Charades with Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Fallon

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  • abdulhaseeb muslim
    abdulhaseeb muslim 16 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon is a cheater.
    He only invites the celebrities to beat.

  • Zorro del Demonio
    Zorro del Demonio 1 month ago

    I would have probably just pretended to bust a nut for the "bust" word XD.

  • Wama 2015
    Wama 2015 1 month ago

  • Tiffani Joydem
    Tiffani Joydem 1 month ago

    Who clicked bc of the thumbnail and wanted to see Jennifer kick the air

  • lola buns
    lola buns 1 month ago

    was this recent? Jennifer aniston looks like she don't age that hot momma

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 1 month ago


  • Frostshokula
    Frostshokula 1 month ago

    Didn't realize Justin Chatwin had a brother

  • tubewatcher38
    tubewatcher38 1 month ago

    That WAS rigged. Jen said so.

  • montrealfilmguy
    montrealfilmguy 1 month ago

    Holy crap.That other lady is so darn cute.Wow.

  • Julestags
    Julestags 1 month ago

    Matt IS HOT

  • Christopher Clarke
    Christopher Clarke 1 month ago

    Matt from Ohio looks like the guy on the Blacklist

  • Carpediem06
    Carpediem06 1 month ago

    pretty sure these were hired actors - i had someone tell me that a lot of these fan walkons are actually (aspiring) actors ear marked by the studio for having 'charisma' to entertain the rest of the crowd. Most in the audience if not some, are these 'actors'( ??) :)

    • The Letterman chronologicals
      The Letterman chronologicals 1 month ago

      Carpediem06 pretty sure i saw that girl on the tonight show in the " Battle of The Instant Songwriters "

  • monsieur62
    monsieur62 1 month ago

    Jennifer is so damn hot, would love to hitch that tight dress up and get into her panties mmmm.

  • Michaela Hilzensauer

    Why does it look so Retro??

    • Carpediem06
      Carpediem06 1 month ago

      thought the same thing - Matt's 90's locks and that girls' 90s curls.

  • David Jett
    David Jett 1 month ago

    Not a huge Fallon fan, but I'll watch any damn thing that has Jennifer Aniston.

  • Sam S
    Sam S 1 month ago

    Aniston did a good job with an impossible task. Fallon had the easiest two I have every seen. Aniston did figure out the second one as lucky for her, she had a very good partner.

  • JonesAndYou
    JonesAndYou 1 month ago

    Jennifer Aniston, very clearly NOT a hugger...

    • Garvit Khatri
      Garvit Khatri 1 month ago

      4:51 I will kill Donald Trump if she hugged me like that. Take notes America

  • Jad Marz
    Jad Marz 1 month ago

    Matt from Ohio wth u wearing?! and the other woman like seriously u american ppl!!!

  • Straight Up
    Straight Up 1 month ago

    You came to watch this video for her legs, so did I.

  • Morris Falker
    Morris Falker 1 month ago

    Oh look ! It's Jennifer Aniston with her eternal youth.

  • Haddasa
    Haddasa 1 month ago

    Jennifer looks awesome!

  • TheNextWorstThing
    TheNextWorstThing 1 month ago

    If i was matt i wouldve hugged jen or threw arm around on the couch

  • SwaggerChiick1
    SwaggerChiick1 1 month ago

    I like Matt...I like Matt a lot!

  • Vamanos Ninja
    Vamanos Ninja 1 month ago

    Is this Jennifer Aniston from the 90's?

  • Standing tall
    Standing tall 1 month ago

    I fricken love her!!!

  • Muj M
    Muj M 1 month ago

    2:52 lmao their faces

  • I, Stifler, want 1000 subscribers

    Matt from Ohio was caught sniffing Jennifer's panties after this.

  • kukuruga
    kukuruga 1 month ago

    Do this game again dude!!! This rules

    • Brad S
      Brad S 27 days ago

      they do it all the time, theres like 50 videos of charades

  • Esmee de Boer
    Esmee de Boer 1 month ago

    Matt from Ohio is my hero

    • D
      D 1 month ago

      matt from ohio is everything

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