9 Ball World Pool Championships 2006 Efren Reyes vs Dennis Orcollo Part1

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Author Jundam Sulaiman ( ago)
nice game efren

Author Tom McMahan ( ago)
camera man needs glasses

Author Reza Arisandy Sinaga ( ago)
INDONESIA lebi jago,si anas namanya sama si aziz.kalo si reyes kalah

Author Armound “Conye” Ghoorchian ( ago)

Author Xanh ( ago)
michella tab is so skinny in here, but beautiful also !! as always, love

Author hendinho87 ( ago)
NO he does not are you insane. Il be at dcc and we'll see if he gives SVB
or appleton that kind of sport hahah

Author jingxumich ( ago)
Can anyone teach me how to pronounce

Author FullTiltRico ( ago)
As of Jan. 2012, Orcollo gives anyone in the world the 8, 9, & 10 playing
10 ball for $50,000 a set at Derby City Classic. That is THE top comment
for sure. He is a sick human on the tables.

Author jarvis popo ( ago)
@crazyyankyisback give me the link please ") 

Author Kory Mack ( ago)
---——-/´¯/)——--(\¯`\ ———/—//———--\\—\ ——--/—//————-\\—\
—-/´¯/—/´¯\———/¯`\—\¯`\ -/-/--/—/—/-|_—-_|-\---\—\—\-\ -
(-(—(—(—/-)--)--(--(-\—)—)—)-) -\————\/--/—\—\/————/ --\———— /——\-————/
—\-———-(———)———-/ To all the magician haters. 

Author Rand0mAsian ( ago)
@crazyyankyisback link or it didnt happen

Author instereovideos ( ago)
"It's the magician, Efren, BATA, R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-EYES!"

Author saleem el-hatan (846 years ago)
he is legend 

Author saleem el-hatan (868 years ago)

Author mikel sison ( ago)
@crazyyankyisback Can you give me the link? thanks 

Author abdi5501boone ( ago)
dat double was an accident hahaha

Author Sunshine12227 ( ago)
god thats a sexy referee

Author capoman1 ( ago)
The "pool gods" haha!

Author Alejandro Caballero ( ago)
Too mucho shit on the Orcollo´s first break. that´s why he lost the cueball

Author Koh Liang Wei ( ago)
Efren world rank 34? :O

Author Kah Hao Tay ( ago)
woo at the introduction at the start. reeeeeeeeeeeeyes

Author coltsuperocean10 ( ago)
nothing special. 147 in snooker? Yea thought so, you guys have no chance
and no talent for the proper "stick"!! hahaha

Author deliberately ( ago)
Thank you very much!!

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