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Author Reza Arisandy Sinaga (1 month)
INDONESIA lebi jago,si anas namanya sama si aziz.kalo si reyes kalah

Author Armound Ghoorchian (1 year)

Author FullTiltRico (3 years)
As of Jan. 2012, Orcollo gives anyone in the world the 8, 9, & 10 playing
10 ball for $50,000 a set at Derby City Classic. That is THE top comment
for sure. He is a sick human on the tables.

Author jarvis popo (3 years)
@crazyyankyisback give me the link please ")

Author instereovideos (3 years)
"It's the magician, Efren, BATA, R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-EYES!"

Author vegasmachboylv (5 years)
i beat efrin reyes back in 1933 i was at the age of 9 he was 35 i beat him
10 games to none. after he finaly gave up and told me: "you're better then
me" lmaoooo what a bull shit story. lol

Author edenmamax (6 years)
nice vid!

Author abdi5501boone (4 years)
dat double was an accident hahaha

Author boysinga (5 years)
ang pinaka gwaapaaah!

Author saleem el-hatan (3 years)

Author Koh Liang Wei (4 years)
Efren world rank 34? :O

Author Alejandro Caballero (4 years)
Too mucho shit on the Orcollo´s first break. that´s why he lost the cueball

Author Rand0mAsian (3 years)
@crazyyankyisback link or it didnt happen

Author deliberately (6 years)
Thank you very much!!

Author mikel sison (3 years)
@crazyyankyisback Can you give me the link? thanks

Author Gormanblvd (6 years)
Thanks for the video! The more Efren Reyes, the better.

Author jefry2121 (4 years)
check out my pool vids , i am 14 yrs old 9 months playing

Author capoman1 (4 years)
The "pool gods" haha!

Author mrmaot6 (6 years)
super magic efren

Author jingxumich (3 years)
Can anyone teach me how to pronounce

Author Kory Mack (3 years)
---——-/´¯/)——--(\¯`\ ———/—//———--\\—\ ——--/—//————-\\—\
—-/´¯/—/´¯\———/¯`\—\¯`\ -/-/--/—/—/-|_—-_|-\---\—\—\-\ -
(-(—(—(—/-)--)--(--(-\—)—)—)-) -\————\/--/—\—\/————/ --\———— /——\-————/
—\-———-(———)———-/ To all the magician haters.

Author hendinho87 (2 years)
NO he does not are you insane. Il be at dcc and we'll see if he gives SVB
or appleton that kind of sport hahah

Author Xanh (2 years)
michella tab is so skinny in here, but beautiful also !! as always, love

Author saleem el-hatan (3 years)
he is legend

Author alkoholika (5 years)
who did that world rank? That is just plain stupid this guys are great,
must be on top ten. And i saw on some video that Ronnie Alcano is on rank
100+?not sure the exact. Who did the ranking anyway? I really like to see
who's on top ten? full of british? or americans? that is just wrong!!!

Author Kah Hao Tay (5 years)
woo at the introduction at the start. reeeeeeeeeeeeyes

Author coltsuperocean10 (5 years)
nothing special. 147 in snooker? Yea thought so, you guys have no chance
and no talent for the proper "stick"!! hahaha

Author Sunshine12227 (4 years)
god thats a sexy referee

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