
coming to his video for his help. Next time, think about wat ur gunna say,

Author drholyshitful ( ago)
@Deacne678 yeah it goes away when i press del but it dosent help :L only
when i die the hacks enable

Author Buskola ( ago)
@Deacne678 only nerds say noob , you fag .

Author KAIJF GKA ( ago)
@LunaFiTinG Youtube account was hacked, noob!

Author Buskola ( ago)
@Deacne678 good answer after 9 FUCKING MONTHS . gj .

Author KAIJF GKA ( ago)
@LunaFiTinG cant you see that it started REALLY lag when i putted Hcam on.

Author KAIJF GKA ( ago)
@Mrmantvydas i dont think so

Author KAIJF GKA ( ago)
@thedarkness334 U have to put it always on when u die

Author KAIJF GKA ( ago)
@drholyshitful Its the bar where u can write where should the bot aim. it
goes off if i correctly remember from del or ins.

Author drholyshitful ( ago)
@deacne678 hey umm i got a problem, when i load up the hack and cs and i
press delete to turn it on i get a red bar where you can write stuff in,
when i die, the hacks enable but when i respawn it says cheats stoped or
something like that plz help

Author DeathxKnight12 ( ago)
link roto cueeek

Author manchyy ( ago)
works on steam?

Author KAIJF GKA ( ago)
@MrMultiLol @partymrs You have to change at options where there is usualy
END at closing cs or somthing like that, works for me :)

Author Buskola ( ago)
you've got a shitty fps and u cant even kill one person with aim , lol
truly noob !

Author Stephano31 ( ago)
@Deacne678 @prayskiller new music is still gay

Author Mike Jobs ( ago)

Author dariniz ( ago)
not working

Author DJLenny1997 ( ago)
waht is END? where is the END?

Author MrMultiLol ( ago)
Problem fixed.

Author SuperPhoenix5 ( ago)
aahhh. idiot's just go to otions keyboard and press use defaults

Author MrMultiLol ( ago)
i got problem... when i press End and turn the cheat on i died.. PLZ HELP

Author Chris100184 ( ago)
ffs. when i click END it close cs...

Author prayskiller ( ago)

Author KAIJF GKA ( ago)
well now there is new track

Author prayskiller ( ago)
Youtube's or not, You'r the one that has chosen it.

Author KAIJF GKA ( ago)
Well thank you.. and the music is not mine its youtubes

Author prayskiller ( ago)
The hack works, I like it but to bad its just 1 hack and un-vac proof. It
can be detected by any server, So I recommend other players to play agianst
bots! Music is bad and boring but atleast theres music. +5/5 hack -1/5
un-vac proof & 1 hack. --------------------------------------- ±4.0 Rate

Author prayskiller ( ago)
Looks nice, I'll be trying to it now.

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