Club Penguin: Rockhoppers Password REAL !!!

Hope you enjoy. All credits go to me for finding this. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE because this took a while to find out !!!!

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Author Eileen Fernandez (11 days)
Once in his videos he told everyone to give him their username and
password!!!!! >:(

Author Mahrukh Babar (18 days)
why dident ppl notice? -_-

Author Jose Chamu (3 months)

Author Joel Alonzo (3 months)
Penguinstorm LOLOLOL See it when he is loading

Author nicola polovina (6 months)

Author marco kong (6 months)

Author Gafield and friends lover (7 months)
my code is ORGULHO5

Author Rainbow Loom (8 months)

Author Aaron Xavier (9 months)
totally fake.please stop lying

Author pika chu (9 months)

Author Scary Charizard X (10 months)
penguin storm

Author jordan blackmore (10 months)
U will not get real rockhopper us a bot they made 

Author WWFSUPERSTAR10 (10 months)
Are u kidding me right now. We can all see penguin storm! Which everyone
knows is use to bypass things like rockhopper or anyone else.

Author George Alvarado (10 months)
So fake

Author Rohan fernando 555 (10 months)

Author Adam starcevich (10 months)

Author rough boy (10 months)
crap no password fake

Author pika chu (9 months)
who's rockhopper

Author susan zel (10 months)
You suck

Author Oleg Zatler (11 months)

Author enzime gameser (11 months)
penguin storm

Author paris cheetah (11 months)
your on clubpenguin storm or something!

Author crystal roberts (11 months)
here's one for you unused code it gives you 5,0000 coins not kidding here
it is tube ride give me the oass no

Author Marcio Giovanni Pantoja (11 months)
the voice brasil

Author patrick mozdzynski (11 months)
PUMPKIN1 unlocks 500 coins

Author Oleg Zatler (11 months)
I want the real code and its probably fake but just take the code. I hope
you send me the password. PLEASE TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author The Chimp (7 months)
Wats his password

Author Oleg Zatler (11 months)
I have a coin code for you and an item code. The coin code is DECNLR10. The
item code is BERONFEL. Make sure you write the codes as it exactly appears.
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

Author tapish rathi (1 year)

Author tarisa105 (8 months)
what is the

Author Moody Mahmoud (1 year)

Author Nicole Grant (1 year)
his lying he says its 2013 its updated 2010

Author Charlo Carrot (1 year)

Author Amaly Syahmie (1 year)
it such as real

Author Rainbow AngelXx (1 year)
-.- Not Worth It -.-

Author pablo andres lara pazmiño (1 year)
no es club penguin porque ningun nombre tiene color

Author imisswed wooz (1 year)
mmcode13 email me password at and give the password

Author Dante Helmore (1 year)
liar jack ben, liar

Author Kid Stuck (1 year)
You used penguin storm

Author cp free (1 year)

Author Yara Ribeiro (1 year)

Author Tom loquendero92 (1 year)
esto es penguin storm,yo vi

Author robinloy1 (1 year)
what is his password

Author Uber Scout (1 year)
Who da fuck would want Rock hopper when his account cant Talk LOL!

Author LilJaySkittles3 (1 year)
mmcode11 give me his password

Author Yout671 (1 year)

Author Matthew Bar Osher (1 year)
are you sure

Author The Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist (1 year)
It says "Loading Penguin Storm"

Author tia k (1 year)
he can its coz he went on a non talking server

Author stephanie logan (1 year)
its fake that not a suprise lol i mean come on dude

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