Migos - Bad and Boujee ft Lil Uzi Vert [Official Video]

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  • Runtime: 5:35
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Comments: 158 608

  • kevin dude
    kevin dude 43 seconds ago

    They aren't even saying anything

  • Dan Recore
    Dan Recore 2 minutes ago

    this crap makes people rich beyond belief for something so fucking untalented.........yet they claim they are being held down hahah, write a shit rap song become a millionaire......where the fuck is ISIS when you need them?

  • Jonas Zepert
    Jonas Zepert 9 minutes ago


  • Johnathon Reed
    Johnathon Reed 13 minutes ago

    Rain drop top robtop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) gemertry dash players know this

  • KrayzieBankz K
    KrayzieBankz K 21 minute ago

    raindrop droptop

    watching porn on meh laptop

  • Kibz
    Kibz 34 minutes ago

    you tink rjebeodie lrle off bad n boujee?

  • Christian Walker
    Christian Walker 47 minutes ago

    Do it look like I'm off bad and boujee ?!

  • E R I K
    E R I K 1 hour ago


  • Pop Mihai
    Pop Mihai 1 hour ago

    Nigga , don.t try to rap no more ...Royce da 5'9 kill your ass on your own shit..when you see him , you should shake his hand and say sorry for wasting such a dope beat , your lyrics are trash .

  • Jeff Mwangi
    Jeff Mwangi 1 hour ago

    Anyone see a Nicki Minaj doppelganger at 1:47?

  • Kerry Lu
    Kerry Lu 1 hour ago

    Damn he did get left out in badehboujee

  • Damien lagrange
    Damien lagrange 1 hour ago

    pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff !!!!!

  • Simeon White
    Simeon White 1 hour ago

    Takeoff : okofijgiojogaj bad and boujee

    Akademiks: what ?

  • Ela Proko
    Ela Proko 1 hour ago

    Raketaaa tenhle song 😎😚

  • Matthew Leon Bowman

    i came from noughting too something

  • Isidora Isiidora
    Isidora Isiidora 1 hour ago

    Weird thing is I've been jamming to this song since it came out and never noticed takeoff was left out🤔

  • Alexis English
    Alexis English 1 hour ago

    Takeoff was definitely left out.

    YLpkS LGBANG 1 hour ago

    Do it look like I'm left off Bad and Boujee? Huuuh? Do it look like I'm left off Bad and Boujee? Reapet again?? Do it look like I'm left off Bad and Boujee? I'm crying x'D

  • DarkStarGaming
    DarkStarGaming 1 hour ago

    "who said im left off in bad and boujee"

  • Taha Baccouche
    Taha Baccouche 1 hour ago

    *1.5 speed is lit try it out

  • Ronald Mattos
    Ronald Mattos 1 hour ago

    Akadmiks: you being left out on bad & boujee
    Takeoff: shdhsuhahav
    Akadmiks: say again
    Takeoff: shegsvquqi
    Akadmiks: what you said

  • Alessandro Esposito


  • Rev_Rob
    Rev_Rob 1 hour ago

    This is fucking garbage

  • XWXS2
    XWXS2 1 hour ago

    legends says there is a take off Easter Egg in this video.

  • Demetrio Maldonado
    Demetrio Maldonado 2 hours ago

    Wow Takeoff is left out

  • A Person
    A Person 2 hours ago


  • Bendegúz Virágos
    Bendegúz Virágos 2 hours ago

    Ki jött a BSW től? :D

  • John Jones
    John Jones 2 hours ago

    Fuck happened to rap... These fucks can't rap to save their lives. Jeez.

    Rain Drops
    Drop top
    Poop in the toilet, plop plop.

  • one insane
    one insane 2 hours ago


  • FriedRiceKilla
    FriedRiceKilla 2 hours ago

    Why @ 0:58 they made takeoff sit by himself?? 😭

  • Freddy Lopez
    Freddy Lopez 2 hours ago

    plus quavo looks like a Walmart brand Wiz in this video.

  • Freddy Lopez
    Freddy Lopez 2 hours ago

    rain drop
    drop top
    these skinny niggas smokin that crack rock.

  • mistrz podciny
    mistrz podciny 2 hours ago


  • young franekk
    young franekk 2 hours ago


  • chi chi stevens
    chi chi stevens 3 hours ago

    wtf is this garbage.

  • Marlene Gonzalez
    Marlene Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    Okay so Take Off was left out this song and the video 💀💀

  • FindingStats
    FindingStats 3 hours ago


  • Jordan Reptile
    Jordan Reptile 3 hours ago

    Trop bien

  • mit4c
    mit4c 3 hours ago

    hahah x5

    3.0 DIESEL


  • Corvette Guy
    Corvette Guy 3 hours ago

    they did leave the other migo out its only 2 in action

  • Miguel Gomez
    Miguel Gomez 4 hours ago

    Quavo and Offset didn't even invite my boi takeoff for dinner

  • Bellamarie Luquin
    Bellamarie Luquin 4 hours ago

    I love this song it's all good

  • Mico
    Mico 4 hours ago

    3:41 Takeoff in the back tho

  • Ben Lee
    Ben Lee 4 hours ago


  • D king045620
    D king045620 4 hours ago

    Lmfao did anybody else notice Takeoff in the back of the restaurant on his phone?😂

  • x battalion music
    x battalion music 4 hours ago

    negus :D

  • x battalion music
    x battalion music 4 hours ago

    negas :D

  • Aditya Mahwar
    Aditya Mahwar 4 hours ago


  • Niji
    Niji 4 hours ago

    Do It look like I'm left off in Bad & Boujee?

  • Bonny Bonny
    Bonny Bonny 4 hours ago

    After that Joe Budden and Chris brown incidents my love for the Migos just increased by 999%..

  • Adrian Dolly
    Adrian Dolly 4 hours ago

    Looking at takeoff in this shit is hilarious

  • KillerTrollolol
    KillerTrollolol 5 hours ago

    Actually this is just bad..

  • Martin Bro
    Martin Bro 5 hours ago

    oh no, fucking n¡ggers

  • Marie Neth Niel Narca

    nice song

  • Issa Snack
    Issa Snack 5 hours ago

    3:31 "Does it look like im got left of bad and boujee"

  • Robbie
    Robbie 5 hours ago

    Migos: you suck! Please stop making this garbage shit! Thank you!

  • Brandon Rodriguez
    Brandon Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    This is the worst

  • Shikuita Jordan
    Shikuita Jordan 5 hours ago

    bad and bougie is my song

  • Jasz Jonez
    Jasz Jonez 5 hours ago

    dO iT lOOk lIKe i'M lEFT oFf baD AnD boUjEe

  • Jakob Littell
    Jakob Littell 5 hours ago

    whatchu mean I wasn't in badandboujie

  • Isaiah Cornelius
    Isaiah Cornelius 5 hours ago


  • Brenda
    Brenda 5 hours ago

    Doihloohliheiwaslefof bad and boujee

  • hakim stevens
    hakim stevens 5 hours ago

    I'm serious. This shit is fucking wack. Terrible. It's not unique! The amount of "dumb" in the USA rap circa is fucking amazing.

  • Angel Ortega
    Angel Ortega 6 hours ago

    I mean Tack Off was kind left out but he mad money out of it so quit hatin

  • David Idada
    David Idada 6 hours ago

    Do it look like im left off bad and boujee

  • Jacob Molina
    Jacob Molina 6 hours ago

    "Doitlooklike iwuhleft offbadanboje"

  • comic215
    comic215 6 hours ago

    New game: spot Takeoff

  • Luis Carlos Rodriguez

    This song makes me go work and send ma parent's school...

  • Monster Montana
    Monster Montana 6 hours ago

    lil uzis banshees

  • QueenOf2
    QueenOf2 6 hours ago

    This my shit!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Dustin Rorex
    Dustin Rorex 6 hours ago

    Fat cookie blunt in the ash tray? ... What the fuck? What the fuck IS THIS.... DOT DOT DOT...

  • Lindsay Monica
    Lindsay Monica 6 hours ago

    IS LIT as hell but You gotta search up "Daddy Mikey - TwoStep Feat.
    Young Thug" after this...you welcome...checkout and BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS
    FROM (AUTHENTIC HITS DOT COm)) and get ton of real views on youtube and all
    other social media services??

  • Sam Jam0126
    Sam Jam0126 6 hours ago

    lil uzi is the type of person to eat spaghetti with a spoon

  • Trapster8722
    Trapster8722 7 hours ago

    this is horrible

  • jordan glass
    jordan glass 7 hours ago

    Just realizing takeoff isn't really in this song

  • Tyrese Tucker
    Tyrese Tucker 7 hours ago

    where is takeoff

  • 360 Awesomeness
    360 Awesomeness 7 hours ago

    My nigga a savage rufles just like you

  • Rock Huerta
    Rock Huerta 7 hours ago

    alright we gotta wrap this up though

  • spitinyourface0805
    spitinyourface0805 7 hours ago

    this is fucking trash. the fuck happened to hip hop man. it was filled with good artists and dope rhymes. now it's filled with mumble rappers who's mouth is too filled with dick.

    • Suwacide
      Suwacide 7 hours ago

      spitinyourface0805 true shit

    • spitinyourface0805
      spitinyourface0805 7 hours ago

      Futures what you mad cuz it's the fucking truth? this is pure shit.

    • Futures
      Futures 7 hours ago

      spitinyourface0805 stfu pussy kys then

  • aaronconsultant
    aaronconsultant 7 hours ago

    They get lucky and finally get their big money..... then blow it all on useless crap within a few blocks of the 'hood they were born in.smh

  • Scarface 927
    Scarface 927 7 hours ago


  • joe shmow
    joe shmow 7 hours ago

    This shit is fucking terrible.

  • Phillip Scott
    Phillip Scott 8 hours ago

    if y'all never noticed, but takeoff is in the back at 1:06 with blue shirt on.

  • King Arix
    King Arix 8 hours ago

    Lil Uzi can I have a deep and high ass voice

  • Crystal W
    Crystal W 8 hours ago

    Was takeoff left out of the song frfr tho😭? Smh gotta rewatch . BET brung me here 💯

  • guadalupe zavala
    guadalupe zavala 8 hours ago

    eres lo mejor sin mangas y ricos den si

  • hatman016
    hatman016 8 hours ago

    why do people actually like this shit?

  • Karial johnson
    Karial johnson 8 hours ago

    doitluk likiwasleft offuh badnbooche

  • manuelm1111
    manuelm1111 8 hours ago

    They did leave takeoff out of bad and boujee😂

  • Darius Groves
    Darius Groves 8 hours ago

    " who left out of Bad & Boujee? "

  • David Quintero
    David Quintero 8 hours ago

    where's that takeoff guy🤣🤣🤣

  • Odalys Canales
    Odalys Canales 8 hours ago


  • TheAnimeBrainz
    TheAnimeBrainz 8 hours ago

    I actually dislike this song alot. he gets paid that much money to sing about smoking? fuck normal jobs

  • Josh Munden
    Josh Munden 8 hours ago

    Uzi is the type of guy that would sing a sentence

  • Georgie Miles
    Georgie Miles 8 hours ago

    maybe I'm old but why is this cool?
    and I used to run hip hop dance crews lol

  • Bon Jovii
    Bon Jovii 8 hours ago

    broo i just realized takeoff was in the background in the cafe 😂😂😂

  • Jrolexx
    Jrolexx 8 hours ago

    Takeoff- "Do It LoOk LiKe I'm LeFt OfF bAd AnD bOuJeE"

  • JUANJOg4
    JUANJOg4 8 hours ago

    me encanta ..like si te encanta

  • Delcilaine dos Santos Raymundo

    manda muito bem 😎

  • T.M. L
    T.M. L 9 hours ago

    Omfg, this horrible, wtf is this garbage.?

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