Alan Partridge Dances to 'Music For Chameleons'

Steve Coogan character 'Alan Partridge' dances to Gary Numans' 'Music For Chameleons' complete with air Bass!

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Author Sol Jah (3 months)
Yes, that old one the being early trick, mind games lol

Author daniel payne (9 months)
lol Well even my nan can dance better that to numan's music for chameleons

Author verkaforever (2 years)
I was playing along with a music quiz on the radio last week, and one of
the questions gave three song titles, including "Music For Chameleons" and
asked you to name the artist. I got it entirely thanks to seing this on

Author cheeky1664 (4 years)

Author Gluemonkey (5 years)
yup it's awesome, and when you switch in the menu he does a spin

Author Dub Brother (2 years)
It's not laugh track. It was recorded in front of a live studio audience,
although, I've noticed some laughs being reused occasionally (in
post-production) in some scenes. You can discern the presence of the
audience by the pauses and phrasing as the actors accommodate the audience
response and try not to throw any - of those lovingly crafted and honed -
lines away.

Author fkos86 (3 years)
0.42 = comedy gold!

Author mrleedra (2 years)
Is the anti-American jab really necessary? There are people with poor taste
everywhere. I'm an American, and I love this show.

Author kinggimped (3 years)
@DJCossieMoo Got a net bag of Babybels... you can't have those, they're for
the car. I'm driving to Harrogate.

Author tolchock1984 (5 years)
what. . .?

Author madcapoperator (3 years)
Whats her book like? Excuse me i dont like being referred to as
'her'...Alright then what's HIS book like?

Author Ash Stannard (3 years)
@KangoTV exactly what I did

Author peacockbond (3 years)
16 people were from the inland revenue ;)

Author Instrumentals4Sale (4 years)
One of the best scenes from series 2, cracks me up every time! :)

Author Jamie Charnley (3 years)
if you dont find this funny then your either american or bloody stupid

Author Oscar301 (5 years)

Author 05027802 (4 years)
@bar56bod, i forgot that clip, hahaha classic lol

Author loonylee (4 years)
Back of the net

Author Dee Dee Russell (3 years)
SHIT CHAT. LOL I have bitten that ever since. Love Steve Coogan so much!!

Author Hammer Johnston (5 years)
You've got to be taking the piss right?

Author mhbt76 (4 years)
Mind games! hahaha

Author hididdlyho82 (5 years)
I'd have been scum sub human scum if I hadn't bought it! I'm shit shatting,
sorry chit chatting!

Author Artemis458 (4 years)
kiss my face!

Author Kalma's Den (5 years)
Jurassic Park!

Author PuuberZ . (3 years)
Look for "Alan Partridge DVD menu" on youtube and click the 1st result, its
an extended version of Alan and his air guitar.

Author ChaosEmerald85 (3 years)
A potent gust

Author Steve Stone (3 years)
That is.... a nice action. A very nice action.

Author Oscar301 (5 years)

Author TheMrDolphin (5 years)
@MrJenkosMaximos it says it in the name!

Author Skip63 (2 years)
so he respetcts the thin chick.

Author Dub Brother (2 years)
Surely, "chit shatting"?

Author ovavoo (5 years)
Text book

Author RyderRooRoo (3 years)
Me and my friend just monged out to the main menu of season 2 for three was amazing

Author dantesbuttock (4 years)
Lovely stuff. - - Shakin' Stevens

Author drummerman1989 (3 years)
16 people can't play air bass.

Author r0galik (3 years)
My name's Graham

Author Skip63 (2 years)
Is the Teddy Bear Grahm Norton?

Author Nathan Lewis (3 years)
How anyone can dislike that beggars belief

Author Lovinthe Platapus (3 years)
You'll huff and you'll puff and you'll...where's the other one? Where's the
other pig?

Author stratocaster1986able (4 years)
"I'm shit-chatting" -might have to use that some time.

Author Mike Essue (4 years)
I sold this Mikita cordless power drill in the local paper, and then 6
months later, i received the very same one back as a christmas present
from my brother in law, minus the power pack...I see, so you uh, the the
present you gave away you then got back...yeah, thats it, g'bye. Alan's
Funny Stories lmao.

Author sollyjim (4 years)
Classic Queen

Author frank-edouard Wozniak (4 years)
@maitai1971 in fact the bass player's name is Pino Palladino

Author Travellinghobo2 (5 years)
"We're from the Inland Revenue" "No you're not" Don't know why but that
makes me laugh

Author Dub Brother (2 years)
Dan! Dan! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN!! DAN!!!

Author Ordsall66 (5 years)
The only thing that spoils this is the shitty laughter track

Author stankler (4 years)
i love that phrase..a partridge among the sums up alan very
well....oh and theres an executive motor inn near where i tempted
to go in and be him with me mates.order a round of ladyboys.cheers alan.i
hope you get your show back .those guys at the bbc..twats to use
commonspeak .yoyu have fans al..big al.

Author midianholic (3 years)
Love the way he takes the imaginary guitar off.

Author craig bledge (4 years)
good wen he boots the door open!

Author hididdlyho82 (5 years)
I bought series two the other day out of Asda for £5!(cashback) and him
playing the air bass bit is the menu screen!(Jurassic park!)

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