Alan Partridge Dances to 'Music For Chameleons'

Steve Coogan character 'Alan Partridge' dances to Gary Numans' 'Music For Chameleons' complete with air Bass!

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Author Steven curran ( ago)
Classis partridge

Author Quadrophenia ( ago)
Hello, my name's Graeme

Author UBZUKKI ( ago)
That fucker is smoooth on the bass

Author Sol Jah ( ago)
Yes, that old one the being early trick, mind games lol

Author daniel payne ( ago)
lol Well even my nan can dance better that to numan's music for chameleons

Author Clare Sherman ( ago)
P think that might be your memory playing tricks. It was absolutely the
norm in those days for comedies to have a "laugh track". The BBC indeed
used a studio audience, and the bits shot on location were shown on screens.

Author NicolasFer95 ( ago)
Get lucky

Author bobby cazza ( ago)
Monkey tennis

Author tehf00n ( ago)
Filmed on a fish's flaps.

Author DeathMetalRegulator ( ago)
what a tune!!

Author Debunk Brother ( ago)
Rewatching the 1st series a few years after 1st TX, I was surprised to hear
laughter as I didn't recall it. What is recorded in the studio & what is
broadcast is a matter of choice. There are mics recording performers & mics
recording audience. This gives volume control & means that there is choice
of whether or not to include audience response in the broadcast. However,
the performers pauses would be puzzling and weird if the laughter was
omitted. A classic would be spoiled. "SMELL MY CHEESE!"

Author yottskry12 ( ago)
I said "laugh track" not "canned laughter". Your quote was Armando
Ianucci's response to criticism of the laughter in the *second* series. I'm
sure the original broadcast of the 1st series had no laughter. If you
Google Alan Partridge Laugh Track, you'll see I'm not alone in this.
Approximately half the people on the threads seem to think it's always had
a laugh track and half are with me. I wonder if a few episodes were
broadcast without, or if they just upped the volume for series two.

Author Debunk Brother ( ago)
Google this: "A spokeswoman for the BBC says the show did not use canned
laughter but had been filmed in front of a live studio audience. Location
shots (OUTSIDE) were shown to the audience on plasma screens" And this from
Armando Ianucci: 'It's not canned laughter. We recorded it in front of a
studio audience". Watch the performers wait for laughter to end before
continuing. Or perhaps you think it' was faked by the people who brought us
the CGI 911 and the Moon non-landing. Back of the net.

Author yottskry12 ( ago)
Except when they were initially broadcast there was no laugh track. It
really annoyed me when it was repeated and the laugh track had been added.
Also, given that much of it was filmed OUTSIDE, are you sure it's a live

Author umHeyOK ( ago)

Author verkaforever ( ago)
I was playing along with a music quiz on the radio last week, and one of
the questions gave three song titles, including "Music For Chameleons" and
asked you to name the artist. I got it entirely thanks to seing this on

Author Debunk Brother ( ago)
Surely, "chit shatting"?

Author Debunk Brother ( ago)
Dan! Dan! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN!! DAN!!!

Author Debunk Brother ( ago)

Author Debunk Brother ( ago)
Back of the net!

Author Debunk Brother ( ago)
It's not laugh track. It was recorded in front of a live studio audience,
although, I've noticed some laughs being reused occasionally (in
post-production) in some scenes. You can discern the presence of the
audience by the pauses and phrasing as the actors accommodate the audience
response and try not to throw any - of those lovingly crafted and honed -
lines away.

Author Polishkid88 ( ago)
I absolutely agree.

Author SarahNgakaariHammond .WoodRatGirl ( ago)
Great taste in music he has!

Author mrleedra ( ago)
Is the anti-American jab really necessary? There are people with poor taste
everywhere. I'm an American, and I love this show.

Author Skip63 ( ago)
so he respetcts the thin chick.

Author Skip63 ( ago)
Is the Teddy Bear Grahm Norton?

Author Skip63 ( ago)
I am American and don't get all of the refrences but I know comedy when I
see it. This is GREAT!!!

Author Eoin Dalton ( ago)
Balls out of the bath on this one

Author TerrorDiggler ( ago)
this is so fucking funny........if you dislike your a complete fuckin
wanker,,,fuck off and watch smething else,,,probably an american cock

Author H K ( ago)
Are you a complete moron?

Author nut Mil ( ago)
Lets have a look at what this idiot did, in America.

Author thejacalofskaro74 ( ago)
But what if he hadn't been, plastic.

Author yonmallard (1926 years ago)
that menu was a bastard to navigate though

Author r0galik ( ago)
My name's Graham

Author Jamie Charnley ( ago)
if you dont find this funny then your either american or bloody stupid

Author ChaosEmerald85 ( ago)
love how he takes the bass off

Author haggismuncher ( ago)
same with me i was listening to this on spotify & just had to watch

Author kinggimped ( ago)
@DJCossieMoo Got a net bag of Babybels... you can't have those, they're for
the car. I'm driving to Harrogate.

Author BggProductions ( ago)
0:42 takes the air bass off lmao

Author DJCossieMoo ( ago)
Want a little teddy bear got bean juice on it

Author drummerman1989 ( ago)
16 people can't play air bass.

Author PuuberZ . ( ago)
Look for "Alan Partridge DVD menu" on youtube and click the 1st result, its
an extended version of Alan and his air guitar.

Author Steve Stone ( ago)
That is.... a nice action. A very nice action.

Author thejacalofskaro74 ( ago)
Golly, an alien judge.

Author peacockbond ( ago)
16 people were from the inland revenue ;)

Author Lovinthe Platapus (672 years ago)
You'll huff and you'll puff and you'll...where's the other one? Where's the
other pig?

Author Ry derbs ( ago)
Me and my friend just monged out to the main menu of season 2 for three was amazing

Author asubjectiveopinion ( ago)
This is one of my favourite things in the whole world. :)

Author Daniel Mason ( ago)
@madcapoperator You really have got A LOT of issues! Yeah of What Car?

Author Skip63 ( ago)
Pardon me while I take off my air bass...

Author ChicaneHead ( ago)
16 pigs disliked this

Author madcapoperator ( ago)
Whats her book like? Excuse me i dont like being referred to as
'her'...Alright then what's HIS book like?

Author Nick Davis ( ago)

Author ChaosEmerald85 ( ago)
A potent gust

Author dfcvda ( ago)
im shit chatting, im chit chatting

Author Ash Stannard ( ago)
@KangoTV exactly what I did

Author MogwaiYT ( ago)
0.42 = comedy gold!

Author Snotlingfondler (7 years ago)
@gingaguy5656 series 2 episode 5

Author Deezer D ( ago)
Classic Partridge!!

Author midianholic ( ago)
Love the way he takes the imaginary guitar off.

Author Bill Paxton ( ago)
Love Pino pretending to be Alun Partridge! lol

Author KangoTV (879 years ago)
I was happily listening to Spotify until this song came up. Cue a Partridge

Author Nathan Lewis ( ago)
How anyone can dislike that beggars belief

Author Dee Dee TV ( ago)
SHIT CHAT. LOL I have bitten that ever since. Love Steve Coogan so much!!

Author gavinwlloyd ( ago)

Author MrFawkesGuy ( ago)
14 dislikes? That's saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

Author homeboyuri ( ago)
i love the point where he takes the bass off, and he's like 'hmm, maybe
taking it too far?'

Author frank-edouard Wozniak ( ago)
@discocreator76 yes ! the great Pino, fantastic fretless bass player by the

Author frank-edouard Wozniak ( ago)
@maitai1971 in fact the bass player's name is Pino Palladino

Author Michael Mac ( ago)
@maitai1971 Was it not Pino Palladino?

Author Sandrine Anterrion ( ago)
Love Alan

Author Ryan Wishart ( ago)
we're havin' a hoedown

Author JanineRobin ( ago)
yes, that old one, the "being early" trick, mind games zhehhehhehwhwhwhwhw

Author craig bledge ( ago)
good wen he boots the door open!

Author sollyjim ( ago)
Classic Queen

Author Letspreach ( ago)
Back of the net!

Author gingaguy5656 ( ago)
does anyone know which series and episode this is

Author djparnate ( ago)

Author OhhPauline ( ago)
Top Class!

Author davros diesel ( ago)
@uuFabio you do wonder how this guy isnt more famous than that brent cross
comedian lol

Author Steve ( ago)
We've all been there...

Author townsjim ( ago)

Author loonylee ( ago)
Back of the net

Author Eva C ( ago)
the fat envelope!

Author BggProductions ( ago)
Steve Coogan + Gary Numan = Comedy Genius.

Author pablokahuna ( ago)
Pure class

Author phillfry ( ago)
slappa da bass

Author SirKit Racer ( ago)
wheres the other pig lol

Author MarcusAurelius ( ago)
"I'm shit-chatting" -might have to use that some time.

Author JFredUK ( ago)
I just let-off in a tax inspector's face....

Author dandyjesus ( ago)
Love how he takes off the air bass!

Author rickygervais1776 ( ago)
@dantesbuttock LOL

Author dantesbuttock ( ago)
Lovely stuff. - - Shakin' Stevens

Author cheeky1664 ( ago)

Author ProjectFlashlight612 ( ago)
One of the funniest moments in British comedy. No question.

Author vic jane ( ago)
Very funny man and great music too!

Author mhbt76 ( ago)
Mind games! hahaha

Author rickygervais1776 ( ago)
Cash back!

Author Instrumentals4Sale ( ago)
One of the best scenes from series 2, cracks me up every time! :)

Author AAAjMMMiRRR ( ago)
Back of the Net!!

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