Chomsky refutes "libertarian" "anarcho"- capitalism

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Author Johny Diala (1 month)
Libertarians have this nutty delusion that there is some sort of "free
contract" between a potentate and his poor workers. This is largely due to
the fact that they are white, upper-middle class males who have never
endured real poverty. I'd suggest these people try going without food for a
week and see how "free" they are to say no to it once it is offered to
them, even if the person offering them the food is forcing them to do
egregious labour. Capitalism is simply a form of structural coercion; it
exploits the dire situation people are in. It's the farthest thing from
"voluntary"; it's like saying if somone put a gun to your head to try and
mug you, you would be "free" to not give him the money.

Author The Critical G (3 months)
So, according, to Comrade Chomsky, libertarianism means "...power ought to
be given into the hands of private, unaccountable tyrannies..."

When was the last time a Starbucks employee held a gun to your head and
ordered that you buy coffee?

"...even worse than state tyrannies, because there the public has some kind
of rule..."

Excellent, I'm sure that the FDA considers itself very accountable to
citizens who write letters, as do the Federal Reserve, the enforcers of
federal anti-drug laws in States that legalised marijuana, etc.

Why do people listen to this guy?

Author eyeseethroughyou (3 months)
Gotta love all the right wing proprietarians trolling Chomsky videos. Why
aren't you pseudo-intellectuals off watching Molyneux and Schiff videos,
wanking off any time one of them mentions "FREE MARKETS" and "LIBERTY" ?

Author To Hell With Our Orders (1 month)
Private, unaccountable tyranny.... sounds more like the NSA than best buy

Author Jm Mac (1 month)
Libertarianism /capitalism is non-stop shape shifting /derailing
/misdirection to break "Socratic Questions" (to mess up pop-corn trail
reasoning that explains how capi /libert uniquely creates and defends the
liberalism /feminism it bemoans).

And if it dies, most things western culture hold dear will too...

Author gaaaaaaaaaaah1 (2 months)
I hate this pretentious person

Author Justin Lee (5 months)
But without government who will murder millions of people?

Author Jorg Ancrath (5 months)
Coming from someone who tried to downplay the Cambodian genocide to talk up
the potential for collective farming in the region I am little and less

Author Brooks Gorden (3 months)
any good videos of real libertarians owning this guy? 

Author To Hell With Our Orders (1 month)
Ok wow so in a video titled "Chomsky refutes "libertarian" "anarcho"-
capitalism" He endorses a quote from Adam Smith "Under conditions of
perfect liberty, markets will lead to perfect equality." First of all let's
forget the word perfect as we are dealing with reality and there are no
"perfect circles" and abstract concepts. If you abolish the state
completely and interactions between individuals could be completely
voluntary (which is about as close to perfect liberty as you can get), that
would lead to the highest level of equality. Chomsky follows by saying, "If
that were possible maybe so." - GREAT! "But it's not in the cards" - Why
not? "oh nevermind the argument probably doesn't work, its fallacious." -
Ok, go ahead and don't show why... and don't explain why your personal
belief of "a free society will never be possible" is more likely than not.

Meanwhile, the assertion that the highest level of liberty possible would
likely lead to the greatest amount of equality possible goes un-refuted.
Thank you, you've done some good work proving the ancap argument in this
video that you probably just named wrong.

Author Rich Beer (1 day)
Assumptions about libertarians in this thread are among the most laughable
I've read. Statetheism is strong here. Regardless decentralization on a
massive scale is just around the corner. Decentalization of the internet
(ala MaidSafe), decentralization of the marketplace (ala Open Bazzar),
decentralization of currencies (ala cryptocoins), decentralization of
government (ala Sea Steading Institute) ... but who will build the roads?
You are absolutely right, scratch everything I said, we as a species could
never get along without a coercive central planning agency. How foolish of

Author Vuk11 (5 months)
2:40 he is saying unsubsidised capitalism has existed as if that is a claim
that a free market has existed. Africa being the continent with the highest
regulation I don't know how we can say that it's an example of a free

Places like "muh Somalia" were failed states instantly taken over by
warlords. To an Ancap, Statism = Violent Coercive monopoly, which is
exactly what a Warlord it. We do not advocate revolt, as that does leave it
open for Warlords and outside states, we advocate gradual
multi-generational change, towards a more morally based society, one based
on principle and free association. 

Author Ben Lee (8 days)
Okay, so he goes right off the bat, proving that he has no concept of what
"capitalism" actually means and gives his own definition to it, which
differs vastly from the definition anarcho-capatalists give it, making his
"refutation" utterly pointless. You also have to be one hell of a wanker to
attack people and movements on the basis of the vocabulary they use,
instead of the ideas they promote. And Chomsky obviously doesn't see beyond
the semantics/verbiage treshold. In an anarcho-capitalist society, "waged
labor", would just be "services exchanged over a period of time, with a
mutually voluntary contract signed by both parties to make sure it remains
mutually beneficial", implying no more hierarchy than there exists between
me and a car salesman when I buy a car from him. It's called free trade.
This doesn't change magically when you trade services instead of products.
It also doesn't magically turn into slavery because the trade lasts over an
agreed period of time instead of a single occurance. I seriously don't know
why people put this man on a pedestal, when his thinking process stops at
mere semantics and vocabulary. Contracted work in an anarcho-capitalist
society would be voluntary, mutually beneficial interaction, not a form of
hierarchy. If I pay an electrician to fix my electricity, I pay him because
I want his services more than I want my money and he performs the services
because he wants my money more than his time. Mutually beneficial win-win
voluntary interaction right there. Now, if the electrician needs a few days
to do this, and we agree to put this in a contract, does it suddenly imply
that either party "owns" the other now? Hell no. The only factors that make
our society fundamentally non-capitalist are government taxation,
regulation and favoratism. It's not capitalism, free trade or a free market
when government enforces monopolies or subsidizes privileges for one
economic player and steals from the rest to do this. The reason why we have
wage slavery is because government steals half your paycheck and makes
labor incredibly expensive for employers, meaning less jobs, meaning a
higher risk when you quit your job and a real possibility that you won't
find any better if you're dissatisfied with your compensation. Government
is a crucial factor in creating the phenomenon of wage slavery. Chomsky
differentiates between government and other forms of social hierarchy as if
they aren't one and the same, as if our current socio-economic problems and
current lifestyles aren't all just symptoms of having government as an
institution. And from the moment that a person denies that the mess we're
in exists BECAUSE we have taxation, overregulation and government
favoratism in the market, that's the moment I lose interest in the
fantasies he comes up with. I would even love to debate him on this if he
could just get rid of the whole "I was born before you and in MY time,
anarchists were more anarchistic than all these youngsters who use words
differently than I do" attitude.

Author Michael Giove (4 months)
Chomsky refutes "libertarian" "anarcho"- capitalism

Author 9thchild (5 months)
So because we can't reach perfect liberty (in his opinion), then we
shouldn't even bother to try for more liberty than we have? And because
capitalism can't work without perfect liberty we shouldn't bother with that
either? Very hard to follow his logic. I know he's famous and all, but
sometimes people are just wrong. 

Author ChasingTruth TakingFlak (3 months)
This is the biggest and most important socialist deception, that
capitalists have distorted language.

Socialists are the true culprits of language confusion, they will tell you
that libertarianism means being the property of your fellow man. They will
tell you that liberty takes the form of mutual societal bondage.

Chomsky is an intelligent man, which is why he's able to pass this bullshit
right under people's noses without them noticing. He turns the expression
of concepts through language into a "he said, she said" pissing contest
about "X" political ideology owning "Y" words.

Author muledunn (3 months)
What a crock of shit, was hoping for something challenging. Libertarian
ideas such as not locking ppl up for smoking weed is tyrannical ? Noam
Chomsky is the dumbest intellectual's intellectual 

Author cerealbole (3 months)
This video is just full of ad hominem attacks. He hasn't actually
presented any arguments. Nothing to refute.

As to his claim to be an anarchist...the word "anarchist" comes from the
Greek word anarchos meaning "one without rulers." In other videos he has
described anarcho-syndicalism, proposing "democratic control" of all
institutions in society. He has also proposed forcing everyone to work the
jobs that nobody wants to work. What does "one without rulers" mean to
you? Does it mean that you are free most of the time but not all of the
time? If your peers have the right to vote to force you to dig ditches,
are they not ruling over you in this instance? My understanding of anarchy
is not that I sometimes get the right to rule you and you sometimes get to
rule me depending on how the mob votes. If someone who understands his
philosophy better could please clarify this for me I would greatly
appreciate it. 

Author Travis Collier (6 months)
This analysis is spot on. In fact the first person to call himself a
libertarian was the anarcho-communist DeJacque who criticized the free
market religion triumphed by a-cap loons. Libertarian ideals in the most
simple sense are the antithesis of authoritarianism.

Author esmifrado (7 months)
Why is this guy so respected? I never heard him saying anything sensefull
or based in real facts...

Author wungabunga (1 month)
Chomsky owning you 'freedom!' drones. haha. Loving the shamefaced anger in
the comments section from undergraduate know it alls. 

Author Eric Schuchman (1 month)

Author Israel R (2 months)
propaganda. can't those socialist stop distorting everything?

Author Cipher Veri (5 months)
Let me guess, Stefan Molyneux Fanboys flooded the comment section of an
outstanding clip of chomsky refuting Anarcho-Capitalism and proceeded to
demonstrate how little they actually know about the definitions of words.

Author Durruti Bielski (5 months)
Do you know where i can read the stuff from chomsky?
Some internet library somewhere?

Author Ian G (2 months)
Fooking commie spook. Time to go bye-bye already, no? Gei in dreard

Author Why (2 months)
Governments are solely responsible for every evil known to man from the
plastic soup we call oceans to hemorrhoids. In fact, if it wasn't for the
dedicated efforts of the Koch brothers and a plucky band of oil companies
we would all be victims of the U.N. plot to bring the world to it's knees
with a carbon tax and ultimately take our guns away because, let's face it,
American citizens with their guns are the only thing preventing world wide

I just don't understand why Chomsky doesn't realize that the best way to
fix all problems is to allow corporations to do business as they see fit,
unfettered by nefarious concepts like the environment and social justice. I
mean really, what does he know? He's just some guy in youtube videos
whereas I've read Rothbard.

Author Gufberg (6 months)
Its truely comedic to see half-assed idiots, who can barely type out a
grammatically correct sentence, talk about how "stupid" this guy is or how
"he is just and old man who doesn't know what he is a talking about".
He is one of the most renowned and respected Professors in the world. His
ideas have sent reverberations through the fields of History, Economics,
Philosophy and ofcourse linguistics. He is daily invited to University
Symposiums all across the world ... What about you? What are you doing that
gives you the authority to call this guy an idiot? Get out of here.

Author Kingr Lindorm (3 months)
Chomsky is a boring yet attention seeking idiot who probably would not
survive a day trying to earn a living outside of the failed and highly
corrupted socialist welfare like system of academia today. 

Author Metaterrestrial (7 months)
Anarcho-capitalist societies would never develop beyond scattered pig
farms. No roads, no internet – just a few unhealthy families living with
their backwards free trade indoctrination. The only question is whether the
government serves special interests or the population, because it's not
going anywhere. Libertarianism or anarcho-capitalism isn't even worth a
debate, a total fantasy. The problem is there's enough propaganda victims
to take it all seriously and support destructive policies that serve the
corps and the elite.

Author TakishidoKamen9193 (4 months)
"Statism": A society dominated by authoritarian, collectivist, bureaucratic
institutions with limited democratic control.
"Libertarianism": A society dominated by authoritarian, collectivist,
bureaucratic institutions with ZERO democratic control.

Author Nick Coons (4 months)
In order to refute something, you have to make arguments. Chomsky made no
arguments in this video, he clarified what he believed historical people
meant when they wrote stuff, and provided conclusion that didn't draw from
those statements. Therefore, he refuted nothing. The title of this video is

Author Juan Manuel Correa Caicedo (5 months)
The division of labour leads to so much efficiency that i can get 15 years
of education without working. That's not as stupid and as ignorant for a
human to be. If adam smith said it, adam smith was wrong

Author version191 (5 months)
he is right libertarian and anarcho capitalists are absolute fucktard

Author Thomas m (5 months)
Ughhh i can't stand chomsky he talks such shiiiiiit 

Author Mark V (5 months)
I don't see a refutation here.

Author leGrand Fromage (5 months)
This makes me want to read Adam Smith. His philosophies sound more
complicated than I assumed.

Author zg76 (6 months)
It's too bad Prof. Chomsky has so little and so bad knowledge in Economy.

Author themi90 (6 months)
Adam Smith hated capitalism?

Author Marcus Porcius Cato TheYounger (9 months)
Chomsky is a linguist (SP?) What can he possibly know.
He does not criticise Economics. He criticized some simple minded straw men
and makes up Historical Facts. He does not even understand what Economics
is about. Example:Are you both better off when you trade? If prices go up,
does demand OR quantity demand fall? Ceteris Paribus? Is Aggregate Demand a
real demand curve?
Chomsky is only listened to by college Marxist liberals who want the USA to
be Socialized either in the European sense or the Classical sense. In
short, he is a prophet for Sociology, Anthropology, Pol. Sci…..etc. None of
these are Sciences. If you think the afore mentioned are sciences,tell me
where is their Laboratory were they prove causality. In Economics the
Laboratories are Game theory and Microeconomics Models. Economists laugh at
these Chomsky followers. They are simple not worth the effort to take them
seriously. So why does anyone listen to Him or Zinn or any Humanity or Arts
or Literature Professors? It is baffling ?

Author AskaLizzy (6 months)
A rich person or a large company, without government to service it and
protect its monopoly, can't cage you or kill you if you disobey it, and
governments only present the theatre, the appearance, that people get a
voice, that it isn't there to cage and murder those who disobey the one it
really serves, the special interests with pull. When he says "everywhere
else" he means in Marxist dominated countries, where the Frankfurt School
social engineering has mind controlled everyone.

Author 70matusz (6 months)
Nice title of the video, but highly deceptive.... he doesn't say anything
to refute anarcho-capitalism. He just says that words have changed
meaning.... yes that is what words do over time. 

Author Alfonso Gutierrez (5 months)
The tenets of anarchism is brutal and wreckless. Anarchism and its
perspective represent a society that has no accountability or
responsibility to its social compact. 

Author Urbestestbuddy (9 months)
Libertarian Party is an oxymoron. Libertarianism opposes the initiation of
force and political parties aim to control and participate in a monopoly of

Author Alfonso Gutierrez (5 months)
Libertarianism is full of shit...its premises are simply delusional and
idiotic like their gods Ayn Rand, Adam Smith and the worst of these clowns,
the crazed old man Ron Paul.

Author Rich Beer (5 months)
Chomsky is brilliant on many levels but is not all knowing. He has ideas,
some good, some great and others maybe neither but at least he has ideas
that provoke others to question their own beliefs. Whether you agree with
the viability of anarcho-capitalism or not, it is worth looking at if only
because it is becoming increasingly popular with a subculture of highly
intelligent youth.

Author Tsadi9Mem9Khet9 (7 months)
Those who believe in attempting to bring about equality do not believe in

Collectivism is totally idiotic and to give an example, its proponents
simultaneously claim that bringing about a collectivist system is justified
because the "proletariat" have been wrongly treated by the "bourgeoisie",
and that collectivists are justified in seeking to establish totally amoral
and immoral equality because there is no such thing as wrong.

Author Edward Welsch (7 months)
Chomsky is totally confusing and distorting what libertarianism means and
its history. This is a short definition, and it applies no matter the
location or time period: In a free society, we own our selves and our
property and we have the equal opportunity to exercise rights over those.
This is the "perfect equality" of rights. What it doesn't include, and is
the source of Chomsky's confusion, is equality of outcomes. We our selves
differ just as our property differs, and our outcomes differ as a result.

What people in free societies don't have a right to do is to take another
person's rights away in order to make outcomes more "fair," which is what
Chomsky is advocating. Free societies don't aggress on personal rights in
the name of making outcomes equal. Certainly the current societies in the
U.S. and Western Europe fall short of being completely free by this
definition, but they are an improvement upon the past.

Chomsky calls this free system of equal rights and inequal outcomes
"extreme tyranny." That does an injustice to the reality of real tyrannies
that existed for most of human history, and is ignorant of the history of
human deprivation that plagued the communist societies that tried to
guarantee the equality of outcomes that he advocates.

People should remember that Chomsky's expertise and brilliance is in the
field of linguistics. Unfortunately he's used his well deserved success in
that field as a platform to pronounce on politics and economics, where not
only is he not qualified, but he's barely coherent.

Author Anes Kurtovic (7 months)
John Doe Jr. go play some moron games...

Author darrellray1964 (7 months)
He is a socialist, plain and simple. Anarchy means no government. As much
as you left-wing nuts like to think socialism is all about the workers
controlling the means of production, it isn't. Socialism will always need
government to force people into slave labor. If you think it is anything
other than that, then you are an idiot. There is no incentive in socialism
and therefore, for socialism to exist, it will need a police state to force
people into it. Because there is no incentive, there will be no innovation
and no economic growth unless people are force to produce. A system like
that isn't sustainable. Most countries today have mixed economies that are
partly state run and capitalism. They will all collapse without
capitalism. The left blame capitalism for things that government have
caused. Think about the housing bubble, that started because of low
interest rates. The low interest rates created speculative investment
which created malinvestment. In a free market, the interest rates would
have been at equilibrium. In a free market, we wouldn't be experiencing
boom and bust markets. In a free market, competition will keep prices
down. Prices go up when government gets involved in markets. And then you
can add inflation. Government creates inflation through monetary policy.
Inflation is getting out of control because government is printing too
much currency to pay for interest on their debt. Therefore, the purchasing
power of the U.S. Dollar diminishes.

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