Masih Geet TARPTA HAI SOLI PAY (Masih geet)

Masih Geet
Passion Of The Christ

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Author Rajendra Singh (8 months)

very heart touching songs

Author zain daud (11 months)
Jesus i love you .

Author Haroon Bhatti (1 year)

Author Haroon Bhatti (1 year)
I love my dad I miss my dad

Author jafe jon (7 months)

Author Hesen hesen khayyati (2 years)

Author Reumah Javed (1 year)
yes jesus i love you

Author satish kumar Mudhai (2 years)
yeshu ne sade lai laho bahiya par asi fer v pap ch karde ha

Author Maria65363 (3 years)
Thank you Jesus for giving me eternal life.

Author Aisha24248 (4 years)
Wow! great song ,If this a song what to be a singer .May God bless this
singer forever because jesus took a crose for us for our sins .This song
make me cry. and I cann't forget our Jesus love.

Author atif pervaiz (2 years)
very nice songs

Author yllscin (5 years)
I CANT watch this video... even though i love this movie, it makes me weep
all the time, just breaks my heart.. but yes i do love this song... its
beautiful and is a good reminder of what Jesus did for us on that cross...
i just sometimes feel myself standing under that cross, crying and asking
God... "What did He just do!!!" in a complete surprise..

Author Donald Singh (4 years)
God Bless you Brother For a Beautiful song.

Author Diwakar tayde (1 year)
i love jesus........

Author Nathan Sharma (2 years)
very heart touching songs

Author Gulzar Pervaiz (1 year)
muhammad ali is geet ky wasilay khuda ne ap ko boht bless kia hi amen.

Author John Ditta (4 years)
A beautiful song. Christ is the love & saviour. God blerss you all.

Author immi2564581 (6 years)
mohammad died of poison!! what you are talking?

Author David Victor (5 years)
jai yasu de te har shay di;;;;;haleluia

Author AngelEyez268 (5 years)
I completely agree with you CHRISTforallnations, God Bless U! Praise God!
Jesus Christ IS the ONLY WAY the TRUTH and LIFE!! Hallelujah to HIS NAME!!!

Author Ankit Singh (4 years)
yeshu masih ki jai halleluia

Author khaleed mohammad (5 years)
He died u said that ur god died, and the world was going by itself without
any god as u said ursefl ur god died.

Author Maryam Adwin (2 years)
Jesus I love you!!

Author Saleem shine (1 year)
super and super geet i love it

Author G716M (4 years)
This really sad, even in today's society people make others suffer because
what they believe in, not only Chritinaity but all other relgions like
Sikhism, Islam, Judiam, Hinduism, Buddhism...

Author yllscin (4 years)
@mkhaleeds "If God is dead, everything is permissible" Dostyovesky "Indeed,
everything is permissible if God is dead, and as a result man is forlorn,
for neither within him nor without can he find anything to cling to." Jean
Paul Sartre even if you dont believe in an entity of a God... there are
many things that you do believe which has a shodow of God in them... if
there was no God, the world would be in a state of chaos and anarchy.

Author Jacintha Dsouza (1 year)
this song is very heart touching we lv u lord jesus we blive in u

Author The $harks (2 years)
its mohamad ali

Author kingLordJesus (7 years)
i almost cried listening to this song its so touching

Author navjot singh (2 years)
i love jesus are the only who should be worship

Author samkalvin (2 years)
I wish i know who is the singer?????????

Author Eli Nelson (3 years)
wow dude good job God bless u

Author HongNoi (4 years)
He died this way to take away our sin against God regardless we want it or
not. And now it is up to us to except him as a Savior. This movie moved me,
drove me to Christ my Savior. I used to ask why does it have to be this
way, now I no more questioned my God once the blood of Jesus flows in my
heart. Thank you.

Author love2lovedarling (6 years)
this how all the islam nabee had been killed for quran and from qumran,

Author shani ijaz (2 years)
feel da pain of jesus christ, jab hm gunah krty hn toh jesus ko bar bar
dard daty hn. jab us k banday us sy durr hojaty hn gunah kr k toh yasu zar
zar rota hy hm apne jesus christ ko gunah kr k rulana ni. i love u jesus n
thanx 4 ur imensly love

Author Trevor Clive (5 years)
I love u jesus u r gr8 all the time

Author yllscin (5 years)
Jesus really proved how much He loves on that cross... He streched out His
arms and died for us.

Author satish kumar Mudhai (2 years)
he is jesus friend

Author immi2564581 (5 years)
by the way if u mean and agree that Jesus died this way, then all praise
and thanks to God, because you are knowing the truth that Jesus did die for
our sins. God bless you

Author Prakash Soreng (4 years)
Thank ,for beutiful song...God be with each one of us.

Author AngelEyez268 (5 years)
it just melts my heart...! I Love You Jesus.

Author nazia tahir (1 year)
beautiful song . awesome poetry , outstanding singing

Author charlienlizzie (5 years)
great song! jai masih ki!

Author ashbal13 (4 years)
can anyone help me that how to download song from u tube to on cd

Author samkalvin (2 years)
any body can tell me who is the singer....

Author WhisperThao (3 years)
I wish I know the lyrics to this b'tiful song but even though I don't, it
still touches me deeply. I thank God for sending his beloved son to die for
me. Thank you Jesus for not failing me...Thank you.

Author love2lovedarling (6 years)
as long as there are lips to be kissed, love will never die or say bye as
my eye will all ways blink and wink wink and skate my lips over lips to
slide my lips against and steal a kiss for it is not a crime . 4 eye am
kiss me dove there is no place to hide. kissmass dove kissmet

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