Mata Mathakai - Sinhala old song

Sri Lankan old love song
Punya Kathriarachchi & Hector Silva

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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 4:30
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Uploaded by: Thushan S. Withana-Gamage
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Author Menik Bandara (2 months)

Author sk malviya (5 months)

Author sarath wijerathna (10 months)
lovely song

Author thilak sunanda (1 year)

Author thilak sunanda (1 year)

Author sl2kassa (7 years)
Dear Thushan76 thank you for adding this song if you can please include the
names of the singers as well, This song is sung by Punya Kathriarachchi &
Hector Silva thanks again!

Author dammika1 (6 years)
old is gold for ever. great song. thanks for posting

Author Thivanka Fernando (6 years)
Good work! keep it up.

Author Brindly Mousten (6 years)
Lovly !!

Author Ranjith Lorensuhewa (1 year)
it's wonderful I'm lucky to hear it again thanks lot.!

Author jag Illustrator (3 years)
Really went down memory lane with your music,thanking you for posting and
wake me up.

Author sa (7 years)
Wow very nice and lovely.

Author Thilakarathna Mudiyanse (2 years)
Dear Mrs Suki Jones,Sri lanka must be in line with rest of the world,no
doubt about that.Once SL is free with '' BADA GOSTHARA WAADI''
politicians,oll buddhist children attend DAHAM PASALA, parctice law and
order exactly by police and ather autorities and all people must work for
their living and for the country.The only SL would be a better place.

Author ThePushpamali (3 years)
@mrsSukiJones You've been misled by someone it seems. Huge number of young
people sacrified their lives in the 30 year long war and nobody forced them
to do so. The president and the government faced the international pressure
successfully. Have you ever heard about people who fed and cared their
enemies. Yes ofcourse we love our fellow country men & nature. most of all
we love our country. You can not come to such a conclusion on my country
only by looking at a very small part of it.

Author pkarandagoda00 (4 years)
what a beautiful song..... after i found this i listen this over n over
more than half a day.. many thanks who ever publish this song

Author dilannawagamuwage (6 years)
Very nice song.

Author slavi4grozn (5 years)
Thushan....this is a song I havent heard in a long time. After listening to
it yesterday, thats all I was singing the whole day. Thanks so much.

Author upaliwicky54 (7 years)
this is an ideal song to listen lonely

Author redmalli (6 years)
Great song - thanks a lot

Author Sumedha MM (2 years)
Great work Thushan. Accept my best Regards!

Author leslie thamel (1 year)
sanjeewa.........wachana nehe ma laga obeta sthuthi karanna....."pin

Author NuNu Perez (7 years)
wow how beautifull

Author Sumedha Obeysekera (3 years)
this is one of the best songs I have been searching for.. pin sidda wenawa
share kalata

Author surangalk (5 years)
thanks for sharing this. I've been searchi'n this since very long time.

Author Dinura Pradeep Balasooriya (3 years)
Great! thanx a lot man.

Author Rumesh Kumara (1 year)
thank u very much for uploading a old gold song may u have the courage to
do things like this. thank u thousand times

Author D.T.B. Ratnayake (4 years)
my dear thushan, " mata mathakai oba" one of my favorites and could not
hear for a long period. many many........ thanks for uploading this song
Athula Smasiri , Piyasiri Wijeratne & Dewananda Wayidyasekara are also have
sung memorable songs in 60s & 70s pl.if you can upload songs of above
mention singers

Author A N (5 years)
This song brought me some sweet nostalgic feelings from the past and made
me really happy.! How wonderful, your small contribution brought happiness
for many of us. Thank you Thushan.!

Author sudathdahanayaka (5 years)
Dear Thusan Mama godak sathu una me song eka nisa, samahara dawas walata
10-20 times me song eka ahanawa, nice live pictures Thanks lot

Author fluture andrei (3 years)
i like this country and culture because arpove the realy beutifoul things
in life like nature and love eachother.. not like pc games mc donald and
violance!!!!!!! respect

Author CHARITH GUNARATNA (2 years)
thank for uploading !! Really thanks !! my mother loves this alot !

Author leslie thamel (1 year)
sumeda..anna hari wachanaya pin sidda wenawa........mata den 62
years...1971 di mama unne former priminister madam sirimawoge guard force
eke. dawasak mama araliyagaha mandeeraye piti pasa loku araliya gahak udata
wela me sinduwawa himihita kiyakiya unna.mage guard commander me sinduwa
ahagana idala mata kiwa..uba hari lassanata sinduwa keewa kiyala... den
mama inne saudi wala..eth athithaya ada newatha mathakayata awa....god
bless you.........

Author pkarandagoda00 (4 years)

Author Suki Jones (3 years)
@ThePushpamali I did not say Sri Lankans do not love our country (Yes, I
too am a Sri Lankan). What I was trying to say is that there are still many
things in Sri Lanka that need work, and that those things should not be
forgotten. What I was trying to say is that Sri Lanka still needs to
recover from being an ethnocracy. The gap between certain groups of people
has grown throughout the ages, and for it to be restored, time is needed.
In my opinion, Sri Lankans could love each other a bit more.

Author Henri Lanka (5 years)
istuti ! very nice vid ! Henri

Author redmalli (6 years)

Author pkarandagoda00 (4 years)
@dammika1 what a beautiful song

Author Suki Jones (3 years)
@Undercontrolll I love the country as well, but I think it is a bit naïve
to say that they all love nature and each other. Last time I was there, the
country had just come out of a civil war. There is no press freedom, they
lock up every politician that does not agree with the president, Colombo
has a McDonald =P. All youngsters want to buy pc games, and people claim to
be buddhist, but at the same time they drink tons of alcohol I still love
Sri Lanka though...

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