Master of Tides - Lindsey Stirling

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Author Eleonora Rini ( ago)
I don't know why but this music makes me want to cry with joy! Come on Lindsey, show 'em what you got!

Author Tutorials ( ago)
love this video the most
you now
that video made me to love your songs

Author bubble gum ( ago)
Quelle beauté 😍😍🎻🎻🎼

Author 김미영 ( ago)
우와 완전 멋져요!!! 이 모습을 본 어린아이들도 어른들도 순수하고 아름다운 꿈의 마법을 불어넣어줄 멋진 무대네요!!!

Author The Prince, the Rose & La Muerte ( ago)
shes a gift to the world

Author VK ( ago)
you are awesome Lindsay sterling i listen to you music while studying and it helps me to concentrate well.

Author Славс Светлый ( ago)
живака неадобно бусурмане !!!!!!!!!

Author Славс Светлый ( ago)
но на постановку похоже (((

Author Славс Светлый ( ago)

Author Славс Светлый ( ago)
на звуке тоьно бы в штанишки ! )

Author Славс Светлый ( ago)
хороши цигане !!! )

Author Karolina Smulskel ( ago)
this miusic is very good

Author EXE ( ago)
Капец, это...это...ЭТО ШЕДВРРР, не могу перестать слушать))Просто, игра от БОГА

Author R. Chamberlain ( ago)
This song is amazing, Such a good upbeat tune and I can only wish I were one of the lucky ones to get to see it filmed! Is it just me or is there a part near the beginning that sounds a lot like the tune from The Last of the Mohicans?

Author SBoB ( ago)
Тот случай, когда хочется сделать колонки на всю громкость. Очень красиво и душевно!

Author BlackWolfx22 ( ago)
Best video so far, really well thought out, with the water in the background and the dancing in the water, timings just perfect and a really fun song to listen to, I really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing.

Author Shortcut Shadow ( ago)
Amazing! Simply Amazing!

Author Brother Alaric ( ago)

Author Arianne Gervais ( ago)
Do you ever tour in Canada???

Author dolores valenzuela ( ago)
I would like to listen to David Garret and Lindsey play together.

Author Mari741s ( ago)
This is so awesome!
I love your videos!

Author Hicham Louham ( ago)
c"est comme j'ai chargé a sauvé la ville de (RABAT)

Author cool man ( ago)
can not stop watching this ur vidoe and u inspire my friend

Author The Italian dude ( ago)
I have the 1st gen UE BOOM and it's brilliant it's sounds good is loud and it's water resistant (I use it in the shower everyday) but the battery life isn't great when the volume is up full but what can you expect from a WIRELESS speaker that is 2 yrs old and has been used everyday I would definitely buy the 2nd gen one and connect the two together AND Lindsay is AMAZING I have fallen in love with her music and I'm obsessed with it I LOVE her most recent video hold my heart ❤️.

Author Maks M ( ago)
Lindsey the best! A po polsku to wyjebana w kosmos ;)

Author Christina Immanuel ( ago)

Author Max Hanson ( ago)
Lindsey Stirling is my favorite musician! Love this song!

Author ya genybr ( ago)
Привет с Алтая.Красивое шоу.Класс+но.Удачи.

Author Reymax Sanches Puentes ( ago)
dale like al video si quieres lindsey vuelva a colombia

Author Sundeep Khatri ( ago)

Author Lufti aja Aja ( ago)
A gain a gain...

Author Yareli Sanchez ( ago)
video super jenial

Author Ruthyelle Pimentel ( ago)
Você é muito tope parabéns.

Author mérovée le mérovingien ( ago)
Du grand art sur une si petite surface... Prodigieuse (eux).

Author Orley serna ( ago)
Genial, muy bueno

Author DoubleA Inc. ( ago)
lindsey sterling btw me and my friend annebelle are probably ur bigest fans. you made me want to join my middle school orchestra when i heard this song. because i felt every emotion that was put into the song, like u can feel the emotion in every note and it made me tear up a bit honestly. but me and my friend are learning Roundtable Rival and we are only in 6th grade. my teacher said im a prodigy . i want to play like you and play from my heart and let other people feel the emotion in every not i play. you're probably are never gonna read this but its worth a try

Author Gabrielle Losi Paras ( ago)
hey captain jack come jear this!
me:master of tides
jack:what a coincidence

Author Cristiele Moretti ( ago)
muito legau eu amei😄

Author Finn the human XoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoX ( ago)
So it is true, ViolinBeard

Author ConstanzaB SS ( ago)
es perfecta !

Author Kerolle Costa ( ago)
E verdade nos
comentarios so tem lingua estrangeira

Author Kerolle Costa ( ago)
Finalmente alguem fala minha lingua

Author Gillian Alexandra ( ago)
so I was trying to to figure out, was the speakers and the guy who pushed play at the beginning all for the actual audio track or did she actually perform while trying not to get the violin wet?

Author ATeam ( ago)
Does anyone think their costumes look like steampunk pirates?

Author Robert House ( ago)
great :)

Author Laraa Taisa ( ago)
amo violino

Author Adrian Cigher ( ago)
I usually find these video ideas silly, but this one is great.

Author Jose Gil ( ago)
Lindsey u r awesome let me know when r u coming to san francisco i will love to see one of your shows please come soon

Author Imma Arrue ( ago)
Gracias Lindsey

Author Sebastian Wawruch ( ago)
I wanted to see with my own eyes !!
It is magic ...

Author XxREDKITTENxX Gamer ( ago)

Author Алия Хабирова ( ago)

Author Łukasz lukasss ( ago)
People can't feel and be happy at the moment only record....

Author Killerdude3GT ( ago)

Author Laura Cocolina ( ago)
Come to barcelona please !!!

Author Cleiton Haney ( ago)
lindo arrasssou

Author JL MUSIC ( ago)

Author AMM Productions ( ago)
Was this in Las Vegas?

Author Dory Hughes ( ago)
You are such a ray of sunshine

Author acinoreolim33 ( ago)
la amo!!!! lo único que siempre me pregunte es como no se le arruino el violín con el agua..

Author Atosha Harris ( ago)

Author Atosha Harris ( ago)

Author Atosha Harris ( ago)
enjoy your afternoon

Author Kuba Mrozek ( ago)
WOW Lindsey striling WOW LIKE LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW MUSIC

Author Jennifermoreira Moreira ( ago)
muito bom

Author Oscar Garcia ( ago)
working with Daft Punk? they barely do live! that would be cool!

Author Laila B ( ago)
it's beautiful

Author ameen zeed ( ago)
about superheroes ;o ? u should make a superhero video it would be cool!

Author Sasha Rawle ( ago)
i love you lindsey

Author swagkitty 123 ( ago)
this reminded me of assasin Creed sorry if I spell it wrong

Author sara cardoso ( ago)
This is art!

Author Zoe Wahrlich ( ago)
I am your biggest fan

Author cartoonist art ( ago)
I liked the video, it has a talent uen

Author jlee Bass ( ago)
Seriously, little things like this in life shared from someone's artistry...this is what makes life so beautiful. This is magical. :-)

Author lilly Lilly ( ago)

Author lilly Lilly ( ago)

Author elizabeth Rogers ( ago)
awsome water effects!

Author Emilee Daggett ( ago)
This really looks like it was so much fun to do! It's incredibly beautiful too

Author Igor Souza ( ago)
Muito boa suas musicas...poucos existem com essa genialidade musical!

Author Robert Hoff ( ago)

Author André Tranacher ( ago)
Lindsey please came to Graz in Austria, your music is so great

Author midoribishi ( ago)
This was pretty freaking awesome, and Lindsey you rock! Plus, Pirates are cool!

Author Tibo Smolders ( ago)
Love how no one is really watching this amazing performance, they're all just recording it on their phones. Honestly makes me sad for our society

Author Alex Odinson ( ago)
I loved her

Author Magdalen Eaton ( ago)
Love the music!!!!

Author Артур в танке ( ago)
more than 50 millions of views - very goog

Author Helianny Lopez ( ago)
Lindsey Stirling es mi favorita!
Eres la mejor lindsey!😊

Author karla gabriela orozco lopez ( ago)
i love how you play that violin

Author enny sajankova ( ago)

Author Maury Willows ( ago)
She is very talented

Author sergio arnoldo duran marilao ( ago)
simplemente impresionantes wuauuuuuu

Author My_Patronus_Is_A_Tiger ( ago)
So is that violin wireless?

Author Lufti aja Aja ( ago)
Biola quini

Author Hisador Abramovitz ( ago)
I wish she would do the roar of the lightning dragon fused into a tango of moon light shadow

Author Eti PurnamaSari ( ago)
love this so much...

Author Alicia Jones ( ago)
When you see the picture when the video starts, you can see that the mans leg is twisted

Author Sith wiliam-s ( ago)
nothing more to say :O

Author Allyson Harney ( ago)
The boys are sooooooo hot and handsome. like my boyfriend.

Author Allyson Harney ( ago)
But I'm not saying Linzy doesn't tho. haahahahahah

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