Zubin Garg - O mure Lorar Ma !!

From Zubinar Anisha.

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Author P. P. Gogoi ( ago)
zubeen da evergreen

Author Arindam Ghosh ( ago)
The melody ❤️

Author GK SARMAH ( ago)
Nice one

Author GK SARMAH ( ago)
Nice one

Author Maheswar Deka ( ago)
depiction of a village life in Assam

Author Bhaben Barman ( ago)
great as always

Author Atul Deka ( ago)
best song

Author hanif sarkar ( ago)
nice one

Author Kaushik Sarania ( ago)
Great Song .

Author Parthapratim Deka ( ago)
Can't hold my tears ..u r like a god for meee

Author Dipankar Duarah ( ago)
great song Zubeen Daa

Author ajeet das ( ago)
No words to praise this melody.

Author Gitumoni Ray ( ago)
masterpiece . one of the best thing ever hapens to axomiya music ever ever
ever... what a creation ! just wow

Author Suravi Saikia ( ago)
great song

Author Haryanvijaat1 ( ago)
Three dislikes are from the animals who have no heart at all

Author Bam KOKRAJHAR CIVIL ( ago)
please complet the lyric

Author Saurav Dey ( ago)
Mor Februte Assamese Songs I Love Zubeen Da.

Author Prashantabikash Roy ( ago)
One of the Best

Author Hrishihulk (1476 years ago)
it feels great to hear these songs..i appeal to all the zubeen fans to
upload as much videos and any information to the web .

Author RAJIB RAJKUMAR ( ago)
zubin amar okhomor gorbo ei gaan khini huni bhaal lagiche

Author Rupoma bodosa ( ago)
Moi aie gaan bahout bal paow......i love my jaan

Author klouu9 ( ago)
BTW where was this event ?

Author klouu9 ( ago)
Amaazing voice.. I love many of his old hits, there are only a few in
Youtube..we need moar!!

Author Bishnu Sharma ( ago)
its an assamese song

Author SylhetSweety16 ( ago)
he has a nice voice ^_^ wut language is he singing in?

Author GingerBread ( ago)
gosh!!!outrageous. check out the musik guys!! zubeen da rocks frm all
sides..he makes us feel proud tat we r frm Assam..guys who attnd the event
r d luckiest fellas..m runin out of words to xprss my feelin!! ZUBEEN ROX..

Author analiastoremember ( ago)
really great rendition of folk music. Really like his voice. One of my
favourite singers. And I am not from Assam :)

Author narlzp ( ago)
Gets five stars from me. Like the drums in the background is it a madal or

Author ashifanu ( ago)
Excellent voice !!! Zubin the Great

Author Svati Kumar ( ago)
can you explain the meaning also, so that I can make this understandable to
my non-assamese husband. I am non assamese from Assam.. can understand only.

Author shiv shambhu ( ago)
subhuri rangaor nu ghati aahile, kakaalar khaloy di pura kali hona puthiyar
goloy sengeli, dekhi mur deha jali jaay -2haakani baarirehe nay paalekha,
begete tuli tuli raakh, masholoy jaaun.... O mure l

Author shiv shambhu ( ago)
O mure loraar maa, masho loy jaaun , nakhaau nakhaun huda bhaat -2Rangdoyi,
kordoyi paali paali hadar, jutirey khaamedinar khaaj, masholoy jaaun
nakhaun nakhaun suda bhaat1) Haath suti puraoy moy kaamun Saali re, paale
sune (jatnay de)-2Kakaalar tiyoni jaakoy hiyoni, gaathi re pora namay de
Haakani baarirehe nay paalekha, begete tuli tuli raakh, masholoy jaaun....O
mure lorar ma....2)

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